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Countdown 12 days | single day registration channel opened, f · fbic2021 more surprise unlocking

Yesterday, foodaily’s “little yellow book” – F · fbic2021 innovation manual officially met with you. As always, this book has gathered the most innovative inspiration in the world, from industry to consumer ° The in-depth analysis, the guide to creating new products and other super rich innovation information, and the “small and refined” innovation guide, which is professionally designed, have received the support and praise of a large number of loyal fans of foodaily.
As in previous years, this “little yellow book”, which was carefully compiled by foodaily product content group for more than half a year, is a surprise gift for every f · fbic participant. We hope that through more in-depth, wide and dimensional innovative products and ideas, we can give every “food developer” different innovative inspiration and practical operation guide.
Of course, if you want to get this precious “little yellow book”, you still need to sign up to be our guest of F · fbic2021. In order to make your trip worthwhile and get more valuable and colorful innovative content, we also upgraded and refined a number of itinerary settings and experiences, such as CEO Club and go, on the basis of last year’s activities! The following editor will bring you more new upgrades and highlights of F · fbic2021:
1. CEO Club x tmall Food New Brand Creation Camp
In this issue, CEO Club gathered 80 + CEOs of new brands in the top 100 brand list of tmall food creation camp, and invited 30 + front-line investment institutions active in the food industry, such as Zhenge fund, Sequoia Capital, binfu capital and Kaihui fund, as well as 30 + financial, commercial and industry media, to create a special “innovation incubation x tmall food new brand creation camp” on May 20, Discuss the 0-1, 1-10, 10-100 of new food brand formation with the whole industry. While in-depth communication and discussion with brands, let capital and media become accelerators of brand rise!
2、Go! Innovation and practice make explosive products come true
This is a practical drill of new products from 0 to 1, and a collision and blend of overseas and local explosive products. Based on the full scan and trend insight of 260000 new products launched in the world over the years, we conducted market research and judgment according to the actual situation of the domestic industry, and carefully described the needs of consumers, and obtained 12 business hot spots; From this, we selected the most representative potential category / track, and accurately targeted the specific opportunities for popular products. We also invited a number of upstream and downstream industry chain and related platform parties to drill together, complete the landing of products and consumer touch, and let the popular products really land.
3. We opened a one-day registration channel
You can choose to participate in the meeting content you are interested in on any day, and go to the product tasting experience area to experience and appreciate the global innovative products 360 degrees from 7 categories, 10 new Xiu brands, 12 business hotspots, 10 new generation consumption scenarios, global innovative product award zone, etc. The unified price for a single day is 2688 yuan per person.
For more questions, please contact foodaily Betty (18362506360).
The following updates the latest version of F · fbic2021 agenda, which is divided into the following parts:
1. Food Developers Conference

2. The stage of innovative products
3. Top product social circle
4. Registration and sponsorship consultation
Food Developers Conference
In the spirit of “focusing on the international market and focusing on local innovation”, we invite innovative experts and practitioners from different segments of the global food and beverage industry to come to the scene and share their first-line experience with global food developers.
  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Frontier innovation inspiration: experience & appreciation of 2400 + innovative products in the world
  • Deep content analysis: 360 from industry to consumer ° present
  • GO! Innovation: multi party game to make explosive products really landing
  • Chaowei Isee: deep integration of people and goods yard, link new products and new users
  • Isee night and Isee Innovation Award Ceremony
  • CEO Club x tmall Food New Brand Creation Camp

The stage of innovative products
For the stage of F FBIC2021, which is the essence of global product innovation in the past year, we will divide it into 4 parts:
In the past year, 2400 + SKU global innovative products were selected with a ratio of 100:1 and brought to f · fbic2021. These products cover 7 categories and 50 + sub categories, involving North America, Europe, Japan and other leading regions, including top companies and cutting-edge brands in the industry.
Come to f · fbic to watch and eat, listen to the commentary and communicate, travel in the ocean of innovative products, and inspire the innovation inspiration of the next year. The product manual containing detailed information of 2400 + SKU global innovative products, as well as our elaborate innovation manual “little yellow book” are also the exclusive benefits of the participants, which will be sent to you in electronic form after the conference~
In addition, in order to let you feel the global innovation more closely, we also selected 200 most authoritative awards in the global food field & Exhibition & list award-winning and nominated products in F · fbic2021, and displayed them together with our Isee top 100 innovation list and the final award-winning products, and provided on-site appreciation.
2. Deep content analysis: 360 from industry to consumer ° present
Based on the global innovative products, foodaily makes professional interpretation from multiple dimensions such as category trend, new Xiu brand, business hot spots and consumption scenarios, and invites industry experts to share their perspectives and views on the f · fbic site.
1) Category trend: exploring the development trend & innovation direction of subdivided categories
Based on the follow-up research on innovative products, brands and markets at home and abroad in the past year, foodaily will announce the top 5 trends of seven categories on the f · FBI site and make a detailed interpretation, so as to bring the trend analysis of the driest categories to the industry.
2) Brand case analysis: dismantling the core of new Xiu brand and learning from successful experience
Foodaily selected 10 overseas new Xiu brand cases, and at the f · fbic site, we will dismantle the brand core through brand story, product series, brand marketing, product tasting, scene experience and other aspects, so as to help the domestic food industry learn from the successful experience and find the opportunities for the outbreak of subdivided categories.

3) Analysis of business hot spots: Unlock the most potential business opportunities & category track
At the f · fbic site, foodaily will make in-depth interpretation and interpretation of each business hot spot, clarify the development direction of subdivided categories, and bring 30 + global innovative product case sharing for each business hot spot, so as to help you find potential business opportunities.
Click on the picture to see the details of a6022
At the same time, foodly will cooperate with more business and industrial partners to further analyze and interpret the categories and opportunities of business hot spots from the multi-dimensional perspectives of technology solutions, product development, packaging and marketing. After the meeting, the expert analysis will be shared with the participants in the form of a collection.
3、GO! Innovation: multi party game to make explosive products really landing
Foodaily will focus on the 12 business hot spots, such as Millennium parents & children’s snacks, and invite x capital and X brand operators from the upstream industry to analyze and play games on the track opportunities, product solutions and brand strategy, so as to preview the birth of the next blockbuster.
4, Chao Wei iSEE: deep integration of people’s freight yard, so that local innovation products touch consumers.
The world’s most innovative products in the past year are all here. Are you sure you want to take a look?
Let good products be seen by more people, this 200 + treasure innovative products, we want to introduce Amway to the whole world!
Top product social circle
”The Isee innovation award ceremony is a grand innovation social event for food people
“ “Isee night” will be held on the first night of F · fbic2021 (May 19). We will announce the final award of Isee innovation award on the spot, and invite industry / Finance / portal / platform to spread China’s food innovation.
Here, we also sincerely invite representatives of top 100 brands and final award winners to attend an innovation banquet with industry / business leaders to cheer for the achievements and efforts of the food industry in the past year.
In this issue, CEO Club focuses on the in-depth links of new brands, capital, platforms and industries. We will build a top-level product social circle for you. The CEOs of 150 + active new food brands in the industry will come together to exchange and discuss the current hot food industry tracks and their product solutions, brand positioning and position grabbing strategies, and share their practical experience. How many sparks can 150 + entrepreneurs produce by brainstorming?
Of course, deep links are just beginning. After the conference, we will also hold a series of industry to business links and incubation support for these new brands.
Registration and sponsorship consultation
At present, Yili, Mengniu, Nongfu Shanquan, Nestle, Mars, Yizi, Pepsi, Danone, geligao, liangpin shop, Henan zhongwo, JUNLEBAO, Amway, Tomson, Beijian, Yuanqi forest, Wahaha, Tongyi, Baisheng, jialeshi, xiaocan tea, Naixue’s tea, Yangshengtang, new hope, Zhengda, Yihai Jiali, Yihai international, Qingdao richen food, delicious, Grain mill, Herbalife, Tailai, Chenguang dairy, rogate, novozyme, Hengmei, EPP spices, spinger, biregie, agoana, convenience bee and other 600 + enterprises are here.
In order to ensure the sense of experience of all participants, we also limited the number of participants to 1500.
Contact: Betty
Mobile: 183 6250 6360
Contact: Jane
Mobile: 187 6194 2027



Booth and other sponsorship contacts: Reena
Mobile: 158 9540 6226
We look forward to all those who pay attention to the innovation of food and beverage products, and all those who are willing to find opportunities in the trend wave, to meet in F · fbic 2021. See you in Shanghai from May 19 to 21!
Reprint or join the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449);
Business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246).
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The world’s most innovative products in the past year are all here. Are you sure you want to take a look?
Let good products be seen by more people, this 200 + treasure innovative products, we want to introduce Amway to the whole world!
Foodaily fbic2021 was officially launched to witness the “new food era” with 1500 product decision makers
2、CEO Club X 天猫美食新品牌创造营专场,构建顶层产品社交圈
food people are “watching”
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Countdown 12 days | single day registration channel opened, f · fbic2021 more surprise unlocking
手机:183 6250 6360
手机:187 6194 2027
手机:158 9540 6226




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