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13 billion! Yili raises funds to launch projects such as infant formula and liquid milk

Yili is expected to become the first local dairy giant with annual revenue exceeding 100 billion, and intends to find more chips for itself.

In the afternoon of this year, Yili issued the “2021 non-public Development Bank A-share plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan for fixed increase”), which disclosed that the planned fund-raising should not exceed 13 billion yuan. According to Yili’s closing market value of more than 240 billion yuan this afternoon, the fund-raising amount accounts for about 5.40%.

According to the above plan, the funds raised by Yili are mainly planned for the construction of liquid milk production base, the world’s leading 5g + industrial Internet infant formula intelligent manufacturing demonstration project, Changbai Mountain natural mineral water project, digital transformation and information upgrading project, and dairy innovation base.

Bet on high growth and high end

In a notice released today, Erie pointed out that in 2020, influenced by COVID-19, consumers paid more attention to the nutritional and healthy functions of dairy products and enhanced their immunity. At the same time, in the long-term trend of consumption upgrading, consumers’ structural demand for high-end, differentiated and functional dairy products is also growing.

“The new generation of consumers’ recognition of domestic products is constantly improving, which provides a good opportunity for the development of domestic dairy brands.” Yili announced.

Xiaoshidai noticed that according to the announcement, the direction of Yili’s fund-raising and investment mainly includes the expansion of high-end liquid milk, high-end normal temperature yogurt, infant formula, health drinks and other high growth and high value-added products.

Among them, liquid milk is the pillar business that contributes the largest revenue and profit to Yili, and organic liquid milk is also one of the company’s advantages.

According to Nielsen’s data, the retail sales of Yili Jindian increased by more than 20%, ranking first in the high-end white milk segment industry. In the first quarter of 2021, the growth rate of Jindian was more than 30% compared with the same period in 2019. The retail sales of Jindian organic liquid milk increased by 35.1%, accounting for 50.6% of the market share, ranking first in the corresponding market segments.

The announcement also said that the project will promote the development of milk powder business in the direction of high-end and differentiation, and fully meet the needs of consumers. In fact, milk powder is one of Yili’s fastest growing businesses.

According to the financial report, Yili milk powder and dairy products achieved an operating revenue of 12.885 billion yuan in 2020, up 28.15% year on year. The growth rate of milk powder brand jinlingguan of Yili was significantly higher than that of the industry, in which the growth rate of organic seinemu reached 130%. At the same time, the market share of adult powder business and middle-aged and elderly milk powder continued to maintain the first place in the market.

The Changbai Mountain natural mineral water project, as one of the key fund-raising projects, is also a new business of Yili in recent years.

Yili also announced that in recent years, it has actively expanded its health drink business, and has launched new products such as “Yike Huoquan” volcano low-temperature mineral water and “Yiran” milk mine light drink, fully relying on the existing business channel resource advantages, promoting the diversification of product categories and opening up a new growth curve“ The raised investment plans to invest in Changbai Mountain natural mineral water project, and its production capacity will provide strategic guarantee for the company’s development of natural mineral water business. ” The announcement said.

Digital innovation accelerates growth

In addition to increasing the layout of key categories of production capacity, Yili also plans to increase investment in digital, intelligent transformation and scientific and technological innovation.

According to the announcement, the digital transformation and information upgrading project funded by the fund will adopt new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, mobile communication and artificial intelligence to build an information platform covering the whole business process of smart ranch, intelligent manufacturing, supply chain management, quality control, enterprise operation management, consumer experience and management, so as to support the company’s business from ranch, smart manufacturing, supply chain management, quality control, enterprise operation management, consumer experience and management Information management of the whole industry chain from factory to terminal channel and consumers to meet the business needs of the company.

In terms of innovation, Yili said that one of the goals of the dairy innovation base is to solve a variety of key technical bottlenecks in the dairy industry. On the basis of achieving technological breakthroughs, the company will strengthen the promotion and transformation of R & D achievements to the whole industry chain.

“The dairy innovation base of the company will serve the dairy industry and the upstream and downstream partners of the industrial chain, establish a collaborative innovation network, so as to break through the R & D achievements of key technology bottlenecks, enable the whole industrial chain and promote the innovation of the whole industrial chain.” The company believes that the implementation of the project is not only conducive to further enhancing the company’s technology development ability and improving its core competitiveness, but also conducive to accelerating the transformation and incubation of innovative achievements and enabling the whole industry chain.

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