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After the acquisition of the introduction of speed! Nestle really sells collagen in China

China’s rapidly warming Oral Beauty collagen has ushered in a “heavyweight” player: Nestle, the world’s largest food company. Recently, Nestle Health Sciences, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nestle, has officially introduced the famous American collagen brand “vital proteins” into the Chinese market through cross-border e-commerce to provide oral collagen products, according to Nestle’s official website today. This means that it only took Nestle one year to introduce collagen health care products into China“ As a leading star brand in the United States, vital proteins has a professional and rich product line. Its brand concept is to help consumers improve their overall health by supplementing collagen. ” Gu Xinxin, President of Nestle Health Sciences Greater China, said in a Nestle circular.

Gu Xinxin, President of Nestle Health Sciences Greater China

According to Nestle’s announcement, vital proteins is “the best-selling collagen brand of Amazon in the United States”, and has designed a variety of products according to the needs and use scenarios of different groups of people. According to the notice, the brand’s main product is “big blue can” collagen peptide powder with zero added sugar, which is suitable for light fitness people. In addition, vital proteins also has beauty collagen peptide powder for beauty lovers, which is added with sodium hyaluronate (hyaluronic acid) and 2 billion active probiotics, “helping to create healthy skin and maintain intestinal health”; As well as Matcha collagen peptide powder aimed at office workers, focusing on “helping skin antioxidant” and other selling points. It is not difficult to see that meeting the demand of beauty is one of the key points of the brand.

with vital proteins, Nestle has also recently entered a high growth area in China.

According to the consumer insight report of Tmall international cross border health products released last year, the heat of collagen has been increasing rapidly in all kinds of oral anti-aging ingredients, and the consumption scale and consumption have continued to grow. The above report shows that in 2018, the consumption scale of tmall global oral beauty products containing collagen ingredients has doubled. From 2018 to 2019, the penetration rate of this category in multiple populations has increased. Among them, the growth rate of young generation Z ranks first, and gradually becomes an important consumer group.

事实上,无论在中国还是全球,Vital Proteins都是雀巢的一个全新尝试。

小食代介绍过,该品牌是在去年被雀巢收购,也是后者史上收购的第一家胶原蛋白保健品公司。该公司曾形容,Vital Proteins对雀巢健康科学现有的产品组合来说是一个补充,后者旗下拥有多个维生素、矿物质、补充剂和保健品品牌。

公开资料显示,Vital Proteins2012年在芝加哥成立,旗下的胶原蛋白食品饮料十分多元化,除了胶原蛋白粉,还有营养棒、即饮、咖啡奶精等不同品类的胶原蛋白产品,其大部分消费者为有“美容需求”的女性。


但其当时也强调,这些陈述未经美国食品药物管理局(FDA)的评估,Vital Proteins的产品不能用于诊断、治疗、治愈或预防任何疾病。

雀巢曾表示,成为雀巢健康科学产品组合的一部分,Vital Proteins将获得多种资源,助力其扩大其覆盖范围和创新。

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