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From 10 billion to 80 billion! Weiquan is optimistic about probiotics industry and promotes new fermented milk products

From May 25 to 27, the 16th International Symposium on probiotics and health was held in Suzhou, which was sponsored by China Society of food science and technology and organized by probiotics branch of China Society of food science and technology.

Since entering the mainland of China in 2001, Weiquan has been committed to providing probiotics products with high number of live bacteria. At the meeting, Xie zongpeng, President of Weiquan Continental, shared the company’s experience in probiotic fermented milk technology and insight into industry trends.

Xie zongpeng, President of Weiquan mainland

In his view, with the improvement of consumers’ health demand in the post epidemic period, it is a good time for Weiquan to expand its lactobacillus beverage business, and Weiquan will continue to strengthen the layout of probiotics products.

New opportunities for probiotics

Many industries have been hit by the epidemic, but probiotics are one of the few industries that “grow against the trend”.

Public data show that the growth rate of probiotics industry in China is more than 20% for three consecutive years. In the first quarter of 2020 alone, the growth rate of sales of probiotics industry in China will reach more than 20%. Euromonitor International data also shows that the average annual growth rate of probiotics market in China is about 15%, which is expected to reach nearly 90 billion yuan in 2022.

In the post epidemic period, as people pay more attention to their own health, the consumption demand of probiotic products, including lactic acid bacteria drinks, is expected to further accelerate growth.

Xiaoshidai noticed that at the above seminar, Xie zongpeng also said that probiotics products based on drinks and yoghurt, after more than 10 years of rapid development in the domestic market, have not only enriched the products, but also rapidly improved the technical content of the products themselves. The epidemic situation makes more consumers realize the importance of consuming products containing probiotics, and the health industry based on probiotics will have greater development prospects.

In order to meet the consumers’ demand for “healthy and delicious”, Weiquan has been expanding its refrigerated beverages and dairy products in the past year.

According to the introduction of Weiquan, last year, they upgraded the classic product of Weiquan active lactobacillus beverage, and the total number of viable bacteria changed from 60 billion / 100ml to 80 billion / 100ml. At present, they are still striving for a higher number.

Lactobacillus paracasei (lpc100) was used in 80 billion lactic acid bacteria beverage. Research shows that lpc100 has the properties of high acid resistance, stronger activity, good stability and high mechanical tolerance, which is also the key to keep the product in the high viable state of 80 billion / 100ml.

Xie zongpeng said that the upgraded 80 billion lactic acid bacteria are not only more functional, but also more cost-effective. In the same capacity, it has more active bacteria, which can better resist the invasion of harmful bacteria in the body and effectively maintain the balance of intestinal environment.

In addition, in the field of fermented milk, Weiquan has also added Bifidobacterium lactis hn345 to the new generation of yoghurt. Weiquan gold fresh cheese contains hn-345 ™ It’s a new product.

Weiquan golden fresh cheese

Weiquan told xiaoshidai that high content of Bifidobacterium lactis in the product can be guaranteed through the research of high inoculum amount before fermentation, screening the best combination of fermentation strains and Bifidobacterium, low temperature and long time fermentation. Clinical trials showed that hn345 could significantly promote intestinal peristalsis and shorten the transport time of food in the intestine.

Continuous improvement of quality

Weiquan began to enter the mainland market in 2003. Since then, it has been committed to promoting probiotic products with high number of live bacteria, and has done a lot of upgrading work, including upgrading from the original lactobacillus beverage containing 10 billion / 100ml active lactobacillus paracasei to the lactobacillus beverage with 60 billion, and then to the latest lactobacillus beverage with 80 billion.

In the view of Weiquan, the development of probiotic products needs to be based on scientific research in the face of consumers’ more diversified requirements for function, health and safety. After medical clinical application, probiotic products with experimental data support are more easily recognized by consumers. Xie zongpeng revealed that Weiquan will continue to invest in research in this field to provide consumers with safer and healthier probiotic products.

In addition, if we want to deliver the products to consumers safely and stably, we can’t do without the management in the process of production and transportation.

Weiquan now has two factories in mainland China. Data show that the daily production capacity of Hangzhou factory is nearly 1000 tons, and the products are transported to stores and convenience stores all over the country; Langfang factory covers millions of consumers in North China. Through the collection and accumulation of big data and the application of technology, Weiquan can predict the future sales, so as to improve the matching degree and efficiency of production capacity. Meanwhile, Weiquan told xiaoshidai that Weiquan’s Suzhou factory is expected to be completed and put into operation next year.

Besides production capacity, Weiquan adheres to the production and transportation concept of the whole cold chain, adopts the intelligent tracking system of the whole cold chain, and ensures that the products are in the refrigerated environment of 0-10 ℃ in the production and access stages, and monitors the temperature digitally in the whole process. This is also a technical guarantee to maintain the high number of viable bacteria and freshness of products.

According to Weiquan company, before the products that need to be refrigerated reach consumers, these seven links are particularly important, including raw material storage, deployment and sterilization, filling and capping, finished product storage, loading, transportation, and real-time temperature monitoring in terminal stores, so as to ensure that the product temperature is always kept at 0-6 ° C。

This series of actions to improve the quality of products, let Weiquan harvest the consumer affirmation, in addition, also won the recognition of the industry. Last year, Weiquan Hangzhou factory was also selected into the cultivation list of “future factory” in Hangzhou, and won “China Transparent Factory” and “China food health Seven Star Award” for many years.

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From 10 billion to 80 billion! Weiquan is optimistic about probiotics industry and promotes new fermented milk products

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