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Is young people in small town the destination of tea lovers?


if you still regard milk tea as just a fashionable consumer product, it’s a big mistake. In the world of young people, milk tea is a kind of social currency, which is necessary for shopping. This directly gave birth to a hundred billion level market, and tea has become a classic footnote of the new consumption trend.

I don’t know when milk tea has become the center of young people’s life and topic.
In the Douban milk tea group, 80650 “tasting masters” discussed everything about milk tea in the group. Some were Amway’s new products, some prevented others from stepping on thunder, and some people who ran away from the chain milk tea shop claimed that they knew the secret of the industry.
If you still regard milk tea as just a fashionable consumer product, it’s a big mistake. As a starting point, people sit around to evaluate the taste of milk tea and take self portraits with their hands. It has long been a necessary tool for young people to socialize and shop.

In their world, milk tea is a social currency.

Young people’s love and even fanaticism for milk tea directly gave birth to a tea market worth 100 billion yuan. There are hundreds of thousands of instant tea shops all over the country. Entrepreneurs are flocking to them, and capital is voting with their feet. Milk tea market has become a quack. Especially when the track is crowded, the threshold of industry access is low, and there is no so-called core technology, the players begin to “fight hand to hand”.

Heicha and Naixue’s tea founders once fought with each other in the circle of friends about “plagiarism”. It’s also because of plagiarism that online black tea drinkers and tea lovers face each other in court. As a regional brand of Changsha, chayanyuese is famous all over the country for its queuing effect. Recently, “Cha Yan Yuese won, Cha Yan guanse got 1.7 million compensation” quickly climbed the microblog hot search.

Apart from the hustle and bustle, many people may ignore the essence and underlying logic of business.

As a consumer goods, milk tea is more suitable for sinking market business in essence, and young people’s loyalty to the brand is not as strong as entrepreneurs expected. On the way to please young people, new tea products, like Internet products, are faced with the dilemma of being unable to find the north and lacking a sense of security.

When milk tea becomes a must in young people’s life

Xiao Song, who just came to the new company, built up in his heart for a long time, and finally summoned up the courage to ask his sister next to him: “a starting point of milk tea?” The latter did not refuse, so Xiao Song made his first friend in the new company.

In fact, the milk tea shop is only one street away from her new company, and the round trip is no more than 10 minutes. But what Xiao Song wants is a “dinner party” effect. From placing an order to delivering it to discussing the taste of each other’s milk tea, she and her new colleagues get to know each other like this.

Here, milk tea is no longer a drink, but a social hard currency.

As a favorite in the workplace, milk tea has a wide range of applications: you buy me breakfast, I buy you milk tea, you help me print, I buy you milk tea, if you are in a bad mood today, you need to help a cup of milk tea.

In addition to emotional connection, caffeinated milk tea has also become a refreshing tool for workers in the workplace. According to meituan’s “meituan take out milk tea really fragrant consumption report” released in 2019, 1-3 PM is the peak time of milk tea orders. This time is also the most drowsy time for migrant workers. They need a cup of cold milk tea to drive them away.

It is worth mentioning that the broad sense of milk tea has long been not only refers to pearl milk tea, fruit tea, milk cap, smoothie mixed juice are collectively referred to as milk tea.

Milk tea social is not limited to the workplace, because of the relatively friendly price, rich taste, and outstanding appearance, milk tea is also a standard for dating and dinner.

More than 80% of consumers buy milk tea at least once a week, according to the white paper on 2020 new tea drinks released by Naixue tea and cbnddata. The most favorite consumption scenes of the post-90s are lovers’ parties, girlfriends’ parties and office afternoon tea, all of which account for more than 40%.

Girls’ parties often start and end like this: we go shopping together. When we are tired, we go to the drink shop to buy a cup of milk tea, then take pictures with milk tea, and finally find a restaurant to eat. The real attention economy also often starts after dinner. On the way back, girls repair their photos, put them on social networking sites, and wait for their likes.

With the rise of new tea, buying milk tea has become a new entertainment for young people. According to the research results of machimang Research Institute, 20% of consumers buy milk tea to “punch in the online red shop or try fresh taste”. Another 4% just want to bask in their circle of friends.

Obviously, milk tea is becoming a way of life, and this way of life is no longer unique to girls. According to the white paper mentioned above, more and more boys are drinking milk tea. In 2020, the proportion of men and women in milk tea consumption will increase from 3:7 to 4:6.

In other words, milk tea is likely to surpass its predecessors in social circles – cigarettes and games, and become a sharp tool for unifying men’s and women’s social interaction.

Young people’s love and purchasing power of milk tea directly gave birth to a tea market worth 100 billion yuan. Entrepreneurs and capital swarmed into the tea circuit. Up to now, both Xicha and Naixue tea have experienced multiple rounds of financing. Among them, Naixue’s tea, valued at US $2 billion, has submitted a prospectus and is expected to become the first share of the new tea.

The essence is the business of sinking market

Milk tea rose in Taiwan in the 1980s and was introduced to the mainland at the end of the 20th century. A little bit of coco, which we are familiar with, are milk tea brands from Taiwan.


Over the past 20 years, milk tea has gone through three historical stages, namely, the powder stage represented by fragrance, the street stage represented by Yidian and coco, and the new Chinese tea drinking stage represented by Xicha and Naixue since 2015.

According to the consulting data of Zhuoshi, the scale of the current tea market in 2020 will be 113.6 billion yuan, and they will divide the market into three levels according to the average price of products. Those with an average unit price of more than 20 yuan are regarded as high-end tea drinks, those with an average unit price of 10-20 yuan are middle end tea drinks, and those with an average unit price of less than 10 yuan are low-end tea drinks. The market share of these three kinds of tea drinks is 19.2%, 48.7% and 31.8% respectively.

That is to say, the total market share of high-end tea is less than one fifth, and the broader market is occupied by middle and low-end products. It can also be understood that in order to protect the brand benefits, most high-end tea drinks adopt the direct marketing mode, and the cost of opening a shop is relatively high, so the pace of opening a shop is relatively slow. Most of the middle and low-end brands adopt the franchise mode and rely on the advantages of the industrial chain to expand rapidly and achieve scale benefits.

Take miyue ice city as an example. This dessert and beverage store, which was founded in 1997, has more than 10000 offline stores nationwide, which is about 14 times of the number of Xi tea stores and 19 times of Naixue tea stores.

The price of the products in miyue ice city is about 3 to 10 yuan. This price has almost no consumption pressure on the student party and small city residents, so it has become a memory of many people’s school days.

Consumer Song told Xinmang that his first cup of milk tea when he was in college was the 3 yuan lemonade in the ice city. Now that she has gone to work, she has begun to choose Naixue and Xicha. Recalling her history of tea consumption, she summed up meaningfully: no one will always be poor students, but someone will always be poor students.

Highland capital in the consumer track of the injection, so that they catch the hi tea, but also did not miss the snow ice city. It is worth mentioning that Wang Xing’s Longzhu capital is also the investor of the snow ice city.

In a way, it’s a human business. According to the 2021 tea report released by Nestle and Ipsos, consumers are still price sensitive. The price range of single product with the largest audience is 11-25 yuan, accounting for 82%. Only 3% of the audience choose products with more than 30 yuan.

Moreover, the most attractive activities for consumers are also related to price. Among them, buy one get one free and half price of the second cup appeal to consumers as high as 45%, while brand culture only accounts for 30%.

This shows that price fragrance is the real fragrance. From another angle, that’s why the ice city can be opened to Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, but the tea of Xi Cha and Naixue can hardly enter the ice city.

According to Naixue’s tea prospectus, from 2018 to 2020, the average sales of each order is more than 40 yuan, which is lower than people expected. After all, the price of a cup of brand domineering cheese strawberry is from 32 yuan. The price of the three best-selling products in 2020 is about 30 yuan.

The average price of the whole tea industry is only 13 yuan. Moreover, Naixue’s tea, which sold so expensive, still failed to make money. According to its prospectus, Naixue’s tea suffered losses of 69.729 million yuan, 39.68 million yuan and 27.513 million yuan in 2018, 2019 and the first nine months of 2020, respectively, with a cumulative loss of more than 100 million yuan“ We are likely to continue to generate significant net losses in the future “has been written into the main risk tips of its prospectus.

In the final analysis, milk tea as a daily consumer goods, its essence is still more suitable for sinking market business.

Naixue’s tea is also trying to sink. Taigai, a sub brand, has undertaken such a mission. Its average price is below 20 yuan. According to its prospectus, taigai will only account for 5.3% of the total revenue in 2020. There are only 63 stores in China. We can see the difficulty of sinking.

Peng Xin, the founder of Naixue’s tea, wants to be a Starbucks in the tea industry. She just started to talk about 200 square meters of space with the mall, but the other side asked her, isn’t it just selling milk tea? If you take 30 square meters, isn’t the cost pressure very low?

For middle and low-end brand milk tea shops, they do not need to create “third space”. It is normal for milk tea business to buy and go along the street. Small cities don’t need cafes. Similarly, small cities don’t need high-end tea shops.

What is loyalty?

All milk tea shops are for young people.

As of September 30, 2020, there are about 340000 ready-made tea shops in China, especially in the first tier cities. According to the report of China Merchants Securities, there are nearly 10 milk tea shops within 500 meters of shijihui area in Pudong New Area of Shanghai.

According to the data of public comments, the number of milk tea shops in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing is 10885, 15694, 19629 and 16584 respectively, and the store density is 12.8, 12.3, 65 and 51 / 10000 respectively.

There are too many milk tea shops for young people. What’s more, one of the characteristics of young people is that they are fickle. In their dictionary, they are more likely to taste and change.

《 According to the 2021 Tea Research Report, the taste of the drinks is the most important factor for young people to choose tea brands, accounting for 51%. That is to say, good taste is the key for young people to choose milk tea, and brand is not so important. After all, the main product differentiation is limited, ingredients are nothing more than mango, strawberry, cheese and so on. The name is similar, your name is domineering cheese strawberry, my name is Zhizhi strawberry.


This problem is not only the problem of the milk tea industry itself, especially in the catering industry where the products are easy to copy. For example, after Yuanqi forest fire, a large number of bubble water appeared in the market.

Looking at the whole Internet, this phenomenon is also very common. For example, aiyouteng, which has long video, Netease cloud music and QQ music, which are engaged in audio business, are faced with the situation that young people vote with their feet. Whoever owns the products that young people want, will have young people for a short time.

In this case, expanding the scale and seizing more market share has become a kind of moat. Therefore, both Naixue’s tea and Xicha are working in this direction.

In 2018, Xicha launched a go store model with an area of about 50 square meters, which is used with small programs. There is no cashier, and users need to pick up goods online and offline. This kind of store has smaller area and fewer employees than the main store, which effectively reduces the cost, and the flexibility of location also expands the scene of reaching consumers. Compared with 2019, Xicha will add 304 stores in 2020, including 102 go stores, accounting for 33.5%.

In order to further attract young people, Xicha launched a new sub brand xixiaocha last year, with a unit price of 10-16 yuan. The first store was opened in an underground shopping mall in Huaqiangbei. By the end of last year, xixiaocha had opened 18 stores in six cities.

Like tea layout line action is also very frequent. In 2020, tmall and Jingdong flagship stores will be opened successively, mainly selling products like small bottles of bubble water, bagged tea bags and surrounding products.

Naixue’s tea is also reaching as many young people as possible. In November last year, its new store “Naixue Pro” was officially launched in Shenzhen. Compared with the main store, the store has a smaller area, and it is no longer equipped with a baking workshop with huge labor costs. It provides prefabricated baking products in the form of a central kitchen. In order to cope with the location of office buildings and communities, coffee was introduced for drinks.

And Naixue Pro accounts for a large proportion in the future. According to its prospectus, Naixue Pro will account for 70% of the company’s opening plan from 2021 to 2022.

Peng Xin, the founder of Naixue’s tea, once told a story: at the beginning of her business, she observed a phenomenon that when people with milk tea and Starbucks enter a five-star hotel, their mentality is different. People who drink milk tea always drink it quickly, throw it away and then go in. People who take Starbucks naturally go in.

Peng Xin said that what he wants to do is to change people’s understanding of the category, “let us take Naixue, also can convey a sense of fashion and quality, life style is no less than Starbucks.”

But style is used to regulate life, not the whole life. Back to daily life, saving money is the favorite of young people this year《 According to the report on saving money for the post-90s generation of yu’ebao in 2020, the post-90s generation are just moonlight people, and their yu’ebao is 4.5 times the amount of money to be spent on average.

On the other hand, when Naixue’s tea and hi tea start to expand, the initial brand scarcity will be diluted, and young people will go to more niche places to seek novelty and uniqueness.

At the end of the day, everyone is loyal to good quality and low price. In order to attract more young people, character alone is not enough.

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