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Mengniu M8, the first milk powder for children with Probiotics

With the arrival of the three child policy, milk powder enterprises not only ushered in a sharp rise in stock prices, but also made substantial market deployment.

Yesterday, Yashili officially announced the launch of Mengniu M8 children’s formula in Wuhan, which was described as “the world’s first milk probiotic children’s formula”. Ten thousand people experience activities were also launched at the press conference, and nearly 50 offline drink trials were planned to be carried out in more than 10 provinces across the country.

At the meeting, Yan Zhiyuan, executive president of Mengniu Yashili International Group, also talked about his views on the newly announced three child policy and his prediction of the market prospect of children’s milk powder. Xiaoshidai noticed that since May 31, the share price of Yashili has continued to rise, with a maximum increase of more than 5%.

Add weight to the functional Market

According to the introduction, the Mengniu M8 children’s formula milk powder on the market is mainly for children aged 3-6 years old. By adding Bifidobacterium lactis probio-m8 and other nutrients, including probiotic combination FOS + GOS and yeast β- Dextran and 28 kinds of fruit and vegetable powder help to solve the problem of children’s picky food and partial food.

According to the data, probio-m8 is the first strain with independent intellectual property rights isolated from healthy breast milk by Mengniu and Inner Mongolia Agricultural University after a long period of research. Mengniu M8 children’s formula is also the first product to commercialize the R & D results.

Zhang Heping, director of the Key Laboratory of Dairy Biotechnology and engineering of the Ministry of education of Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and distinguished professor of Changjiang Scholar, said at the press conference that the research shows that the healthy growth and development of children depends on the normal development of intestinal microbiota to a certain extent.

“We have carried out a number of clinical studies on Bifidobacterium Lactobacillus probio-m8 for children, and many experimental data have been published. At the same time, we found that Bifidobacterium Lactobacillus probio-m8 has a regulatory effect on children’s nutrition and intestinal flora, which helps to improve intestinal health, promote nutrient absorption, and enhance immunity.” Zhang Heping said.

It is understood that Mengniu has been committed to the development and application of strains with independent intellectual property rights. Since 2006, Mengniu has started the research and development of strains with independent intellectual property rights for more than ten years. It has carried out a series of scientific research projects with scientific research institutions such as Inner Mongolia Agricultural University and China Agricultural University, and developed a series of strains with independent intellectual property rights such as bb-11, Mn Gup and M8.

It is worth noting that yesterday, Yashili also launched another new product Mengniu yourui probiotic powder developed by Mengniu for adults, which also uses the ingredient of Bifidobacterium Lactobacillus probio-m8.

At the activity site, Mengniu also launched strategic cooperation with bidi Duomei store on Mengniu yourui probiotic powder project, and officially awarded the license to the latter. According to the company, this also means that Mengniu’s “healthy China Nutrition + union M8 and human health” project will be officially opened in Mengniu bidi Duomei store.

50 billion market

In Mengniu’s view, children’s milk powder will still be a “potential stock” in the future.

Yan Zhiyuan pointed out at the press conference that the market scale of 3-6-year-old nutrition products has reached 50 billion. He also believed that with the continuous improvement of the market’s attention to health needs and the just announced three child birth policy, children’s milk powder will usher in a very good market expansion opportunity.

Yan Zhiyuan, CEO of Mengniu Yashili International Group

“Mengniu M8 children’s formula has condensed the group’s wisdom achievements in the study of breast milk ingredients for many years. It is specially developed for the nutritional needs of children aged 3-6, and will provide accurate, professional and scientific nutritional solutions for Chinese children.” Yan Zhiyuan said.

Xiaoshidai saw in Mengniu milk powder flagship store that Mengniu had children’s milk powder brand future star series before. In contrast, the newly launched Mengniu M8 children’s formula, priced at 176 yuan / can, is not only more high-end in market positioning, but also more accurate in product selling points, focusing on solving children’s picky food problem.

In order to cooperate with the launch of the new children’s milk powder, Mengniu signed a contract with sunshine Miaomiao and jiajiayue, which will become the strategic partners of M8 children’s formula.

In addition, Mengniu has also launched an open experience activity for 8 million people. During the activity, Mengniu will carry out nearly 50 offline free drinking trials in more than 10 provinces across the country.

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