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Miaolan received more regulatory warnings, Starbucks will stop using disposable cups in many places by 2025, Lancang ancient tea will withdraw IPO materials, Ruiao will push 0 sugar new products, and New Zealand’s dairy exports to China will be strong

Hot company information and announcement


Today, the decision of the Shanghai Stock Exchange to supervise and warn Xie Yi, Secretary of the board of directors of Shanghai miaokelanduo Food Technology Co., Ltd. in a timely manner is due to the media reports concerning the company’s performance in May this year. According to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company did not strictly manage the information content of business personnel’s inquiry and exchange, which resulted in the above information being released through non statutory information disclosure channels and unfair information disclosure,   During the period, the company’s stock price fluctuated greatly. In addition, the company did not timely verify and clarify major media reports.

Starbucks: all stores in Europe, Middle East and Africa will stop using disposable cups by 2025

Starbucks will provide reusable cups in all stores in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) by 2025, in the hope of reducing disposable waste, according to today’s news from Peng Bo. According to a statement released on Thursday, Starbucks will start testing in the UK, France and Germany in the next few months, and then expand the project to 3840 stores in 43 countries or regions in the EMEA region. The move is part of Starbucks’ plan to halve its carbon emissions, water use and waste by 2030.

IPO materials for Lancang ancient tea (Daily Economic News)

According to the daily economic news today, yesterday, the Securities Regulatory Commission suddenly issued a document: Lancang ancient tea applied to withdraw the application materials, and today’s meeting of the development and examination committee and its examination were also cancelled《 Daily economic news reporter investigation found that part of Lancang ancient tea dealers claim to be Lancang ancient tea office or regional marketing center. Lancang ancient tea did not explain the problem in the application draft, it only mentioned that “core dealers are regional service points”. On June 2, the relevant person of Lancang ancient tea Securities Department replied that the actual controllers of some major dealers had never worked in Lancang ancient tea or its subsidiaries. There is no relationship between the company and the above distributors“ It’s not right for dealers to print the company’s marketing center and marketing manager. ” Wang Jiyue, a senior investment banker, said the IPO company has the responsibility to regulate such behaviors of dealers.

Sino US market drives Remy Martin Jundu’s profit exceeding expectation (Reuters)

Due to the demand for high-quality cognac in the United States and China, the annual profit of Remy Martin Jundu released today was higher than expected, but its investment plan showed that the future growth was lower than expected, leading to the decline of share price. Organic profits rose 12.8% to 236 million euros in the year ended March 31, the company said.

Ruiao launches qiangshuang 0 sugar (company news)


In June 1st, the official account of WeChat public, Rui Ao, launched the first 0 sugar products in the “strong and cool” series. The new product is Lemon Vodka flavor, alcohol degree is 9% vol, belongs to low alcohol liquor, and the bottle body is marked with “0 sugar” in white on red background.

Compound condiment company “Meixin food” completed a round of tens of millions of RMB financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton today’s news, recently, the compound condiment company “Meixin food” announced the formal completion of a round of tens of millions of RMB financing, with Jinding capital as the exclusive investment and sole choice capital as the exclusive financial consultant. The amount of this round of financing will be used to strengthen product research and development, build sales system, market development, etc.

Dada group: since the launch of 618 activity, the overall sales volume of its Jingdong home platform has increased by more than 140% (36 krypton) year on year

According to 36 krypton news yesterday, dada group said that since the 618 activity started, the overall sales volume of its Jingdong home platform has increased by more than 140% year on year.

Seesaw enters snack and tea market (

Recently, seesaw, a domestic boutique coffee brand, has launched two kinds of pastries for the first time, namely “salted egg pineapple crisp” and “bigengguo WALNUT & coffee cocoa hazelnut crisp”.

Ding Dong shopping for vegetables launched “children’s food zone” (Shanghai Securities News, China securities website)

On June 1, dingdong shopping launched “children’s food zone”, and established a food safety alliance with Shanghai Jiaotong University Lu Boxun food safety research center, School of Fisheries and life, Shanghai Ocean University, ifs, Intertek, GAA and other eight food safety related institutions at home and abroad to jointly create food materials suitable for children aged 3-12, and promote the standardization and standardization of the domestic children’s food market.

Jianlibao and Jiangnan University signed a contract to establish a joint research center (Southern Enterprise News)

According to southern enterprise news, on May 31, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the joint research center of Jiangnan University and Guangdong Jianlibao Co., Ltd. was held in the collaborative innovation center of Jiangnan University. It is reported that this cooperation will give full play to and make use of the advantages of Jiangnan University’s research platform and technology, as well as Jianlibao’s advantages in the production platform of functional and big health drinks, accelerate the development of relevant products and the transformation of scientific achievements, and help the development of new products.

Zhang Jian, director of Anqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission, meets with Chen Dong, general manager of Shanghai Yihai Jiali (golden dragon fish) Food Industry Co., Ltd. and his party (jiupai News)

Zhang Jian, director of the development and Reform Commission of Anqing City, Anhui Province, met with Chen Dong, general manager of Shanghai Yihai Jiali (golden dragon fish) Food Industry Co., Ltd. and his party on May 31, according to jiupai news on May 1. The two sides exchanged views on the site selection and construction of agricultural products and food processing base projects. Zhang Jian said that he welcomed Yihai Jiali group to invest in Yihai, The municipal development and Reform Commission will do a good job in project service, promote the early implementation of the project, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. Chen Dong said that he would continue to connect with the municipal development and Reform Commission on specific issues of project site selection.


Clear, a high-end Japanese liquor company, will start exporting to China

Clear, a high-end Japanese liquor company, has raised 1.295 billion yen (about 75.414 million yuan) to export high-end Japanese liquor to the UK in the near future, starting exports to the US and China in the summer of 2021, according to the Chinese website of Nikkei. Clear company is mainly responsible for the research and development of high-grade Japanese wine, and the product manufacturing is entrusted to traditional breweries. In addition to its official website sales, its products are also wholesale to high-end hotels and restaurants.

Unilever, Nestle and other FMCG giants support food navigator

According to foreign media recently, Unilever, Nestle, Pepsi, Yizi and Mars and other companies support the soft plastic recycling fund, hoping to help control and reduce plastic pollution. The fund is led by recycling company ecosurety and supported by environmental charity hubbub. In the short term, the fund aims to promote the recycling of soft plastics in the UK. The fund will guarantee a minimum value of 100 pounds per ton of recycled products, thereby stimulating recyclers to reprocess soft plastics.

Nomura Oriental: give Yum China-s “overweight” rating (Tencent optional stock)

Nomura Oriental International Securities released a research report today, saying it gave Yum China-s an “overweight” rating. It was mentioned in the research report that it was optimistic about the company’s revenue growth due to the expansion of outlets, the improvement of off store sales capacity and the emerging coffee business. Taking into account the improvement of passenger flow at the transportation hub, the higher than expected number of stores in the first quarter and the favorable exchange rate environment, Nomura Oriental raised its EPS forecast for fy2021 by 5.8%. Accordingly, its target price based on DCF valuation is HK $606.1.

Quick reading of food industry information

Global food price index rose to a new high in the past decade in May (China News Agency)

The food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) released the latest food price index and global grain production forecast on March 3. Data show that although world grain production is expected to reach a new high, global food prices are still rising rapidly in May. The FAO food price index rose by an average of 127.1 points in May, up 4.8% month on month and 39.7% year on year. The rise in international vegetable oil, sugar and grain prices pushed the index to its highest level since September 2011, with nominal prices only 7.6% lower than its historical high.

The State Administration of the people’s Republic of China held the administrative guidance meeting in the field of “shared consumption” (State Administration of market supervision)


On June 3, the Bureau of price supervision and competition of the State Administration of market supervision, together with the Anti Monopoly Bureau and the Department of Internet supervision, held an administrative guidance meeting in the field of “shared consumption”, which was attended by eight “shared consumption” brand operators, including Hello, Qingju, meituan, monster, Xiaodian, Caidian, Jiedian and soudian. At present, there are many improper behaviors in the “shared consumption” industry, such as unclear pricing rules and nonstandard pricing, which require enterprises to enhance compliance awareness and regulate price behavior and competition behavior.

Strict supervision and law enforcement of infant food in Guangzhou (Guangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau)

On May 29, Guangzhou Food Safety Commission issued a notice on printing and distributing the key food safety work arrangements of Guangzhou in 2021《 It is mentioned in the key work arrangement that supervision over food production and operation should be strengthened. We will vigorously promote the improvement of domestic infant formula milk powder, implement the quality improvement of key food related products, and urge enterprises to strengthen production process control. We should strengthen supervision and inspection with emphasis on infant and child’s auxiliary foods, dairy products, meat products and baijiu. Strengthen the supervision of special food, continue to organize and carry out special food production quality management ability improvement project. We will continue to intensify efforts to improve food safety. Strict supervision and enforcement of key foods such as infant formula, infant and child’s auxiliary food, health food, wet rice noodles and baijiu.

Tianjin: promote the construction of traceability system for infant formula milk powder, with a coverage rate of more than 75% (surging News)

According to surging news yesterday, the general office of Tianjin Municipal People’s government recently issued the “Tianjin 2021 food safety supervision and management plan”. It is mentioned in the plan that the construction of traceability system for infant formula milk powder should be promoted, and the coverage rate of information traceability system for infant formula milk powder production enterprises should reach more than 75%. It is also mentioned in the plan that supervision of special food production enterprises should be strengthened, the system inspection of infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical purposes should be fully covered annually, and the system inspection of health food production enterprises should not be less than 20% of the total number of production enterprises.

Letter on Soliciting Opinions on 23 national food safety standards (Draft) including cream, cream and anhydrous cream (Department of food safety standards, monitoring and evaluation)

Yesterday, the Department of food safety standards, monitoring and evaluation issued a letter from the Secretariat of the National Food Safety Standards Review Committee on Soliciting Opinions on 23 national food safety standards (Draft) including cream, cream and anhydrous cream, seeking public opinions.

New Zealand’s exports of meat and dairy products to China showed strong performance in fy2020 (Xinhua News Agency)

New Zealand’s total exports of goods and services to China accounted for 26% of its total exports in fiscal year 2020 (as of March 31, 2021), according to Statistics New Zealand released on June 2. Dragged down by COVID-19, the total export volume of New Zealand to China in fiscal year 2020 has dropped slightly compared with the previous fiscal year, reaching nearly 19 billion New Zealand dollars (about 87 billion 570 million yuan). Alasdale Allen, an analyst with the New Zealand Bureau of statistics, said that affected by the epidemic, the number of Chinese tourists to New Zealand has dropped sharply in the past year, but New Zealand’s exports of wood, meat and dairy products to China have performed strongly, making up for the loss of tourism to a certain extent.


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Miaolan received more regulatory warnings, Starbucks will stop using disposable cups in many places by 2025, Lancang ancient tea will withdraw IPO materials, Ruiao will push 0 sugar new products, and New Zealand’s dairy exports to China will be strong






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