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Nestle China CEO talks about cooperation in Heilongjiang Province. Three squirrels say they are planning drinking water products. Sam China’s largest flagship store is located in Shanghai. Guangming plans to build a high-end dairy industrial park and Xiaopi strategic cooperation

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Hu Changsheng meets with Nestle chairman of Greater China

On June 2 and 3, Hu Changsheng, deputy secretary of Heilongjiang provincial Party committee and governor of Heilongjiang Province, met with the chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China region of Nestle in Harbin. At the meeting, Hu Changsheng said that he hoped Nestle would give full play to its advantages in technology research and market development, produce more localized innovative products with high added value, and introduce high-quality enterprises from upstream and downstream industrial chains to invest and develop in the province. Heilongjiang Province will fully support the two sides to expand cooperation in infant formula production, pasture carbon neutralization and other projects. At the same time, Nestle will make positive contributions to Longjiang in promoting the revitalization of dairy industry, upgrading animal husbandry and improving the quality of agricultural products.

Budweiser Wuhan plant will become the first carbon neutral plant in the world

Yesterday, Budweiser Asia Pacific CEO Yang Ke announced in Wuhan that the Wuhan factory will officially become the first carbon neutral brewery in the world by the end of this year. At the scene, Wuhan Hanyang District government and Budweiser Asia Pacific signed a strategic agreement on “carbon neutral brewery”, and both sides reached an agreement on helping Wuhan carbon neutral. On the same day, Budweiser Asia Pacific World Environment Day was held in Wuhan factory, and the first batch of “carbon neutral” beer produced by Wuhan factory also officially appeared at the event. It is reported that the annual output of the plant is more than 800000 tons.

Qiaqia food applied for the registration of the trademark “Mr. Chali”, and the proposed scope of use is beer beverage (

Qiaqia food recently applied for the registration of No. 56411117 trademark, which is in the form of “Mr. Chali” and classified into category 32 beer drinks, according to

Sam’s largest flagship store in China will be located in Waigaoqiao, Shanghai (Beijing News)

Wal Mart’s Sam’s club, the largest flagship store in China, will open in Waigaoqiao in the second half of this year, Beijing News reported recently. According to reports, the total building volume of the project is about 70000 square meters, including Sam’s shop, which has the largest single floor area in China, as well as service areas covering catering, entertainment, life and education, and providing an intelligent parking lot that can accommodate more than 1100 exclusive parking spaces for members.

Tianrun dairy’s daily production capacity of milk beer exceeds 100 tons (Changjiang business daily)

On June 2, Tianrun dairy said on the investor interaction platform that in the first quarter of this year, the company’s milk beer production capacity exceeded 100 tons / day, and its online and offline sales were in good condition, and it has cooperated with some catering channels.

Bright Dairy plans to invest in the construction of high-end dairy industrial park in Cili County, Zhangjiajie City (Cili County all media comprehensive information platform)

According to the news of Cili County’s all media comprehensive information platform yesterday, on June 1, a joint meeting on the proposed site selection of Guangming dairy farm project was held. The meeting heard the basic situation and preliminary site selection opinions of Guangming dairy farm project. According to reports, the project is planned to be located in Taoxi village, Yanghe Tujia Township, Cili County, Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province to invest in the construction of high-end dairy industrial park.

“ “Post oxygen tea” milk tea shop opens (Beijing business daily)

According to the Beijing Business Daily today, a Chinese post pharmacy in Fujian Province has opened a milk tea shop called “post oxygen tea”. According to the public comments, there are 14 kinds of tea drinks, including pure tea and milk tea. Industrial and commercial information shows that Fujian post oxygen tea Catering Management Co., Ltd., established in October 2020, covers food business, urban distribution and transportation services. According to the enterprise investigation, China Post Hengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has applied for the registration of the trademark “post oxygen tea”. China post Capital Management Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of China Post Group, is the largest shareholder of the company, holding 51% of the shares.

Unqualified products of Xi’an Dongfang dairy (Shaanxi legal network)

On June 1, the market supervision and Administration Bureau of Shaanxi Province issued a notice on the inspection and disposal of unqualified food, in which Jianshu Qingchang yoghurt produced by Xi’an Dongfang Dairy Co., Ltd. was fined 80000 yuan for its unqualified acidity, and demanded that the production be stopped and rectified immediately.

Zhou Heiya: it is estimated that the total number of direct and franchise stores will reach 4000-5000 in 2023 (Beijing business daily)

According to Beijing Business Daily today, on June 3, Zhou Heiya said that the total number of direct + franchised stores is expected to be 4000-5000 in 2023. The person in charge did not disclose the respective proportions of Direct stores and franchised stores, but the other side said that in the future, the company will mainly expand the blank market and encrypt the existing market through franchising mode, and complement and complement each other with self operated stores.

Lulu, Chengde: we are communicating with suppliers about the price of raw materials. The gross profit rate may be affected (

On June 3, in response to questions from investors, Chengde Lulu said that up to now, the company’s product cost has not been greatly affected. The company is communicating with the suppliers about the price of raw materials, and the gross profit rate may be affected. The company will mainly guarantee the profit level through the growth of sales volume. In addition, in response to other questions, the company mentioned that sugar substitute is one aspect of the company’s research, and it will further study sugar free, lipid-lowering, low calorie, compound high protein and other products in line with the health concept.

Three squirrels: at present, we are actively promoting the planning of water and drink products (cloud Finance)

On June 2, three squirrels responded to investors’ questions and said that the company is actively promoting the planning of water and beverage products.

Organic baby food brand Xiaopi and futurmaster reach strategic cooperation (company news)

On June 3, little Freddie, a British organic baby food brand, reached a strategic cooperation with futurmaster, a supplier of supply chain consulting and solutions, and recently officially launched the supply chain planning system project. This project includes all the finished products of Xiaopi. Covering all global supply networks. The project adopts the SaaS service of futurmaster digital solution, aiming to establish a standardized unified planning platform and improve the agile response ability of the supply chain.

Mars M & M’s launches new series of mixed flavors (Foodbev)

According to today’s news from foreign media, M & M’s Wrigley candy has launched M & M’s mix series, which combines three different flavors of M & M’s, including classic mix and peanut mix. Classic mix contains milk chocolate, peanut and peanut butter flavors, while peanut mix contains milk chocolate peanut, dark chocolate peanut and white chocolate peanut.

Carrefour rxbar launched its first plant-based protein bar (Foodbev) in the United States

Rxbar, a health food brand of Kellogg’s, has launched plant-based protein bars for the first time, including chocolate beans and peanut butter, foreign media reported today. The new product, which contains 10 grams of plant protein, is now available on the brand’s website and retail outlets such as target and Kroger in the United States.

Quick reading of food industry information

British media: China needs more milk, but lacks dairy cows (World Wide Web)

Today, the World Wide Web quoted Reuters as saying on June 2 that during the epidemic period, doctors publicized the health benefits of milk, and national dairy companies built dairy farms, which stimulated the further growth of China’s milk demand. However, due to the high feed cost for many years and the short supply of land and water, the cost of milk production in China is high. According to Euromonitor, China’s annual milk intake per capita is only 6.8 liters, compared with 50 liters in the United States. China’s per capita consumption of milk is still very low. According to the report, according to the data of Nielsen market research company, in the first 11 months of 2020, the sales of chilled milk in China increased by 21%, while the sales of normal temperature milk increased by 10.9%. In order to meet this demand, large dairy companies need to develop more milk sources close to more affluent, densely populated areas, analysts said.

Haizhu District restaurant to suspend food (released by Guangzhou Haizhu)

Today, the “Guangzhou Haizhu” official account of WeChat issued the Circular of Haizhuqu District on strengthening management and control of commercial premises. According to the circular, all social catering service units in Haizhu District (including food sales units that provide hall food) will suspend hall food, and can provide self pick-up and take out ordering services. The implementation time of the control measures will be from 21:00 on June 4, 2021.

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Nestle China CEO talks about cooperation in Heilongjiang Province. Three squirrels say they are planning drinking water products. Sam China’s largest flagship store is located in Shanghai. Guangming plans to build a high-end dairy industrial park and Xiaopi strategic cooperation










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