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Super zero control card surface is coming, new products are expected to set off a new trend of healthy fast food for young people



Healthy fast food  
It has become the first mind of a new generation of consumers
With the upsurge of “low calorie and Zero sugar” in the beverage industry, the decision of young consumers to buy drinks is changing from good to healthy. This change is being rapidly transmitted to other categories, such as yogurt, instant food, baking, sauce, rest food, etc. healthy mind will become the first mind of the new generation of consumers to buy most of the food; In other words, health food is not the increment of market segments, but the stock upgrade of a new generation of people.
Focusing on the online fast food market, the post epidemic period is more obviously showing a younger and healthy development trend. According to the 2021 instant food industry insight report released by China first financial business data center, the domestic market scale is estimated to exceed 250 billion yuan. The growth rate of online market in recent one year is more than 70%, which has become the core driving channel of industry growth. The population with the highest growth rate was concentrated in the post-90s and post-95s. In the tiktok food and beverage industry white paper, 70% or more young people are choosing the “nutritional food” when reducing their calories.
Data source: giant engine 2021 white paper of food and beverage industry
With the increasing demand for convenience, delicacy and health of young people in China, the traditional fast food with high sugar, high oil and high calorie has been unable to meet the needs of consumers for a healthy lifestyle in the new era. The healthy fast food represented by super zero incubation brand control card noodles just meets the new health needs of young people.
It is reported that the Japanese “longlife fresh and wet noodle” technology is used to make konjac, buckwheat and other coarse grains into new ones. Through the card control technology, the standard of true 0 sugar and low fat is achieved, and the taste and taste are equal to ordinary noodles. According to the brand introduction, each control card noodles only contains more than 300 calories, which is 1 / 2 of the calories of ordinary noodles, so as to achieve control card satiety and meet young people’s multi-level expectations of healthy food.
New products add strong materials to test control card force
Driven by the needs of healthy, delicious and convenient users, the card control noodle takes “delicious, healthy and uncompromising” as its research and development concept in the process of product development. Recently, the three new products of spicy tomato and beef wide noodle, scallop and scallion oil noodle and Sichuan sweet water noodle have gained special attention from the industry.
In this new product innovation, super food rich in protein is added: Super full chickpea produced in Xinjiang with protein content up to 28%, large grain beef with FD Aerospace freeze-drying process, delicious scallop rich in amino acids and minerals. After adding multiple ingredients to each controlled calorie noodle, the calories remained at more than 300 calories, and the calories were still only half of that of ordinary instant noodles.
The brand side said that in order to achieve a healthy and delicious card control experience, the product and R & D team first strictly controlled “sugar and fat”, and exclusively developed card control technology, so that the heat of each bowl is only half of that of ordinary instant noodles. ① Strict low fat standard: twice vacuum pump deoiling, reduce the oil content by 88%; ② Insist on “Zero sugar”: select the natural 0-carbohydrates (erythritol) fermented from plant starch without increasing the burden of blood glucose; ③ Harsh to inhuman testing procedures: each bowl of noodles will pass more than 30 times of numerical testing, and then it will be labeled as “control card, low fat, 0 sugar”.
Secondly, the control card noodle was made by ll fresh noodle technology imported from Japan, using coarse grains and natural lactic acid to restore the original fresh taste of noodles. In addition, the cooking method of control card noodles is also super convenient. Under the instant method of soaking in hot water for one minute, many young people will choose to accompany them during the intervals of staying up late and working overtime, fitness and ironmaking, home chasing drama, game carnival, etc.
It is worth mentioning that in addition to the launch of this new taste, the packaging of the whole line of control card products has been upgraded, and more environmentally friendly and degradable natural materials have been selected to actively respond to the national call for comprehensive plastic reduction. Bid farewell to the previous plastic bowl, use baby grade accessible natural wood pulp paper material, through repeated, strict durability testing and Optimization for many times, taking into account the concept of green environmental protection and customers’ experience. At the same time, the original products of tableware from fork into chopsticks, restore the feeling of eating at home, so that the Oriental eating habits throughout the delicious meal.
Delicious and healthy  
Who is paying for the charge card life?
According to cbndata’s “tmall 2020 food consumption trend report”, consumers in first and second tier cities have obvious preference for non fried food. In its subdivided “health quality” consumption matrix, new white-collar workers and exquisite mothers after 90 and 95 are the core groups. Their demand for delicious food and zero burden is the origin of the “low calorie and low sugar” category revolution.
However, in the consumer survey of card control face, there are 118 times for single user to purchase card control face, which means that they will choose card control face at least once a day; In the crowd portraits of the products, there are also several typical life scenes worthy of attention: 92% of office workers prefer to choose a light-duty card control face at lunch time, and no longer feel desperate for the heat explosion takeout; 89% of the fitness party preferred to choose the face control card after exercise; 91% of those who stayed up late to cultivate immortals had to choose the control card when hunger came late at night; 85% of spicy moms are “afraid” of delicate carbon water all the year round, and since they choose to control the card noodles, “carbon water freedom” is their mantra.
For these “contemporary eating and drinking graduate students”, diet can not only satisfy their stomachs, but also solve their daily calorie anxiety, add points to their face value, and realize their yearning healthy lifestyle. Starting from the daily needs of consumers, the card control face accurately excavates the pain points of young consumers’ demand for “delicious but not fat, healthy and delicious”, separates the new trend of healthy diet from the traditional “eat well” thinking, and conveys the life attitude of “fast food also controls the card” to consumers.
Healthy fast food track in the ascendant  
The future of card control face is expected to be
Since the fourth quarter of 2020, with the uncompromising brand power of delicacy and health, super zero control card noodles have sold 2 million + boxes. This year, it won the honor of superior taste award of 2021 from the international flavor evaluation Institute, and successfully established the brand’s leading position in the healthy fast food track. With the increase of domestic healthy fast food consumption demand, as a powerful new brand, the market share and brand influence of card control noodles still have a large growth space, which is bound to lead the young generation’s card control lifestyle.
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Super zero control card surface is coming, new products are expected to set off a new trend of healthy fast food for young people





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