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The Global CEO of Tyson Foods resigns. Pan Gang introduces Yili modern wisdom health Valley, Huiyuan Juice operator will go bankrupt and restructure, and Ferrero will acquire British biscuit company, “artificial breast milk” or subvert the milk powder industry

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CEO resignation of Tyson Foods (CNBC)

This evening, Tyson food announced that Dean banks will resign as CEO of the company, which will be taken over by coo Donnie king. It is reported that Dean banks has been the CEO of Tyson food for only eight months, and he resigned for personal reasons“ I believe it’s the right decision to leave and focus on the family at this time. ” The appointment of Donnie king, the fifth CEO of Tyson Foods in five years, took immediate effect.

Tyson Foods to launch plant based food in Asia Pacific region (Reuters)

Tyson Foods, a U.S. meat processor, will launch its plant-based products in specific Asia Pacific markets from this month as it sees a rapid growth in demand for alternative meat products in the region, Reuters reported today. The company will first launch its first price branded plant-based products in Malaysia and will expand to other markets in the Asia Pacific region in the coming months.

Zhanjiang welcomes the first food and beverage listed company (Securities Times)

Today, happy home food group Co., Ltd. (happy home, stock code: 300997) was listed on the growth enterprise market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, and its share price rose 527.53% on the first day of listing. Happy home is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of coconut juice, juice drinks, lactic acid bacteria drinks, canned fruits and other food and beverage products. In the first quarter of 2021, the company’s operating revenue was 339 million yuan, an increase of 33.62% over the same period last year; The net profit attributable to the parent company was 46.9057 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 54.78%.

Pan Gang introduces Yili modern wisdom health valley planning (China Daily)

Yesterday, Yili modern wisdom health valley planning and construction press conference was held. Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, said that the health Valley project integrates “planting industry development, milk source construction, intelligent manufacturing, scientific and technological innovation, culture, tourism and leisure, and business activities”, and will comprehensively build an industrial system of integration of planting, breeding and processing, industry, University, research, culture, tourism and business, and integration of multiple formats. He Haidong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Helingeer new area, said that after the completion of the project, Yili’s output value will reach 200 billion yuan, which will “double” on the existing basis and achieve the goal of “building another Yili”.

FTSE China A50 Index to be included in goldfish

FTSE Russell announced today that FTSE China’s A50 Index will include golden dragon fish and Zhifei biology, excluding Hengli petrochemical and Zhonggong education. The change will take effect after the close on June 18.

Wanzhou International suspended trading in the afternoon and rose by more than 4% before publishing insider information  ( Hong Kong Economic Daily)

Wanzhou International, which is listed in Hong Kong, suspended trading this afternoon. The company issued a notice at noon saying that it would suspend trading briefly from 1 p.m. in order to publish a notice containing inside information of the company in accordance with the code on acquisition, merger and share repurchase of companies. Before the suspension, Wanzhou International reported HK $6.93, up 4.2%, with a turnover of more than HK $200 million.

Huiyuan Juice operator to go bankrupt and restructure (Daily Economic News)

On June 1, the Beijing bankruptcy court announced that in order to promote the reorganization of Beijing Huiyuan food and Beverage Co., Ltd. as soon as possible and protect the legitimate rights and interests of creditors, debtors and other parties to the greatest extent, the temporary administrator, Beijing haotianxinhe law firm, plans to recruit investors from the public during the pre reorganization period of Huiyuan food. Huiyuan food is the core asset of Huiyuan Juice and the operator of Huiyuan juice. Haotianxin and the staff of the law firm said that from the registration period, after due diligence and scheme selection, the final determination of investors will take about two months. Now, two or three interested parties have consulted.

New tea brand “TNO” gets tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news today, the new tea brand “TNO” has obtained tens of millions of yuan of pre-A round financing in May this year. The investors are sinah capital and Shangcheng capital. The current round valuation of TNO is over 100 million yuan. In October last year, just one month after its launch, TNO received Angel round investment from Xianfeng capital and Shangcheng capital.

Three squirrels and Mengniu ice cream (tonghuashun)

Today, some investors asked three squirrels (300783) what kind of planning and layout they have in the category of cold drinks and ice cream. The company replied that the three squirrels and Mengniu’s “casual” ice cream brand jointly launched the “domineering nuts” ice cream series, including pistachio and hazelnut ice cream. At present, the relevant ice cream products are sold in Mengniu’s offline distribution channels and some of the three squirrels’ offline stores.

Master Kong’s private beef noodles launched the brand “niuren Shiguang”  ( Interface News)

According to interface news yesterday, recently, Master Kang’s private beef noodles launched a brand called “niurenshiguang”, which includes fresh boiled noodles and snacks. The brand has opened a flagship store in tmall. There are four kinds of fresh noodles, and the average price of a single box is more than 30 yuan.

China’s three child policy stimulates the price of bubs to soar (Aohua Finance Online)

Affected by the announcement of China’s three child policy, the shares of bubs, an Australian sheep milk powder company, surged 17% to 41 Australian cents yesterday. In response to this, bubs issued an announcement in response to the ASX’s request for explanation, saying that the company also learned from the news reports that China’s family planning policy had been adjusted, that the company’s behavior was in line with the relevant provisions of the ASX, and that the company did not know the reason for the stock price’s rise on Tuesday.

General Mills venture capital restructuring (Forbes)

301 Inc, GM’s venture capital unit, will be merged on July 1 into a newly formed “disruptive growth” team, led by Doug Martin, general manager of GM’s dairy operations.

Jab’s doughnut company reveals listing plan (New York Times)

Krispy Kreme, the parent company of investment group jab’s doughnut chain, disclosed its financial position for the first time on Tuesday, preparing to go public in the United States, foreign media reported yesterday. The company’s sales rose 17% in the last fiscal year to $1.1 billion, up from $959 million the previous year. According to the previous news of Peng Bo, the coffee giant JDE Peet’s of jab has been listed successfully, and it is said that jab has secretly submitted an IPO application as Krispy Kreme.

Ferrero’s acquisition of British Biscuit Company (company news)

Yesterday, Ferrero’s affiliate announced that it had signed a final agreement to acquire Burton’s biscuit company (Burton’s). Burton’s has six production plants in the UK, with sales of over 275 million pounds in the past 12 months. The company has a number of British best-selling biscuit brands, including Maryland cookies, jammie Dodgers and so on. Ferrero’s affiliated company will take over its six production plants in Blackpool, Dorset and so on. Through this acquisition, Ferrero hopes to further expand its distribution in the biscuit market and expand its product portfolio.

Heineken plans to buy the biggest beer company in India

According to foreign media yesterday, an Indian source said that Heineken beer is preparing to acquire United Breweries, India’s largest beer company. According to reports, Vijay Mallya, the former chairman of the Indian beer company, cleared part of his assets in 2016, and Heineken became an effective controller of India’s largest brewery, holding about 46% of the shares.

Tesco’s plant food brand cooperates with beyond meat to launch new frozen ready to eat series

Wicked kitchen, a plant-based food brand of Tesco in the UK, has teamed up with beyond meat to launch a new range of vegetarian ready to eat and frozen foods in Tesco stores in the UK, expanding its existing product portfolio, foreign media reported yesterday. Frozen ready to eat products include Korean flavor, Indian rice, Mexican tortillas and other six flavors. In addition, the vegetarian instant bowl series includes five flavors including vegetable paella and Burgundy.

Danone plans to cut 120 employees in Belgium

Danone plans to restructure its Belgian subsidiary alpro, Danone dairy products and plant base, Danone drinking water industry and newdisia brand businesses, foreign media reported yesterday. The company launched a plan in November 2020 to cut costs, reduce product range and restructure business for the post epidemic world. By the end of 2022, Danone plans to lay off 120 employees in Belgium. The restructuring will mainly affect the alpro plant in Belgium, as alpro will be further integrated into Danone.

JBS: most of its food factories in the U.S. will start operation tomorrow (Peng Bo)

JBS, the world’s largest meat producer, said most of its food factories in the United States will start operation tomorrow, according to today’s news from Peng Bo. It is not clear that any data has been leaked. The company had previously claimed that it had been hacked.

Infant nutrition company says it makes cell-based “green Queen”

Yesterday, start-up company biomilq said it had successfully cultivated “the world’s first artificial breast milk” in vitro. Biomilq says it has a lot of nutrients that match the proportions and types of proteins, carbohydrates, fatty acids and biologically active lipids in real breast milk. It is reported that the biological properties of this breast milk are different from those of human breast milk. Foreign believe that this may let the company become a subversive of the formula industry.

Coca Cola announces cooperation with ocean clean up (company news)

Coca Cola announced today that it has entered into a partnership with the Dutch non-profit organization the ocean cleanup. Coca Cola will combine its global network with the latter’s technical support to prevent plastic waste from entering the sea in 15 rivers around the world.

Nestle coffee joins hands with all things rebirth (love recycling) to start the plastic talent recycling program (China Daily)

Nestle coffee’s plastic talent recycling program, launched jointly with all things new (love recycling), will be launched on June 5. The way to participate in the activity is that users can find the AI classification and AI recycling intelligent self-service recycling machine in their city, deliver the old Nestle coffee packaging and other recyclables, and have the opportunity to obtain the co branded limited products by scanning the code.

Quick reading of food industry information

Hohhot’s seven preferential policies help dairy development zone to attract investment (China Development Network)

On June 1, Hohhot issued the “preferential policies for investment promotion of Hohhot Dairy Development Zone”, which specifically formulated seven preferential policies, including supporting enterprises to attract investment by business, and introducing dairy products and health food processing projects by settled enterprises by business. After the project is completed and put into operation, rewards ranging from RMB 500000 to RMB 1 million will be given according to the investment scale.


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The Global CEO of Tyson Foods resigns. Pan Gang introduces Yili modern wisdom health Valley, Huiyuan Juice operator will go bankrupt and restructure, and Ferrero will acquire British biscuit company, “artificial breast milk” or subvert the milk powder industry

婴幼儿营养品公司称其制造出细胞培育的“人造母乳”(green queen)

昨日,初创公司Biomilq称,它已成功在人类体外培养出“世界上第一款人造母乳”。Biomilq 表示,其拥有大量营养素,可以与真正母乳中的蛋白质、碳水化合物、脂肪酸和生物活性脂质的比例和类型相匹配。据报道,该母乳与人类母乳的生物性质并不相同。外电认为,这或让该公司成为配方奶粉产业的颠覆者。


可口可乐公司今天宣布,已经和荷兰非盈利组织海洋清理(the Ocean Cleanup)达成合作关系。可口可乐将结合自身全球网络以及后者的技术支持,在全球15条河流中阻止塑料废物进入大海。









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