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The takeout you ordered may have been finished a year ago, and the cost is as low as 3 yuan


the use of food bags has become a common phenomenon in the takeout industry.

The stewed meat rice you spend nearly 30 yuan on the take out platform may be simply heated by a cooking bag that costs less than 5 yuan. Moreover, this cooking bag may have been ready a year ago. Do you still think it smells good?

Recently, Zhongxin Jingwei survey found that in order to save time, cost and so on, some takeout businesses choose to use semi-finished food bags instead of stir fried and ready-made. These dishes are rich in products. Each package costs 3-10 yuan, and some of them have a shelf life of one and a half years.

A catering bag supplier told Zhongxin Jingwei that the use of catering bags has become a common phenomenon in the takeout industry, and consumers can’t eat them at all, even if they are found by the relevant departments.


The takeout you ordered may be made from a food bag

“ Now takeout shops are basically using food bags, especially those with dozens of dishes. At noon, a chef can’t stir fry it. It must be a semi-finished food bag. ” A supplier of take away food bags in Sichuan told Zhongxin Jingwei.

The supplier’s quotation shows that it can supply nearly 70 kinds of different dishes, including main course, side course, meal, soup, etc., with a unit price of 3-10 yuan“ Restaurants, takeout, airports, tea restaurants and Internet cafes are all available. As long as you heat them in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, you can have a meal. “

According to the above suppliers, some of these food bags can be stored at room temperature with a shelf life of 6 months; Some of them need to be frozen at – 18 ℃ for one year“ Our products are sterilized at high temperature and then packed in aluminum foil bags, so they can be stored at room temperature for half a year. ” The supplier said.

The supplier can also provide customized services for customers, that is, the so-called “OEM”. “From 100 pieces to 5 pieces, we can make a food package according to the formula given by customers. If there is no formula, we can also provide a formula.”

Zhongxin Jingwei noticed that on the e-commerce platform, many businesses also sell take away food bags with various flavors. The price of a single bag is usually less than 10 yuan, and the shelf life is about one year, and some of them are as long as one and a half years.


Screenshot of e-commerce platform

Zhongxin Jingwei saw in a store that eight food bags cost only 40 yuan, and the taste is optional. “Our product portions are set for the fast food industry, such as covered rice, casserole rice, and business set meal. The amount of one main course per bag is enough.” Customer service said that its products are stir fried technology, with the same taste.

According to the above-mentioned suppliers, the use of food bags is very common in the takeout industry, and consumers can’t eat them at all. Even if they are checked by the relevant departments, it doesn’t matter, “we have production qualifications, every product meets the national standards, and there are test reports, even if we find them, we are not afraid.”

The shop selling food bags on an e-commerce platform also introduces the product details page. The factory qualification, inspection report, food license and other food qualifications are complete, and all tests meet the food safety standards.


▲   Xu Xiongjun, a strategic positioning expert of the test report provided by e-commerce platform merchants and founder of Jiude positioning consulting company, believes that convenience and safety are necessary conditions for semi-finished food materials. At present, the problem that consumers demand more and catering enterprises need to improve is how to achieve the combination of standardization and personalization“ Enterprises should find a balance between semi-finished food materials and standardized packages, which can be divided into signature dishes, home style dishes, and personalized customization in form. ” Xu Xiongjun said.

If the use of food bags, businesses have the obligation to inform it?

So, can consumers accept such takeout?

Some netizens think that “cooking bags are much cleaner than black workshops” and “there should be no problem eating them within the shelf life”; Some people say they can’t accept it. “They can’t stand being stale. Even if it’s a clean and unified frozen bag, it’s been a little long for a year.”.

In an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei, Beijing white-collar Ms. Xiong, who often orders takeout, said that under the premise of ensuring cleanliness, hygiene and up to standard production, she can accept some businesses to use takeout bags, but she believed that these businesses should truthfully inform consumers of their use.

In this regard, Li Min, senior partner of Shanghai Hansheng law firm, said that the law does not specify the circumstances under which businesses need to inform consumers to what extent“ It can only be said that if consumers ask, then businesses must answer truthfully to ensure that consumers’ right to know is not infringed. “

In addition, Li Min mentioned that to judge whether a takeaway business infringes consumers’ right to know, it mainly depends on the subjective will of the other party, whether it clearly states that its product is not a cooking bag, or suggests through some behaviors and remarks, rather than simply saying that it infringes consumers’ right to know if the business does not take the initiative to say that it has used the cooking bag.

Take out package information chart  

Some companies make 125 million a year and listed A631

As a matter of fact, take away package is only a kind of semi-finished dish (also known as prefabricated dish).


As early as around 2000, semi-finished vegetable production enterprises appeared one after another in China. The main customers of semi-finished vegetable enterprises are franchisees in the region, including fresh food stores, farmers’ market vendors, supermarkets, etc., and a small number of products are directly sold to restaurants and end consumers.

There are a large number of semi-finished vegetable producers in China, most of them still stay in the workshop type production and processing mode, and few enterprises reach the production level above scale. The workshop type processors only supply a small number of customers, the products are single and the degree of standardization is low, so it is difficult to guarantee the food safety and quality. At present, some enterprises have begun to purchase automation equipment to achieve large-scale production, with a certain regional visibility. For example, weizhixiang, who just listed in a share market recently, is an example.

According to public information, weizhixiang has two brands of “weizhixiang” and “Xiyu”. In 2020, the company will achieve a revenue of 622 million yuan and a net profit of 125 million yuan. On April 27 this year, weizhixiang was officially listed on the A-share main board, becoming “the first stock of prefabricated vegetables”.

Pacific securities mentioned in the research report that at present, there are more than 20000 upstream prefabricated vegetable enterprises, with an average annual sales of 15 million yuan, and the scale of prefabricated vegetable market is about 300 billion yuan.

“ Driven by the epidemic situation, the semi-finished food industry has achieved rapid development since 2020. From the perspective of development trend, the semi-finished food industry is bound to become a new category and competition track in the future. ” Zhu danpeng, an analyst of China’s food industry, told Zhongxin Jingwei.

Gao Yang, CMO of xinliangji Food Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and head of new retail and retail business department, said in an interview with Zhongxin Jingwei that on the whole, prefabricated food materials and semi-finished food materials are still in a stage of gradual development. In this process, the front-end market and back-end supply chain need to be further matched.

Zhongxin Jingwei has noticed that traditional food enterprises have begun to enter this field. Recently, in response to investors’ questions, Anjing food mentioned that the demand for prefabricated dishes in catering channels and family consumption scenarios is strong and growing rapidly. The company takes advantage of the situation, positioning the concept of central kitchen in the catering market, integrating the upstream small and medium-sized food manufacturers with the asset light operation mode as the holding subsidiary “Mr. frozen food” OEM production. At present, semi-finished dishes, finished dishes, chef dishes and prepared meat slices have been listed one after another.

However, some consumers reported to Zhongxin Jingwei that the taste of semi-finished food was not as good as that in the advertisement“ It takes a long time for dishes to thaw one by one. It takes at least three hours for a new year’s Eve meal to thaw and serve. Moreover, all the dishes are thawed twice. The seafood dishes are not fresh. The overall taste is average, and the quantity of dishes is very small. It’s not enough to eat at all. ” Beijing’s Ms. Zhao experienced a semi-finished dinner in the Spring Festival last year, and no longer wanted to try any semi-finished dishes.

Zhu danpeng pointed out that taste and price are two major problems restricting the development of semi-finished vegetable industry. In the future, as the whole industry enters the stage of large-scale development, the industrial chain will be more and more perfect, and the cost and other problems will be effectively improved. The front cover and the introduction picture are from, and have nothing to do with pictures and texts

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The takeout you ordered may have been finished a year ago, and the cost is as low as 3 yuan























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