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Three children, children’s snacks up?

is a soul stirring supply chain war.

Recently, Dongdong, a sophomore in primary school, has made remarkable progress in his academic performance, but his mother Tian Yu has added a bit of worry: “the teacher often rewards Dongdong with candy and chocolate. Naturally, the child is very happy, but I don’t want him to eat too many snacks.”

Dongdong’s teacher, Tang Jing, is also a Baoma, with the same worries as Tian Yu: “the key is to find snacks suitable for children. After all, for children in lower grades of primary school, snacks are their favorite reward.”

In the past, people didn’t know much about what kind of snacks are suitable for children of different ages and what kind of standards should be followed to produce children’s snacks. Until now, some elderly consumers still think that seven big white rabbits are equal to a glass of milk, and lactic acid bacteria drink can appetizer and help digestion

Nowadays, young people have become the main force of consumption. With the upgrading of consumption, more and more young parents like Tian Yu and Tang Jing pay attention to and demand healthy children’s snacks.

253 million “four legged gobbler” breeds a hundred billion scale children’s snack market, and the growth rate is extremely fast. According to the estimation of Huaying capital, the market scale of children’s snacks will reach 150 billion yuan in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 13.7% in the next five years, significantly higher than that of leisure snacks (7.8%).

However, children’s snacks, a fast-growing track, can not achieve a quick commercial battle. Children’s snacks are destined to be a slow business.


Children eat snacks, not only physical needs, but also psychological needs. Tian Yu knows this very well, so even though she has 10000 people in her heart who don’t want to, she will still buy all kinds of snacks for Dongdong every month.

“Five or six hundred at a time. But after buying it back, it’s impossible to eat with the child’s temperament. It’s often half eaten and half thrown. “

No matter how much is wasted in the end, according to “insight into the marketing trend of children’s snack industry in 2020” released by tmall Snacks & Ali mom, exquisite mom is the main driving force of children’s snack consumption, with an average cost of 799.20 yuan per month to buy snacks for children.

High consumption does not mean a deeper understanding of children’s snacks. Tian Yu said frankly that he didn’t know all kinds of raw materials and added ingredients in snacks: “it mainly depends on whether there are preservative free and sugar free labels on the packaging.”

However, some time ago, the sugar free storm in Yuanqi forest caused a lot of trouble for Tian Yu. It seems that it’s not reliable to completely trust the brand, but it’s really difficult to figure out all kinds of additives in food.

Tian Yu is not alone. In November 2019, the survey report on the consumption habits of Shanghai Children’s snacks (leisure food and beverage) released by the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission and the Youth Research Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences showed that 49.8% of parents could not understand the nutritional composition of children’s snacks, and there was no significant difference in the results of different parents.

On the one hand, there is an irrepressible demand for snacks from children; on the other hand, there is a gap in parents’ cognition of healthy snacks – the demand needs to be met urgently, and the market needs education

On May 20, 2020, liangpin store launched its sub brand “liangpin snack Fairy”, focusing on snacks for children aged 3-12;

Five days later, baicaowei launched “Tong’an children” series products;

On June 19, three squirrels opened the flagship store of the sub brand “Xiaolu Lanlan” in tmall, launching zero complementary food from 6 months to 14 years old;

In September of the same year, good gout, a French organic children’s food brand, launched the first children’s “0” biscuit which was certified by China’s organic certification, adding weight to the layout of the organic children’s snack market;

In December, qixuduomaomao, a children’s food brand, received millions of dollars in Angel round financing. Its products are mainly for preschool children aged 3-6

In addition to the continuous influx of snack enterprises, in 2020, the first year of the outbreak of children’s snack market, China’s first group standard for children’s snacks was also born, which describes the application scope, product classification and technical requirements of children’s snacks, and describes in detail the requirements of children’s snacks in terms of raw materials, sensory, nutritional components, food additives, etc.

Although this group standard is more used by some enterprises to regulate their own products and services, it is not a national standard, has no legal effect and is not mandatory, but it is still recognized by consumers.

After learning about the group standard from the news, Tang Jing said excitedly that she would have a direction in choosing snacks for her children and students in the future.

However, from the development of standards to the research and development, production and marketing of products, problems and challenges emerge one after another.


Children’s snacks are not simply to reduce salt, sugar and oil on the basis of adult snacks, but to completely adjust the research and development ideas and reshape the whole supply chain system. The reason is very simple. Before that, there were not only no relevant standards and regulations on children’s snacks, but also very few snacks suitable for children aged 3 to 12.

Yang Hongchun, chairman of liangpin store, told the new retail business review: “after the introduction of the group standard for children’s snacks, we have done market benchmarking and found 1000 varieties of products from nearly 50 brands. In the end, we found that few of them can fully meet the group standard.”

What is the difference between children’s snacks and ordinary snacks (adult snacks) on the market today?

for instance. According to the group standard, the index of food additives for children’s snacks should be in line with the standard of complementary food for infants and young children, and preservatives, artificial colors and sweeteners are not allowed. Although such requirements fully comply with today’s consumer demand for healthy diet, it is not easy to find a product that meets the above requirements in the market.

Take the most common Hawthorn slice as an example. In many people’s cognition, the main component of Hawthorn tablet is hawthorn, but it is not. The Hawthorn component in many hawthorn tablets does not account for a high proportion. The reason why they show the red color similar to hawthorn is that the additives such as carmine, lemon yellow and sunset yellow are added. In addition, white granulated sugar is also one of the main components of hawthorn tablets.

After carefully studying the ingredients list, your mind hawthorn tablets Xiaoshi, appetizer effect and representative of health image may collapse in an instant.

So, why can’t snack enterprises produce hawthorn products? This involves the complexity of raw material selection. Hawthorn has been planted in more than 10 provinces and regions in China. Different regions and varieties of hawthorn have different acidity, sweetness, color and texture. It is not easy to find suitable raw materials.

In addition, if we want to make the products more in line with the health needs of consumers, we need to replace sucrose with natural sugar. New problems will arise. The taste and molding effect of sugar substitutes are not as good as white granulated sugar. The choice of sugar substitutes, how to determine the composition ratio, and how to debug and improve the manufacturing process of product molding need to be solved by the R & D team one by one.

According to Shang Jing, the director of children’s snacks at liangpin store, when developing the rabbit Hawthorn stick and determining which kind of sugar to use, the R & D team selected more than 20 kinds of natural sugar substitutes of different specifications, and after more than 90 tests, finally chose erythritol“ It’s a necessary process for R & D. We can’t be in a hurry. “

For another example, the group standard stipulates that children’s snacks cannot use irradiated raw materials. Irradiation is a common sterilization process for most snack products in the market. Its advantage is that it can extend the shelf life of the products, but it will destroy the nutrients in the food in the process of sterilization. This is understandable for adult food, but it is a big problem for children who are in a critical period of physical development and have limited food intake.

Shang Jing told the new retail business review that in order to meet the requirements of the group standard for not adding preservatives and not using irradiation technology, the shelf life of children’s snacks launched by liangpin xiaoshixian is basically 3-9 months.

“It’s a big operational challenge. First of all, we should communicate with upstream and downstream suppliers and partners, so that we can have a correct understanding of children’s snacks; The second is to ensure that the products purchased by users in more than 2700 stores or e-commerce channels across the country must be produced and listed fresh. “

It can be seen that any product of children’s snacks, such as soft candy, jelly, potato chips, biscuits, is not based on the addition and subtraction of adult snacks, but is to customize the supply chain system for each category or single product in every link of raw materials, product research and development, production technology, quality control, logistics and transportation, and sales service.

Since its establishment last year, liangpin snack fairy has launched nearly 30 children’s snacks that meet the group’s standards. Recalling the experience of the past year, the team members are very moved: “behind this is a soul stirring supply chain war.”


Although he is only an 8-year-old, Dongdong is also worried about buying snacks. He couldn’t understand why his mother could always give a lot of reasons why she didn’t understand the snacks he chose, but she just didn’t buy them. Many of the snacks that his mother threw into the shopping basket were disliked by Dongdong.

Obviously, children’s snacks are a typical separate type of purchase and use. Although parents pay for them, whether they like to eat or not depends on their children. For children’s snack brands, if they want to seize the minds of users and build up their trust in the brand, they must please and impress consumers (children) and buyers (parents) at the same time.

According to a survey conducted by machimang Research Institute in May 2019 on how consumers choose snacks for children, 79.0% of children pay more attention to the cartoon characters on the packaging and the taste of snacks when they choose snacks.

Yang yinfen, CEO of liangpin store, said frankly: “children’s snack products should not only impress mothers, but also children. So we have to work hard on the packaging design. ” This is also the inevitable choice of all children’s snack brands.

From “Wangzai” with big eyes and attractive ears, to koala mother and koala baby on bear biscuits, to big eyes and long necked blue deer, and soft cute little girl “Tong an”, the IP images of every brand try to attract children’s attention with such elements as cute, silly and funny.

For parents, snack brands pay more attention to using simple and clear ingredients, ingredient list, eye-catching “0 added preservative”, “no sucrose”, “no artificial color” and other signs on the packaging to attract parents’ attention. However, the outer packaging alone is not enough. After all, parents are more concerned about nutrition, health and safety when it comes to eating.

In this regard, different brands adopt different methods according to their own positioning.

For example, Xiaolu Lanlan is a professional brand that accompanies the growth of children. According to the actual needs of novice parents to raise children, online consultation of nutritionists is added to help users solve various problems in parenting and products;

Based on the profound insight that “female consumers enjoy sharing snacks with their families, especially their children”, PepsiCo has changed the positioning of its brand “a bite of sunshine” from “young white-collar women” to “parent-child snacks”.

Liangpin xiaoshixian focuses the target group of marketing promotion on exquisite mother, “which is consistent with the target consumer of the main brand of liangpin shop.” “In a family, it’s usually the mother who worries about the food needs of the whole family,” Shang Jing said In other words, as long as we “catch” delicate mothers, we can grasp the demand and purchasing power of Chinese families for snacks.

It’s just that Omni channel layout is particularly important to plant brand awareness of safety, health and nutrition in the mind of exquisite mothers.

At present, the strategy for good products is to share knowledge of children’s snacks and snacks with experts and KOL’s tiktok, and to produce grass related products for children. Offline activities such as new product tasting, popular science interaction and puzzle games are organized in liangpin’s stores to let children and parents feel the interest of the brand and the health of the product.

For any brand, product quality, brand image, corporate values are important factors that affect consumers to build brand trust. The market situation of children’s snack brand is more complex and difficult, and there is still a long way to go to establish its own brand building.

From the introduction of group standards for children’s snacks, to the strict implementation and application of standards in the whole supply chain, to the adjustment of development ideas by R & D personnel, and the re recognition of products by marketing personnel, everyone involved in the process strongly feels the hardship of the process, and when it comes to the consumption level, they just enjoy the products easily.

“Now, eating Hawthorn sticks together has become something Dongdong and I have to do every weekend. Sometimes I take out Hawthorn stick to reward him for reading an English picture book. Sometimes he takes Hawthorn stick to thank me for playing games with him. “

Tian Yu, who has always attached importance to figure, has carefully examined the ingredients of this Hawthorn stick: “using erythritol instead of white granulated sugar, without adding preservatives, food flavors and coloring agents, this kind of product is not only suitable for children to eat, but also suitable for people with fat and beauty needs.”

Tian Yu even opened her mind and began to think of lollipops, puffs and biscuits with hyaluronic acid, collagen and other beauty ingredients: “I think all snacks suitable for children can be added with some functional ingredients to become small snacks suitable for mothers to eat for beauty, beauty and fat reduction.”

Although such reverie is unrealistic from the perspective of R & D and production, the healthy eating trend started from children’s snack track has obviously affected a large number of consumers like Tian Yu and Tang Jing, and will be accompanied by an increasingly large market scale and more vigorous and diversified consumer demand.

Some experts predict that in the future, children’s snack track will usher in rapid development, and brand competition will accelerate. In the next five years, whoever can quickly get market recognition will become the leading enterprise – the lines are full of the sense of urgency of “rain is coming, wind is full of buildings”.

However, children’s snacks are still a slow business, and can only be a slow business.

The reason is very simple. It is related to the diet health of 253 million “four legged Gobblers”, which has not only commercial value, but also greater social value. Yang Hongchun, chairman of youliangpin store, said: it’s useless to do fast. The key is to do the right thing.

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Three children, children’s snacks up?



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