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With the three-child policy coming, the concept stocks of baby and pension rose sharply. Tang Binsen said that Yuanqi forest bubble water will be greatly upgraded, Mengniu’s 1.5 billion yuan fresh milk project will be put into operation, and Purina will set foot in the intelligent pet health management

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Concept stocks of baby and old age care rose sharply (Tencent optional stocks)

According to Tencent’s self selected stock today’s news, infant and child care concept stocks rose sharply, Gaole shares and Yihua health rose linearly, while bainmei, David medical, baby room and Kangzhi pharmaceutical rose sharply.

Nestle: will continue to make products healthier (Reuters)

Nestle is launching a “company wide project” to update its nutrition and health strategy, according to a statement from Reuters today. In addition, the company is studying the entire product portfolio to ensure that the products help meet people’s nutritional needs. Nestle said that in the past seven years, sugar and sodium levels in its products have decreased by about 14% to 15%, which will continue to make the products healthier.

Extension of service agreement for New Zealand dairy industry by Yashili International (company notice)

Yashili International announced today that it had further extended the term of its previous service agreement with the buyer on New Zealand dairy’s raw materials and packaging materials provided by the buyer for the buyer’s cooperation in packaging and delivering canned infant formula milk powder from time to time during the term of the service agreement. The purchaser agrees to extend the service agreement for another six months. Therefore, the service agreement will remain in force until December 31, 2021. From January 1, 2021 to May 31, 2021, the total amount of transactions under the service agreement is zero. The proposed annual cap for transactions under the service agreement for the full year ending 31 December 2021 is NZ $6 million. The directors of the company believe that further delay will help New Zealand dairy further improve its capacity utilization, thereby further enhancing the synergy between the group and Danone (referring to Danone SA and other companies controlled by Danone SA).

Mengniu 1.5 billion yuan fresh milk project launch ceremony held (Ma’anshan daily)

According to Ma’anshan Daily today, the commissioning ceremony of Mengniu fresh milk project was held in Ma’anshan Economic Development Zone on the morning of May 28. Mengniu fresh milk project has a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan, a construction area of about 75000 square meters, and 18 new production lines with international advanced level of fresh milk and products. After the completion of the project, the annual output of the project is about 330000 tons of fresh milk and other dairy products, and the annual sales revenue is more than 4 billion yuan. According to reports, after the project is completed, Mengniu MAANSHAN base is expected to become the first agricultural leading enterprise with an annual output value of over 10 billion yuan in Anhui Province.

Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group: building Anhui into the most important production base in China (Anhui Daily)

According to Anhui Daily yesterday, on the afternoon of May 28, Wang Qingxian, governor of Anhui Province, held working talks with Lu Minfang, President of Mengniu Group, and his party in Hefei. During this period, Lu Minfang said that Mengniu is very optimistic about the future development of Anhui, and will seize the opportunity of accelerating the growth of the Yangtze River Delta consumer market, accelerate the planning and implementation of new development plans and projects, and build Anhui into the most important production base of Mengniu in the country.

Yiliyun comrades in arms: the proportion of domestic infant formula powder returned to the level before 2008 (Beijing News)

According to Beijing News yesterday, Yun Zhanyou, director of Yili Group’s R & D center, said at the second Beijing milk culture festival held on May 30 that the sales of domestic infant formula milk powder (hereinafter referred to as “infant formula powder”) will increase by 9% in 2019, and the sales growth will drop to 4.8% in 2020, with the sales growth rate only 1%. From the perspective of the proportion of domestic and foreign brands, in 2020, the proportion of domestic infant formula powder will be 54%, the proportion of foreign brands will drop to more than 30%, and the rest will be cross-border e-commerce brands, etc. “this proportion will return to the level before 2008.”. Cloud comrades believe that in the future, there will be “not too much expectation” in the sales of infant formula. However, with the improvement of people’s lives, the share of high-quality milk powder is getting higher and higher, the average price of milk powder is rising, and the formula research and development will be more breast-feeding.

Yili modern wisdom health Valley National Dairy Technology Innovation Center project started (Hohhot daily)

According to Hohhot daily news yesterday, on May 29, the mobilization meeting for the centralized commencement of the third batch of major projects in Hohhot and the commencement ceremony of Yili modern wisdom health Valley National Dairy Technology Innovation Center were held. According to the news, Yili modern wisdom health valley will create a GDP of more than 100 billion, a cumulative fiscal revenue of 90 billion, and directly and indirectly promote the employment of more than 500000 people. As the core part of Yili smart health Valley, the National Dairy Technology Innovation Center project will set up five research centers and three service platforms to undertake scientific research and service work. At present, more than 20 units including industry enterprises, universities, scientific research centers and upstream and downstream enterprises have participated in the construction of the national innovation center.

Construction of 7000 dairy farms in Funan of Guangming Dairy Co., Ltd. (Funan News)

According to Funan news recently, the foundation laying ceremony for the large-scale ecological wisdom dairy farm project of Guangming Funan was held in Liugou Town, Funan County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province on May 28. The total investment of the project is about 360 million yuan. After the project is completed, there are 7000 cows in the farm, and the annual fresh milk output reaches 39289 tons.

Hefulaomian: 100 stores in Shanghai (company news)

With the opening of three new stores in Shanghai recently, the number of stores of the brand in a single city of Shanghai has exceeded 100, realizing the full coverage of the Shanghai market, hefulaomian said today. It is understood that hefulaomian has maintained rapid expansion, and a new store will be opened in about two days. By the end of this year, the number of stores in Shanghai is expected to exceed 130. By then, the number of stores in Central China, Shanghai, North China and South China will exceed 100, and the total number of stores in China is expected to reach 450. It has been revealed that Hefu Laomian is expected to achieve 200 stores in Shanghai in the next two years. In addition, the new models of Hefu platform “Hefu xiaomianxiaojiu” and “God of wealth Xiaopai” have been “put into Shanghai”.

Nestle Purina involved in intelligent pet health management (white paper of pet industry)

Guanneng, a pet food brand owned by Nestle Purina, announced its march into the field of Internet of things and launched a “scientific nutrition + technological intelligence” cooperation with mikia ecology, according to the white paper of the pet industry on the 29th. The two sides will integrate Guanneng’s scientific research advantages in the field of pet nutrition and mikia’s industrial advantages in the field of Internet of things to provide more scientific and intelligent nutrition and health management solutions for Chinese pets. At present, Guanneng and miejia ecological chain enterprise pawbby jointly launched the intelligent food basin, which can be used in combination with pawbby app to realize the functions of intelligent food shortage reminder, scientific food consumption measurement, pet personalized growth plan, etc.

Nestle garden of life proposes “four gold standards” for probiotics (company news)

Nestle Health Science Garden of life proposed the “four gold standards” for probiotics selection at the 2021 China intestinal conference recently held in Nanjing: activity commitment, safety source, high order of magnitude and professional strains. Nestle also said that in the future, it will continue to strengthen the distribution of probiotics, expand the categories according to the needs of consumers, and cooperate with Jingdong health and other industry giants to layout the domestic dietary supplement market. According to the data of Zion market research, it is estimated that by 2025, the output value of China’s probiotics industry will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Tang Binsen: bubble water will be upgraded next year (Xinhuanet)

Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi forest, said in an interview on Xinhuanet recently that Yuanqi forest’s strategy is to continue to upgrade its product quality and production technology, and bubble water will undergo a major upgrade next year, including ingredients and other aspects. In addition, Tang Binsen stressed that we should strengthen the leading position of Yuanqi forest in bubble water“ In the future, we will further upgrade the brand and product matrix. Different products and brands have different positioning. But focus on strengthening the brand positioning of bubble water, so that the four words of Yuanqi forest correspond to the category of bubble water. ” According to public data, Yuanqi forest’s performance in 2020 increased by 270% year on year, with annual sales of 3 billion yuan, of which bubble water accounted for more than 70%. Tang Binsen also believes that the next five years will be a period of rapid development of domestic consumer goods, and many world-class products and brands will be born in the Chinese market“ The most important thing for Yuanqi forest in the next five years is to do well in R & D and products. “

Hong Kong Style dessert shop Xu Liushan is exposed to be wound up (interface News)

On May 26, the master of the Hong Kong High Court issued a winding up order against xuliushan Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd., considering that it was unable to repay its debts, according to a number of Hong Kong media sources quoted by interfaced news on May 28. According to the report, liquidation is a kind of legal procedure, through which a limited company in Hong Kong will sell all its assets to cash out to pay its debts, and eventually close the company. The report also quoted local websites in Hong Kong as saying that only five xuliushan stores are still in business in Hong Kong. In mainland China, according to public comments, about 10 xuliushan are still open in the four first tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Meituan: meituan optimization may increase 300-400 million users in the next few years

According to the recent news of Peng Bo, meituan said that meituan preferred may increase 300-400 million users in the next few years.

Wang Xing, chief executive officer of meituan: meituan firmly forbids any form of two choices and fully respects the independent choice of businesses (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton’s recent news, when asked about antitrust supervision in the field of platform economy at the analysts’ conference held on May 28, Wang Xing, chief executive of meituan, said that the government’s strengthening supervision is of positive significance to the Internet and technology industry as a whole, in order to protect the market environment of fair competition and encourage innovation, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the whole ecology“ Meituan firmly forbids any form of alternative, and fully respects the independent choice of businesses. “

RT Mart vacuum food bag live maggots scurry, supermarket response “too hot in summer, packaging leakage caused” (Sina Finance)

According to the boiling point video quoted by Sina Finance today, on May 27, a netizen in Jinan, Shandong Province revealed that a bag of vacuum packed food on the shelf of RT Mart supermarket had maggots. RT Mart responded to the food bag live maggots scurrying, saying: because the summer is too hot, vacuum packaging leakage, resulting in such a situation, when it was found, it had been removed from the shelf in time.

10 batches of infant formula product formula registration approval (decision) to be released (State Administration of market supervision and administration of food evaluation center)

The food evaluation center of the State Administration of market supervision and administration announced today the information of 10 batches of infant formula milk powder product formula registration approval (decision) to be received, including Zhijia series, qinyi series, Yinai baby series and Xiyue series. Details are as follows:

Registered yyds trademark of lucky coffee (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton news today, lucky coffee (China) Co., Ltd. recently applied for the registration of “yyds waiwaiwaidi ace” trademark, the application number is 56235322, the international classification is catering and accommodation, and the current trademark status shows that the application is in progress.

Jinge, a Chinese restaurant chain in Shenzhen, completed round a financing of nearly 100 million yuan (investment sector)

According to recent news from the investment community, Shenzhen kinggo Catering Management Co., Ltd., a catering company focusing on soy sauce chicken products, has completed a round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing is invested by strategic investors, in which the old shareholder tomato capital continues to add, and the sole choice of capital is fa. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used to expand the size of stores, boost brand potential and accelerate digital construction.

Unmanned retail enterprise “unmanned new technology” completes 5 million yuan Angel round financing (36krypton)

According to 36 krypton news today, unmanned retail enterprise “unmanned new technology” has obtained 5 million yuan Angel round of financing. This financing is mainly used for the market launch of intelligent vending machines, increasing market share, expanding team scale, and technological update of intelligent devices.

Sunlit raises its expected milk price for fiscal year 2020-2021 (Reuters)

Xinlaite, a New Zealand dairy company, today raised its raw milk purchase price to NZ $7.55 per kilogram of milk solids for the fiscal year 2020-2021, benefiting from strong market demand in China, Reuters reported today, higher than the earlier forecast of NZ $7.20 per kilogram of milk solids. The company also forecasts the purchase price of raw milk to be NZ $8 per kilogram of milk solids in the 2021-2022 fiscal year.  
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Three child policy coming (Xinhua News Agency)

According to Xinhua news agency today, China will introduce major policies and measures to actively deal with the aging population. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on May 31. The meeting pointed out that further optimizing the fertility policy, implementing the policy of one couple can have three children and supporting measures are conducive to improving China’s population structure, implementing the national strategy of actively coping with population aging, and maintaining China’s human resource endowment advantages. The meeting also heard reports on major policies and measures to actively respond to population aging during the 14th Five Year Plan period, and deliberated the decision on optimizing fertility policy and promoting long-term balanced development of population.

Opinions of the Ministry of Commerce and other 12 departments on promoting the construction of a quarter hour convenient life circle in cities (Ministry of Commerce)

Today, the official website of the Ministry of Commerce announced the opinions of 12 departments including the Ministry of Commerce on promoting the construction of a quarter of an hour convenient life circle in the city. Suggestions are put forward to support convenience stores, supermarkets, vegetable markets, fresh supermarkets (vegetable shops), recycling points of renewable resources, comprehensive service points of postal express delivery, and front warehouses that are closely related to residents’ daily life to enter the community. Encourage large enterprises to export brands, standards, management and services, develop community convenience stores, supermarkets, barbershops, restaurants (breakfast, fast food) and other direct chain stores, and implement “six unifications” for image identification, store management and control, facility configuration, service standards, commodity procurement, and logistics distribution.


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With the three-child policy coming, the concept stocks of baby and pension rose sharply. Tang Binsen said that Yuanqi forest bubble water will be greatly upgraded, Mengniu’s 1.5 billion yuan fresh milk project will be put into operation, and Purina will set foot in the intelligent pet health management


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