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Wuyang ice cream with Nestle for 22 years, you have changed

Hot summer is the peak season for ice cream. Many local consumers in Guangzhou find that some Wuyang ice cream on the market has changed in packaging: the original word Nestle has been replaced by the local time-honored dairy brand popular dairy industry in Guangzhou.

The snack generation also noticed that the official WeChat official account of the popular dairy in May 31st pushed the contents of a five rams brand ice cream. According to the content of the tweet, five flavors of Wuyang ice cream have been replaced with brand new packaging with Guangzhou’s classic landmark Wuyang.

Source: popular milk official account No.

In response to this, the popular dairy industry in Guangzhou said today in response to the inquiry of the snack agent that the company will officially announce the ownership of Wuyang ice cream. Nestle today also responded to the snack generation about the latest changes of Wuyang ice cream.

Now, let’s take a look at the details.

Latest response

As early as the beginning of this year, there were market rumors that the cooperation between Nestle and its partners on Wuyang ice cream was about to expire.

In response to this, Nestle said today in response to xiaoshidai: “according to the agreement with its partners, Nestle will end the production of Wuyang products from May 17, 2021, and will gradually end the operation of Wuyang brand this summer.” For Wuyang products that have been produced before May 17, 2021, they will continue to be sold in the market within the shelf life.

The company also said that Nestle has operated Wuyang brand for more than 20 years, which has successfully helped Wuyang continuously upgrade. Nestle has also accumulated profound experience in Guangdong market and Cantonese ice cream category, and launched a new ice cream brand “Guangdong Xinyi” in early 2021.

“In the future, we will continue to serve consumers in Guangdong and the whole country through the brand of” Yue Xin Yi “, continue to expand this unique category, and promote Cantonese cuisine culture and lifestyle.” Nestle tells snack generation.

Xiaoshidai once said that more than half a month ago, Nestle officially announced the launch of Guangdong style ice cream brand “yuexinyi” in Guangzhou for the national market. Ji Anlong, senior vice president of Nestle (China), who is responsible for dairy products, ice cream, professional raw materials and water business, revealed that “yuexinyi” brand has reached cooperation with Alibaba’s HEMA Xiansheng, It plans to accelerate regional expansion in China with the help of new retail channels.

During the exchange on the same day, he also said that Nestle is very proud of the development of Wuyang brand. In the past 20 years, Nestle has made a lot of efforts, including investment and increasing efforts to develop new products.

“We make this classic brand rejuvenate and become a young brand loved by young people, so that it still maintains its status as a classic brand.” Ji Anlong said.

22 years in hand

According to the data, when China’s ice cream market began to lay out in the 1990s, Nestle, which is optimistic about Cantonese ice cream, acquired the equity of Guangzhou frozen food company in 1999, and Wuyang ice cream, which is well known in South China, has officially become Nestle’s ice cream brand. From 2002 to 2005, Wuyang ice cream also won the title of famous trademark in Guangzhou.

In the next 22 years, Wuyang brand has become a powerful weapon for Nestle ice cream to implement the “double brand strategy” in the Chinese market. The brand has been operated by Nestle ice cream team. Guangzhou Frozen Food Co., Ltd., which produces Wuyang ice cream, has become one of Nestle’s two major ice cream production bases in China after several additional investments.

In 2013, Nestle said it would continue to invest 500 million yuan in five years to establish a “long-term sustainable” ice cream business in Guangdong. The investment is mainly used for the marketing of Nestle and Wuyang brands and the capacity expansion of Guangzhou factory. In 2014, Nestle Dongguan R & D center was officially opened, specializing in the research and development of sugar and ice cream.

In June 2015, the new production line of Nestle Tianjin ice cream factory was officially put into operation, and the cold storage facilities in Guangzhou factory were also officially put into operation. The total investment of the two projects was 116 million yuan.

It is found that in the past five years, Wuyang ice cream, while retaining the classic products such as flying fish crispy and sweet cone, has introduced different new flavors almost every year, and has experienced several upgrades from product to packaging.

For example, in 2019, six classic packages of Wuyang ice cream were newly upgraded. The design elements of famous landmark buildings in Guangdong city were integrated into the new package. The formula of ice cream products was also upgraded to adopt all imported milk sources, and the egg cone was added with oat flavor. In terms of taste, combined with the rising trend of new tea drinks, new products such as cheese oolong tea flavor and mango grapefruit flavor were launched.

In addition, Nestle also hopes to let Wuyang brand and young consumers play together.

Last year, the new product launch of Wuyang ice cream first introduced the form of eating and broadcasting loved by young people, and invited actors and musicians to release the theme song of brand trend together. At the same time, Wuyang brand, together with the school of visual art and design of Guangzhou Academy of fine arts, jointly released a series of trends, playing a national trend.

New operator

Let’s take a look at the popular dairy industry that took over the operation of Wuyang ice cream.

Source: popular WeChat official account

According to the data, Fengxing dairy is now affiliated to Guangzhou Yuexiu FengXing Food Group Co., Ltd. the history of the former can be traced back to 1927, and the “Fengxing brand” was registered in 1952. As a well-known time-honored brand in South China, popular dairy is a dairy enterprise and brand with a long history.

At present, Fengxing dairy has three farms and three dairy processing bases, and produces and sells a series of products such as normal temperature milk, yoghurt, fresh milk, milk drinks, condensed milk and plant protein drinks. Although it is not clear that popular dairy will have more plans after taking over Wuyang ice cream, it is certain that the latter will open a window for popular dairy to enter the new category of ice cream.

Xiaoshidai noticed that according to the information on the official website, Guangzhou Yuexiu FengXing Food Group Co., Ltd., formerly known as Guangzhou farm Administration Bureau, Guangzhou state owned agriculture, industry and Commerce United Corporation and Guangzhou agriculture, industry and Commerce Group Co., Ltd., is now a secondary enterprise of Yuexiu group.

In November last year, Yuexiu Group officially launched the restructuring of Huishan dairy, and completed the restructuring project in less than three months. At present, the group in the dairy sector has formed a “south wind, the Great Wall, North Huishan” national layout.

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