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Yili responds to rumors of Mead Johnson’s acquisition in China, three child policy drives Danone’s share price, Naixue is accused of seeking IPO approval on Thursday, kafheinz expands its production capacity by nearly 1.3 billion, and Maotai’s shareholders sell wine at nearly 50% price this year

Hot company information and announcement


Analysis speculates that nestle may stop selling chocolate (badenert agblatt) A631 before 2030

Today, Swiss media, where Nestle headquarters is located, quoted Jean Philippe bertschy, a senior analyst who has been following Nestle for a long time, as saying that products such as Qiqiao, Nesquik and smarties, which account for 60% of Nestle’s quantity, only contribute half of the company’s revenue, excluding pet food, infant nutrition, coffee, etc. He said it was “well known” that products like chocolate and frozen pizzas were unhealthy and that nestle would stop selling chocolate products by 2030. However, he cautioned that category management must be carried out with caution in the interests of shareholders.

Nestle says “no change in direction” will continue to make products more delicious and healthy (company news)

Nestle is working on a company wide project to update its groundbreaking nutrition and health strategy, “it said today We are looking at our entire product portfolio at different stages of people’s lives to ensure that our products help meet their nutritional needs and support a balanced diet“ “Our direction has not changed and it is clear that we will continue to work to make our product portfolio more delicious and healthier,” the company said“ According to reports, in the past 20 years, Nestle has significantly reduced sugar and sodium in its products, by 14-15% in the past seven years alone.

The adjustment of China’s fertility policy drives up the stock price of developed energy (Boursier)

Shares of French food giant Danone rose 1.2 per cent to 59.1 euros yesterday morning local time, leading the market. Analysts believe this is due to China’s announced decision to adjust its fertility policy. China is a very important market of Danone, and its sales share is second only to the United States, especially in infant nutrition.

Chuan Naixue’s tea plan seeks approval for listing in Hong Kong on Thursday (IFR, snack)

Naixue’s tea plan to seek approval for listing in Hong Kong on Thursday is about $500 million, according to people familiar with the matter. If approved, the roadshow is expected to start next week. CMB international, Huatai international and JPMorgan Chase are co sponsors. In response to this, Naixue’s tea said today in response to snacks, “the company is pushing forward the IPO in an orderly manner according to the plan. If there is further progress in the exhibition, we will keep pace with you in time. Please also refer to the announcement approved by the regulatory authorities.”

Yili responds to acquisition of Mead Johnson China (tonghuashun)

According to the news of tonghuashun yesterday, some investors asked Yili whether it had acquired Mead Johnson China. The company replied that it has no information to be publicly disclosed in this regard.

Liao Rensong meets with Gao Yuan, vice president of Budweiser China (Ziyang daily)

On May 29, Liao Rensong, Secretary of Ziyang municipal Party committee, met with Gao Yuan, vice president of Budweiser China, in Chengdu. The two sides exchanged in-depth views on further improving the production capacity of local factories, increasing product varieties, intensifying market development, jointly creating a unique consumption scene, continuously strengthening the city’s food and beverage industry, and assisting Ziyang’s high-quality economic and social development.

Kraft Heinz plans to invest nearly $200 million to expand its UK plant (Reuters)

Kraft Heinz said on Tuesday it plans to invest 140 million pounds (198.83 million US dollars, about 1.265 billion yuan) in its food factory in northwest England over the next four years to increase the production capacity of Heinz’s ketchup, mayonnaise and salad cream, an investment subject to US approval. According to the report, this will be the largest scale expansion of the company’s existing factories outside the United States in more than 20 years.

Ziyan Baiwei chicken A-share is about to be listed: the number of stores has exceeded 4300, and the net profit will increase by 185% year on year in 2020 (IPO has been known for a long time)

According to today’s IPO news, the A-share listing guidance work of Shanghai Ziyan Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Ziyan food”) has been completed in late May, and the prospectus will be formally submitted. At present, Ziyan food has more than 4300 terminal stores nationwide. From 2018 to 2020, the revenue of Ziyan food was 2.002 billion yuan, 2.435 billion yuan and 2.613 billion yuan respectively; Net profit was 123 million yuan, 136 million yuan and 388 million yuan respectively. In 2020, the net profit of Ziyan food will grow by 184.84% compared with the same period in 2019.

6666 yuan / set, Maotai shareholders’ liquor purchase plan announced, about 50% off the market price (Securities Times)

According to the information of Moutai WeChat official account in Guizhou, the sale of wine will be continued in Guizhou Moutai’s shareholders’ meeting in 2020. This year, Maotai still sold 10000 sets of liquor to its shareholders in the way of combining the main products of the whole series, and the price of the products was set at 6666 yuan / set. According to the market price, the total price of the eight products in the package can reach 11948 yuan, and the 6666 yuan in the shareholders’ meeting is almost half a discount.

Alibaba launched “cloud frog collection” (Tech planet)

According to today’s news from tech planet, Ali has launched a small app called “cloud frog mining” on wechat. According to the introduction, cloud frog mining is a new retail community e-commerce service platform. By enabling community convenience stores, it can solve the community consumers’ demand for cost-effective goods and services. At the same time, relying on community physical convenience stores, it can build a half-hour community life service circle for community users.

Kwai Kwai is idle away in seeking pleasure in WeChat’s local life program (Tech planet).

Kwai Kwai group purchase idle away in seeking pleasure. “Tech” is now on the WeChat side, and it has also launched a small WeChat program that can be purchased by group. The small program is a pure group buying platform, and does not add the attribute of short video. It is worth noting that the app only supports wechat login, and the transaction can only be completed on wechat.

Quick reading of food industry information


Kaidu consumer index: more than 15% of urban households bought children’s cheese last year (Kaidu consumer index)

According to the official account of WeChat public, the 2020 consumer price index, more than 15% of city households bought children’s cheese. In addition, childless families are also one of the main consumers. Among the people who bought children’s cheese last year, childless families accounted for more than 30%.

Regulations on the construction and management of national organic food production base (Draft for comments) is issued, and the production scale of organic production unit is planned to be reduced (Ministry of ecological environment)

Recently, the official website of the Ministry of ecological environment issued a letter on Soliciting Opinions on the “Regulations on the construction and management of national organic food production bases (Draft)”. According to the revised explanation, the set index value of the production scale of the organic production unit is lower than that of the original “management regulations”, mainly considering that the average area of the national organic production unit is in a downward trend, and the average area difference of the organic production unit in the South and North regions.

The chain process of China’s catering market is accelerating (economic information daily)

On May 27, “China catering big data 2021” (hereinafter referred to as “report”) was released. The chain process of China’s catering market is accelerating. According to the report, the chain rate of China’s catering market will be 12.8% in 2018, 13.3% in 2019 and 15% in 2020. Compared with 50% of the U.S. food chain rate, China’s food chain still has a very broad space for growth“ From the report data, in recent years, fast food, snacks, drinks and other business formats have emerged ten thousand store chain brands, which reflects that the catering industry has entered a new node of large-scale, branding and standardization development. ” Wang Hongtao, Executive Deputy Secretary General of China Chain Management Association, said.

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Yili responds to rumors of Mead Johnson’s acquisition in China, three child policy drives Danone’s share price, Naixue is accused of seeking IPO approval on Thursday, kafheinz expands its production capacity by nearly 1.3 billion, and Maotai’s shareholders sell wine at nearly 50% price this year

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