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“It economy” hot, Pizza Hut will also enter the game!

Nowadays, the “hairy children” are more and more happy. They are favored not only by their own owners, but also by the catering giants.

Recently, pizza hut has officially entered the circle of Mengchong and launched a “long ear” salted egg yolk flower round Zhixin pizza which is similar to Mengchong. It has also opened 12 Mengchong theme stores nationwide and invited 6 well-known up Mengchong to be the head of one-day Mengchong.

Why break into the pet crowd? Pizza Hut said, “pet” is becoming a common way of life, pet people are growing. But Pizza Hut itself has the dual attributes of family and youth, and the adoring group has a high degree of coincidence with these two groups.

In fact, if you want to win the favor of young people, it’s a good way to start with their pets. According to the white paper on China’s pet consumption trends in 2021 released by iResearch, the proportion of “post-90s” has leapt to the first place in the age distribution of pet owners《 According to the 2020 white paper on pet industry, 57.1% of pet owners regard their pets as their “children”, 28.4% regard their pets as relatives, and only 6.8% regard them as pets. Therefore, the importance of pets for young people is self-evident.

However, in the case of other players in the industry have layout before, how will Pizza Hut break through and play tricks this time?

Now, let’s take a look.

The first cute Theme Store

According to the 2020 white paper of pet industry, the difficulty of carrying pets ranked second among the pain points of pet keeping, accounting for 46.3%. In our daily life, we often see the sign “pets are not allowed in” at the door of the store. Especially in the catering industry, due to industry standards, pets are not allowed to enter the store. Therefore, to solve the pain point of carrying pet can attract pet people and create a new increment for the brand.

In order to impress the young people and their “hairy children”, Pizza Hut seriously considers and strives to solve this pain point, and provides more convenience for the consumers who travel with their favorite on the premise of taking into account the needs of other diners.

To this end, pizza hut has made a series of intimate measures.

First of all, pizza hut has carefully selected 12 stores with external display area and arranged them as cute pet theme stores, so that pet owners can bring their pets to the external display area for dinner, and pet lovers can interact with cute pet in the external display area.

In addition, in catering, pizza hut has developed a new product “salted egg yolk flower round Zhixin pizza” series. This product creates 12 pieces of salted egg yolk Zhizhi bag, which looks like “cat’s ear” from the appearance, so it is also called a cute “little ear” pizza by consumers. In terms of food, the new eating method of Hualun cheese needs consumers to “twist”, “pull” and “squeeze”.

Not only that, but also pizza hut has made great efforts to let pet lovers interact with Meng pet. This time, the theme store of pizza hut Mengchong invited “special guests” and carefully arranged for six well-known up Mengchong to work as the store manager for one day in a specific store to “garrison” the dining area to serve consumers.

It is understood that the well-trained Mengchong store manager can provide simple interaction for the consumers who come to the store, including greeting the guests at the door, patrolling the store in the outer area, greeting and shaking hands with the consumers, dining with one person, etc. At the same time, the consumer’s own pet can also play freely in the outside area.

In addition to showing the lovely side of pets, pizza hut also hopes to let consumers take this opportunity to understand the inner world of pets. Therefore, pizza hut has set up a special exhibition area in the theme store to “move” the scene of pet sabotage directly to the restaurant. The bitten shoes and broken water cups are all memories of getting along with pets bit by bit. In addition, they are combined with the psychological activities of the owners to explain how cute pet expresses his love. Let pet owners or other consumers enjoy the memories of love while eating indoors.

When other brands take the cute characteristics of pets as the breakthrough point, Pizza Hut hopes to “listen to the voice of pets” as the breakthrough point, and work with the owners to really understand and understand pets, so as to truly move the pet crowd.

At present, pizza hut has Mengchong theme stores in 12 cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Xi’an, Taiyuan, Dalian, Qingdao, Nanjing, Chengdu, Hangzhou and Changsha. The theme store is operated in the form of “flash” for only 7 weeks.

“Sprouting” of station B

In addition to the fun experience of “circle powder” in theme stores offline, pizza hut also makes efforts online, choosing station B as the main position of content to attract the attention of young groups.

Pizza Hut said that the cooperation with B station is mainly focused on its influence among young people and the spread advantage of pet content. According to the first quarter financial report of station B, in the first quarter of 2021, the monthly live users of station B reached 223 million, an increase of 30% over the same period of last year. Especially in recent quarters, the video contribution and broadcast volume of pet category are rising rapidly. At present, the pet topic has also been upgraded to the first level channel of station B.

In the communication of B station, pizza hut is also taking the initiative. This time, with # a Sheng Shuo # as the topic label, Pizza Hut collected more cute speakers to tell their favorite truth through a cute Ke Ji named # a Sheng. Starting from the emotional needs of pet owners, encourage them to share interesting things with pets.

At present, a lot of interesting content has been produced under the topic of “a Sheng said”. For example, in station B, Sika observer, the up leader with 310000 fans, presents the whole process of Sika’s trying to guess the owner’s mind with “how a dog makes simple things complicated”; Duby, the well-known up owner, uses “drinking toilet water for the owner, is it from the dog’s sudden wealth?” It shows all kinds of “considerate care” of corky when he finds his master lying in bed with a cold. B station by the user’s favorite.

It is worth noting that in the process of production and dissemination of the above content, Pizza Hut does not talk to itself, but combines its official account with the content of the up host to let more users participate in the discussion.

Specifically, the PGC (professional production content) from the head up main and middle waist seed up main stimulates UGC (user production content), and the top-down form makes the topic of “ah Sheng” continue to ferment and heat up, forming a discussion and “tap water” among consumers. The overall communication presents the structural characteristics of “pyramid”, expanding the topic influence from top to bottom, and influencing the target consumers in a larger range.

It is understood that the topic activity has only been online for five days. Ah Sheng said that the exposure of related topics in station B has exceeded 20 million; Microblog related topics hit 60 million.

The linkage between Pizza Hut and up owners has continued from online to offline. The one-day store manager of the offline theme store was held by Meng Chong of some up owners. In Shanghai’s imixpark store, Pizza Hut invited the up leader “shepherd team leader” who is popular in the mengpet circle of station B to come to the scene to “do business”.

Try the water PET social

This time, taking the opportunity of 520 pet day, pizza hut also organized a “pet friendly” theme gathering with animal protection agencies and cat and dog lovers in some cities. At the party, the pet crowd is invited to lead their pets to experience all kinds of exclusive “pet” activities for cute pets. Pizza hut not only discussed with consumers about scientific pet keeping and how to correct pet behavior, but also focused on the hot topic of caring for stray animals.

In Beijing, Pizza Hut and Ma Weidu jointly founded the Guanfu Museum, Guanfu cat, to launch the theme activity of “must love” and launch the topic discussion of “adopt instead of buy, let life no longer wander”.

How to do this good business? From the perceptual resonance of interest to the rational knowledge education, the cross-border marketing case of pizza hut not only goes further in its young brand image marketing, but also provides a reference case for the industry.

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