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Martell starts mangrove conservation project in China

On World Environment Day 2021, the famous cognac brand Martell officially launched the first sustainable development and social responsibility project in China – mangrove ecosystem protection, committed to expanding the area of mangrove wetlands and restoring their unique natural features.

To actively respond to the government’s call for ecological restoration and biodiversity conservation, Martell will work with Conservation International, a well-known international environmental protection organization, to carry out mangrove conservation and restoration in Hailing Island, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province. It plans to plant and nurture about 18000 mangroves in the first year, To help Yangjiang City to build a national forest city with practical actions.

Hailing Island Mangrove National Wetland Park, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province

Martell regards environmental protection as one of his core values, focusing on soil, forest and biodiversity issues. Martell’s brand logo is a Golden Swallow, which represents the beauty of nature and shows the close relationship between human beings and the surrounding natural ecological environment. It is said that in France, a swallow was attracted by the beautiful scenery of the Cognac area. Since then, he has returned to this place every year and has been living and growing.

Swallows are close to humans and like to nest under the eaves. Mangroves also provide them with food sources and an ideal place for winter migration. Martell’s contribution to the improvement of mangrove ecosystem in China will also provide better habitat for swallows and other birds.

Martell mangrove protection project helps to improve mangrove wetland ecosystem,

Better habitat for swallows and other birds

As an important partner of this project, Conservation International Foundation has been actively promoting the protection and restoration of mangrove ecosystem through cooperation with competent departments, local governments, scientific research institutes, enterprises and Society for many years“ In recent years, we are pleased to find that the public awareness and action of mangrove protection are gradually improving. “

Liu Xiaohai, chief representative of Conservation International Foundation Beijing Representative Office

Liu Xiaohai, chief representative of the Beijing Representative Office of Conservation International Foundation, said: “Martell shares the same enthusiasm and vision with us. Our team will escort the project with rich professional knowledge and experience, carry out mangrove protection work with Martell, and further improve the local mangrove wetland ecosystem. “

Chen Kun, the spokesperson of Martell brand, has always been keen on public welfare, and the mangrove protection project has also received his strong support. “I’m very happy to witness and participate in the mangrove conservation action initiated by Martell to jointly protect China’s natural ecology,” he said. I hope that under the call of Martell, more people can pay attention to and participate in mangrove protection, and create a better ecological environment together. ”  

Mangrove is a wetland ecosystem composed of evergreen trees or shrubs, which is distributed in intertidal zone of tropical and subtropical coast. It can prevent wind and wave, protect seawall, resist the damage caused by natural disasters such as typhoon and tsunami, and has the reputation of “coast guard”. At the same time, mangroves also play an important role in purifying water quality, maintaining biodiversity, carbon sequestration and storage.

In recent years, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the protection and restoration of mangrove ecosystem, and put it on the national agenda, actively promoting the “special action plan for mangrove protection and restoration (2020-2025)” and the goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. The mangrove conservation and restoration project initiated by Martell also actively responds to the government’s call to help expand the mangrove area and biodiversity protection in Hailing Island, and is committed to creating a better living environment for local residents.

Mangrove wetland ecosystem A631

Liao Baowen, researcher of Tropical Forestry Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences and senior expert of mangrove protection and restoration, will be invited to serve as the scientific consultant of the project. He said: “it is my lifelong goal to protect the mangrove wetland ecosystem, and I am deeply honored to participate in this project. On the basis of scientific research and analysis, we will put forward practical and effective mangrove planting and restoration programs, and continue to track and monitor them, so as to help improve the management effectiveness of local mangrove wetlands. “

Researcher, Institute of tropical forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences

Liao Baowen, senior expert of mangrove protection and restoration

Mangrove planting and restoration

The mangrove protection and restoration project in Hailing Island of Yangjiang City has also been warmly welcomed by local government departments and residents“ Martell and Conservation International Foundation will provide great help to our local mangrove protection work. The development of the project will further improve the forest coverage and help Yangjiang City achieve the goal of creating a national forest city. We are very grateful for this. ” Yu Zhendong, director of Mangrove National Wetland Park Management and protection center in Hailing Island, Yangjiang City, said: “I hope this project can guide more enterprises and institutions to our beautiful Hailing Island to carry out ecological protection and restoration work, and make contributions to the protection of mangroves together.”

Yu Zhendong, director of Mangrove National Wetland Park Management Center, Hailing Island, Yangjiang City

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Martell starts mangrove conservation project in China

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