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A new era of the battlefield of sugar free tea: Nongfu mountain spring to the left, unity to the right


from “Dabao” to “truth”, is sugar free tea really coming into the air?
Once ridiculed as “hard to drink”, sugar free tea finally comes to its “tuyere”.

According to the “2018 global sugar free tea beverage industry Market Research Report” released by new thinking Industry Research Center, in 2017, China’s demand for sugar free tea beverage products was 3.727 million tons, which is expected to nearly triple to 10.858 million tons in 2021.
With the idea of losing weight, controlling sugar and keeping sugar and sugar control, the social platforms such as B and the station have begun to roll around. In the past few years, the tiktok tea, which has been sitting on the bench for a long time, has been “favored”. It even feels like C.
Sugar free tea is nothing new. In 1997, Suntory of Japan entered the Chinese market with sugar free oolong tea. Among the domestic brands, the earliest one is chaliwang, which was officially launched on the mainland in 2004. As for the Oriental leaves, which are well known to more consumers, in fact, they didn’t “come late” until 2011.
According to trout’s market leading principle, “first” is always better than “leading”. However, as the first sugar free tea brand in China, chaliwang’s current popularity is actually not as good as that of the “latecomer” Dongfang YeYe. Although both of them have experienced the “cold bench period”, the two brands have gradually entered into different development tracks.
Air outlet not reached:
Pioneers and successors

Among the domestic sugar free tea brands, chaliwang is definitely the pioneer.
In June 2004, uni president officially launched chaliwang into the mainland market, focusing on two flavors: light aroma low sugar green tea and pure sugar free green tea. At that time, in addition to Suntory oolong tea from Japan, there were few other sugar free tea brands on the market.
In the blue ocean market, it is particularly important to seize the opportunity. As a result, he had high hopes for King Chali. Not only made a “feel like now bubble” marketing slogan. Through the publicity means of “high-profile support to Guangzhou Shenya, one yuan reward to find chaliwang”, we helped chaliwang quickly establish market awareness.
Unfortunately, even with the recognition, chaliwang didn’t surprise uni president. In 2011, chaliwang, who had entered the mainland market for only seven years, finally chose to withdraw from the market because of the continuous downturn in sales.
There are different opinions on why the king of Chali failed. In addition to the “3.5 yuan price excluding consumers below 3 yuan”, “Kunshan production scheduling error in 2010” and “insufficient innovation and weak promotion activities”, mantis finance believes that the biggest problem of chaliwang lies in its failure to “understand young people”.
The brand positioning of chaliwang is for young office workers aged 25-35. However, both the packaging and the product highlight of “Huigan” are not in line with the target group. In particular, “Huigan” is not very attractive to young people except those who are professional tea tasters and tea lovers, because they are very strange.
Zhihu, who is said to be the former PM of chaliwang, also pointed out this point when analyzing why chaliwang was fading: words like “Huigan”, which are actually concerned by older talents, are doomed to have different brand tonality from expectations.
As a forerunner in the sugar free tea industry, chaliwang has been on the market for only seven years and then “exits” in a hurry. Although this event is not of epoch-making significance, it has also attracted the layout of some big brands in the field of sugar free tea. Among them is Nongfu mountain spring.
What’s more, interestingly, just in 2011, when chaliwang was withdrawn from the market, the Oriental leaves of Nongfu mountain spring officially came into the market. Now it seems that the latter is quite a “successor” attitude.
However, Oriental leaves were not very popular at first. Since its launch, it has been labeled “hard” by consumers who are used to “sweet drinks”. In 2016, Oriental leaves ranked among the “top 5 worst drinks in China” on the Internet.
There are other sugar free tea brands on the market. For example, Coca Cola and Nestle’s “Yuanye” and Master Kang’s “Benwei tea house” are not even as well-known as chaliwang.
In short, no matter the pioneer chaliwang, successor Dongfang YeYe or other sugar free tea brands, they failed to get too many “benefits” in the process of challenging conventional sweet drinks in the early stage.
Oriental leaves, though not directly “delisted” like the previous chaliwang, also experienced a seven-year “bench period” before re establishing its market position in 2018. There is not much difference between them.
After “Zhenxiang”: A631
Runners and attackers
In fact, it is in recent years that China’s sugar free drinks have really begun to usher in a boom“ Mantis finance believes that the driving force here mainly comes from two levels.

First, “body anxiety” and “appearance anxiety”, the public began to consciously control the love of “sugar”.

At B tiktok, jowl, Xiao Hong and other social platforms, many fitness bloggers and beauty bloggers share their weight loss and skin care experience when they share their weight loss and skin care experience. In the fat reduction recipes they provide, the concept of “sugar free” will also be emphasized.
As a result, young men and women outside the screen who are shrouded in “body anxiety” and “appearance anxiety” begin to follow suit. At the same time, sugar free tea, sugar free soda has become their first choice when buying drinks.
Second, the new consumer brands represented by Yuanqi forest let the sugar free concept quickly penetrate into the hearts of consumers.
In today’s sugar free beverage market, Yuanqi forest is definitely a “dark horse player”. In the top 100 list of China’s new consumption and new domestic brands in 2021 released by the authoritative organization dolphin society, Yuanqi forest won the first place in the growth rate of domestic beverage and beverage industry, and the sales scale increased by 2.7 billion yuan in 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 309%.
The rapid rise of Yuanqi forest not only makes the concept of “0 sugar, 0 fat, 0 card” completely detonated, but also attracts a number of brands such as Xi cha Naixue to enter the market, and the wind of sugar free drinks is becoming stronger and stronger.
When consumers finally begin to “really smell” sugar free drinks, sugar free tea brands will not miss the “free ride”.
With the soft drink giants represented by Master Kang increasing their sugar free tea racing track one after another, in 2019, uni president will not be able to sit still and choose to “recall” the delisted chaliwang again, and list it as a key high-end brand.
On the other hand, farmer Hill spring also officially updated the taste of Oriental leaves this year after 11 years, and launched two new products of green Mandarin Pu’er and Xuan Mi tea, and also produced the idea of “0 sugar, 0 cards, 0 fat, 0 flavors, 0 preservatives”.
However, both of them are “brothers and sisters” who have been on the “cold bench”, but the king of tea and Dongfang ye ye began to have different fates.
The “counter attack” of Oriental leaves is obvious. According to AC Nielsen’s data, Oriental leaves occupy more than 50% of the market share and have become the first brand of sugar free tea for many years. At the same time, the Chinese customer recommendation index SM (c-nps) of chnbrand in 2021 ®) In terms of tea beverage recommendation, Oriental leaves also occupied the first place with absolute advantage.
However, the king of tea gradually became a “running companion”. In the unified 2020 performance announcement, the sales data of chaliwang is not clearly stated, but only a short expression of “chaliwang’s doubling growth” is given. Moreover, when searching for “sugar free tea” on Taobao, the sales volume of chaliwang is far less than that of Dongfang leaves.
Why is there such a gap“ Mantis finance believes that the answer may be found in the taste and packaging that affect the willingness to buy tea drinks.
The taste of tea is largely determined by its extraction process. According to the official introduction, chaliwang uses the extraction process of high and low temperature. Although it can restore the taste of “instant brewing”, it is difficult to avoid the astringency of the original tea. The Oriental leaves are typical cold tea, which taste more moderate and enter the throat better.
For tea loving professionals, chaliwang may indeed have advantages, but for consumers who just want to choose a good sugar free tea, Oriental leaves are obviously closer to the public in taste.
From the perspective of external packaging, there is a great similarity between Oriental leaves and chaliwang. They both choose the nearly transparent bottle packaging, and only retain the illustration on one side.
However, the illustration of Oriental leaves is a kind of taste corresponding to a style, and the design of the illustration is also very exquisite. In contrast, chaliwang seems to be “perfunctory” a lot. It only distinguishes the taste by color, and the pattern is “Charlemagne”, which is consistent with the brand name.
Before and after comparison, which one is more attractive to young people in pursuit of beauty, I believe it is self-evident.
To sum up, after years of silence, Oriental leaves have gradually established a leading position in the sugar free tea market by being closer to the taste, packaging and marketing of young people. Although chaliwang, who made sugar free tea earlier, has stepped on the new trend of “sugar free”, it is unable to keep pace with the times and innovate the brand, so it is becoming more and more difficult to grasp the consumers.
Sugar free tea battlefield
New stories are hard to write
It has been 24 years since Suntory oolong tea entered China in 1997. At the moment when sugar free tea is finally waiting for the air outlet, can the sugar free tea brand represented by Oriental leaves really tell a new story?
Mantis finance believes that it can, but it is not easy.
One reason is that there are more and more brands competing for the cake, and it is becoming more and more difficult to break through.

New brands, represented by Yuanqi forest and rangcha, are rising rapidly with the help of “high-value packaging + high-density marketing”. Old brands such as Kang Shifu and Yibao also speed up the layout in the field of sugar free tea.
The market is really big, but it is more difficult to break through. For example, in terms of product concept, “inner volume” has become more and more obvious. In the early days, Suntory emphasized “healthy and refreshing”, while in the later days, Oriental leaves emphasized “sugar free”, and the newly added burning tea began to focus on “de greasy”.
In the future, what kind of marketing slogan can attract consumers? Sugar free tea brands may need to continue their headache.
Another reason is that brewing tea bags have entered the battlefield, and sugar free tea brands have ushered in new competitors.
Just as the coffee industry has run out of lucky and three and a half meals, sugar free tea brands have also ushered in a new rival, brewing tea. According to AI media consulting data, China’s online tea bag market will increase by 156% in 2020, and the market scale has reached 12.87 billion yuan.
In recent years, there are many new players in the field of brewing tea. Among them, the new brand represented by Chali is gaining the attention of the consumer market. It is reported that Chali tea has been ranked first in the category of tmall double 11 herbal tea for five consecutive years, and has sold more than 800 million tea bags in eight years. In terms of development speed, it is not too much to call it the “vitality forest” in the field of brewing tea.
Therefore, it is difficult to say whether the sugar free tea brands represented by Oriental leaves can withstand the attack of new competitors.
In the next decade of sugar free tea, the pattern remains to be seen.
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A new era of the battlefield of sugar free tea: Nongfu mountain spring to the left, unity to the right
近年来,冲泡茶领域也有不少新玩家入局。其中,以茶里为代表的新品牌,正在获得消费市场的关注。据悉,CHALI 茶里已经连续5年蝉联天猫双11花草茶类目第一,8年已累计售出破 8 亿个茶包。就发展速度而言,称其为冲泡茶领域的“元气森林”也不为过。


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