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Unexpectedly, China Post sells milk tea: it is the first in the country as soon as it is launched

In this age, you never know who your next opponent will be.

Milk tea industry ushered in an unexpected troublemaker – China Post.

Investment circles have learned that these days, a China Post pharmacy located in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, has opened a milk tea shop under its signboard – Youxi’s tea. The price of tea drinks ranges from 7 to 23 yuan. China Post pharmacy is the drug retail business of China Post Group. The Big Mac of China Post finally entered the milk tea circle.

How imaginative can a good post office sell milk tea? At the end of 2020, a data shows that China Post, relying on its advantages of covering both urban and rural areas and the whole country, has nearly 9000 investment departments, 54000 business branches and 420000 cooperative mail Tesco sites with perfect information system. According to this scale, once the tea of postal oxygen is spread out, it is the first in the country.

The entry of China Post reflects the craze of China’s beverage market. Naixue’s tea is about to land on the Hong Kong stock exchange to ring the bell, and Xicha is also on the way to IPO. On the way to IPO, the new milk tea overlord, miyue ice city, has entered the streets… While the new coffee unicorn, manner, has been robbed by venture capital institutions, and its valuation has soared easily. Who ever thought that when the new and old giants were struggling to survive, the real big man appeared in silence.

As the saying goes, in this era, you never know who your next opponent is.

The birth of post oxygen tea, a cup of 7 yuan from

China Post sells milk tea part time

Unexpectedly, China Post also began to sell milk tea.

Recently, a milk tea shop named “post oxygen tea” opened quietly under the post pharmacy in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. The store design and product packaging bags are presented in the classic yellow green simple style of “China Post”. As a matter of fact, the post oxygen tea only relies on a window of the store of the post pharmacy. Behind the operator’s desk is the pharmacy, and the hall food only has two open-air positions at the door. From the menu, the price of each tea drink ranges from 7 to 23 yuan, including four categories: pure tea, milk tea, fruit milk and fruit tea.

Sudden change of painting style, postal cross border sales of milk tea? This news quickly fermented on social platforms, and once rushed to the microblog hot search, “I really know how to name it”, “I want to drink a little”, “I just want to ask my employees if there is a preferential price to go”, “I know that the post office opens a pharmacy and a supermarket, but I really didn’t expect to sell milk tea”… Even some netizens joked, “I just want to know if some milk tea will be sent home” “I hope its milk tea will not be as slow as the postal express.”.

Of course, many netizens have already completed the offline evaluation of punch in, “it’s good to drink but not in line”, “it’s unexpected to drink a fresh red guava with low expectations”, but some people think that the taste is sweet and common.

Photo from: Little Red Book

China Post has been brewing for a long time to open a milk tea shop. Tianyan survey shows that the main body of tea operation of Youxi is Fujian Youxi tea Catering Management Co., Ltd., which was established in October 2020 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Its business scope includes takeout delivery service, food operation, urban distribution and transportation service, etc. In the following November, China Post Hengtai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. applied for the registration of the trademark of “Youxi’s tea”. Zhongyouzi, the largest shareholder of the company, was wholly controlled by China Post Group.

What’s more, post office coffee, a coffee shop opened by China Post, is well-known in Xiamen. The investment community has learned that the post office coffee probably landed in Xiamen in the second half of last year. The overall store is not big, but the retro nostalgic style is quite charming. Many netizens go to take photos and punch in. As for products, there are not many styles of post office coffee at present, and the average price is between 20-30 yuan.

Photo from: Little Red Book

Selling milk tea, opening coffee shop, the lively beverage circle ushered in the “national team”. What’s novel is that whether it’s post oxygen tea or post office coffee, the boss is not only responsible for making milk tea and selling coffee, but also responsible for the business of the store itself, such as drug retail, post mail, electricity payment and other postal services, with a full sense of experience. Netizens have joked: “even China Post has begun to do part-time.”

A fierce troublemaker

More than 50000 outlets are the first in China as soon as they are launched

China post is the most secretive Big Mac.

Compared with SF express and Tongda express, there is little voice of China Post on the Internet. According to the official website, China Post Group is a wholly state-owned company. The company operates various postal services according to law, undertakes universal postal service obligations, provides special postal services entrusted by the government, and implements commercial operation of competitive postal services.  

After years of continuous development, China Post has transformed from a traditional postal enterprise that deals with mail and parcel, newspaper distribution, savings and exchange, philately and other businesses to a modern enterprise group that not only deals with basic postal business, but also with financial business (banking, insurance, securities), express logistics business (standard express, express package, international, contract logistics) and e-commerce.

Specifically, China Post Group has established postal savings bank, express logistics, China post insurance, China Post securities, China Post capital and China Post technology company, forming a large enterprise group with more diversified business. In 2020, Fortune 500 ranked 90th in the world, and ranked 2nd in the world’s postal enterprises.

This time, China Post stepped on the tuyere. A set of data is enough to show its unique advantages: looking at the delivery logistics business alone, China Post has a network covering both urban and rural areas, covering the whole country, with more than 54000 business outlets, 350000 convenient service stations, 100000 village post stations, and the coverage rate of service outlets in villages and towns reaching 100%.

In addition, China Post also covers 54000 branch post offices, more than 600000 convenient service franchises and more than 600 theme post offices. This means that China Post has at least 50000 stores that can be used to sell milk tea and coffee.

At the same time, the special scene of China Post Office makes it form dislocation competition with other players in the industry in brand style. It can be said that this time, China Post will play the “post office + personal consumption” model incisively and vividly.

In fact, with a huge network system, China Post has long been transformed into a cross-border monster. In 2010, China Post, together with horizon investment, launched “China Post Baiquan supermarket chain”, trying to open the supermarket retail market with the help of China Post’s network advantages in villages and towns, and build “rural Wal Mart”.

At that time, China Post Baiquan was fully open, with nearly 100 stores in 12 counties and cities of Jiangxi, Henan and Shandong provinces, once setting a plan of “opening tens of thousands of stores in 2015”. However, in 2014, China Post Baiquan supermarket was transferred due to poor management, and China Post’s ideal “rural Wal Mart” story came to an end.

However, China Post has never given up its “supermarket dream”. In the following years, it has set foot in the retail business through cooperation, authorization, franchise and other means, and successively launched such convenience store brands as “Yunong convenience store”, “urban housekeeper”, “mail Tesco”.

Breaking into the medical circle, China post is a menace. In April 2018, China post set the goal of accelerating the development of medical and other high value-added business, and opened the first self operated pharmacy in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China Post pharmacy, in December 2019. The pharmacy is equipped with financial service counter and postal service at the same time, realizing a win-win situation among postal, financial and pharmacy customers.

Looking back, the tea and post office coffee of postoxy are not a whim attempt. The ambition of relying on large stores to diversify is obvious.

Selling milk tea props up IPO

You never know who your opponent will be

Every summer, China’s beverage market is like a high-speed train.

Even selling milk tea can become a listed company. On the new year’s eve of February 11 this year, Naixue submitted the IPO prospectus to the Hong Kong stock exchange to rush “the first share of new tea”. Now, nearly four months later, Naixue is about to ring the bell. A person who participated in the roadshow predicted that Naixue’s valuation might reach 35-40 billion yuan.

On the other hand, the rival of Naixue’s tea, Xicha, has been repeatedly exposed to start IPO rumors. In March this year, Xicha, with an estimated value of more than 16 billion yuan, was launched to be listed in Hong Kong. Investment banks such as CICC and UBS have arranged some non trading roadshows for Xicha’s management. But then Nie Yunchen, the founder of Xi tea, refuted the rumor in the circle of wechat friends: “Xi tea has no listing plan this year.”

There’s the snow ice city, all over the streets. This grassroots brand, which was originally hidden in the third and fourth tier county market, has more than 10000 stores. It was recently invested by meituan Longzhu capital, CPE Yuanfeng and other well-known institutions. It is said that the valuation has exceeded 20 billion yuan. Moreover, the company’s A-share listing is also in the stage of balance sheet delivery, and the listing process is expected to be completed within this year. In addition, the investment community learned that Changsha net red milk tea “tea Yan Yue color” is also about to step out of the IPO pace. It can be predicted that a new wave of tea on the market is coming.

The coffee circle is also crazy. In China’s coffee market, a hundred flowers are blooming. Online, there are coffee brands such as Sandun and a half, yongpu, yutianchuan, etc; Offline, there are chain stores such as tims China, Peet’s coffee, manner and Novartis; There are also cross-border players such as coco, Naixue’s tea and mixue ice city, which are very lively.

A lot of money is going to this business. According to incomplete statistics of the investment sector, in the past half a year, more than 10 financing transactions were born in the coffee industry, at least five coffee brands won the favor of capital, and the industry was still boiling. Not long ago, the new Unicorn maner coffee was robbed by VC / PE, and its valuation has nearly doubled in recent months.

This all reveals a signal: milk tea and coffee are still a good business. The story is far from over, and you don’t even know who your final opponent will be.

Unexpectedly, China Post sells milk tea: it is the first in the country as soon as it is launched





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