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How to maximize the commercial value of collagen? Which segment will be the potential stock of “make-up food with the same origin”?


what are the “important roles” and “new roles” behind the “beauty food” market? How much commercial potential remains to be tapped?

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For a long time, anti-aging and anti-oxidation has been a hot topic in many cosmetics and skin care industries. Now more and more consumers hope to reduce the age appearance or delay the aging process with the help of diet or natural ingredients.

Obviously, nowadays, people are no longer satisfied with eating well, but also want to pursue eating well. This outbreak of consumer demand also promotes the rapid growth of “make-up food with the same origin” and oral beauty products in recent two years.
In fact, as early as the end of the 19th century, Japan’s skin care industry has practiced this theory, flaunting its products through green, safe, non additive, mild and non irritating labels to create “edible skin care products”; As soon as the products come into the market, they become popular all over the country and even in Asia.
According to the data released by innova market insights, in the year to October 2020, 5% of the food in the world is for the health of hair, skin and nails; Compared with three years ago, it has increased by three percentage points.
It can be seen that when consumers choose food and beverages, they will consciously bias products that can resist aging and nourish their faces. Most of these effects are due to Chinese herbal medicine and plant extract, adaptation, and some traditional ingredients such as collagen.
From a broader point of view, 15% of the world’s health products use the positioning of skin health, although their main efficacy may not be limited to the skin; In other words, skin health, as a kind of general health, will become an important trend in the future.
In a word, “beauty food”, which integrates the elements of functional food, dietary supplements and cosmetics industry, is undoubtedly a star product at present and in the future, and will become a key market area for the food and beverage industry.
Today, foodaily will take you to uncover the veil of “beauty food” and see what “important roles” and “new roles” are behind this market? How much commercial potential remains to be tapped?
Oral beauty is not old myth,
How to enlarge the commercial value of collagen?
Collagen has always been a hot “goddess” in the beauty topic, and it is indispensable in the ingredient list of many health care products with skin effect. According to statistics, more than a quarter of health products or dietary supplements that claim to have “skin health” contain collagen.
In the latest investigation and development of new products, many food brands take collagen as the core, supplemented by more bioactive ingredients, to create more complex, beauty and diverse efficacy products.
1. Marine collagen + hyaluronic acid + astaxanthin + nicotinic acid + vitamin C + vitamin E… multi functional synergy
Uplift supplies, a brand based in tonfries, UK, will launch the uplift collagen Supplement series at the end of 2020, which includes collagen complex and organic super mixed formula. In particular, this product is rich in collagen, a kind of marine collagen extracted from fish. After it is extracted, it will undergo one-step hydrolysis to form collagen peptide with smaller molecular weight, which can be absorbed by human body more easily and quickly.
Photo source: uplift website
Compared with ordinary collagen, marine collagen can improve and prevent skin aging visible to the naked eye, help maintain skin elasticity and texture, eliminate wrinkles, and even use its moisture absorption properties to moisturize the skin.
According to scientific research, there are many effective amino acids in the human body, such as glycine to promote sleep, control blood sugar fluctuations, anti-inflammatory reaction, glutamine to reshape the digestive system tissue, sarcosine to increase muscle mass, improve endurance, proline to produce keratin, promote hair growth and so on, and these amino acids are rich in marine collagen.
Back to the product itself, it integrates marine collagen, nicotinic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, selenium, hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, grape seed, pine bark and other beauty and beauty ingredients to maximize the effect of anti oxidative stress, anti-aging, repairing skin barrier and promoting hair growth.
2. Collagen + biotin / probiotics, classic formula
Other ingredients that usually bind to collagen are biotin and probiotics. Maxwell Health Sciences of the United States has mixed collagen and biotin in a variety of products about hair, skin, nails and so on under its Maxwell vitamins brand. Havasu nutrition of Florida has also introduced new products that combine collagen peptides with probiotics. The company’s head said the product contains 18 essential amino acids, plus a patented probiotics, which can not only improve beauty, but also promote digestion and enhance immunity.
Photo source: Maxwell website
3. Ferment collagen to improve bioavailability
After adding collagen, how to make it fully absorbed and maximize its efficacy? It has been proved that fermentation is the key to improve its bioavailability.
This technology has been adopted by urban nutrition LLC, which originated from Franklin. In July last year, it launched four multi collagen powder capsules, namely original, beauty + sleep, gut restore and joint + mobility series.
Image source: Amazon
Experts say that fermentation of collagen produces smaller peptides that are pre digested by microorganisms for faster, easier and more beneficial absorption.
4. Lycopene and astaxanthin synthesize collagen to solve the pain of vegetarians
Considering that some people are vegetarians, manufacturers also focus on the synthesis of collagen from plant ingredients, such as lycopene and astaxanthin.
Vegan beauty, a vegetarian beauty chocolate powder owned by further food in San Francisco, can help the human body produce collagen and make skin, hair and nails glow. This product is rich in Aloe Vera, Acerola Berry, tremella mushroom, pea protein, coconut oil and cocoa powder, which can not only promote the absorption of vitamin C and E, but also lock up moisture, improve skin elasticity, resist black spots and pigmentation, help fat burning, support ketone body formation, and provide rich energy for the body.
Source: further food website
Snacks, protein powder, soft drinks, cereal energy bars
Who is the potential stock of “make up food with the same origin”?
There was a time when there was a popular saying on the Internet: “the longest night, the most expensive mask.” Although it’s a joke, it’s really the norm of the current migrant workers.
But after all, facial mask is a temporary solution, and nursed by the inside and outside is the king of health. Therefore, there are many mainstream food and beverage products with beauty, anti-aging and skin health effects on the market. In this regard, Japan is ahead of other countries in the world, becoming the first country with highly concentrated and developed markets.
In terms of categories, Japanese manufacturers take soft drinks, yoghurt and fermented milk as breakthrough points to develop a series of ingredients rich in plant extracts, vitamins, carotenoids, collagen, coenzyme Q10, ceramide and hyaluronic acid to block skin moisture, improve skin smoothness and prevent melanin deposition.
However, related markets other than Asia, including the US, remain constrained. According to the survey data, in the year to the end of October 2020, less than 0.5% of food and beverages (excluding supplements and pet food) in the United States take skin health as the product orientation, and the main categories include snacks, sports nutrition and soft drinks. Among them, sports protein powder, nut / seed snacks, grains and energy bars are the strongest fine molecular categories. Let’s take a look at these representative categories and products.
1. Snacks represented by nut elements
Similarly, in the 12 months to the end of October 2020, snacks are the first to seize the hot spot of skin health, accounting for about 30% of the total market, especially nuts and seeds, which are ahead of other mixed snacks. In these two subcategories, in addition to other functional benefits, skin health is mainly related to natural nutritional benefits, especially the natural nutritional benefits of nuts.  

Last year, sincerely nuts, a New Jersey based company, expanded its production line of organic Brazil nuts and mustard peas. The company highlights the minerals, antioxidants and selenium content of nuts, and says its naturally rich vitamin E content can combat free radicals that can lead to premature aging (thereby promoting skin elasticity). Mustard peas also have a range of health benefits, including antioxidants in vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent free radical damage to skin cells in the body.
According to foodaily’s information, Brazil nuts are mainly composed of single chain unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin e. the former can reduce the level of low-density lipoprotein (harmful to human body) while maintaining the appropriate concentration of high-density lipoprotein (beneficial to human body) to create a healthy blood cholesterol level. The latter can effectively resist oxygen free radicals, reduce the damage of artery intima and reduce the chance of blockage.
In addition, dietary fiber rich in Brazil nuts can promote intestinal peristalsis, nourish beneficial flora in the intestine, and prevent constipation and enterogenous infection. Vitamin C, mineral selenium are also beneficial to the human body, can delay the aging of the skin, improve the body’s immunity.
Photo source: Official Website of sincerely nuts
In addition to the above vitamin C and dietary fiber, mustard pea is also rich in vitamin K, which is very important for blood coagulation and bone density after injury; At the same time, rich B vitamins, including thiamine, riboflavin, pyridoxine, are the key to nutrition.
Similar to Brazil nut, the powerful antioxidants in mustard pea, such as vitamin A, lutein and zeaxanthin, can effectively prevent epithelial cells from being damaged by oxygen free radicals. Lutein can also be absorbed into the eyes, reducing the risk of macular degeneration.
2. Sports tonic represented by protein powder
A survey shows that in addition to nut snacks, sports nutrition also accounts for a part of the “beauty food” market, but less than one fifth, and sports protein powder is the main one. In fact, these products have the same effect as health care products.
Last year, for example, it was BCAA / EAA glutamine & collagen powder developed by 1up nutrition. BCAA refers to branched chain amino acids. There are three kinds of essential amino acids for human body, namely leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids can promote protein synthesis and enhance its performance. They are crucial for the reconstruction and repair of muscle tissue, and contribute to the synthesis of alanine and glutamine. They play a key role in digestive function and nutrient absorption.
After fitness, a cup of protein powder can not only relieve muscle fatigue, but also meet the needs of skin health. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about the burden of heat and the lack of nutrients. It’s just once and for all!
image source: 1up nutrition website
3. Functional drinks represented by soft drinks
Of course, in addition to powder products, there are some more convenient ready to drink drinks, such as energy collagen shot under vital protein brand. This drink combines functional ingredients such as collagen peptide and hyaluronic acid. It is promoted as a healthy drink to improve sports endurance and mental concentration. It is also good for skin hydration and elasticity.
Source: milled
According to the survey data of innova market insights, soft drinks, next to snacks and protein powder, account for 10% of the total skin health industry. More specifically, concentrated drinks and mixed drinks lead the whole soft drinks to skin health; The remaining active subcategories include flavored water, carbonated drinks, iced tea and substitute drinks.
In the second half of 2020, an American circle beverage company from Indianapolis will launch a beverage called circle sparking protein, which has four flavors, namely, watermelon thyme, lemon mint, Vanilla Pear and raspberry hibiscus. In addition to protein and amino acids, each bottle also provides 20 grams of collagen peptide.  

image source: trend Hunter
In the same year, GNC Holdings Inc. of Pennsylvania launched three different flavors of canned carbonated drinks — luster & lum sparkling collagen water. This is the first drink to add collagen peptide in the unique instant soda water. The collagen peptide with small molecules and abundant hyaluronic acid can provide sufficient and full moisture for the skin. The characteristics of sugar free, gluten free and non transgenic make the product more attractive.
Photo source: Official Website of luster & lum
4. Grains and energy bars
Over time, it is clear that more and more products are beginning to emphasize the benefits for skin, hair and nails, a trend that is evident in the cereal and energy bar categories.
Last summer, mctco introduced three new flavors in its ketogenic friendly MCT snack bar line: Berry, lemon and banana, all containing biotin and vitamin E.
According to the brand, the oil made of MCT (medium chain triglyceride) has the effect of high energy, easy absorption and reducing cholesterol; 10g collagen and prebiotic chicory root fiber (a kind of aptamer) can promote intestinal peristalsis, reduce hunger, anti-inflammatory, control blood sugar, nourish skin and hair; The “three no products” without saccharin, gluten and dairy products are more helpful to lead consumers to a healthy and original life.
Photo source: mctco website
Sacred sins LLC also offers six snack bar series under its what the function sub brand, one of which has a main beauty effect. It contains collagen and hyaluronic acid and claims to be beneficial to the health of hair, skin and nails
5. Adaptation: the mainstream of the future
From the previous products, we will find that adaptive ingredients are frequently mentioned in the products with the concept of “make-up food homology”, so what is adaptive?
In the practice of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine for a long time, the extract of acclimate was used as herbal medicine to help the human body resist the influence of mental and physical pressure. It was only a few hundred years later that it became popular in western countries.
There are also many plant extracts in the beauty market, such as Moringa oleifera, turmeric, aloe, etc., which can regulate various reaction processes in the body and give the skin specific health status in time.
Different from traditional beauty ingredients such as collagen, aptamer has a greater potential market and benefits, mostly concentrated in the field of tonics.
With the development of society and the upgrading of consumption concept, people are not satisfied with “eating well” or “eating well”. What makes them more excited is “eating well”, especially for female consumers. The former starts from the quantity and quality of food, while the latter focuses on consumers themselves.
It is an opportunity and challenge for the food industry to face how to improve beauty and slow down aging by eating.
Generally speaking, when food and drink contain beauty ingredients, they will be more popular with consumers; As a new cosmetic ingredient, aptamer has a broader development space. Therefore, the pure natural herbal medicine and plant extracts will become the breakthrough point for major manufacturers to develop beauty food.
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How to maximize the commercial value of collagen? Which segment will be the potential stock of “make-up food with the same origin”?


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