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Idyllism leads the new track of 100 billion industry


this year, 618 whole wheat bread sold 164000 pieces an hour, and light burden has become a “new demand” for consumption.

An ugly whole wheat bread, in 618 this year, achieved good sales results. Within an hour from 0:00 on June 1, the flagship store of Tianmao, an idyllic store, sold about 164000 whole wheat breads. Focusing on whole wheat bread, a new 100 billion scale healthy staple food track is emerging.
“ The tide of relying on flow to win the world is fading, and the era of products as king is coming. ” Zhu Jiangtao, CEO of idyllism, believes that the popularity of whole wheat bread is inseparable from the rapid fermentation of young users’ demands for healthy life of food, light fat, light truck and light burden. As a result, a number of new brands with “products as king” have been created, driving a series of characteristic new industries, and stimulating new consumption momentum with industrial upgrading.
On average, the whole wheat bread sold 46
in one second
On June 1, tmall 618 was officially on sale, and the performance of whole wheat bread was excellent. In the first hour of the day, the “tailors” bought about 164000 whole wheat breads from the flagship store of Tianmao. This is equivalent to an average of 46 loaves sold every second in the blink of an eye.
In fact, whole wheat bread, the main brand of health, has become a star in the new consumption field overnight, and the growth rate continues to rise. Take pastoral as an example, this brand of whole wheat bread was born in May 2018. By 2020, it has become the brand with the highest re purchase rate of tmall leisure snacks. By may 2021, tmall’s total sales of whole wheat bread are 36 million bags. By may 2021, tmall’s total sales of whole wheat bread are 36 million bags.
Under the leadership of whole wheat bread, whole wheat toast, whole wheat cereals biscuits, buckwheat flour and other health food “fresh food” also achieved a lot during the pre-sale period of 618 this year. All this, like spring water, stirs the enthusiasm of the market. According to Euromonitor’s data, China’s light food market is expected to reach 120 billion yuan by 2022, with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. According to the analysis of industry insiders, in addition to the leading enterprises with single product breakthrough such as pastoral, the new track of healthy staple food mainly based on whole wheat bread has also attracted many offline baking brands and online snack giants to join, and even sparked the diversified and active cooperation of capital and resources in the market.
Staple food lightens burden or becomes “new rigid demand”
The whole wheat bread is on fire, which is inseparable from the strong market demand. On the platform of young people gathered tiktok, jako and Xiao Hong, a grass seed has been set up for the whole wheat bread. Search for “whole wheat bread” on xiaohongshu, and there are more than 320000 user notes. Many “ingredients parties” are keen on evaluating all kinds of whole wheat bread, or sharing their eating experience of “whole wheat bread with all things” in three meals a day“ Whole wheat bread is full and nutritious, but it will not give people worry about obesity or unhealthy psychological burden According to the analysis of industry insiders, for the needs of body management and health management, whole wheat food has become a new diet fashion for many young people, and even a “new demand” for consumption.
Source: Pastoral
Zhu Jiangtao, CEO of idyllism, believes that Chinese people have been highly dependent on staple food since the inheritance of traditional food culture. In recent years, with the popularization of nutrition and diet knowledge, the public began to realize the importance of high-quality carbon water for physical and mental health. Among all kinds of baked food and light food, whole wheat bread is one of the few categories that meet the requirements. Take the original low-fat whole wheat European bread of pastoral as an example, its fat content is only 1g / 100g, which is 66% lower than the national standard.
However, it is not easy to make healthy whole wheat products. According to the traditional baking technology of sweet bread, if we do not add sugar, grease and pure wheat flour, the dough extension, water holding capacity, moisture resistance, aging resistance and gluten index will be low, resulting in partial dry, hard, sour and bitter bread. In order to solve the user’s pain point, we launched a product research and development, polished out 100% real whole wheat products. ” Zhu Jiangtao introduced that the team created a low-temperature fermentation process of whole wheat bread in cold storage. This process is complex and needs more than 18 hours of secondary fermentation, which is 9 times of the traditional baking method. But the original whole wheat bread made from it is 100% true whole wheat fermentation, low fat, high dietary fiber, soft tissue, chewy and full-bodied.
In order to meet the demands of users’ pursuit of health without overburdening, pastoral continuously develops healthy food related to whole wheat bread, and the products are made and distributed on the spot, so as to ensure fresh and timely delivery to consumers, and maintain the best taste and experience.
Source: Pastoral
“In fact, the micro innovation of many of our products and services comes from user feedback.” Zhu Jiangtao said that through the tiktok, the red book and other user’s most active platform, the pastoral philosophy directly invited users to deeply participate in the whole life cycle of their product development to sales. The feedback from users can affect the iterative optimization of products at the fastest speed“ Facts have proved that as long as you can really meet the needs of users and find the right product, you will have the opportunity. ” He said with a smile.
Crowding industry upgrading from characteristic products
Not only whole wheat bread, net black milk tea, bagged snail powder, sugar free bubble beverage… In the era of rapid evolution of new consumption, a number of “net red food” enterprises built with internet thinking are growing into “invisible champions” of their respective categories, and even incubate a new industry with characteristics around the popular products, becoming a new force to promote the upgrading and optimization of industrial structure.
For example, while making itself bigger and stronger, idyllism continues to expand the categories of healthy staple food and optimize the allocation of production factors and industrial organization mode of healthy staple food industry.
At the end of last year, pastoral invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build a standard factory in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, covering an area of 100 mu. It set up a pastoral healthy bread Laboratory of more than 1000 square meters and a high standard inspection and testing center, creating an advanced large-scale automated hard whole wheat bread production line in the industry. In addition, the company has deployed cutting-edge technologies to improve product quality, attracting many talents from the industry to join, focusing on the introduction of all kinds of healthy food ingredients in whole wheat staple food, and constantly improving the process, so as to strive to give consumers feedback on higher quality products.
In the upstream of the industrial chain, pastoral has reached strategic cooperation with COFCO group, etc. the latter selects the best wheat producing area for the whole wheat flour made by whole wheat grinding process; In the downstream logistics distribution link, hand in hand with Shunfeng, to ensure that the product can be fresh and timely to the home.
Source: Pastoral
Zhu Jiangtao said that the ultimate imagination of whole wheat bread and even healthy staple food is far from the end“ We will continue to take the health of users as the starting point of enterprise development, insist on being a professional researcher of healthy bread, expand the categories of healthy staple food around whole wheat bread, strengthen the brand of characteristic industry, and bring a new experience of life for thousands of users. “
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Idyllism leads the new track of 100 billion industry


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