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Maori over 70%, another dessert is selected! Is double skin milk expected to be popular in tea shops?

The popularity of
Yangzhi manna makes the cup filling of desserts a product idea. Raw materials for desserts such as shaoxiancao, qingbuliang, coconut milk, and Jiuniang are all popular in drinks. Recently, I found that double skin milk sold 4000 cups a day after the transformation of the cup packaging, and both Xi tea and tea are on sale. Will it be popular in tea shops?

Selling 4000 cups of “new products” a 6031 a day

Some time ago, I saw a news in the circle of friends: there was a beverage shop selling double skin milk in a cup. During the promotion, it sold 4000 cups a day.

In addition to surprise, I found that double skin milk, a traditional Cantonese dessert, seems to be finding a new scene in drinks.

I went to this store to find out:

This brand, named maichade, coordinates in Henan Province and focuses on double skin milk. Its cup double skin milk is divided into three types: manual double skin milk, super double skin milk and super material double skin milk. The price ranges from 3 yuan to 8 yuan. Four kinds of ingredients are added, including red beans, pudding, oats and taro.


Three cups of products come out in two minutes. The price of a single cup is less than 10 yuan. Most of the cups are made of ingredients. It seems that they are quite cost-effective. When you drink them, they have strong milk flavor, sweet taste, red bean crispy. The lower layer of milk jelly, the upper layer of liquid and small ingredients can be drunk with straw or spoon. From taste to taste, they are in line with the cool point of young people.


After in-depth understanding, we found that some brands have already made money by “double skin milk in cup”

Xiamen brand happy sweet potato, 5 yuan / cup pure Zhen double skin milk, is its signature drainage product. This year, it launched cup double skin milk tea, red bean double skin milk and other new products.


In guangfangyuan’s stores, double skin milk ranks the top 3 in non beverage sales. There is a brand named Ganzhu fermented yoghurt in Shanghai, with 30 Direct stores. The double skin milk in the store is steamed twice, and the daily quantity of single product is kept at 50 ~ 100 cups.


At the beginning of May, chabaidao also launched two new double skin milk products at the price of 18 yuan. In addition to using traditional red beans and double skin milk, it also added Yunnan Laoshu black tea soup.


In March, Xicha introduced Kung Fu red bean double skin milk. The upper liquid is sweet, the lower milk is smooth, and the red bean is soft and waxy. The price of double skin milk in a cup is 28 yuan / cup.


In such a fierce competition of fruit tea, is shuangpi milk expected to become the next “Yangzhi manna”?


Gross profit over 70% A631

Does cup double skin milk have the pop gene?

Take half a minute to review the past and present of double skin milk.

Double skin milk is said to have originated in Shunde, Guangdong Province in the Qing Dynasty. It uses milk, egg white and white granulated sugar as main raw materials to produce double skin milk by twice steaming. It has been popular in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao for a long time.


Nowadays, double skin milk products appear in desserts, beverage stores, Hong Kong style tea restaurants and Cantonese restaurants. It is a popular dessert with high consumer awareness.

Can this popular dessert find new vitality when combined with new tea?

one   Double skin milk + tea / fruit, looking for new products

Zhou Benchao, founder of Shanghai Yizhu fermented yoghurt, said: “double skin milk may become a popular dessert cup, but it must not be pure double skin milk. It is only when double skin milk is combined with other ingredients in an innovative way that it may lead to a trend.”

In Yizhu wine yoghurt store, double skin milk has innovative products such as “baked biscuit double skin milk tea, taro mud snow melting double skin milk, double skin milk vegetables”, which are recombined with ingredients such as small ingredients, fruits, grains, nuts, and so on.


In chabaidao and happy sweet potato, double skin milk is no longer pure milk and small ingredients, but the introduction of tea soup, so that the product has a richer iteration space.

two   The gross profit exceeds 70%, and there is room for innovation and extension

Yang Xilong, founder of guangfangyuan, told me that in the case of customized raw materials and relatively high cost, the gross profit of double skin milk products in the store can reach 70%.

Using milk and eggs and twice steaming in the store, the gross profit can still reach 70%.

Search for “double skin milk” on a certain treasure, there are many raw materials of double skin milk. Let’s not discuss the effect of the final product. According to the price of the product with the highest sales volume of 25.8 yuan / 1000g (which can make 60 copies), the cost of a single copy is less than 50 cents.


Even after adding red beans and other small materials, the price is more than 5 yuan, and the gross profit is very considerable. At present, the market price of double skin milk is about 10 yuan.

Enough profit, to the innovation and transformation of this product left operable space.

three   High efficiency, friendly operation, suitable for drainage products

The double skin milk shop mentioned above can produce 4000 cups a day, mainly because the double skin milk can be prefabricated in advance.

In order to improve the production efficiency, most of the stores in the market use hot water to prepare double skin milk powder and put it in the refrigerator for standby after cooling. The whole production process does not exceed 20 minutes.

After the customer orders, the clerk only needs to take out the double skin milk from the freezer, add the tea / milk / small ingredients as needed, seal and take out the cup. The production time of a single cup is no more than 1 minute.

In macchude, double skin milk is not only a brand product, but also a drainage product. Like ice cream, it has the characteristics of high turnover and is very suitable as one of the drainage products in stores.


four   Popular raw materials, no regional taste restrictions


“Although this product is a Cantonese traditional dessert, it has a wide audience, no regional differences, and has the basis of popular products.” Yang Xilong said.

The three core materials of double skin milk: milk, eggs and red beans are all very familiar raw materials. There is no difference in taste between the north and the south. Compared with shaoxiancao, coconut milk and other products, they are better promoted.


But for a product, sometimes easy to obtain raw materials, simple production and popular taste are advantages, but also may be a great limitation.


To sell double skin milk well, three pain points should be solved first

one   How to make sense of value

There are eggs, milk, sugar, red beans and other home-made ingredients, consumers can easily make double skin milk at home.

After the double skin milk cup filling, the first problem to be solved is the sense of value.

On the one hand, it can bring new taste experience through innovative collocation with tea / fruit / dairy products / snacks.


Bring new taste experience through innovative collocation with dairy products / small ingredients

Another way of thinking is similar to the method of making round pearls (portal: can new brands still win by surprise?), Enlarge one of the production links, such as milking, to enhance the sense of value from the product presentation or production methods.

Otherwise, it’s hard for consumers to pay for a product that they can easily make at home.

two   Avoid becoming a small material

The taste memory points of double skin milk are: sweet milk flavor, instant taste, etc.

In the process of transforming this product, just like Yangzhi manna’s three major characteristics of mango, coconut milk and red pomelo, the consumer’s “cognitive taste type” foundation can not be changed, otherwise this product will easily become a “milk pudding” small material, and can not support a series of products.

three   Overcome the limitation of “powder blending” and establish a more natural and healthy cognition

Most of the raw materials of double skin milk found in a certain treasure are made of vegetable fat powder, vegetable oil, fructose syrup, carrageenan, milk powder, etc. the natural properties of the raw materials are relatively low, which deviates from the current trend of pursuing fresh fruit and milk in new tea drinks.

The popularity of Yangzhi manna lies in its implied concept of health. Fresh fruit + fruit juice + Red pomelo + coconut milk is suitable for all ages, fresh without burden.


Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo

For double skin milk, using a more natural formula and making consumers feel that this product will last longer.

If the traditional production method is cumbersome and difficult to achieve for chain brands, is it possible to restore the twice steaming method more efficiently through the improvement of equipment and production process?

Or is it possible to customize raw materials to make them more healthy?



After the interview, if the store wants to make a drainage product or enrich some consumption experience, double skin milk is a good choice.

If you want to use double skin milk to create a popular brand, you need to reshape the supply side to make greater innovation and sense of value.

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Maori over 70%, another dessert is selected! Is double skin milk expected to be popular in tea shops?









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