Xufuji ShaQima’s brand is younger, with Zhang zhehan’s “circle powder” Z generation

In the face of the “houlang” Z generation with more and more pursuits, it is not enough for snacks to be delicious. Beauty, health, personal and social attributes have become the key to success. In the face of these changes, Xu Fuji continued to make efforts this year.

Recently, Xu Fuji announced Zhang zhehan as the spokesperson of ShaQima brand. As a treasure actor, he has nearly 18 million fans on Weibo.

Xiaoshidai noticed that the protagonist of the new spokesperson is Xu Fuji’s new Qima. Xu Fuji said that after the official announcement at 0 o’clock on May 11, Zhang zhehan’s limited birthday gift was emptied, and the sales volume instantly exceeded one million yuan. Up to now, Zhang zhehan’s Micro blog topic, Xinqi inspiration, has been read more than 120 million times.

It is understood that xinqima is a sub brand of xufuji ShaQima, which extends to the development of youth and high-end, aiming at breakfast, afternoon tea, leisure parties and other consumption scenarios. In order to reflect the integration of innovative products and the determination to build a young brand, its products are different from traditional products in shape, taste and packaging.

For example, in terms of form, new Qima has launched a bite size salty little Fang ShaQima, and designed two flavors for young people, i.e. cracked salted egg yolk flavor and fried pepper crab flavor, aiming at the scene of young people’s social gathering to share snacks. In terms of taste, this series of cheese ShaQima is Xu Fuji’s first salty flavor ShaQima, adding Danish imported cheese, with the afternoon tea of exquisite white-collar workers as one of the main scenes.

Many buyers are on the taste, packaging, etc

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“Through this endorsement cooperation, we hope to improve the penetration of brands among young groups. Expand the market share of new Qima and recruit more young consumers to make them like new Qima. ” Xu Fuji said.

According to Nielsen’s category data of ShaQima in December 2020, the market share of new Qima series has entered the top five market categories. Since its listing in 2019, the reason why new Qima has been able to quickly enter the top camp is not only due to Xu Fuji’s popularity blessing, but also due to stepping on the new trend of snacks.

According to the report “Chinese snack consumption trend, February 2021” obtained by xiaoshidai from inmant, consumers’ preference for high-end snacks has shifted from low sugar, low salt and other requirements and “clean label” products to more healthy upgrading. The best way to attract consumers is to use healthier raw materials and improve production methods. Emphasis on protein, dietary fiber, probiotics and other nutrients is also becoming the focus.

Snack generation noticed that the new Qima five grain milk crisp not only does a good job of sugar “subtraction”, but also makes a special nutrition “addition”. According to reports, the new Qima five grain milk crisp is mainly 0 added sugar, added Nestle Yiyun high calcium milk powder, selected five cereals (not less than 25%), containing dietary fiber. In terms of processing technology, non frying innovative technology is adopted, “soft taste but not greasy”.

Today, xiaoshidai learned from Xu Fuji that the new Qima series will continue to invest in brand and product communication in the second half of the year, and create more new products that conform to the trend and innovate.  
“ New Qima’s brand vision is to “lead the ShaQima category and become the favorite trend of young people.”. Therefore, we will continue to make efforts in our products and brands, and constantly explore youth and high-end products to win more young people’s love. ” Xu said.

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Xufuji ShaQima’s brand is younger, with Zhang zhehan’s “circle powder” Z generation

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