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Kaf Henry S finished $3 billion 350 million in nuts business, Baijiu shares fell sharply, Dongpeng drinks were on ninth daily limit boards, OmniFoods entered plant based seafood, OATLY pushed oats ice cream.

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Baijiu concept dropped more than 6% (Caixin net)

According to Caixin news today, in June 8th, Baijiu shares sharply callback, Shuijingfang, wine and many other stock market down, Guizhou Moutai intraday fell more than 4%.

Kraft Heinz completes nut sales with us $3.35 billion (company news)

Kraft Heinz announced yesterday that it had completed a $3.35 billion cash sale of its nut business to Hormel Foods. According to the final agreement signed by both parties on February 11, 2021, kafheinz will divest most of the products sold under the American gentleman brand, including single variety and mixed nuts, dried fruits, nut nutrition products, cheese balls and cheese rolls, as well as products under the brand of corn nuts. The deal also includes global intellectual property rights (subject to existing third-party licenses in some international jurisdictions) to the U.S. gentleman and corn nuts brands.

Dada group’s revenue in the first quarter was 1.7 billion yuan, up 52% year on year (company news)

Dada group, the parent company of Jingdong Jiajia and dada express, today released its financial report for the first quarter of 2021. According to the financial report, dada group’s revenue in the quarter was 1.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52%, exceeding the upper limit of the guidelines and higher than the consensus expectation of the market. In the 12 months to March 31, 2021, the Gmv of Jingdong home platform was 28.1 billion yuan, up 79% year on year. Among them, the local real-time retail platform jingdongjia achieved a year-on-year revenue growth of 53% to 800 million yuan, with a two-year compound growth rate of nearly 100%; Dada express, a local instant delivery platform, achieved a year-on-year revenue growth of 51% to 900 million yuan.

Ding Dong buys vegetables “quick food”, Kwai billion sells, orders infiltrate over 30% (retail krypton star)

According to Kwai Kwai Kwai yesterday, WeChat public, Ou Houxi, the head of Ding Ding buying vegetables, who was in charge of the official account this year, revealed that the “fast food” on the platform now has more than 1000 SKU, and the sales of “fast food” in April were over 100 million, and sales in East China in May were over 100 million. On June 1, dingdong shopping was launched in children’s food zone, and “dingdong Huixuan” was launched in southwest market, which is deeply penetrated by community group buying. According to an internal employee, there are more than ten product zones in the process of preparing for dingdong. 50 off-line fresh food stores are also in the process of preparation. At present, 2 stores have been opened.

Yili releases “double report” on biodiversity and Sustainability (company news)

Recently, the “towards Kunming: business and finance for biodiversity protection” activity jointly organized by the Secretariat of the United Nations Convention on biological diversity and the Ministry of ecological environment of the people’s Republic of China officially started. Yili Group was invited to attend the activity to exchange views with all parties on the theme of “business and finance for biodiversity protection”, In addition, the group has released the biodiversity conservation report 2020 and the sustainable development report 2020, which is the third year in a row that the group has issued a “double report” to the world. It is also the first Chinese enterprise to sign the commitment letter of enterprises and biodiversity of the United Nations Convention on biological diversity.

Yantang dairy: A2 launched in 2021 β- Casein, fresh milk and other new products (company announcement)

Yesterday, Yantang dairy announced that it received research information on the 4th. In response to investors’ questions about the adjustment of the new chairman’s business development strategy, the company responded that since taking office, the new chairman has adhered to the development strategy of “cultivating Guangdong, looking to South China and marching towards the whole country” and the development policy of “building enterprises by quality, invigorating enterprises by science and technology and strengthening enterprises by talents”, We should continue to strengthen the protection of milk sources, improve the scale of production capacity, promote scientific and technological innovation, actively explore new channels and new markets, introduce strategic alliances, enrich marketing models, constantly expand the company’s market share and brand influence, deepen the extension of new industrial modules, promote the integration of animal husbandry, industry and trade, and deeply build a diversified industrial chain. It is revealed that Yantang has launched A2 this year β – New products include casein fresh milk, new snack “fresh milk pudding” and Xianzhi ranch els milk.

New herbal juice bubble water brand “good hope water” completes round a financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton’s news today, the new herbal juice bubble water brand “good hope water” has completed a round of financing. This round is led by black ant capital, followed by Buer capital and old shareholders Huachuang and Desun. Sun mengge, CEO of good hope water, said that this round of funds will be used for talent recruitment, product research and development, new factories and brand building. In terms of supply chain, haowangshui now cooperates with major beverage manufacturers in production. This year, it will build a plant in Qiandaohu, and another plant will be built independently at the end of the year to ensure production capacity and supply.

Spicy hot brand “xiaomanjiao” won 10 million yuan round a financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton yesterday, Malatang brand “xiaomanjiao” has completed a round of financing of 10 million yuan, and the investor of this round is Qifu capital. Before that, xiaomanjiao had completed two rounds of financing, and the investors were jueliao fund jointly sponsored by tomato capital, jueliao food and hungry. Xiaomanjiao told 36 krypton that the funds raised will be mainly used for store expansion and brand building.

Meiji dairy held interesting science exhibition (company news)

From June 5 to June 7, Meiji dairy (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. held a three-day limited time offline science popularization public exhibition in Shanghai Hongqiao Nanfeng city with the theme of “Unlocking the journey of lactic acid bacteria”. Through interesting test, immersive interactive experience and expert science speech, from the perspective of intestinal health and immunity enhancement, this paper expounds the importance of scientific bacteria supplement for consumers, and deeply interprets the benefits behind probiotic yogurt.

Yili Jindian promotes the first plant-based dream cover in China (company news)  

WeChat official account of Yili Group announced yesterday that Erie Golden started the “plant based dream cover” in China. The cap adopts innovative technology, which is made from sugarcane instead of oil. The acquisition of raw materials has less impact on nature, helping to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the dependence on fossil resources.

CITIC Securities gives Dongpeng beverage corresponding target price of 170 yuan (CITIC Securities, snack)

CITIC Securities pointed out in the latest research report released today that it is optimistic about the high certainty of the medium and long-term growth of Dongpeng beverage company. It gives the company a PE valuation of 40 times in 2023, corresponding to a target price of 170 yuan, and gives a “buy” rating for the first time. According to the research report, Dongpeng beverage has the leading product strength and marketing ability, and is expected to achieve rapid growth in the future through intensive cultivation in Guangdong + nationwide layout, which is comparable to red bull. Xiaoshidai noticed that as of today’s close, Dongpeng beverage closed at 142.82 yuan, up 10%, which is also the ninth consecutive trading limit of the company since it landed on the capital market on May 27.

Budweiser launches “the lightest beer bottle in the world” (beverga)

According to foreign media, Budweiser has announced a new bottle design, reducing the weight of a standard long necked beer bottle from 180g to 150g, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 17%. The world’s largest brewer said it was the lightest beer bottle in the world.

Omnifoods marching into plant based seafood (CNN)

Omnifoods, a Hong Kong company that owns omnifoods, a plant pork brand, said on Tuesday it will highlight a range of new products, including alternatives to fish steak, fish burgers and tuna fillets, foreign media reported today. Yang Dawei, founder of omnifoods parent company Green Monday, said in an interview that plant-based seafood is a big market gap that has not yet been developed because everyone is focused on beef, chicken and pork. Although plant-based seafood has not yet become the mainstream, he believes that consumers are ready to accept “vegetarian seafood”, especially with the growing demand for plant-based products. According to the OECD, Asia is “by far the largest fish consumer,” and Yang believes that the huge demand for seafood has brought huge business opportunities for omnifoods in the local market.

Oatly cooperates with American restaurant chains to promote soft oatmeal ice cream (QSR)

According to foreign media yesterday, 16 hands, a New York restaurant chain, announced its cooperation with oatly, an oat drink company, to launch two kinds of oat soft ice cream. On June 8, Iced Latte and vanilla will debut in 31 stores of 16 handles. Indian milk tea and chocolate flavors will also be introduced on July 6. All products are developed by oatly and 16 hands product development team, and are free of dairy products and gluten.

Freesland introduces desalinated whey ingredients for infant formula (nutritional outlook)

According to foreign media, Royal freesland of the Netherlands has launched deminal 90 organic, a desalinated whey ingredient for organic infant formula. It is said that the ingredient can achieve the ideal casein to whey ratio for milk powder manufacturers and limit the mineral content. Deminal 90 organic is made from fresh milk produced by the company’s organic dairy farmers.

Us baby milk powder company Bobbie gets us $15 million round a financing (Foodbev)

Bobbie, the US organic infant formula manufacturer, has received US $15 million in the first round of financing from private equity firm vmg, foreign media reported yesterday. It is said that the company is the only infant formula company founded and led by mothers in the United States, bringing European organic infant formula to the U.S. market through its direct consumer platform and subscription service. Since January 2021, the company’s product sales have increased sevenfold, exceeding $1 million in the first quarter.

Smart groceries platform “hungryroot” receives us $40 million round C financing (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton, citing foreign media news yesterday, online AI groceries platform hungryroot recently announced that it will obtain US $40 million in round C financing. This round of financing is led by L catterton, a global head consumer private equity fund.

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Kaf Henry S finished $3 billion 350 million in nuts business, Baijiu shares fell sharply, Dongpeng drinks were on ninth daily limit boards, OmniFoods entered plant based seafood, OATLY pushed oats ice cream.

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