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What’s the answer to the idea of snacks?

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With a market share of nearly 100 billion yuan and a capital of over 1 billion yuan, daichan still seems to be in the wind after two years.

According to the data from cbndata, the number of Valet brands in the market will be 2837 in 2019, and it will increase to 3540 in 2020. According to Euromonitor International’s forecast, by 2022, the scale of the catering agency market will further expand to 120 billion yuan.

But on the surface, the catering business is not easy to do. Low Re purchase rate of products, difficult to form the mind of consumers, bad taste, single form… All kinds of reasons are hindering the formation of a wider range of breaking circle.

In August last year, liangpin shop, the head brand of leisure snacks, officially announced its entry into the catering market to break the deadlock with the idea of snacks. After a decade, do snacks really effectively break the consumer’s guard? What kind of answer papers did liangpin shop hand over? What’s new? What kind of trend insight do these movements reflect?


Substitute food is a real demand,

Snacks can attack the heart

Become thinner, more beautiful, more healthy… Meal substitute is always a needed business

The capital is hot and the market is hot, but the reality is embarrassing and cold. Is substitute meal really a real demand?

The answer, no doubt, is yes.

In China’s new consumption environment, we can see that there are two obvious driving forces for the explosive growth of the substitute food market. One is the demand of young people to become thinner and more beautiful under the condition of face value anxiety. In fact, the mainstream buyers of substitute food in China are basically aiming to lose weight. On the other hand, the young people’s health anxiety makes the meal substitute break the circle to low sugar, low fat, low salt, low calorie health food in a wider range, and become a healthy lifestyle.

Obviously, whether it’s becoming thinner or more beautiful, losing weight or a healthier lifestyle, it’s just a need for the current consumer market《 According to the 2020 National Health insight report, young people have become the most anxious group about their own health status, and the post-90s consumer group is the generation with high health expectations but the lowest self score.

According to the report on nutrition and chronic diseases of Chinese residents (2020), more than one half of Chinese adults are overweight or obese. In addition, the appearance and body anxiety caused by the current mainstream aesthetic orientation makes consumers who are in the standard range of weight begin to step into the door of substitute food.

What are the pain points solved by snacks instead of meals?

Catering is really a good business, but it is not an easy business.

The first problem is “anti humanity”, which is difficult to adhere to, resulting in low repurchase rate. Low repurchase rate restricts the long-term development of the industry to a certain extent. Another problem is that the traditional meal substitute is generally milk shake or paste powder, and the form is single, which can not better meet the consumer’s demand for meal substitute in different scenarios, such as breakfast, overtime, before and after sports, business travel. There are different needs for the properties and functions of meal substitute in different scenarios.

The traditional way of substituting meals is to completely position itself as a solution for weight loss and slimming, and cut into the professional weight management track, which requires consumers to restrain their desire for a long time and stay away from daily food. It is not only difficult to adhere to, but also not necessarily obvious, and it is easy to affect their health. In addition, due to the serious homogenization of products, the brand should completely establish barriers, It’s hard to form long-term links with consumers.

It is under such consideration that more and more brands tend to evolve meal substitute into a more popular and universal solution, that is, snacks. One of the important premises is that, with the increasingly fast pace of the present, snacks have become a popular way of life.

First of all, from the perspective of attributes, the diversity of snacks makes it easier to solve the problems of taste, taste and form than traditional meal substitutes. Secondly, snacks can better carry the function and emotional needs of different scenes, and can continuously expand the eating scenes of meal substitutes.

What’s more, in addition to the function of substituting meals, substituting snacks can also well fill the health anxiety in the daily life scene, which will break the circle of target consumers from the weight management of the minority to the public with health awareness, so as to achieve the goal of breaking the circle of a wider range of people. For consumers, the degree of acceptance is higher, and it is easier to realize re purchase.


Using the idea of snacks as a substitute,

What is the effect of liangpin shop? What’s new?

As early as a year ago, the snack brand liangpin shop announced the launch of healthy light snacks “liangpin Feiyang”, officially entering the substitute snack market. Aiming at the pain point that consumers want to eat snacks and also want to be thin, liangpin Feiyang develops substitute food with the idea of developing snacks. Through the full scene design, the product radiates to consumers with health awareness and weight management needs, and strives to achieve the small goal of “eating snacks while being thin”.

According to the data obtained by foodaily, liangpin Feiyang has achieved a compound monthly growth rate of 256.73% within three months of its listing, and its sales will reach 108 million yuan by the end of 2020. For a new brand just started, this data can be said to be quite eye-catching. Here we also summarize several key factors of its success.

The first is the construction of subdivision product matrix.


Since July last year, liangpin Feiyang has launched more than 20 products around the three series of product lines of light truck, shape control and Quzhi, including “triple sugar control” protein meal substitute milkshakes, low GI biscuits, light fruit cereal sticks, low-fat chicken breast and other main products. Among them, light truck series mainly focus on light carbon water, less fat and energy control; Shape control series focuses on sugar resistance, fat resistance, burning card and balance weight loss; Quzhi series focuses on shaping and line maintenance.

It doesn’t stick to the common large single products and overall solutions. Based on the different consumption needs and different scenarios of core customers and sub core customers, liangpin Feiyang carries out targeted and hierarchical product development and design, covering different functions such as weight management, nutrition supplement, sugar control and card control, muscle enhancement and shaping, To provide consumers with a full range of multi angle snack solutions, give consumers more comprehensive choice space.

The second is to establish market barriers with R & D.

Only by mastering the core technology and in-depth research and development can we produce differentiated products and gain a firm foothold in the market segments.

With a deep understanding of this hard truth, liangpin store has set up the liangpin nutrition and health research and development business division in April last year, constantly recruiting top technical talents, establishing a number of independent laboratories around product research and development, taste test, packaging test and other links, and expanding its core chips.

At the same time, liangpin shop cooperates with external scientific research institutes and universities to gradually build an open innovation operation platform integrating cutting-edge scientific and technological research and achievement transformation through digital product concept testing, scientific product R & D technology route, and objective and reliable product consumer testing.

The third is to use marketing depth to circle consumers.

In addition to the core product innovation ability, liangpin shop is also very good at telling good product stories with content. With the help of digital marketing, it can reach the target user groups widely and accurately, and realize deep grass planting.

For example, by inviting star spokesmen and famous celebrities to make a live show, by joining the carnival through offline store activities, by strengthening content marketing, by delivering products of various flavors, by implanting film and TV series IP for creative mixing and cutting… From powder absorption to circle powder to grass planting, the transformation can be effectively realized.

Yesterday, liangpin store held a “National Conference on lying thin” beside Xuanwu Lake in Nanjing, and invited meiniye, the head master, and fans to unlock the secret of “lying thin” in summer. At the same time, five mysterious “smart shops” appeared in Nanjing’s popular business district, attracting many young people to punch in.

The concept of lying thin behind the event accurately expresses the main concept of this summer’s new products of liangpin store. Focusing on the catering market segment, liangpin Feiyang proposed to “taste fiber technology, lay and harvest light”, and launched three main products: “0 add oil, 0 add sucrose, 0 add flour” three zero air cake, newly upgraded probiotic meal milkshake and Max meal low-fat chicken breast.


Cong liangpin shop has three new products,

How can substitute snacks be upgraded iteratively?

What else can we do for snacks? How to upgrade iteratively to create more popular products in the future? In fact, snacks on the market are not uncommon. In order to compete for consumers’ attention, we have to return to the product level and find a solution that makes consumers feel satisfied. Behind the three new summer products released this time, we also see the careful thinking of liangpin shop in product strength.

Tap the potential of the track, make efforts to subdivide the categories

There are many snack segments. Looking back on the emerging snack brands in recent years, we will find that the core premise of building successful popular products is to find the right segment. For example, fit8 uses protein sticks to cut into the substitute market, and homarto focuses on quinoa substitute food. It is also very important to find out young people’s cognition, needs and preferences for different categories of snacks.

Liangpin shop is very ingenious in the selection of categories. Taking the 30 cake as an example, it accurately steps on the growing trend of substitute of healthy baked food. On the one hand, as the younger generation of consumers such as the post-90s become the main force of consumption, their diet preferences have changed, making baked prepackaged food an important choice. On the other hand, the trend of single population and aging makes the number of people living alone increase, which will also promote the growth of demand for baking substitutes that are easy to store.

According to the data, the track of health cake is growing rapidly and showing a high-end trend. The market scale is expected to reach 10 million. The emerging brands focusing on the concepts of nutrition, light burden and weight loss are growing rapidly. However, compared with the potential consumer demand, baking substitute is a new blue ocean that has not been fully developed. The market prospect is good and it is a good time to enter.

Accurate insight into needs and pain points to find better solutions

What are the pain points of baked goods? Delicious baking is afraid of fat, and the taste of cake without fat needs to be improved. In order to better realize the functional demand of “delicious but not fat”, liangpin shop constantly explores from the perspectives of raw materials, formula, technology, etc., adjusts the product’s compactness and fluffy, and finally achieves better taste and shaping of the cake under the condition of adding 0 oil, 0 sucrose and 0 flour.

A cake is only 45 calories, containing 2 times milk protein and 5 times dietary fiber. It tastes soft and dense. It has no burden like air, and it is nutritious and healthy. It meets the needs of delicate mothers and professionals in the scene of two meals, afternoon tea to satisfy their cravings, small hunger to satisfy their hunger but fear of getting fat.

Core technical barriers, continuous upgrading and iteration to create the most “perfect” quality

For the early released products, liangpin store did not take them lightly. Instead, through consumer data analysis, it focused on the product line, focused on the iterative upgrading of raw materials, formula, process and technology, so as to achieve more perfect quality and more accurately solve the needs of the market and consumers.

Compared with this, liangpin shop upgraded the “triple sugar control” milk shake to probiotic meal replacement milk shake, added BNR17 patented probiotics and 30 billion scientific strain ratio, providing probiotic solutions based on weight management for consumers.

Another example is the insight into consumers’ demand for fat reduction and delicious food. Max uses an exclusive medium temperature sterilization process for low-fat chicken breast to lock 65% moisture and taste fresh. At the same time, it solves the problem of dry wood taste of some chicken breast products on the market. By manual refinement, it can remove excess fat from raw materials, control temperature and cook in water, and cook without oil to reduce the fat content to 1.7g/100g. With the continuous improvement of technology, a piece of chicken breast to the extreme.



Looking back on the hot investment events related to catering in recent years, we can find that from bottled milkshakes to replacer bars to cereal cereal, bread and biscuits, and more replacer snacks, replacer foods have been advancing to more diversified, more scene oriented, more palatable, and more close to the daily life of consumers in the market trials.

In addition to showing professional strength, delicious and pleasant food must be the sharp weapon of catering substitute food for consumers, which is one of the important reasons why we are optimistic about the future potential of liangpin shop in catering substitute field. After all, we have leisure snack genes that need to be picky about taste, and we must have our own persistence and strength in how to make snacks better.

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