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Budweiser China has been fined 600000 yuan for advertising. The market value of Dongpeng beverage exceeds 60 billion yuan. Guangming New project plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan. Feihe plans to buy back shares of no more than 200 million US dollars. Runpi raises its 2025 high-end target

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Naixue plans to raise US $500 million, and the IPO lead banks value it at more than 30 billion yuan (Tencent News “first line”)

On June 8, Tencent News “first line” learned that the IPO of Naixue is planned to raise US $500 million, and the valuation given by one of the leading banks based on its own model is between 31.1 billion yuan and 34.6 billion yuan. Under this model, the investment bank gives Naixue a market sales rate of 4.6 ~ 5.1 times in 2022. Before the IPO, Naixue completed the last round of financing at the end of 2020. Naixue was valued at about $1.6 billion at the time, according to people familiar with the matter. Now, compared with the last round of financing before IPO, Naixue’s current valuation has increased several times. In response, Naixue said today that she did not comment.

Dongpeng beverage trading limit for 10 consecutive days, with total market value exceeding 60 billion yuan (Daily Economic News)

In early trading today, Dongpeng beverage closed its trading limit again at the beginning of the day. It gained the tenth trading limit in a row since its listing, with a share price of 157.1 yuan and a total market value of more than 60 billion yuan.

Budweiser China fined 600000 for advertising

According to the official website of Shanghai Huangpu District market supervision and Administration Bureau, the bureau decided to punish Budweiser investment (China) Co., Ltd. on May 27 with a fine of 600000 yuan only. The official account is China official account and Budweiser Budweiser micro-blog has released advertisements containing bloody, violent and terrorist content, as well as micro-blog’s “Corona Corona” and the public “Harbin beer HarbinBeer”.

Guangming dairy plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan in the construction of dairy farming and dairy products processing project in Hua county, Anyang City (Anyang Municipal People’s Government)

According to the Anyang Municipal People’s government website yesterday, the 2021 Anyang investment promotion conference was successfully held on June 8, with 65 projects signed on site. Among them, Guangming dairy plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan in the construction of dairy farming and dairy products processing projects in Huaxian County, integrate with the current projects, build a high-quality milk supply chain, and build a large dairy industrial zone in Central China.

Leng Youbin: Feihe once had more than 60000 people participating in online activities( Sina Finance)

On June 8, the opening ceremony of the 21st Annual Meeting of China Entrepreneurs Forum of Yabuli in 2021 was held. Leng Youbin, chairman of China Feihe, said at the conference that Feihe is an enterprise that makes infant milk powder. Like enterprises all over the world, during the epidemic period, Feihe was also tested by rising costs, epidemic risks, insufficient milk sources, and changes in channels. In the past, Feihe’s trump card was “ground activities”, because the epidemic situation basically stopped, so he said, “No matter whether our team will do live broadcast or online activities, we resolutely decided to move to the line.” He said the company had more than 60000 people on the ground participating in online activities.

Feihe plans to spend no more than US $200 million to buy back shares (company announcement)

Feihe announced today that it plans to use no more than $200 million to buy back shares. The company will fund the buyback from available cash reserves and free cash flow.

Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi forest: China does not lack consumption power, what it lacks is good products (Sina Finance)

On the evening of June 8, Tang Binsen, founder of Yuanqi forest, said at the opening ceremony of the 21st Annual Meeting of Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum in 2021 that Chinese people do not lack consumption power, what they lack is good products“ When we see the FMCG industry and the consumer industry, China’s consumption is often suppressed. It seems that the Chinese people can’t afford to consume and they don’t want to consume. What’s our judgment? It was the lack of good products. At that time, we were determined to upgrade our consumption. ” Tang Binsen said. He believes that the ultimate perfection of platform economy and infrastructure is called overcapacity, and the future must be a world of good products and services.

China Resources beer aims to improve its high end in 2025 (interface News)

According to interface news yesterday, on June 8, China Merchants Bank International released a research report, maintaining the “buy” rating of China Resources beer, raising the target price from HK $81.00 to HK $91.90, and predicting that the company’s adjusted earnings per share compound annual growth rate will be 21.9% in 2019-23. The report points out that China Resources beer will increase its high-end target from 3.16 million kiloliters to 4 million kiloliters in 2025. From 2020 to 2025, the compound annual growth rate target of sub high-end or above beer will also be increased from 16.7% to 22.3%. Since the beginning of the year, the growth rate of secondary high-end or above has exceeded 30%.

Lu Zhengyao, founder of lucky coffee, has been forced to freeze more than 1.2 billion shares (Zhongxin Jingwei)

Recently, Lu Zhengyao was listed as the person to be executed by Beijing No.1 Intermediate People’s court, with the case number of (2021) Jing 01 Zhi no.763 and the subject matter of execution of RMB 1200484220, according to China executive information disclosure website on June 9. Lu Zhengyao is the founder of lucky coffee. He also owns many companies such as Shenzhou Youche and Shenzhou car rental.

Guangzhou city seized a case in which the business premises were suspected of tampering with the production date of milk powder, involving more than 150000 yuan (China Quality News)

According to China Quality News Network reported on June 8th, the Guangzhou market supervision and Administration Bureau of Zengcheng District, in conjunction with the Zengcheng branch of the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, conducted a field inspection on a business site in Xintang Town, Zengcheng District, Guangzhou. Recently, two workers were using the automatic fuel injector to tamper with the bottom production date and shelf life information of the baby milk cans. Most of the infant milk powder in the business premises have completed the operation of forging the production date and other information, and have been repacked. Some of the milk powder are in the process of forging the production date and have not been completed, and some of the products have not started to forge the production date. The products involved in the case involved 1843 cans of infant milk powder of four famous brands, with the value of more than 150000 yuan. At present, the public security organ has put the case on file for investigation, and criminal detention has been carried out on the above two staff members. The case is under further investigation.

Daily Youxian goes to the US for IPO and plans to be listed on NASDAQ (Unicorn already knows)

According to the official account of “unicorn known to us” today, community retailers offer daily prospectus in the US, and plan to list on Nasdaq, with the stock code as “MF”, with a provisional maximum funding of $100 million. According to the daily Youxian prospectus data, its Gmv has increased from RMB 4.7259 billion in 2018 to RMB 7.6147 billion in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 26.9%.

Ding Dong buys vegetables and submits IPO prospectus to US SEC: tentatively raising US $100 million (Unicorn knew it)

According to the official account, “the unicorn knew it” today, Ding Dong bought a dish and submitted an application listing to the securities and Exchange Commission of the United States on IPO. According to the prospectus, dingdong plans to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Credit Suisse are all IPO underwriters. The stock code is “DDL”, and the provisional maximum amount of financing used as a “place holder” is US $100 million. However, this figure has no practical significance. The company’s revenue in 2020 is 11.4 billion yuan, which is a substantial increase compared with 3.88 billion yuan in 2019.

Wufangzhai, a century old brand, is to be listed (Shanghai Securities News)

On June 4, wufangzhai’s listing pre disclosure document was posted on the CSRC website, and the sponsor was Zheshang securities. This time, the company plans to raise 1.056 billion yuan to invest in smart food workshop, digital industry wisdom Park, R & D center and information construction, Chengdu production base transformation and other projects and supplement working capital.

Station B participates in the fifth round financing of Yingji (krypton 36)

According to 36 krypton recently reported that the boutique coffee brand Yingji has completed three rounds of financing in the near future. The latest round of financing comes from Yiyuan capital and BiliBili, and the specific amount has not been disclosed. Yingji coffee was established in Shanghai in 2016, and started as an offline boutique coffee store. At present, the brand has four stores in Shanghai, and plans to launch more Mini stores with smaller area in the future. By the end of the year, it is expected to reach the scale of 20 Mini stores.

Jinlongyu talks about countermeasures to high food prices (tonghuashun)

According to the tonghuashun financial research center on June 8, some investors asked Jinlongyu whether the high international food prices have an impact on the company’s performance and whether the company has grain reserves. Goldfish replied that the company would hedge to reduce the possible adverse impact of raw material prices and exchange rate fluctuations on the company’s operating performance. At the same time, the company will arrange the purchasing plan of raw materials according to its position and production plan.

According to Beijing Youth Daily on June 8, China Cuisine Association released the analysis report of top 100 catering enterprises and top 500 catering stores in 2020 at the 2021 catering quality and safety promotion conference. Beiqing Beijing headline reporter learned that Yum China, Haidilao and golden arch (McDonald’s) ranked in the top three.


Haitian applies for the trademark “Haitian Tianding” to be used in beer and beverage industry (

According to on the 7th, tianyancha learned that Haitian flavor industry applied to register a number of “Haitian Tianding” trademarks on May 31. The international classification includes 33 kinds of wine, 32 kinds of beer drinks and 31 kinds of feed seeds. At present, they are all in the application status. and Wal Mart launch new Jingwo plan to create a new marketing mode for all channel simultaneous sale of new products (

On June 7, during the period of Jingdong 618, Jingdong and Wal Mart announced the official launch of Jingwo new plan with the goal of boosting the growth of brand new products. Jingwo “new” plan is a new marketing mode of new products created by Jingdong and Wal Mart through “Jingdong + brand + Shangchao”, that is, through the new marketing mode of new products in the whole region, it helps the brand to achieve better product efficiency income, Omni channel business promotion, Omni channel user mental unity and omni domain user asset precipitation.

New IFF appears (company news)

At the 24th China International Food additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC 2021), which opened yesterday, IFF, which has completed the merger with DuPont nutrition and biotechnology business, appeared with a new brand image. According to reports, the new IFF has four business units. Among them, nourish business division, which is the merger of the original IFF flavor business and the original DuPont food and beverage department, will become the largest business department of IFF, which will further meet the needs of consumers for innovative food and beverage; In addition, it also includes scient, health & Biosciences and pharma solutions.

General Mills plans to eliminate up to 1400 jobs (star)   Tribune)

GM plans to eliminate 700 to 800 U.S. and Canadian jobs, as well as 500 to 600 international jobs, executives told employees Friday, according to startribune on June 4. Executives said on Friday that up to 600 people could be laid off at the headquarters park in Golden Valley. GM also filed a paper Friday morning detailing the expected cost of the restructuring to securities regulators and investors. “We now expect to generate about $160 million in expenses in fy2021, mainly for severance payments,” the document said. We expect these actions to be completed by the end of fy2023 at a total cost of approximately $170 million to $220 million. “

US media: US Starbucks has stopped selling at least 25 products due to supply chain problems (Interface)

June 8 news, Starbucks stores in the United States are facing a shortage of products. According to an internal update viewed by business insider, due to supply chain problems, Starbucks has “temporarily shelved” orders for at least 25 products from June 4, including hazelnut syrup, toffee syrup, Indian tea bags, green iced tea and other popular products“ Starbucks will put production on hold until supply chain issues are resolved, “the memo said. Starbucks declined to comment on the memo.

Starbucks reintroduces its own cup in the United States (company news) starting from June 22, Starbucks will reintroduce its own cup in its direct stores in the United States and introduce a new way of contactless security, according to Starbucks today. The company said it had previously conducted extensive trials of the new method in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and the Asia Pacific region, using ceramic cups to transport reusable cups through the bar. Starbucks said that the self Cup campaign will reduce the waste of disposable cups by 2030   Reduce waste by 50% every year   The key part of the goal. Before the outbreak, 80% of Starbucks drinks were taken out.

Oversupply, organic raw milk prices fall (diary News)

According to foreign media reports yesterday, Fonterra’s organic farmers are facing the problem of raw milk prices falling after the record price of NZ $10.26/kg set last year. In an email, Fonterra CEO miles Hurrell told farmers that worldwide, consumer demand for natural, healthy and sustainable products continues to drive the growth of organic dairy products, “however, despite the increasing demand, the global supply of organic milk remains surplus, which has a negative impact on global prices.” According to reports, 70 organic suppliers cooperating with the company were told that the price of organic raw milk is expected to be NZ $9 / kg in the just concluded 2020-21 milk season.

Oatly sued oatmeal brand pureoaty for trademark infringement (the grocer). Oatly sued oatmeal supplier glebe farm foods, Inc., claiming that its pureoaty brand infringed its oatmeal and oatmeal food trademarks, the grocer reported today. According to court documents seen by the media, oatly is seeking glebe farm foods to recall and stop selling the products involved, “give up” the pureoaty brand, and may claim compensation from it. The lawsuit is not expected to be decided until July.

Nestle develops two new packages for Vittel (company news)

Nestle has developed two new packages for its Vittel natural mineral water bottles, Nestle said Tuesday. The design of the new water bottle has the same function as the traditional plastic bottle, but the plastic content is much less.

Yum China joins scientific carbon target Initiative (company news)

On June 8, yum China announced that it had signed the letter of commitment on the goal of enterprise ambition helping 1.5 ℃ limit temperature, and formally joined the “scientific carbon target initiative” (SBTI). Yum China promises to set its greenhouse gas emission reduction target and path in accordance with the requirements of the scientific carbon target initiative to support the 1.5 ℃ temperature limit target and strive to achieve zero net emissions by 2050. Yum China will formulate a full value chain greenhouse gas emission reduction target and implementation plan based on scientific carbon target standard in the next 24 months.

Quick reading of food industry information

According to the official account of Kayu consumption index, the family’s fast food consumption data show that dairy products are among the top five most popular fast food products and one of the top three most popular products of young families. Pinduoduo dairy consumer scale has nearly quadrupled.



Pasteurized milk and yoghurt to be marked with “eating period” (Beijing News)

According to the Beijing News on June 9, in order to facilitate consumers to identify the edible period of low-temperature and short-term dairy products, the General Administration of market supervision and administration has publicly solicited opinions in early June of this year. For pasteurized milk with a shelf life of no longer than 14 days and fermented milk with a shelf life of no longer than 30 days, it is proposed to add an additional edible period prompt on the basis of marking the production date and shelf life. According to the draft, since October 1, 2022, pasteurized milk with a shelf life of no longer than 14 days and fermented milk with a shelf life of no longer than 30 days should be produced. On the basis of the existing production date and shelf life, the label of “please eat (drink) before XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX, XX” should be added to the package label (hereinafter referred to as “tips on the shelf life”).

China Europe train (Shenyang) successfully launched the special train for return of dairy products (Liaoning Provincial People’s Government)

At 16:20 on June 7, the China Europe train (Shenyang) dairy train from Minsk, Belarus arrived at Shenyang east railway station. This is the first time that the China Europe train (Shenyang) carries imported food goods, breaking through the previous supply structure mainly consisting of auto parts, mechanical and electrical products, chemical products, daily necessities, etc., and promoting the complementation of the commodity structure of trade on railway lines. The train is loaded with whey powder, milk powder and other dairy products from Belarus, with a value of about US $2.41 million.

Wang Yong stressed to fully implement the “four strictest” requirements and firmly hold the bottom line of food safety (Xinhua News Agency)

On June 8, the 2021 national food safety publicity week was held in Beijing. State Councilor Wang Yong attended and delivered a speech. He pointed out that all regions and departments should fully implement the “four strictest” requirements, further tighten the responsibilities of all parties, implement “zero tolerance” for food safety violations, continue to strengthen supervision and law enforcement, strictly control every pass from farmland to dining table, and firmly hold the bottom line of food safety.

Ningxia creates a modern grape and wine industrial zone with an output value of 100 billion yuan (people’s daily)

On June 8, the government of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, and the Ministry of industry and information technology jointly held a press conference in Beijing to introduce the establishment of “Ningxia national grape and wine industry open development comprehensive experimental zone” and interpret the overall plan for the construction of the comprehensive experimental zone. The comprehensive test area is expected to build a modern grape and wine industrial zone with a comprehensive output value of 100 billion yuan in about five years.

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Budweiser China has been fined 600000 yuan for advertising. The market value of Dongpeng beverage exceeds 60 billion yuan. Guangming New project plans to invest 2.6 billion yuan. Feihe plans to buy back shares of no more than 200 million US dollars. Runpi raises its 2025 high-end target

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