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CEO of Crowley: successful new consumer brands are all “Internet red brands”




As a big entrance of traffic breakthrough, Redman is reshaping the path of brand growth.

Throughout the short history of the development of new brands, from the perfect diary and huaxizi, which are very pioneering, to the powerful faction Winona and runbaiyan, which have accumulated a lot of experience, no matter they are tied up with the head anchor or launched in a large number in the middle waist KOL, they can quickly break through the siege and occupy a place in the minds of consumers, almost all of them can not do without taking advantage of the red economy.

Besides Kwai hung, micro-blog and other typical grass platforms, the red tape and the tiktok mechanism of B station are becoming more mature. The “just rice” culture that bloggers and brands dance together has become a tacit understanding with users. The energy and value of KOL, such as up hosts, anchors and bloggers, on social media are increasingly penetrating into the business logic of consumer goods.

But water can carry a boat, and it can also overturn it. If bound too closely with the red man, it is bound to encounter traffic bottlenecks; If it is put in too frequently, it will reduce the trust of consumers; If red mans have negative news, the brand will also suffer… How to avoid these risks, truly understand the relationship between the brand and red Mans, and cooperate with them more efficiently?

Previously, Zhang Yutong, CEO of Crowley, the management organization of we media, mentioned in the sharing of Dao FA Qing that if Chinese brands want to make better use of the red economy, they should think about the following three problems:

1. What is the core of net red attribute and its importance to brand?

2. How does a brand create its own net red attribute?

3. How to grasp the attributes and mechanisms of major platforms in practice?

The Research Institute of knife technique has made some excerpts of the wonderful contents shared in this competition, hoping to bring help to all marketers and operators.

Why does the brand need the attribute of net red?

First of all, the “net red property” does not mean that the brand is going to be a blockbuster, but that the brand can have its own social assets. This asset includes its own fans, or private domain traffic. On the one hand, it can maintain re purchase; on the other hand, it has a voice outlet, an attribute of communicating with users with a distinct brand image.

For new brands, having their own social attributes can effectively shorten the cold start cycle, and the overall brand growth space in the early stage will be relatively large.

In addition, social assets can undoubtedly reduce customer acquisition costs. For example, we all know that Mr. Zhang Xuefeng is engaged in education and postgraduate entrance examination training, and students are his clients. Generally speaking, the acquisition cost of such students is very high, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan; But when you become a famous teacher, your customer acquisition cost may be less than 10 yuan, so is the brand.

Finally, the net red attribute can also give the possibility of brand business extension. Take Xiaomi as an example. Since its establishment, it has extended its self operated mall, supply chain, franchise system and rich product line. The core reason is that it emphasizes the business model of “no social, no e-commerce”. Through the communication and co creation with rice noodles, it has become a brand with social assets.

What is the core of net red property?

Through the analysis of the background of the birth of wanghong and the change of the media, we can better understand the core reason for its traffic constitution.

This chart lists some of the Internet Celebrities born between 2015 and 2020. Up to now, their development has a common feature, that is, they have begun to explore the leaps of form and media in content creation.

For example, the gifted panda teacher recently did some video content, Papi sauce has been on the big screen, and Li Xueqin has become the queen of talk show industry, and Xiao Sha has also begun to try to bring goods live.

At the same time, we can see that xiaoxiandun, liziqi, rock zoo and so on are all new and cutting-edge brands born in this period of time.

What they have in common is that they were born in a system undergoing structural changes.

From the bottom logic of red man, the core of this change is that people’s value is magnified. Net red is endowed with the function of service type + content type role. At the same time, it has a fuller personality attribute. It can become a media, a banner, a flow gathering, a group building, and even a buyer and channel. Based on this, the value of “red man” will have a leverage effect, that is, the radius of social management will increase exponentially.

At present, many Internet celebrities have millions, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of fans. TA can carry out a hierarchical management through specific content and emotional interaction with fans, and integrate traffic, fans and content into social assets to build its own influence, transformation and retention.

To sum up, the core leverage of the online Red attribute is the multiple growth of the function of “people” and the radius of social management. In this way, the red man brand can also be generated. So again, it doesn’t mean the brand made by Redman, but that the brand has the attribute of net redness.

Net red is more of an attribute, can link, can shape, have content, have social access to traffic ability. When this kind of attribute, ability and brand are combined, content is product and product is content. Therefore, to become the core of wanghong brand, the first key word is “content”. We should let content run through the brand life cycle.

In the process of “from commodity to brand”, traditional brands usually have a lot of content on the marketing side or product description side; But the content of new consumer brand is born from the production department, accompanied by the product life, including cold start, new product sales, to specific activities.

For example, from the beginning of its product design, wangsatin cereal has already made a standard content definition and formula: what is the specific breakfast scene? What kind of food do you like? What kind of cereal is really good? What kind of stories and tastes does it contain? Another example is huaxizi. From the beginning of the product, the concept of Oriental Aesthetics and make-up with flowers has been born, making the content a spokesman of the product.

The new brand is actually looking for the track and the crowd from the perspective of content. First of all, use the content to segment and focus the crowd. Then, use the content to communicate the product value and consolidate their own ideas, so as to realize diversified marketing methods and consumer experience, and finally achieve a promotion of sensory, taste and aesthetic level.

In a word, new brands need to communicate with users about five senses: sense of belonging, sense of experience, sense of identity, mutual movement and sense of value; On the basis of these five senses, to attract and retain users (fans).

How to build a brand’s online Red property?

There are six elements in the method of creating the attribute of net red brand

  1. Content as brand language

One of the core reasons why Homo sapiens can finally become our ancestors in natural selection is that they invented language that can describe various abstract contents, and created some common imagination and belief for people, so as to unite people.

For products and enterprises, brand plays a more important role in communicating with consumers, which is also equivalent to a language; To polish the brand with content is to precipitate and enrich the language.

For example, lifestyle brand view of summer, beast life, etc. is to use content to delineate the market and emphasize certain characteristics and concepts of products; Another example is “single food”. In fact, it is also through the single culture as the entry point to find its accurate pet of single people in the way of content. Therefore, content is the key to help the brand play the role of language.

  2. Defining customers with interest

Whether it is a cutting-edge brand or a traditional brand, it is difficult to do a good job of refinement if we still make user portraits in some extensive forms to plan the communication content.

In addition to those attributes and labels, I think we should focus on the analysis of consumer behavior, mainly through two dimensions to find the TA of our own brand

The first is to track the flow of its funds. It depends on where TA’s money is spent and what members are recharged; The second is to see which platforms, KOLs, topics, etc. TA spends the most time for, that is, to locate a person through content and interest Association.

Today’s diversified market reflects the continuous subdivision of people’s needs to a large extent. For example, now in a university class, we say to students that they like to play games and raise their hands. Maybe there are 30 people raising their hands. We put these 30 people in a room and let them have free communication. It may be a silence in exchange. Because the types of games we like are quite different, naturally there is no common language.

So now the circle of consumers’ interests is becoming more and more detailed. For example, for skin care products, ingredients party, technology party and minority party, their mental value ranking and behavioral characteristics may be quite different. For example, we have studied a new consumer brand called the puzzle of New Zealand before, and found that its product definition TA range is indeed different from the actual purchase.

In addition to further subdividing the classified people, we should also pay attention to mining those unmet needs to see what they can do to communicate. For example, for male consumers aged 19 to 35, their consumption ability is increasing year by year. If we ignore the content communication of this group, we may lose this group.

We can notice that most of the fast-growing new brands have a common feature, that is, they do well in private domain operation and have their own high-quality seed users. So where do seed users come from? We think it’s more in the middle of layers 6 to 10.

3. Building relationships and trust with content

There are two key words: relationship is one layer and trust is another. The first thing to establish a relationship is to expose the brand, which is the so-called existence; Secondly, it should have its own content output with stable frequency and fixed tonality; What’s more, how to design some pet powder activities and how to strengthen their sense of trust.

For example, can a brand dare to be black, can it expose its own design, and can it do something that makes others search me.

4. Creating scenes containing brand culture

This means whether the brand can create some scenes. This creation does not require a hot search physique, as long as it can create a circle and attract some new attention.

Some brands build their own brands, some cross-border festivals through IP… Every event is creating a scene, which includes cultural content output, interactive experience building and so on. The purpose is “I want to play with my users”.

When it comes to this part, I have to mention our wanghong auto light Wuling. From the perspective of car companies, Wuling’s past models are not well understood by the public. In the past two years, Wuling has become popular in major social media and left an impression on ordinary consumers. From the perspective of brand, Wuling has done a lot of content output containing brand culture.

For example, it can make people’s masks, sell snail and lion powder, have a stall economy, set up a magic car and so on. After that, consumers will have some vivid scenes when they think of it, and Wuling has saved a lot of customer acquisition costs, which has a positive impact on its sales.

In addition, brands can further strengthen the corresponding scenes by mining cross-cultural conflicts, inviting spokesmen to brainwash through magic advertisements, and making good use of the platform to create with fans. For example, the cooperation between ziheiguo and Yu Shuxin is a good case.

5. Build a penetration mode with users as the core

Brand can not only output content, but also improve and enrich the way of integration of users, and pursue a mode of penetration. It is the so-called need to build bridges, roads and even pavilions.

Taking Xiaomi as an example, it invites users to experience its products and culture by cooperating with some media, finding its own spokesperson, making rice noodle festival and rice noodle club, etc. In different creative series, Xiaomi put the promotion of user participation into every detail and every implementation.

You can also refer to the press conference of Xiaopeng P7. The 24-hour live broadcast found many up owners and contained many elements in the form of music, dance, games and interviews. On the one hand, it created a new experience for users around the selling points; on the other hand, it also formed a hot event and enlarged the brand voice.

Such a conference, which combines entertainment, technology, CO creation and other elements, has changed from a one-sided public relations event of an enterprise to a content that can communicate well with users and provide consumption and experience.

6. No need to distinguish between online and offline to maximize user experience

The representative brand in this respect is Weilai automobile. When the car owners of Weilai go down to a hotel, airport or shopping mall, they may enjoy the situational care experience such as afternoon tea and meals arranged by the brand; In addition, Weilai will provide car owners with organization services such as song club, party and fitness, and even places for scientific and technological interviews.

This is to expand the scene of contact with the brand according to the user’s interest. No matter online or offline, the choice of some enterprise matters is given to the user, which can be applied to many places of life to create a deep experience with the user.

For example, many netizens, no matter how many fans there are, always reply to their private messages in person on a regular basis. Similar to the anchor like Weiya, there is still a fan festival every year to interact closely with fans. Many netizens can not only tell their own stories well, but also tell a lot of stories with their fans.

How to make good use of wanghong?

In the actual operation process, how do we use net red? I think it is more reflected in marketing. KOL, for example, is not only a marketing incubator for new brands, but also a fresh agent for old brands. It has content, followed by fans, and planting grass and trading, which is also a relatively efficient way and way at present.

Every year around the double 11, we will do a qualitative and quantitative research on the relevant data of KOL. We will select ten major industries and their top 10 brands to monitor their voice volume in the whole network 100 days before the double 11 war, and then compare their performance after the double 11 war. After two years of comparison, we find that there is a positive relationship between KOL related brand volume and brand sales, and the former has a very big impact.

What should a brand regard KOL as? The first is the voice contributor, the second is the brand communicator, the third is the content builder, and the fourth is the long-term partner of the brand.

Based on this, the brand’s cognition of KOL’s cooperation and marketing should be multi terminal and multi-dimensional. So today we will talk more about brand building and practical methods from the perspective of communication.

This method is divided into five steps

  • Understanding the field and its language
  • Understand the “net red” people design and content design
  • Systematization with tools
  • Fine contrast with data
  • Measure content security and cost performance
the proportion of different high-quality fans can reflect different content forms and traffic algorithms of different platforms. This logical fan precipitation mechanism is different.
return to marketing goals. If you want to focus on exposure, what platform and KOL should you choose? If interaction, participation, communication and long-term communication are the main factors, then the platform and KOL are different. All these are worth studying the logic of the platform.
in addition, the evaluation data related to the content format is also an important reference for identifying the product mechanism of the platform. Generally speaking, the lower the praise rating, the better. For example, we found that the head KOL praise rating on microblog is very low, which means that they have a strong willingness to interact with their fans in depth, and there is emotional value between them. But not all platforms are in a stable situation.
next, we will make a detailed analysis of several major social media platforms:
, microblog: Volume amplifier and unique aesthetics brought by three-tier ecology. The characteristics of
microblog are large, comprehensive, multiple and deep. It is one of the best volume fields, even the best amplifier, because it has three-tier ecosystem: the first tier of
is the ecosystem of traditional media, which is called public opinion field. It has the attribute of public media; The second is search and hotspot ecology. Hot search is an important source of information for both daily entertainment and content creation; The third is the ecology of we media. Microblog has a large number of high-quality creators, involving a wide range of vertical categories. Therefore, the role ecology of the whole “human” is complex, which is in a natural sound and flow field composed of three-dimensional ecology. Another characteristic of
microblog is the field of grass planting. We say that a lot of people scold microblog, but they can’t do without it. We can see the images of all living beings from it. It has a grounded part, a cultural part and a feeling part. At the same time, there are conflicts from time to time in its content, including onlookers in the public domain and grass planting in the private domain. Besides, it has a unique aesthetic. This means that the users on the platform have a consensus, and ultimately form a platform aesthetic. Let’s take a closer look at the KOL on Weibo, their face value and content attributes, and we can feel this.
finally, if you want to do microblog marketing, you can pay special attention to the number of fans of KOL and the contribution ratio of the whole platform. If you can find those who contribute a lot, they may represent that this part of the content has stronger audience users and consumption power, so we can focus on them.
  2, tiktok: fans are more following traffic, not creators themselves
tiktok, short video and live broadcast as the two carriages, is a natural grassland, is a scene, interest, business transactions. It contains a variety of product models, which can bring great opportunities to new brands, but content creators can never see through and guess when the platform algorithm can tilt to their own content.
, therefore, for the purpose of solving the drainage of the content, we must first do a good job of periodic data insight, and then dig out the content and creativity of the scenario. For this platform, its tiktok data are very impressive, but the fans precipitation actually follows the traffic more, and does not necessarily follow the creators themselves.
tiktok and micro-blog have a common attribute, that is, they also form their own aesthetic. If we do something on the shaking or choose KOL, we must see whether the appreciation and cultural attributes of the content conform to the aesthetics of tiktok. At the same time,
has the ability of creating new abilities with the help of the algorithm tiktok mode, which causes the KOL’s life cycle to continue to shorten, and the KOL’s vertical class characteristics are more prominent. Tiktok is also a neglected point in addition to
. No matter what you do, you must pay attention to the role of music elements. Kwai Kwai delicacy:
3, fast hand: old iron culture and live broadcast mechanism, creating strong fans, sticky
fast hand, the most prominent is that the old iron culture and live broadcast goods two characteristics, but I suggest that the brand owners and eyes will be broaden, and the KOL in the national wind, food and other fields in fact old fellow fans are also very influential old fellow.
fast Kwai electric business transaction efficiency will be relatively high, fans strong viscosity. The product mechanism behind its live broadcast must be noticed. Therefore, the emotion, relationship and trust between the anchor and fans are very important. It is also based on the Kwai Hui principle. It also has a very unique culture of the field. All the old fellow iron users are more like the people around them, sharing their lives and closer to the users’ psychology.
when in Rome, do as the Romans do. It’s a sense of Kwai Fu to create a meeting. Because it is a separate attention and recommendation mechanism, when we make content and choose KOL, we must pay attention to nagging culture and “sincerity”. We can design some plots to improve the attraction.
this is the Kwai sum of last year’s TOP 10 vertical class anchors and fans. The top categories are mainly funny Kwai and Yan value classes. In fact, the proportion of stars is very small, and there is a certain amount of consumption, so there is still a lot of room for using stars on the fast track.
  4. Little red book: the essence is a platform for search, verification, sharing and grass planting. In fact, we think it is a small Baidu or public comments. It aims to provide answers, references and solutions. Tiktok, if we are to watch the excitement on micro-blog, then play on the jitter, and see more people’s lives in the fast track, what do we do in Kwai hung? It’s more about looking for references, answers or solutions.
so you need to understand that it is a search mechanism, which is composed of three layers: star, KOL and Koc. Users have a strong desire to share.
5, B station: the circle culture is more diversified, and the threshold of brand content creation is higher.
B station is not a small broken station in the past, and its traditional games and secondary content contribute a lot. Besides, music, cars, dance and so on all begin to produce the corresponding amount of KOL and content consumption. The de duality of station B has been basically established, and it will be more integrated and diversified in the future.
has a relatively high threshold, and can always give the public unexpected strength. The requirement for brand communication is “the content should be true, and the playing method should be innovative”. Therefore, it has made a greater challenge for mining and matching KOL.
for example, Weiya has multiple identities and different images in the hearts of fans, so she can produce a variety of content. Therefore, it’s better to make a multi-faceted understanding of TA before launching it, such as experience, personality, preference, etc., to see whether the values behind it and the tone of the channel match the brand. If you are only a one-time cooperation, you should reevaluate and consider the benefits when you choose.
finally, I would like to emphasize that net red is not only an attribute, but also a kind of productivity. It is a kind of ability that we must have now and in the future. For our brand end practitioners, we should master this ability as soon as possible, so that the brand can go faster and further.
by Zhang Yutong; Source: knife Research Institute (ID: digipontclub), reprint authorized. Joining the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449); Business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246). Recommended reading “five questions” of hyaluronic acid  |  2021 next innovation award  |  Sugar crisis   |  100 billion light food|   2021 the most innovative company in the world   | | |  |  |  Collagen Peptide  |  Daily new walnut stew: Isee trend  |  Editor’s  |  Reader’s  
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CEO of Crowley: successful new consumer brands are all “Internet red brands”

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