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“Fight” on behalf of the food market, good shop to start a new strategy!

In order to achieve the goal of “1 billion” scale, liangpin shops have a clearer direction.

Yesterday, liangpin shop released three new food substitutes, including “0 oil, 0 sugar, 0 flour” three zero air cake, upgraded probiotic meal milkshake and Max meal low-fat chicken breast. At the same time, the company opened five offline theme experience halls in the popular business district of Nanjing to attract young people to punch in.


In fact, this wave of new products and communication is only part of the action of liangpin shops to expand their catering. In recent exchanges with the company, xiaoshidai learned that liangpinpu’s sub catering sector has launched a new strategy of focusing on superior categories. At present, the company has sorted out new product lines and target groups.

Now let’s take a look at how the snack giant plans to “eat” a bigger market.

Let’s take a look at the new product.

According to the company, among the three products mentioned above, three zero air cake is a substitute pastry with “0 sugar, 0 oil and 0 flour” launched by liangpin shop for the first time. One of the characteristics of liangpin shop is that it is different from the konjac flour with high satiety, low calorie and low nutritional value. Liangpin shop uses buckwheat flour, oat flour and other coarse grain flour as raw materials.



Behind this is the good shop, hoping to establish the first mover advantage through differentiation. According to the report from highland capital, from 2017 to 2020, online health cake will grow rapidly. It is estimated that the growth rate will be 194.2% in 2020, and the market scale is expected to reach tens of millions. “Health cake belongs to a new concept and is in the stage of industry explosion. This is the right time to enter.” According to the report.

The other two new milkshakes and chicken breast belong to the original product upgrade. Among them, the upgraded version of probiotics meal substitute milk shake added probiotics containing BNR17 patent, and launched six kinds of milk tea flavors, such as multi meat grape milk cover flavor, Yang Zhi manna flavor and oat milk flavor. The new chicken breast mainly focuses on “fresh and juicy”, which is said to avoid the problem of dry taste caused by water loss through technological innovation.


In this new, good shop expansion is also popular on behalf of the meal category. At present, the common categories of the market also include biscuits, oatmeal, cereal flour, energy bars and so on.

Driven by consumer demand for body management awareness, China’s catering market has maintained a high growth momentum in recent years. According to the data from AI media consulting, from 2017 to 2020, the compound annual growth rate of the market scale is 68.8%. By 2020, the scale of Chinese catering agency market will reach 47.26 billion yuan, and it is expected to reach 92.43 billion yuan in 2021.

New players who want to “get a piece of the meal” are also swarming in. According to cbndata’s big consumption data, the number of online catering brands will be 2837 in 2019, and it will grow rapidly to 3540 by 2020.

At present, the overall competition pattern of the catering agency market is still relatively scattered, and has not yet appeared in most popular categories. As Dabo brands enter the market and accelerate the expansion of categories, the phenomenon of product homogenization gradually appears in the market.

In the view of liangpin shop, laying a good technical foundation for product innovation will become its “moat”. According to reports, the above liangpinpuzi 30 cake formula and low-fat chicken breast processing technology have submitted patent applications. In the future, the company will continue to do a good job in the technical reserves of technology, raw materials and other aspects.


It is worth noting that liangpin shop has also received the blessing of the major shareholder of high strategic capital.

“ Since we started to segment the market last year, a project team of highland capital has been in close communication with us to assist the project team of liangpin Feiyang (Note: liangpin shop sub brand) in market insight analysis. ” The company told xiaoshidai today that the “three zero air cake” is the product that the highland capital team cooperates with.

For the meal, good shop in the beginning of the game has a quite aggressive goal.

In July last year, Yang yinfen, President of liangpin shop, told xiaoshidai that the company’s short-term goal was to achieve “1 billion scale” in its catering business. Today, xiaoshidai learned from the company that by the end of 2020, the sales volume of liangpinpu’s sub catering sector has reached 108 million yuan.

In order to achieve the goal of “1 billion” faster, the snack giant now has a clearer new path: focus on resources, develop superior categories, and create large single products. Today, xiaoshidai learned from liangpin store that based on this strategy, the company will focus on developing “staple food” products such as “three zero air cake”, “probiotic milkshake” and “sugar free whole wheat bread”, as well as “zero food” products such as absorbable jelly, high protein beef jerky slices and low-fat egg jerky, so as to provide comprehensive choices for consumers.


At the same time, considering the characteristics of consumers’ portraits, the target group of liangpin shop’s next generation meal series has also changed from Pan fitness and professional fitness professionals to “young women with weight management needs”, and the whole line of product packaging adopts color design that is more in line with young women’s aesthetic. According to cbndata’s 2020 insight report on light food consumption, nearly 70% of the consumers are women, and the post-85s and post-90s account for 40% of the consumption.


Looking forward to the future, liangpin shop said that the catering sector will mainly focus on consumer insight and product R & D innovation. Specifically, it includes the realization of “delicious and healthy” meal substitute products through R & D innovation, the provision of better raw materials, the reduction of additives as far as possible, more stringent product testing, and efforts in packaging design.

With the implementation of the new strategy mentioned above, liangpin stores are expected to make more efficient use of resources and boost the high-end strategy by gaining a firm foothold in the catering market.

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“Fight” on behalf of the food market, good shop to start a new strategy!















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