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The market value of Dongpeng rose nearly 70 billion on the 11th day. Coca Cola wine products cooperated with Origen, willing to drop the limit of wine industry. Nestle China’s first 4-stage partially hydrolyzed milk powder and dingdong rushed to the New York Stock Exchange

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Dongpeng beverage trading limit for the 11th consecutive day, market value approaching 70 billion yuan

Today, Dongpeng beverage has been on the market for 11 trading days. It has been trading at 172.81 yuan for 11 consecutive days, up 274% from the IPO price of 46.27 yuan. The latest market value is 69.1 billion yuan, with a price earnings ratio of 69.1 times.

Baijiu enters the liquor market and its stock price continues to limit (financial circles).

Recently, the company announced that it was entering the Baijiu market, and the stock price was going all the way. Today it is trading again, reporting 16.6 yuan / share, with a total market value of 5 billion 596 million yuan. Before that, Lai said on its interactive platform, its own brand Maotai Baijiu liquor has been sold in its all channels (including online, offline stores and group purchase channels). At its tmall flagship store, Guizhou 53 ° The 6 Baijiu liquor and the two red wine have been sold on the shelves, but the sales volume is all single digit.

Origen: has cooperated with Coca Cola on alcoholic beverage filling service (shell Finance)

In response to investors’ questions about the product business on the interactive platform, packaging manufacturer Origen said yesterday that the company has cooperated with Coca Cola to provide integrated canning and filling services for its Topaz soda sparkling wine.

Feihe and others plan to build industrial ecology of organic food, plants and related products (company news)

Yesterday, the Heilongjiang provincial investment cooperation and exchange conference released the industrial investment map of Heilongjiang Province. Feihe, the original ecological animal husbandry and related supply chain enterprises announced the investment and construction of Heilongjiang Ecological industrial chain. In the next 10 years, Feihe, original ecological animal husbandry and other fresh milk suppliers, together with relevant supply chain enterprises, plan to invest in new factory construction and upgrading, pasture construction, etc., and will continue to deepen the infrastructure construction of industrial clusters, expand and strengthen the auxiliary industry of infant formula milk powder, and build an industrial ecology of organic food, plants and related products.

Rookie and Nestle realize Omni channel supply chain cooperation

A few days ago, rookie announced that it has cooperated with Nestle group to realize a comprehensive supply chain warehousing system, covering B2C, B2B, digital supply chain and logistics supply chain, involving Nestle coffee, Nestle mother and baby, Starbucks, Jiazhi cuisine and other brands.

Mengniu innovates to realize packaging reuse (company news)

According to today’s official account of Mengniu WeChat public, recently, Mengniu integrated industrial ecological forces, including plastic raw material suppliers, packaging manufacturers, recycling and other industrial chain, first realized recycling of plastic packaging in the domestic food industry, and made full use of PCR after consumption, as a product packaging film. After all of them are switched over, it is estimated that about 300 tons of carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced every year, reducing resource waste and carbon emissions on a large scale.

JUNLEBAO plans to vigorously promote family farm model (released by Xingtai)

Yesterday afternoon, Qian Sanxiong, Secretary of Xingtai municipal Party committee, song Huaying, deputy secretary of Xingtai municipal Party committee and acting mayor, had a discussion with Wei Lihua, chairman and President of JUNLEBAO dairy group. Wei Lihua said that in the next step, JUNLEBAO dairy will give full play to its role as a leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, increase investment in Xing, vigorously promote the family farm model, and better drive and promote the increase of farmers’ income.

Wanda Group and COFCO signed a centralized purchase agreement (company news)

According to the official website of Wanda Group yesterday, on June 8, Wanda Group and COFCO group held the signing ceremony of the centralized purchase agreement in Beijing. The two sides will further promote and deepen their strategic cooperation in rice, flour, grain and oil procurement and brand marketing. According to the newly signed centralized procurement agreement, the two sides will complete the docking of online procurement platform in July this year, and it is expected to realize the total docking of the whole process of online procurement by the end of this year.

Shede liquor industry fell by the limit, two business departments in Shenzhen sold about 250 million yuan (Sina Finance)

According to Sina Financial news today, shede liquor industry dropped its limit today. According to the data of dragon and tiger list, the top five seats in the trading were all the business departments of securities companies. Specifically, the Shenzhen Qianhai securities business department of GF Securities sold 170 million yuan, and the Shenzhen Branch of CITIC Securities sold 79.92 million yuan. Huatai Securities Beijing Yonghegong, Haitong Securities Jiaxing Zhongshan West Road, the first two seats of the buyer, all bought more than 60 million yuan.

Dong Baozhen’s response to the report of shede liquor: sufficient evidence of possible manipulation of share price (shell Finance)

Today, the well-known private equity company of Beijing Lingtong Shengtai investment disclosed to shell finance that the “evidence of possible manipulation” of shede’s share price was sufficient. Dong Baozhen said, “for this reason, I point out once again that my report letter, in the absence of physical evidence, provides more logical correctness than physical evidence. My logical evidence is extremely sufficient and comprehensive.”

Guizhou Maotai: production capacity is expected to reach 55300 tons in 2021 (Southern Metropolis Daily)

Yesterday, Guizhou Maotai held the 2020 annual general meeting of shareholders. On the issue of Maotai’s production expansion during the 14th Five Year Plan period, Gao Weidong, chairman of Guizhou Maotai, said that this year’s production capacity is expected to achieve 55300 tons. In addition, it is reported that Maotai is exploring ways to broaden investment and financing channels. According to Gao Weidong, at present, Maotai has passed the application, and the regulatory authorities have agreed that the company has added fixed income securities investment, and also carried out relevant businesses that meet the regulatory requirements.

Gao Weidong: Baijiu industry has entered the golden period and adjustment period (First Finance).

Gao Weidong, chairman of Guizhou Moutai, said that since 2000, the Baijiu industry has entered the golden period and adjustment period. According to statistics, last year, the Baijiu enterprise in China completed the production of 740.7 million liters. The national sales revenue reached 583.64 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 4.9%. The Baijiu industry still has a good development quality and development tenacity under the pressure of deep adjustment and epidemic impact.

Novozyme scientific research products appear in fic2021 (company news)

On June 8, the 24th China International Food additives and Ingredients Exhibition and the 30th national food additives production and Application Technology Exhibition (fic2021) were held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Novozyme, an enterprise in the field of biological solutions, appeared with its latest scientific research products. Novozyme’s consumer goods market booth mainly displays the application and products of innovative technologies such as “Oat Bread with 0 sucrose and 0 oil addition”, “bread with 40% oil reduction” and “enzymolysis oat milk”.

Ding Dong: Gmv over 13 billion yuan in 2020

According to today’s IPO news, dingdong Daicai formally submitted its F-1 prospectus to the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 8, US Eastern time. It plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange with “DDL” as the securities code, with Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Credit Suisse as the co lead underwriters. Dingdong now covers 29 cities in China, with 40 regional processing centers and more than 950 self operated front positions, of which 5 cities have a monthly total commodity volume (Gmv) of more than 100 million yuan.

Costco will settle in Ningbo and Hangzhou in 2023

On June 6, Ningbo Yinzhou District Investment Promotion Center said that kaishike (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed a project investment agreement with Yinzhou District government to open a store in Yinzhou District. Construction is expected to start this year and open in 2023. On June 7, according to the news released by Xiaoshan, as a key project of the whole province, Xiaoshan Economic and Technological Development Zone signed an investment agreement with kaishike (China) Investment Co., Ltd. on the kaishike Hangzhou supermarket project. According to an insider of Kaike (China) Investment Co., Ltd., who did not want to be named, Hangzhou and Ningbo have indeed signed investment agreements.

HEMA sets up a new Internet company in Shanghai (36 krypton)

According to 36 krypton yesterday’s news, tianyancha app shows that Shanghai HEMA Internet Network Co., Ltd. was established, the legal representative of which is mu Shengyang, with a registered capital of 100000 yuan. The company is 100% owned by HEMA (China) Co., Ltd.

Pre cooking brand “cook light cooking” recently won a round of financing (interface News)

According to interface news today, the pre cooking brand “cook light cooking” has recently received tens of millions of yuan in round a financing, which is exclusively invested by Yueheng capital. The funds will be used for new product development, supply chain improvement, brand building, etc. This is also the second round of financing for the brand within half a year. Before that, the angel round of financing of RMB 10 million was led by Qingshan capital. Cooook light cooking was established in December 2020. Its brand positioning is “one-stop exotic cuisine”, providing Western food, Japanese and Korean food, Southeast Asian food and South American food. At present, it mainly sells instant pasta.

Vegetable meat brand “Miaoxian” completes millions of Yuan Angel round financing (36 krypton)

On June 10, 36 krypton learned that the vegetable meat brand “Miaoxian” has completed millions of Yuan Angel round financing, which is exclusively invested by Hangzhou Gongshu District People’s government.

Meituan plans to recruit 60000 new employees in 2021 (latepost later)

In order to meet the needs of business expansion, meituan plans to recruit 60000 new employees in 2021. Meituan is about to become another Internet company with the size of 100000 employees in a short period of time. These 60000 people are mainly needed for basic jobs such as logistics and local promotion, serving the community group buying business, meituan optimization and B2B catering supply chain business. In recent years, the number of meituan employees has been stable at about 50000.

Damo: give jiumaojiu “better than big market” rating, target price is HK $41 (Sina Finance)

According to sina finance today, Damo released a research report, rating jiumaojiu as “better than the big market”, with a target price of HK $41. It said that the company’s business in Guangdong will face pressure in the near future, but the bank is still optimistic about the long-term growth of the group, and expects its share price to rise with the gradual normalization of the epidemic situation.

Xianhezhuang denies Bankruptcy (Sina Finance)

Yesterday, the media revealed that “a number of domestic Xianhezhuang closed down for cancellation”. Subsequently, the official microblog of Xianhezhuang issued a statement denying the rumors of closure. The statement said that recently, some media, micro-blog and jtiktok issued “false Hon Hon headquarters shut down the franchisees miserable”, “a number of domestic and rural integration and closing of the village,” “all the stores in Fuzhou pass the whole Zhang” and other false information. Such information is pure fabrication.

Nestle launches its first 4-stage partially hydrolyzed milk powder in China (company news)

On June 7, the first 4-stage partially hydrolyzed children’s formula in Nestle’s Chinese market, chaoqinneng 4-stage joint JD, officially launched. The company said it was “a professional nutrition program to make parenting easier for parents and make the baby grow better.”.

JDE Peet’s plans to issue 2 billion euro bonds for the first time (company news)

JDE Peet’s, a coffee and tea company, announced today that it will issue the first issue of bonds on June 16 with a fixed principal of 2 billion euros, including a 4.6-year 750 million euro note with a coupon rate of 0% and maturity in 2026; 7.6-year euro 750 million notes with a coupon rate of 0.5% and maturity in 2029; The 12-year EUR 500 million note, with a coupon rate of 1.125%, matures in 2033. Proceeds from the notes will be used for existing debt financing, refinancing and general corporate purposes. The notes are expected to be listed on euromtf on the Luxembourg stock exchange.

Resignation of a Carlsberg Executive (company news)

Carlsberg group announced on June 7 that Phil Hodges, executive vice president of ISC, has resigned. Phil Hodges joined the Carlsberg group and the Executive Committee in February 2017. Carlsberg said the company would announce Phil Hodges’ replacement in due course.

Jinbao Tangjiang’s performance forecast for this year (Xinbao financial news)

Today, Kimberly soup, the world’s largest canned soup maker, announced its third quarter adjusted earnings of $0.57 per share, lower than analysts’ forecast of $0.66; Revenue fell 11% to $1.98 billion, lower than analysts expected of $2 billion. The company lowered its adjusted net profit per share forecast for this year, from an increase of up to 5% as originally estimated to a decrease of up to 2%. Jin Baotang explained that the reason for the adjustment was that the cost continued to rise and the marginal profit margin was damaged. In response to the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures in various countries, the economy began to restart and product sales were hit.

Wide   Open renewable carbon neutral oat milk quickly opens the market (Aohua Finance Online)

On June 9, wide open agriculture, an Australian renewable food and agriculture company, disclosed that oatup, a plant-based dairy product, has made positive response since it was put on the market for several months. It has entered more than 150 cafes and retail outlets in South and Western Australia, and its distributor network has expanded rapidly. It is reported that oatup is the world’s first renewable carbon neutral oat milk product, which is made from renewable oats produced in Western Australia. Oatup is testing the international market and has recently been launched in Singapore.

Australia’s largest supermarket chain Woolworth holding PFD approved (Aohua Finance Online)

Australia’s competition and Consumer Council (ACCC) announced on Thursday that it had no objection to Woolworth, Australia’s largest supermarket chain, holding PFD food services, Australia’s second largest food service provider, after a seven month investigation, because the deal would not have a substantial impact on competition in the field. Woolworth shares rose in early trading on Thursday as a result of the news. 10: The transaction price was a $42.92, up a $0.29, or 0.68%. The stock’s return on investment in the past year was 13.64%.

Tyson Food Promises net zero carbon emissions by 2050 (company news)

Tyson food yesterday released its 2020 sustainable development progress report, announcing that by 2050, the company will achieve net zero emissions in its global operations and supply chain. Tyson food said the key areas the company will give priority to in order to achieve this goal include: establishing a feasible path to achieve 50% renewable energy use in its U.S. business by 2030; By 2025, expand the current goal of 5 million acres to achieve sustainable beef production; Strive to eliminate the risk of deforestation in the global supply chain by 2030; Support climate action policy through advocacy groups such as the net zero business alliance.

Quick reading of food industry information

Shenzhen’s catering industry’s revenue soared by more than 70% in the first quarter (Securities Times)

With the effective control of the epidemic, the catering industry gradually ushered in “retaliatory” consumption growth. According to the statistics of Shenzhen Cuisine Association, the total revenue of Shenzhen catering industry in the first quarter of 2021 reached 1059.6 billion yuan, up 75.8% year on year. The trend of take out and new retail of catering enterprises is obvious. Just now, Kwai Ma announced the establishment of the new incubator “box X accelerator”, and some other catering enterprises, such as the head of the Hunan brand brand farm machine, were in the middle of the blue ocean of “restaurant retailing”.

“Two sessions and one exhibition” of China’s dairy industry will be officially launched in Hefei in mid July (Xinhuanet)

According to Xinhua news today, on June 9, China Dairy Association officially issued a notice that the 12th China Dairy Industry Conference and 2021 China dairy industry exhibition and 2021 China top 20 dairy industry (D20) summit will be held at Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center in Hefei, Anhui Province from July 17 to 19, 2021.

A new round of nucleic acid testing started in many districts of Guangzhou, and many catering units were shut down because they refused to suspend restaurant food (First Finance)

According to the report of China first finance and economics today, Guangzhou new crown nucleic acid screening is still in progress, and a new round of nucleic acid testing has been started in several key areas today. So far, 11 districts in Guangzhou have issued notices prohibiting or restricting church food. However, some catering enterprises have a fluke mentality. At present, 39 catering units in Panyu District of Guangzhou have been shut down for refusing to suspend the hall food.

Pay attention to “xiaoshidai” (wechat: foodinc) “and see the wonderful news.

The market value of Dongpeng rose nearly 70 billion on the 11th day. Coca Cola wine products cooperated with Origen, willing to drop the limit of wine industry. Nestle China’s first 4-stage partially hydrolyzed milk powder and dingdong rushed to the New York Stock Exchange



Wide Open再生性碳中和燕麦奶快速打开市场(澳华财经在线)

6月9日,澳大利亚可再生食品和农业公司Wide Open Agriculture披露,植物基奶制品OatUP投放市场几个月来取得积极回应,已进驻南澳、西澳州的150多个咖啡厅和零售点,分销商网络快速扩大。据报道,OatUP是世界上首个再生性碳中和燕麦奶产品,由西澳所产的再生燕麦制成。OatUP正试水国际市场,近期已在新加坡上。



澳大利亚竞争和消费者委员会(ACCC)周四宣布,经过7个月的调查,不反对澳洲最大的连锁超市Woolworths控股澳洲第二大食品服务供应商PFD Food Services,原因是该交易不会对该领域的竞争造成实质性影响。受此消息影响,Woolworths股价周四早盘上涨。10:42成交价为42.92澳元,上扬0.29澳元,涨幅0.68%。该股近一年的投资回报率为13.64%。



泰森食品昨日发布2020年可持续发展进展报告,宣布到2050年公司要在全球运营及供应链中实现净零排放。泰森食品表示,公司为实现这一目标将优先考虑的关键领域包括:建立可行路径以实现到 2030 年在其美国业务中使用 50% 的可再生能源;到 2025 年,扩大目前500万英亩的牧场目标,以实现牛肉可持续生产;努力实现到2030 年消除 全球供应链中的森林砍伐风险;通过净零商业联盟等倡导团体支持气候行动政策等。



一季度深圳餐饮业营收大涨超七成 (证券时报网)









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