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Who says delicious food and health can’t be both? Listen to the leading brand of yeast extract tell the business story

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2021 FIC (China International Food additives and Ingredients Exhibition) arrived as scheduled. The hustle and bustle of people, beautiful exhibition stands, new products and new technologies that bring endless imagination to people are all highlighting the vitality of China’s food industry, which reflects the exuberant food demand of overseas people.

No matter how the food trend changes, the pursuit of delicious and healthy is always the main theme. The food ingredients represented by yeast extract play an important role in catering to the dual needs of taste and health.
Biospringer is a leading brand of yeast extract with a history of 100 years. Relying on the global business team and food application center of Lesaffre Group, they provide natural flavor solutions with yeast extract series products as the core for Chinese food industry.
The rapid recovery of food consumption market in the post epidemic era has undoubtedly made spenger rush to speed up the pace of meeting the needs of the new market, adjust the strategic direction, and strive to build a more flexible, more open and more stable business map in the “new food era”. In 2021, spinger has successively released the white paper on plant based flavor solutions, held a plant based innovation challenge, renewed its brand image, and participated in several industry development forums to deeply explore new opportunities and challenges in the Chinese market.
At the time of FIC food industry event, at the invitation of spinger, I went to a fresh and elegant exhibition stand in the National Convention and Exhibition Center, where I had a dialogue with Mr. Gianfranco galleri, general manager of spinger Asia Pacific region, about delicious food and health, present and future.
Spenger invited French chefs to make Springer in the exhibition area ® Yeast extract is a delicious food. Photo source: spinger
Product innovation injects surging power into spinger
The innovation of food ingredients needs the continuous accumulation of food science, technology and other fields, with long cycle and high difficulty, which is often regarded as the driving force to promote the innovation of food industry.
As a century old enterprise with rich experience in the field of yeast extract, spinger always maintains a rigorous and innovative attitude, and the products dedicated to the industry can stand the test of time and consumer inspection.
Spenger focuses on innovation and has set up a special innovation department in China and a R & D center in Laibin, Guangxi. We not only pay attention to the demand of traditional market, but also focus on developing new application fields, combining with market trends to develop new products and provide innovative solutions.
At the Third International Fair in November last year, spinger launched Springer with “salt reduction” as its core demand ® Umami AA。 By strengthening salt perception, improving taste and extending aftertaste, the product can reduce salt by 30%, while maintaining the original flavor intensity and fullness without any flavor loss. It can be used in soy sauce, sauce, hotpot seasoning and seasoning, especially in the “natural, no added” product positioning.
Photo source: spinger
In addition, Springer ® 2020、Springarom ® Yeast based flavors and other products together constitute a variety of salt and fresh solution.
In March this year, spinger renewed its brand concept – “continuous innovation, achievement of trustworthy delicacy”, reshaped the important product series, strengthened and delivered the brand commitment of customer first, and continued to lead the innovation and development determination of yeast extract. Many of the solutions that Springer develops for customers are based on this value concept. Through the cooperation of different departments within the company, we can give customers the best products.
Photo source: spinger
In the 360 degree flavor wheel presented by spinger to the public, it covers seven series of products with different functions. As a part of its brand strategy adjustment, the remolded product series aims to promote the transformation of spenger from a collaborative supplier to a flexible innovation partner, improve brand awareness and speed up the regional communication process.
Mr galleri said, “Spencer uses global standards to guide the development of Chinese products. With the help of various exhibitions and forums, we will show the industry the dual functions of our products in terms of delicacy and health, and show our brand concept, so that spinger can gain a wider recognition in the Chinese market. “
Sustainable thinking, promoting sustainable business
In Spencer’s new corporate image, protecting the earth has become a key word. As a world-famous food ingredient company with the purpose of creating healthy and delicious food, why do they associate food with protecting the earth? To what extent will this corporate philosophy help spenger’s business?
During the conversation, foodaily learned: as early as many years ago, lesfour group began to do sustainable development. While maintaining profits, it is committed to respecting the earth and its residents, producing yeast and yeast derived products with crops as raw materials, optimizing the production process, including monitoring sewage discharge, reducing waste of energy and water resources, recycling by-products, etc. The whole lesford group is working together towards the same goal.
Photo source: spinger
Lesford has set a clear goal for environmental protection: 15% of industrial expenditure is spent on actions to reduce the environmental footprint, and 20-30% of investment is spent on building new factories and implementing environmental protection plans. In addition, quality education, clean water and sanitation, sustainable consumption and production and climate action are also included in lesford’s platform for action.
For example, plastic pollution is attracting the attention of consumers all over the world. As one of the important sources of plastic waste, the environmental protection of packaging is increasingly concerned. Lesaff recently launched a global CSR project to reduce the use of plastic in packaging.
This kind of sustainable practice is not only beneficial to the environment, but also a powerful driving force for lesford. In fact, some big customers are also concerned about earth protection, and they will ask suppliers to take relevant sustainable actions. The concept of sustainable development, has become a global consensus, is the demand of customers, but also the demand of the market.
Spinger often emphasizes safety first. In their eyes, safety not only refers to providing customers with safe, reliable and high-quality products, creating a safe working environment for employees, and giving them growth space and sense of responsibility; It also includes caring for the environment, taking on more social responsibility and moving forward on the road of sustainable development.
The corporate image of being brave in undertaking is helping spenger open more business doors.
Business opportunities in hot tracks are only for those who are prepared
On the last day of 2020, spinger’s official wechat released a review of the hot spots of that year. China’s rapidly changing consumer market, especially the new consumption and new eating methods after the epidemic, is bringing unprecedented business opportunities to the food industry. What do these hotspots mean to spenger?
Mr. galleri and I first talked about plant meat. He thinks: the plant base is not only in China, but also in many other countries. Spenger once invited market consulting agencies to analyze the vegetable meat market and believed that there would be a very big leap forward in 10 to 20 years. China is an important member of the global plant-based industry chain. Although not many people consume plant meat or plant protein at present, it is expected to increase significantly in a few years.
Photo source: spinger
How to succeed in the plant based market? First of all, we should focus on flavor and texture, which is what yeast extract is good at. Yeast is a single celled fungus. Common Baker’s yeast was used to ferment bread thousands of years ago. This fermentation process has also transformed yeast cells into one of the most revolutionary protein sources in the world. Yeast is rich in natural protein (49%) and minerals (7%), so it is always an ideal choice for vegetarians. Yeast extract is produced by fermentation, which is a familiar, adaptive and well-known processing technology for consumers.
Springalys was developed by spinger a few years ago ® D201 yeast can provide white meat feeling, cover up the odor of plant protein, and enhance the overall plumpness of vegetarian meat products. The product can also improve the texture of vegetarian meat and make it more biting. There’s Springer, which improves the meat, the taste and the base ® Reveal 1220 yeast extract, Springer for fat texture ® 4101 yeast extract has become one of the important technical guarantees to promote the quality of domestic plant meat products.
Photo source: spinger
The popularity of plant meat also needs appropriate price drive. Although the product price is relatively high, with the technical problems being solved one by one, and the production cost can be significantly reduced after large-scale mass production, plant meat will also find a balance between enterprise profit and consumer acceptance.
Mr. galleri noticed that many large companies have made considerable investment in the field of plant meat at present. In the future, plant meat will form a huge market volume. China’s consumption of plant base and plant protein will continue to grow.
The second hot track is children’s food. Since the release of the first children’s snack group standard in May 2020, the children’s food war has become increasingly fierce. The whole industry is in a stage of standardization and scientization. Additives in children’s snacks have also been abandoned by brands and disappeared. So, what will the 600 billion track bring to spinger?
Mr galleri said: spenger’s products are actually available to all people. Everyone prefers to eat products made of natural materials, which is not only the demand of children’s market, but also the demand of the whole consumer market. In the current development of children’s snacks, additives are gradually decreasing, which shows that we are taking actions to protect the next generation.
Food giants are pouring into the children’s food market. On the basis of retaining the taste, they can also have a very scientific nutrition presentation, so as to establish a natural and non additive product image. The work of developing healthy eating habits needs great investment, continuous work and patience. Mr. galleri came to China six years ago. He has a deep understanding of the rapid changes in the Chinese market. Now more and more enterprises and consumers are paying attention to healthy and natural food raw materials.
Yeast extract, with its natural source, can reduce or even keep away from additives in food formula. It is suitable for low salt and low sugar formula and highly matches the trend of children’s food health. The fast-growing children’s food track will also benefit spenger a lot.
In addition to children, the domestic aging phenomenon is also the focus of many ingredients enterprises. The dietary demands of the elderly, especially the demand for reducing salt, provide a greater place for natural and healthy flavor ingredients. In Japan, many low salt products designed for the elderly are realized by yeast extract.
In short, where there are health needs, Spencer’s development vision will fall on where.
Consolidate business map, insight into the future from changes
In 2020, lesifor group completed the majority acquisition of Inner Mongolia baihuisheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd., further consolidating its business in China.
Mr. galleri said that as a food ingredient, the demand for yeast extract is growing day by day. Spinger has developed well in China in recent years, and its market share is also expanding. The steadily improving business has put forward new requirements for production capacity. The new factory is designed to meet the development needs of the market. The Chinese market is huge, with many opportunities and challenges. It is one of the most important markets for the group. In the future, it will continue to increase investment and expand the market.
China’s rapidly changing consumer market has a profound impact on spenger’s overall strategic deployment. In the new development plan, in addition to the traditional application fields of yeast extract, such as soy sauce, convenience food, seasoning and other fields, spinger also focuses on the market development of new fields, such as catering, health products, plant-based, meat products and so on.
Photo source: spinger
In addition to consolidating their own business and ability, insight into the future in the change, is also a mature enterprise needs to have the quality. Talking about the intuitive impression of the rapid development of the Chinese market, Mr. galleri summed up three most profound feelings:
First of all, China is a very big market, which is constantly changing and changing very fast. In recent years, he can clearly feel the whole industry’s investment in quality, which is also the result of the so-called consumption upgrading.
Second, the market competition in China is very fierce, not only in yeast extract industry, but also in other industries. This kind of competition not only brings pressure to the enterprise, but also promotes the company to increase the strength of product development and make more high-quality products that meet the market demand.
Third, Chinese people love food. In addition to the regular meal time in the morning, noon and evening, people will eat at other times. In addition to eating anytime and anywhere, the universality and diversity of food is also a major feature of the Chinese market. This is a very good business impetus for the food industry.
Finally, Mr. galleri and I talked about the changes of new brands to the industry rules. With the help of e-commerce platform and capital support, they have become an important force to promote the development of the industry. They are rapidly creating one hot track after another, and expanding it to tens of billions and hundreds of billions. These are new changes that food ingredients enterprises cannot ignore.
Mr galleri said that for customers, whether they are traditional large enterprises or cutting-edge small brands, Spencer is open-minded, working together and making progress hand in hand.
Mr. galleri and frank Li. Photo source: spinger
An hour of interview was spent unconsciously. Looking at the dense records on the paper, my mind is more and more clearly showing the future of spinger. The new slogan of spinger, which was born only three months ago – “continuous innovation, achievement of trustworthy delicacy”, also began to materialize into yeast extracts, R & D laboratories and factories.
The new wave of consumption is urging brands to study consumer demands carefully, develop more personalized and scene oriented products, and design marketing methods and sales channels more in line with the mobile Internet era. How can suppliers in the upstream of the industrial chain quickly perceive and capture market trends to enhance their competitiveness? Spenger, should be a good reference!
On spenger biospringer
Yeast extract from yeast is an innovative and natural food ingredient. Spenger is committed to making food more delicious and healthy, protecting the earth, caring for human beings, and becoming a reliable partner for customers.
We are an important participant in the food industry and a global manufacturer, with 9 factories, a global network of business teams and food application centers, and a team of technicians and R & D experts. Our solutions include yeast extract, dry yeast, yeast essence and so on.

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