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Tea at three is no good. The girl is drinking at six


what is good wine? After drinking, what can please oneself is good wine.

Last time I went out to take a train sleeper, I felt that the times had changed. Several young girls sat around chatting, drinking whiskey and sprite.
Once upon a time, the train table was always a fly restaurant occupied by the elders. They spent a long journey with Niulanshan and roast chicken. “Talking about wine and turning pale” is the good daughter of mom and dad.
Now I don’t drink milk tea when I go shopping with my best friend. I have a can of Suntory white peach bubble wine in my hand. After a few mouthfuls, she says that she is more thirsty than tea. After all, she likes tea. Naixue has also introduced fruit tea with alcohol to comply with the tide. Since she was infected by her wine last year, it’s more comfortable to go home and drink a cup of rum soaked lychee every night than to do big health care.
Girls, drink a new outlet. Unexpectedly, the wine market, which used to be dominated by middle-aged and elderly male users, began to change dramatically. Tmall 618 made a good start and low alcohol sales took off directly. Fruit wine increased by 130% over the same period last year, and soda, which is popular in summer, increased by more than 1000% over the same period last year.
So since when have so many “drunkards” emerged?
“It’s true when you’re slightly drunk
    When you’re drunk, you’re a fool. “
Since the popularity of putting a bottle of wine on lemon tea, no box of Vita lemon tea can walk out of the convenience store soberly.
The simple operation that ended the matter inspired the spirits of bartenders in countless girls. Lemon tea with vodka is a simple version of long island iced tea; Pour Baili sweet into Wangzai milk, which is the exclusive pacifier for adults; Wang Laoji combines Chinese and western with wild style, which can not only relieve the heat, but also boost the fun of dancing. He is a master of punk health.
In the orange software search “convenience store mixing wine”, the combination of packages is dazzling, and all the items are popular.
Whether it’s delicious or not, the colorful CP stew is full of color. In the free combination, it can even exert unlimited imagination, which is more exciting than opening a blind box.
The cost of blending wine is low, and the sweet beverage milk and alcohol can completely meet the needs of “good drink”. This trend is not groundless, “little sweet wine” has long been injected into the DNA of contemporary urban beauty.
If you don’t know what to drink, you can go to Douban “drunkard grass planting and pulling base” to find inspiration. More than 80000 team members toast Mingyue here. Although we call ourselves drunkard, we all know that “when we are slightly drunk, we are the most real. When we are drunk, we will become a fool.”
There are too many advantages of being slightly drunk, for example, taking photos with a milk drunk makeup filter, reddening cheeks and smiling a little is more natural than becoming the monkey king; It’s too boring to eat only vegetables. If you have wine and meat, you will have the flavor of life. Some group members need to use alcohol to relieve anxiety. When coffee is out of use, they have to have a whole drink. After visiting the drunkard base, I feel that my five elements are short of wine.
You see, it’s becoming more and more necessary to have a little sweet wine. The social toy for middle-aged people is Maotai, while the sweet wine is the key for young people to open their hearts. After work, going to Qingba drinking with several female colleagues is more useful than any league building. It will not hurt the image, but also set off the atmosphere. Special order wine list, rich strange name, until drink flower arm boss tune elderberry, just find the love wine.
As early as 10 years ago, we actually received the enlightenment about drinking small wine. When I was a child, I liked to see four friends in the pink girl gathering in the bar to talk about love and career. That was my first impression of Mordor’s life. In the Chinese version of “sex and the city”, I really want to fall in love, four female owners drink a draught beer, which is the most enjoyable scene of nightlife.
Photo source: still photo of love
It’s not necessary to go to a bar to drink. I have a friend who is totally alcohol Xiaobai. Since he moved to a new roommate who likes to mix wine, he opened the door to a new world.
For the last overtime dog to turn off the light in the office every day, going home early in a not so busy evening, lighting the aromatherapy, turning on the floor lamp and drinking a cup of sparkling liqueur is the greatest blessing. Playing shrem and drinking a glass of wine in the fragmented time is equivalent to doing a soul horse killing chicken.
As a result, in today’s society, everyone has a bottle of liqueur to open the social platform, and all major food and even beauty bloggers have started Amway’s “girl wine”. In theory, the alcohol content less than 15% belongs to low alcohol wine, usually sweet or sugar free bubble wine, mostly fruity. The capital knelt down to ask young people to drink Baijiu, but young people did not choose to drink low.
On tmall, low alcohol liquor has quietly become a new outlet for entrepreneurship. Jiang Xiaobai, who moved men’s hearts by writing away from their hearts, founded a new brand Meijian, hoping to conquer women’s hearts by sweet wine. Drunk goose Niang, Miss berry, just look at the name, you know it is “exclusive to women.”.
According to tmall data, the main customers of low alcohol trendy drinks are young women in the first and second tier cities. New white-collar workers, exquisite mothers, senior middle class and generation Z constitute the main force of low alcohol wine consumption. Drinking is like drinking coke, which has become a normal life. It’s just like a girl who said in the drunkard base that “if you don’t drink on Friday, life will go in vain.”.
Who blows the wind of low alcohol wine?
If you ask why you fall in love with drinking, the first answer must be “because it’s delicious, of course.”. There is a high fever problem. “What is Baijiu good to drink?” Not only Baijiu spicy stomach but also expensive, in the eyes of people who can not get liquor, Hongxing Erguotou and Moutai are a difficult grade.
The threshold of low alcohol liquor is low. Even if you have never drunk alcohol, you can accept the taste and the pleasure of being slightly drunk. In the circle of low alcohol liquor, no one despises you for not drinking enough mellow. Baijiu Wuliangye, the national cellar is an entry level. Only 53 degrees Moutai is a winner. Red wine is a place of origin. Not from Burgundy, it is necessary to get a good taste on the basis of “understanding”.
No matter what is white or red, you should have a good tongue to appreciate, and you’d better have rich assets. No matter how they are grounded, they are not as good as low alcohol wine itself. Bubbling, colored, sour and sweet liqueur is an advanced version of milk tea and beverage. In the survey of young consumers with monthly consumption of more than 500 yuan, young people focus on “having a good time” and “taste good”, and the least on “the grade of wine”.
What’s more, drinking is a symbol and privilege of a mature society. Compared with pure sugar drinks, low alcohol drinks have more rich taste and function of atmosphere group.
It’s just delicious. They’re good-looking. Gu Yu once collated the data of social platform and found three key words of low alcohol liquor: beauty, girlish heart and sense of ceremony. Half of the wine is bought because of the bottle. If you have a high face value, you can take 50 pictures. It can even be recycled as a vase.
Source: data of Grain Rain
Just like Rio, who used to mix with KTV at night in his early years, stands out in many drinks with the visual impact caused by colorful glass bottles. Recently, the sweet wine “berry sweetheart”, which Liu Yu was invited to speak for, is said that in order to find good looking glass bottles, the team spent three months in glass factories all over the country.
Photo source: Official microblog of berry sweetheart

Today, 0 calorie, 0 sugar and 0 fat are like mysterious incantations that occupy the minds of young people. Yuanqi forest takes advantage of sugar substitutes and turns sweet water into healthy water. For example, white claw, which is popular in the United States, has only 5% alcohol content, mainly Zero sugar, and only 100 calories per can.

Because nowadays, young people are contradictory bodies of cherishing life and indulgence. Since childhood, I have been influenced by the saying “although strong wine is good, don’t drink too much”. We all know the harm of alcohol to the body and stomach. Especially when I heard that drinking has the burden of obesity, I want to find a healthy substitute.
The appearance of low alcohol wine gives the wine jars a ray of dawn. “Drinking will have psychological burden, but there is no sweet wine of three or four degrees. The atmosphere is in place. It’s good to leave a little bit of state without going to the top.”
The most important thing is that drinking low alcohol can get a safe range of “slightly drunk pleasure”. Low alcohol wine is not a new thing. For example, the most popular plum wine and rice wine have a history of thousands of years. Girls like to drink low alcohol wine because they inherit the traditional Chinese gene. Sister Li Qingzhao, the originator of Wenqing, likes to drink two cups of wine when she’s free, and then she is full of Poetry: “three cups and two cups of light wine, how can she fight against his late arrival?”.
Photo source: stills of a dream of Red Mansions
Why did the ancients get drunk and not play drunk, and even have the mood to recite poems? In ancient times, the technology of wine making was not developed. What I drank was low alcohol wine. I could drink a thousand cups of wine at 3 or 4 degrees. So Shi Xiangyun, who was drunk and drunk in flowers, was very beautiful, unlike the Baijiu Meng who drank 22 liquor.
The traditional liquor culture refers to the slightly drunk state after the small liquor is happy, while the liquor Bureau culture is the home of liquor. Sniff at Baijiu is one of the reasons why young people prefer to drink dozens of small wines.
《 In 2019, the liquor industry digitization development insight report showed that 42% of young people drank Baijiu Baijiu for social intercourse or group, 35% of them drank with their elders, and 31% of them drank in order to be active. After all, in traditional ideas, Baijiu culture symbolizes some power order, and it is the power and rules that are held in the hands of the elders.
“I can’t drink and I’m always advised by my leaders. That’s why I hate to attend company dinners.” Wine is very innocent. The wrong thing is that due to the social pressure and workplace pressure, people are fed wine. If they don’t drink, they will lose face and have no future. Of course, hate house and Wu won’t be interested in drinking.
Because there’s so much news about pinjiu being sent to ICU. Before, “new employees do not make complaints about drinking and being slapped”. After that, Wuliangye’s salesmen died after drinking. The commentary area was forced to drink and be encouraged to drink.
The consumption scene of low alcohol liquor is different. It’s not limited to who to drink with and where to drink. It’s not for “entertainment” and “entertainment”. It mainly depends on whether the drinker wants to drink or not. Therefore, low alcohol wine is usually endowed with the connotation of enjoying oneself, which is also the resistance of young people to the Wine Bureau culture.
Suntory’s tipsy wine once invited the former Japanese sexy goddess, zerika, to advertise. She opened a can of Suntory in her home clothes and sang: be alone ~ don’t be afraid ~ have a dream ~ live~   No one doesn’t want to.
Now young people fall in love with low alcohol liquor, and the market has been restless for a long time.
Suntory is well-known in Japan, but the first low alcohol wine to enter China is Bingrui. In 1997, Bingrui focused on instant drinking scenes and became a permanent guest of bars and KTV. In 2012, Bing Rui appeared in the background board of love apartment, which opened up the sales volume.
Photo source: stills of love apartment
Rio is also a regular variety show guest. It was launched in “day up”, “running brother” and “wonderful flower” and became the Internet wine of that year. 2015 was the peak year of Rio and the whole premixed cocktail. Rio achieved 70% rapid growth, but it began to decline the next year. Then Rio transformed from a bottle in KTV to a small fresh can in convenience store, and began to compete with drinks like Suntory in Japan.
Previous Rio & current Rio
Since 2009, Suntory launched the mildly drunk “heleyi” series, it has occupied 40% of the premix market in Japan. Suntory stands on the air, because premixed liquor is the only category that has achieved 12 years of growth in Japan, where the entire liquor market is weak.
Suntory has made itself a local product of Japan, because it introduces exclusive products according to different seasons and regions, and corresponding to different drinking scenes. Each new product can stimulate consumers’ collection addiction, which is a must for Japanese tourism and snow white lovers. In 2018, heleyi finally entered the Chinese market
The success of Suntory in the Japanese market, compared with the volume of China, the major brands have gone to sea to dig for gold. The liquor industry is known as the “Curse” of channel to decide life and death. For new brands, offline channel is a “hot potato”. It’s too expensive to compete with the old Japanese giants in supermarkets and convenience stores. They can’t survive without 70% gross profit. E-commerce can just solve this dilemma. As a result, the position of this wave of sweet wine entrepreneurs began to shift to tmall.
For example, in 2020, berry sweetheart won tens of millions of round a in Jingwei China. With the label of “0 addition, 0 blending and pure fruit brewing”, the sweet wine, which is the main selling point of health, hits the demands of young people. Some time ago, it launched spicy pot flavor to make its own heat“ “Meijian” sold out 200000 bottles in Li Jiaqi’s live studio, and 618 ranked first on the list of tianmaoguo liquor.
At the same time, the giants can’t resist their ambition to join in the fun. In May last year, Nongfu Shanquan launched the first new type of rice wine + bubble drink in China. Budweiser launched Mike’s hard, a bubble water with 6% alcohol content. Recently, even Coca Cola, which has not changed for a hundred years, announced that it began to sell wine, and launched hard soda bubble wine.
Although some people say that as they get older, they will eventually bow down to Maotai, there will always be young people who prefer low alcohol liquor with bubbles.
How imaginative is low alcohol?
Low alcohol liquor has a mass base, but there are still many problems in the industry. There are big categories, but few big brands; Market fragmentation, product homogeneity, taste convergence, more and more volume; With packaging and marketing as the main means to open the market, the product strength is not durable enough.
New players of low alcohol liquor
In the final analysis, the taste is the most important. The reason why Maotai is Maotai is that only the environmental technology with favorable weather and location can create a unique taste. Many low alcohol wine brands are also aware of this. At the beginning of its establishment, berry sweetheart went all over the country to compare the taste of all low alcohol wineries, and finally decided on an old winery in Hangzhou.
In addition, we also need to compete with the supply chain capacity. The lower the degree of liquor in the industry, the lower the gross profit. The low degree liquor industry relies on economies of scale to make money. Many brands spend a lot of money on marketing, they have to face the problem of loss, so one of the barriers of scale economy is to improve the supply chain capacity and control the cost.
Although the road is long, compared with the island countries, the domestic drinking market is still a fertile land.
More than 40% of Chinese people have never drunk alcohol, and 55.6% of them are women, compared with 9.1% in Japan. According to the survey of Japanese drinking trends, Japan’s annual consumption of fruit wine is 1.8 million tons. Now the trend of first and second tier liquor consumption is more and more closer to Japan. Those who haven’t drunk are huge stocks.
According to the data during the 2021 tmall New Year Festival, the number of orders for the preparation of wine and fruit wine increased by nearly 120% compared with that in 2020. Tmall new product innovation center’s “2020 fruit wine innovation trend report” pointed out that as of November 2020, the growth rate of plum wine was 90%, and the growth rate of premixed cocktails and fruit wine was 50%.
In addition, tmall launched the establishment of low tide drinking CEO club to help businesses improve their product, brand, operation, organization and capital strength, connect resources for entrepreneurs and boost the development of the industry.
How much room for imagination is there in China’s slightly drunk market? We are all exploring upward.
Compared with traditional Baijiu, low alcohol liquor is a human nature business. The founder of Lanzhou said, “in the past, wine was pure, not good, and the drinking experience was not good. Today’s wine is to solve these traditional problems and retain the pleasure of alcohol.
Forced Baijiu liquor is inhumane, no threshold, better drink, more affordable low alcohol wine is human nature. Just like everyone’s big brother who calls for “tea at three o’clock”, drinking at six o’clock belongs to the awakening of migrant workers.
The biggest difference between the wine that young people hate and the wine they like is that the former is usually linked to promotion and salary increase, which is work; The latter is about whether you are happy or not. It’s about life.
As a friend who loves fruit wine said: “I feel that life has been out of control for a long time. When I feel slightly drunk, I can temporarily put aside the shackles of day-to-day life to complete a controllable indulgence.”
What is good wine? After drinking, what can please oneself is good wine.
Author: Jiali; Source: Vista hydrogen business (ID: qingshangye666), reprint authorized. Joining the community: Cherry (wechat: 15240428449); Business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246). Recommended reading Chinese tonic  | “ Five questions about hyaluronic acid   |  Sugar crisis  |  A new chapter of Luzhou flavor  |  Children’s snacks  |  2021 the most innovative company in the world  |  Market of vinegar plant protein beverage   NMN   Take away packaging brand keeps alive  |  Innovation interview – Ling Ting  |  New Xiu brand  |  Trend insight  |  Packaging outpost
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Tea at three is no good. The girl is drinking at six
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