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Xiao Ma song: the more profound the truth, the simpler it is


the essence of quality and marketing will not change, but only the method and theory.

There is only one simple reason to lose weight: eat less and move more. In addition, there is nothing new. If you say change, it’s not that you don’t move any more, but that the way of “hyperactivity” has changed – originally running, now using a treadmill.
Many of the major principles are like this, and there are only a few of them.
So are brand and marketing. In essence, they have not changed. What has changed is only some changes in methodology and other specific conditions.
What is the brand of ?
When we talk about brands, you will find that the meaning is not always the same.
Every sentence has a different meaning.
There are also some brands that have only trademarks but no brands, and others like the pancake fruit stall downstairs in your house – they have brands, names and places, but only 1000 people know what they sell.
For me, what is a brand?
There is only one simple definition: the brand of a product is a brand.
Some people may say that the brand of a product is called a trademark, not a brand. If the brand is influential. So why is there such a saying as “poorly done brands”?
brand   VS   Character
  • Coca Cola is a world famous brand
  • Our key task this year is to reshape the brand
  • What is the brand logo of hi tea
  • What’s the difference between a good brand and a bad brand
  • This brand is terrible
  • Brand name
  • Brand equity
  • Brand awareness
The brand can be portrayed according to one person.
For example, would you like to lend money to a particularly reliable friend or a particularly unreliable friend? The character image of this friend is his brand.
His daily behavior, his voice, his smile and so on all constitute his image in your mind, that is, his personal image.
Brand is the same, it is not a symbol or a name, an image, but a comprehensive composition of many aspects.
The brand we usually talk about is exactly called brand equity.
Brand equity is the customer’s memory of the brand and the reaction to all its activities.
Today, a friend borrows money from you, and you swipe his credit card directly, which shows that his brand is very good and you trust him.
If something happens to a brand today, you are willing to forgive it, which means that you recognized the brand in the past. If you buy a brand and go, it has nothing to do with it, it does not have very good brand equity.
three aspects of brand
Now everyone is talking about brand building, but there is no concept of how to do it. In short, brand building can be divided into three levels.
1. Brand identity elements
The most basic elements of brand identification include brand name, logo, color, slogan, voice and so on, all of which constitute the brand identification system.
What’s the symbol? The symbol should help to identify you.
For example, the three bars of Adidas, the three bars of 711 convenience store, yellow McDonald’s, red Coca Cola, green Starbucks, the word “Qi” on Yuanqi forest bottle, Huawei Apple’s mobile phone ringtone and so on.
Text is also a symbol. When you name a brand, you are building a brand identification system for the brand. Easy to remember name, high spread. For example, Xiaomi mobile phone is easier to remember than oppo mobile phone.
To make a brand identification system, it should be easy for people to find it. This is the first step of making a brand – you should let others see you, find you, and know you.
2. Cognition
What’s your brand for? What’s its characteristics? What’s the price of the product? What’s the customer group? What’s its significance? All these are the public’s cognition of your brand.
For example, Yuanqi forest is characterized by Zero sugar and zero fat; The best friends and the most distinguished guests must drink Maotai.
These are customers’ perceptions of the brand.
So what you need to do is to help customers understand your brand.
The identification symbols of brand identification system, such as name, slogan, voice, color, etc., can be designed by ourselves. But cognition needs to be spread to customers through advertising, soft text, social media, content, shop decoration, etc.
For example, what do high-end brands do? Certainly not from the second and third tier cities, it is necessary to open stores in the most high-end shopping malls in the first tier cities, so as to establish customers’ perception of you and meet the place where they want you to appear. Accordingly, your advertisement should also appear in the place where it should appear, such as the airport.
Your communication image, communication content and communication mode determine customers’ cognition of you.
3. Attitude
Attitude is the customer’s cognition of all behaviors of the brand, that is, all behaviors of the enterprise, including the behaviors of leaders, employees, spokesmen of the brand, and your attitude towards customers.
These shape the image of your brand in the hearts of customers, and then determine whether customers like your brand, whether they will be loyal to your brand, whether they will follow your products.
4. Summary
Media is information. Media itself can reflect a kind of information. Live room selling cheap goods, can form a large sales volume, but can never establish a good brand image.
To establish a high-end brand image, it is necessary to go to high-end offline stores. Media is image. The way you choose to communicate also represents an image. Media itself is also a brand.
Attitude is all the behaviors you show.
If you want to be a brand, but you don’t want to recall it when something goes wrong, and you don’t want to take the responsibility of the brand, then you can never build a good image.
what changes have taken place in the environment of building brand equity?
The changes in the past two years have been too fast. Let’s take a look at the changes in the asset environment of brand building decades ago and now.
1. The era of uniform mass communication is over
In the past, Nongfu Shanquan, Wahaha, hongniu, Wanglaoji and other brands have seized the bonus period of CCTV advertising. As long as they are willing to spend money to advertise on CCTV and have certain channel management ability offline, they can sell well.
But now the mode of communication is very scattered, there is no longer a media that makes brand owners spend so much money.
If you put in social media with a budget of 1 billion, even if you buy all the KOLs in the little red book, you can’t put them in. Moreover, you need to spend manpower and time talking one by one.
In the case of extremely scattered communication, you can’t let the people of the whole country know your brand or product through a single media.
Why is communication important?
The influence of users’ mind depends on communication and a large number of advertisements. If we only locate the product brand, without a lot of advertising, we can’t affect the customer’s mind.
In the past five years, CCTV has created only one brand: foot strength health shoes for the elderly. Why can CCTV make such a brand? Because the old people are still watching TV, it can spread on a large scale.
Of course, it’s not that TV can’t work, it’s just that TV can’t accomplish large-scale communication as it used to.
2. Advertising communication and customer purchase are no longer separated
In the past, user purchase and advertising communication were separated, so we like to talk about brand positioning, hoping to change users’ mind through positioning, so that users can remember our brand. If there is no strong positioning, users will soon forget.
But now, advertising and user purchases are no longer as separated as before: live, official account and micro-blog can be linked, a bit like shopping.
Why are there few advertisements for catering brands?
Because the restaurant is naturally a form of business that does not separate advertising communication from user purchase, and the shop’s doorman, shop recruit and customer soliciting brother are its natural advertisements.
Not only catering, almost all products can achieve the integration of advertising communication and user purchase.
In the past, users saw advertisements and bought things after a day, two days or a month. Now as long as you are doing live broadcast, users may place an order immediately when they see it.
Some theories and methods may also fail because of the changes in the background of the times.
Don’t be superstitious. We must look at the general theory, not the methodology produced in a certain era or background, because the times are different.
3. Scientific advertisement
In the past, there was a dispute about advertising methodology in the United States – the scientific advertising school represented by Hopkins and the art advertising school represented by George Lewis. There was a big difference on whether advertising was a science.
Now I think advertising is more and more a science.
For example, whether the name is good or not, whether the package is carrying goods or not, you can first release 100000 traffic for testing, and judge according to the conversion rate.
When you name a company, you can write a code to crawl out the two word words in the Chinese word sea, and then go to the Trademark Office to crawl over the existing brand name, compare what you can use, and choose. At this time, your name will change from a question and answer to a multiple-choice question, which is much easier.
And now many e-commerce companies start to use software and data to improve, optimize and make physical products.
For example, after the acquisition of belle shoes, highland capital has intelligentized its stores. They put a chip on all the shoes they tried on, recorded the number of times each pair was tried on, and compared it with the actual sales of the pair. If there are many people trying on this pair of shoes, but the actual sales volume is particularly poor, they will specially analyze this pair of shoes and then make improvements.
4. The essence of brand building
The essence of brand building is still symbol recognition system, discourse content system and communication channel.
Four Misunderstandings in brand building
1. Advertising is not as accurate as possible
Scientific advertising, help to improve your ROI, that is, the effect of delivery.
But it’s not that the more accurate the advertising, the better. Your brand should be known not only to your customers, but also to those who are not your customers.
For example, there are few real customers in Maotai, but we have to let everyone know that Maotai is a good wine.
The identity of non target customer groups is also an identity. Only when the whole society thinks Bentley is a good car, can you drive with face. If most people don’t know Bentley is a good car, do you have face driving?
The general way of luxury goods is: most people know and a few people own.
So it has value. If most people have it, it has no value. If most people don’t know it, it’s worthless. If you backpack out, others don’t know it.
2. The brand faces the problem of homogeneity
The product may be homogenized, but the brand has never been homogenized – your symbol, slogan and image are all different.
Why Haidilao is different from other hotpot stores, because its service, environment and so on constitute its products, and you can always find the difference.
Even if it’s the same instant noodles, the girls who do sales promotion are beautiful, which is also different.
3. The brand can’t have negative effect, can’t have accident
No one or any enterprise can guarantee that nothing will happen.
KFC, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Tesla, iPhone, Mercedes Benz and BMW have all had accidents.
Accident is not terrible, terrible is your attitude after the accident – appease your customers after the accident, this is the attitude a brand should have.
There is a saying that “a brand is prepared for an accident”. If the brand is small or not good enough and no one is willing to pay attention to you, you will not have an accident.
Because the brand is big, it’s worth the trouble. We should treat it with an ordinary mind.
4. Infatuated with the brand loyalty of customers
Permanent brand loyalty does not exist. If it exists, all famous brands in history will not go out of business.
For users, there is no brand loyalty, only product loyalty, your product is good enough.
Permanent brand loyalty does not exist, but there are also users with relative brand loyalty.
Positive brand loyalty users will voice, and they are willing to give opinions to the brand when they have problems.
In case of brand problems, positive brand loyal users will choose to forgive you and continue to consume when you do better. Negative brand loyalty users will choose to quit directly and replace other brands immediately.
So don’t be infatuated with customers’ brand loyalty, but pay attention to your brand equity. When the brand no longer maintains it, customer loyalty disappears.
*The article is the author’s independent point of view, which does not represent the position of note taking man.
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Xiao Ma song: the more profound the truth, the simpler it is



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