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The new middle class, who has spent a lot of money on health preservation, has lost to the young people who have a bottle of lactoferrin yogurt

lactoferrin related products are becoming more and more popular.
In the post epidemic era, people want to have a strong physique and maintain good immunity and health.
As the basis of health, diet is often the first aspect that people begin to improve. According to cbndata “2020 new health consumption trend report”, 50% of consumers are willing to pay for health quality related products, and 83% of consumers will actively adjust their diet to prevent health diseases. From 2018 to 2020, the scale of online health food market is expanding year by year. From low sugar and low calorie drinks to endless functional snacks, people hope to give consideration to the delicious and healthy food.
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The nutrients in probiotics, protein, dietary fiber and other foods have also received unprecedented attention. According to cbndata’s white paper on the trend of imported maternal and infant consumption in 2020, the consumption of lactoferrin in the sub categories of tmall global infant nutrition products will show the highest growth rate in 2020, and the consumption of the sub categories of immunity will also grow rapidly.
Maternal and infant brand promotion of lactoferrin, tuyuan network [1] [2]
In addition to infant nutrition, lactoferrin is also used in adult milk powder, milk tablets, fresh milk and other products. Many fresh milk brands in the market regard “lactoferrin” as their selling point, and point out that “the secret of fresh milk” is lactoferrin.
Aware of the escalating dietary needs of consumers, Wangwang group has launched a new co brand, Wangwang × Lactoferrin food research office specializes in active lactoferrin and its adding technology, innovatively applies it to low-temperature dairy products, arranges lactoferrin yoghurt product line, and is committed to creating a brand-new image of Wangwang, low-temperature yoghurt and lactoferrin yoghurt expert.
Tuyuan Wangwang × Lactoferrin Food Research Office
Lactoferrin A631: a new favorite
What is it?
Lactoferrin (LF) is a non heme iron binding glycoprotein with a molecular weight of about 80 KD.
In 1939, Sorensen et al. Obtained a red protein when separating whey protein [3], and polis et al. Also obtained a partially purified red protein when separating LP. In 1959, groves obtained this red protein by chromatography, and confirmed that it can bind with iron, which is called lactoferrin. In 1960, scientists Montreuil and Johansson first discovered lactoferrin in human milk, Later, baggin and other scientists found this protein in body fluids and various cells of some organisms and began a lot of research. So far, the mystery of this high-quality protein has been gradually revealed [5].
Photo source: China dairy industry
Lactoferrin mainly exists in the milk of mammals and human body, especially in colostrum. The content of lactoferrin in human milk is very rich, which can reach 7g / L in colostrum. With the maturity of milk, its content will decrease, about 1g / L during lactation. The content of lactoferrin in milk is low, generally only 0.1 g / L [6]. This rarity also gives lactoferrin the title of “milk gold”.
The expert consensus on the health effects of lactoferrin on infants and young children published by maternal and child nutrition branch of Chinese Nutrition Society in 2018 [7] pointed out that human and bovine lactoferrin amino acid sequences have 69% homology, so they have similar biological activities.
Lactoferrin is not only beneficial for infants, but also for adults, its function has attracted more and more attention. According to the article “research progress of lactoferrin” [6], researchers have completed the research on the function of lactoferrin in the laboratory with molecular biological methods, and carried out clinical trials to determine its multiple functions on human body
Lactoferrin has broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, including Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria, aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria and yeast.
The other is antiviral effect. The possible antiviral mechanism of lactoferrin is that lactoferrin binds to virus particle receptors on cell surface, such as glycosaminoglycan and low density lipoprotein receptors, or directly binds to virus particles to interfere with the attachment of virus on cell surface.
Lactoferrin can regulate the activity of macrophages and stimulate the synthesis of lymphocytes.
In addition, lactoferrin has antioxidant and regulating gastrointestinal iron absorption.
From crowd to scene
Generalization of lactoferrin consumption scenarios
According to the data of global market insights, lactoferrin has great market opportunities and development potential. It is estimated that the compound annual growth rate of lactoferrin market will exceed 7.2% from 2021 to 2027, and the scale of global lactoferrin market will exceed 265 million euro (about 2068 million RMB) in 2027.
At present, the consumption of lactoferrin is more concentrated in the scene of parenting, and the opportunities of future incremental market may exist in new consumer groups and new consumption scenarios. According to doctor Dingxiang’s 2020 National Health insight report, generation Z has a high expectation of health, but its health self-evaluation score is significantly lower than that of other generations, and it is the most anxious consumer group for “health”. In addition to the relatively poor immunity of infants and middle-aged and elderly groups, young people are likely to become loyal supporters of lactoferrin. The consumption scene of lactoferrin will no longer be limited to family parenting, but will develop to daily health, sports and fitness, work gap and other pan life scenes.
Photo source: 2020 National Health insight Report
Wangwang × The lactoferrin Food Research Office has been working hard for many years to solve the problem of activity retention of lactoferrin in low-temperature yoghurt. Recently, it launched two new products, lactoferrin bottled yoghurt and big yogurt drink.
The picture shows Wangwang lactoferrin yogurt
Wangwang × Lactoferrin was added to refrigerated yogurt by lactoferrin food research department, and with the help of Japanese “black technology” blessing, lactoferrin active ingredients were retained for 28 days. At the same time, the active lactobacillus in yogurt combined with active lactoferrin has double activity and double protection.
Tuyuan Wangwang × Lactoferrin Food Research Office
In order to meet the consumers’ experience of more layers, in addition to the original mellow flavor and the original enhanced flavor, Wangwang lactoferrin yoghurt also specially selects the combination of grains and fruits oats, grapefruit oats and sweet orange oats. 9 mg, 10 mg, 30 mg different gradient lactoferrin addition, to meet the diversified needs, bring better nutrition to the body, for health bonus.
In addition, Wangwang × According to the consumption upgrading trend, the lactoferrin food research office should upgrade the product of yoghurt, upgrade the dimension from the aspects of raw material / taste / process / function, redefine the yoghurt with big fruit, and further enrich the product matrix of “lactoferrin” yoghurt. For raw materials, aloe vera, Jingyu 14 white peach and imported grapefruit were selected; In terms of technology, ohmic system is used for 15 seconds heating to reduce the heat damage of fruit and make the fiber more tenacious; In terms of taste, 12mm super large flesh, fresh cut like taste, creating a new food and drink experience; Each cup contains 5mg of lactoferrin, bringing a unique product experience.
Tuyuan Wangwang × Lactoferrin Food Research Office
According to cbndata’s report on the consumption trend of young people’s health preservation, the proportion of the post-90s who buy nutritious products has increased year by year, and more and more young consumers have joined the “army of health preservation”. They prefer portable and ready to eat nutritions to supplement nutrition anytime and anywhere. At the same time, they also firmly believe that “beauty is justice”. The data shows that 64% of Z generation consumers will buy products with more attractive packaging. Wangwang lactoferrin yoghurt has multiple nutritional functions and is easy to eat, which precisely fits the new consumption habits and preferences of young consumers.
Nowadays, the health and immunity problems have been paid more and more attention, and lactoferrin related products are becoming more and more popular. With the further strengthening of consumers’ demand and awareness of this “milk gold”, more brand players will enter the market to promote the innovation and development of lactoferrin products.
Nutrition science statement
The contents of this paper are nutrition science knowledge
For reference only  
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Live lactoferrin yogurt
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Author: cbndata; Source: business data center of China first finance and Economics (ID: cbndata), the reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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