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Card position children’s hierarchical nutrition, yiyingmei dairy’s innovation “stirs” China’s children’s milk powder Market

In recent years, the birth rate of domestic newborns has continued to decline, and milk powder enterprises have entered the children’s milk powder market. To successfully break through in the increasingly fierce competition, the brand must have its own uniqueness.


Recently, the snack generation noted that yiyingmei dairy, which is well known as the “rare organic milk source in the desert”, took the lead in putting forward the “hierarchical nutrition concept of bone growth” in China to provide targeted bone nutrition solutions according to the nutritional intake needs of children at different stages of growth.


In the second half of the milk powder competition, will yiyingmei dairy become a “dark horse” that “stirs” the children’s milk powder Market?




The growth rate of China’s newborn population has slowed down in recent years, but the physical volume of the children’s market is still growing. According to the data of the seventh national census, the current population aged 0-14 accounts for 17.95% of the total population, reaching 253.38 million, with a huge market scale.

At the same time, with the fierce competition for infant formula milk powder, milk powder enterprises also began to expand the product coverage cycle and launch children’s milk powder products over the age of 3. Looking at the current children’s milk powder market, manufacturers mostly take formula as their selling point, with more demands for balanced nutrition, prebiotics, digestion and higher functions.


After full market research, yiyingmei dairy proposed the first bone graded nutrition formula in China and took the lead in establishing the concept of bone growth graded nutrition in the field of children’s milk powder, hoping to establish a differentiated brand image.


It is reported that yiyingmei children’s milk powder formula takes strengthening bone growth as the core, aims at the different characteristics of physical growth and development of children aged 3-6 and 6-12, takes into account the growth needs of children in different periods, and provides nutritional keys such as intelligence and immunity.


Therefore, yiyingmei dairy added CBP (colostrum basic protein) extracted from bovine colostrum to children’s bone growth. This active protein can directly act on children’s bone cells, effectively promote bone metabolism, coordinate the activities of osteoblasts and osteoclasts, promote bone growth and repair bone.


It is reported that the formula also adds hydrolyzed egg yolk powder that can increase the number of osteoblasts and promote the generation of bones and teeth, as well as milk calcium with an absorption rate of 62% ~ 70%, so as to provide rich nutritional supplements for children’s bone development.


At present, yiyingmei children’s milk powder formula is aimed at preschool children aged 3-6 and children aged 6-12 respectively. Children aged 3-6 years are an important period for brain and eye development. Yiyingmei added nutrients conducive to brain and eye development of preschool children, such as phosphatidylserine, docosahexaenoic acid, etc. At the same time, preschool children have the characteristics of weak resistance. Yiyingmei dairy has specially added nutrients to help children improve their resistance, such as lactoferrin and active probiotics.


Children aged 6-12 often begin to be picky and partial eaters. In order to ensure balanced and comprehensive nutritional care for children, according to yiyingmei, 35 natural fruits and vegetables are added to its children’s growth milk powder formula to maintain a balanced daily intake, which can effectively prevent uneven nutritional intake caused by children’s picky and partial eaters.


Xiaoshidai saw in yiyingmei Jingdong flagship store that the price of two children’s milk powder products is 298 yuan / 700g. The relevant person in charge of the company said that children’s milk powder currently focuses on the high-end market, and the products will fully cover the main online and offline sales channels in the future. According to its disclosure, the income from children’s milk powder has accounted for more than 60% of yiyingmei’s overall revenue.




Yiyingmei dairy seized the high-end and differentiated consumption trend of the children’s milk powder market. Once the above two children’s milk formulas were launched, it received positive feedback from consumers.


Statistics show that yiyingmei Dairy Co., Ltd. focuses on the field of organic milk powder. In the world’s golden milk source belt at 41 degrees north latitude, yiyingmei Dairy Co., Ltd. has built an organic whole industry chain for the production of infant milk powder in China, created the world’s first whole process organic recycling industry chain model of “planting, raising and adding” sand grass, and created an exclusive and limited organic pasture, from forage vegetation eaten by dairy cows to production and processing links, There is no pesticide, chemical fertilizer, heavy metal and transgenic technology in the whole process, and the “desert rare organic milk source” is controlled from the source.


The total investment of the enterprise in phase I is hundreds of millions of yuan to establish an organic milk powder production base. Its 100000 GMP pharmaceutical level high-end production plant adopts dry and wet composite production process, and fresh raw milk is directly powdered at one time. The whole set of milk powder equipment configuration and production process are at the world leading level.


It is reported that in addition to children’s milk powder, yiyingmei dairy industry also complied with the trend of improving people’s health concept after the epidemic and began to layout the adult milk powder market. “Xianda ranch · selenium enriched probiotic multi-dimensional milk powder” is the first innovation. It is a selenium enriched collaborative formula specializing in preventing sub-health and improving immune function, so as to enhance the immune system of adults“ Xianda ranch · high protein breakfast milk powder “focuses on the breakfast needs of adults, provides consumers with diverse, changeable and innovative breakfast categories, improves breakfast nutrition and breakfast quality.


From the product positioning and appeal, it is not difficult to see that yiyingmei dairy accurately grasps the high-end and personalized consumption needs of the current generation Z young consumer group. On the basis of “rare organic milk source in the desert”, it uses unique and innovative formulas to meet the needs of different consumer groups, hoping to find a unique way and overtake in the increasingly hot milk powder track.


The unique “desert rare organic milk source”, innovative formula, leading industry R & D team and perfect quality management system have become the core competitiveness of yiyingmei dairy.

Feng Xuesen, chairman and President of the company, told xiaoshidai that yiyingmei dairy has always focused on the healthy growth of Chinese babies with the brand concept of “being extraordinary by birth and beautiful by love”. It is actively laying out the high-end organic infant milk powder Market and is bound to become a benchmark enterprise of China’s high-end organic infant milk powder in the future! Its strong ambition can also be seen – it is committed to providing exclusive nutritional solutions for the improvement of the nutritional and health level of Chinese families and the continuous improvement of physical function, so as to help each family enjoy an organic life.


From the feedback information of yiyingmei brand, in the second half of the competition of differentiated and refined development of milk powder, the company has been fully prepared, and the later development is worth looking forward to!

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