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Who said “the second brand is difficult to hatch”? Three squirrels’ deer blue blue gave the methodology

generally speaking, it is easier to incubate a “second brand” than to build a brand for the first time. After all, funds, resources and experienced teams are ready-made. But the fact is that the vast majority of enterprises are difficult to copy another successful brand after successfully building the first brand.
There are many “pits” in this, and the boss level accounts for the majority. Either the boss is not interested in the project and leaves it to the following team; Either the boss is too strong and does not give real power, resulting in the team mainly doing executive work; Coupled with the large group’s cockpit structure, the ability of the person in charge of each plate is easy to solidify, and almost all of them do not have the ability of integrated organization, so it is difficult to effectively integrate resources.
In addition, almost all large companies have the problem of talent dwarfing, which makes it difficult to find talents who are both “original loyalty” and “gene breakthrough” internally. If you look for talents from outside, it is easy to be acclimatized. At the same time, copying the past successful experience and ignoring the changes in the external marketing environment is also an important reason why it is difficult for the new brand to succeed.
Taken together, the above factors lead to the situation that “little brother is difficult to surpass big brother”, but there are exceptions. Xiaolu Lanlan, a professional brand of infant and child food under the three squirrels, is a representative.
The background of the birth of Xiaolu blue is mainly that the three squirrels of the parent company successfully ranked among the “first share of national snacks”. After entering the second development stage, they carried out multi brand layout, hatched four sub brands such as Xiaolu blue and raised a hairy child, and cut into baby food, pet food and other tracks. Among them, Xiaolu blue has performed well since its establishment: it went online on June 19, 2020, won the first sales volume in the baby snack industry in 22 days, and sold more than one million in 55 days; In 2020, the sales of double 11 will exceed 18.11 million yuan, ranking first in the baby snack industry; For 9 consecutive months, it has ranked first in the sales of baby snacks in the whole network; On its first anniversary, the total sales of Xiaolu blue reached 339 million yuan.
You know, the result of double 11 in the first year of the three squirrels was 7.66 million, and at that time, the e-commerce dividend and category dividend still existed, and the competition was not so fierce. In contrast, now, not only the e-commerce dividend has disappeared, but also the e-commerce platform has been decentralized, the traffic is dispersed, and the race track competition is becoming more and more fierce. It is not easy for Xiaolu blue to achieve such a result. Even the top management of the three squirrels sighed: if the three squirrels run by green train, the deer blue is by rocket. Why did fawn blue win the baby track in a short time and usher in a big outbreak? Li Ziming, the person in charge of fawn blue, attributed the success mainly to two aspects: Winning at the starting line and the youth of the team.
Of course, winning at the starting line is on the one hand, but not all brands that win at the starting line can successfully leap from 0 to 1. The role of the founder or person in charge of the intermediate brand is very important. There is absolutely no shortage of talents in large groups. How was he selected and what can he do? What is the scale and boundary of parent company’s sub brand management and decentralization? How to avoid the “pits” mentioned earlier?
With these questions, we had an in-depth interview with Li Ziming. As a post-90s entrepreneur, Li Ziming does not have the maturity and airs of most entrepreneurs. We met at the site of the global food and beverage Innovation Conference held by foodaily daily food. Because there was a speech that afternoon, we found a Starbucks near the conference. Without too much politeness, Li Ziming put down his backpack and went straight to the theme.
Unlike other entrepreneurs we’ve met, Li Ziming didn’t talk about the meaning of life at all when talking about deer blue. It’s more like talking about his children. He knew the details of deer blue from birth to every step of growth. Even wherever he went, there was a blue deer pendant hanging on his bag. Although he is not a real daddy, he is more concerned about the troubles and pain points of nannies and dads than anyone. Therefore, he has become the management with the highest frequency of live interaction with fans among the three squirrels.
Based on this in-depth interview, we also take Xiaolu blue as an example to summarize a set of “second brand incubation methodology”.
Refuse airborne, give enough space and trust  
If all growth problems are organizational problems, since effective growth can be achieved, it is bound to solve the most fundamental problem in organizational management – talent construction.
As mentioned earlier, large groups have many “pits” in employing people when incubating new brands. In this regard, the three squirrels set a clear concept of employment and management mode from the beginning. It can be said that Li Ziming’s ability to fight without scruples on fawn blue has a lot to do with the corporate culture and selection of three squirrels.
1. Core talents must come from internal system training
Whether it is due to lack of experience or subconscious self-confidence, when incubating new projects, many enterprises hope to find a “knowledgeable person” and “experienced person” from large companies or competitors, but not to mention the person who can really turn stone into gold has already started their own business. Even experienced people may not know your products or enterprise, In this way, we can’t find a suitable and good scheme quickly.
The second is the integration of corporate culture and organization. John Kurt, a lifelong professor at Harvard Business School, once pointed out that corporate culture has a great positive correlation with long-term business performance. Internal employees are familiar with corporate products and business models, have a strong sense of identity and integration with corporate culture, and are 100% loyal. This is something airborne soldiers do not have.
However, this does not mean that airborne soldiers are good for nothing, but are not suitable for start-up brands.
Airborne soldiers are generally in high positions and are not willing to start from the foundation. Their mentality and working methods are very different from entrepreneurs. They are very easy to affect the team morale and the original cultural atmosphere. They not only have poor integration, but also affect the stability of the original employees.
Therefore, those who hold the idea of importing fresh blood for enterprises, bringing new management concepts and methods, and saving early talent training time almost backfire in the early stage of entrepreneurship.
Obviously, Zhang Liaoyuan, the founder of the three squirrels, knows this well.
In previous interviews, Zhang Liaoyuan mentioned that in the early stage, external forces were not introduced because at that time, e-commerce was a new tool, there were no mature talents in the industry, the children were better and liked to cultivate people.
Although many talents from Alibaba, P & G and metro in R & D, it technology and sales were vigorously introduced later, the core management was not easy to introduce airborne.
In particular, the launching of multi brand strategy by three squirrels is tantamount to secondary entrepreneurship, and the selection of sub brand founders is particularly critical. It is reported that the founders of all sub brands of the three squirrels are from within the company.
 “ The six members of the Xiaolu blue start-up team are all from squirrels. They share the same cultural values, are very clear about their respective business capabilities and division of labor, cooperate well, and there will be no problem of system integration. ”  
In addition to cooperation, the biggest impact of consistent cultural values is to make everyone regard the brand of Xiaolu blue as their own children, especially Li Ziming. Although he does not start a business from scratch, he has the feeling and sense of responsibility to start a business from scratch.  
Li Ziming told us that the three squirrels were his first job. He joined the company before graduation. He stayed for more than 8 years. During this period, he also personally experienced the exciting moment when the three squirrels broke the double 1.1 billion for the first time.
“I grew up with squirrels. I have placed a lot of feelings here. Today, three squirrels have given me a lot of support, so I also cherish the opportunity to be the person in charge of deer blue.”
It is this treasure and gratitude that makes Li Ziming devote himself to the brand cause“ After wholeheartedly investing, there will be more emotional sustenance. Its rapid growth (deer blue) will also bring you a great sense of achievement and pride. This is a mutual process. After doing it from scratch and from zero to one, more people will follow you and love you. Why not continue to do it well and be your own child? “
2. Entrepreneurs should cultivate the right people into the best people
In addition to the subjective initiative, the support and restriction of the objective environment are also the key factors whether the brand can do well. The management mode of three squirrels will not make Li Ziming tied up, but can show his strength. There are two main reasons:
(1) The authority is fully delegated to the person in charge of the sub brand. Li Ziming said that since the launch of the multi brand strategy, the whole group has adopted decentralization. The person in charge of each sub brand can basically determine the size of affairs within the brand. Zhang Liaoyuan only stands in the overall situation and controls the general direction of the track. In addition, the three squirrels create new brands and adopt the “three new models”, namely new products, new marketing and new design. The person in charge of each sub brand independently formulates strategies around these three points, that is, the person in charge of the sub brand integrates strategy and implementation to truly realize the independent management right of the sub brand.
This has a great relationship with Zhang Liaoyuan’s view on employment. The best way to cultivate talents is to give him loose and fertile soil. As early as 2016, Zhang Liaoyuan announced his resignation as CEO, and 12 CEO + assistants were officially launched. He also stressed the need to reshape the management concept: “the best management is appropriate, not limited to dogma, and set the management system with the most appropriate method and employment concept at present.” In other words, for sub brands such as Xiaolu blue, the power shall be fully delegated to the person in charge of each brand.
(2) Decentralization, but also “full” support. If we only delegate power and do not have sufficient resources to support, it is just “a clever woman can’t cook without rice”. The three squirrels clearly supported the new brand from the beginning:
Financial support: the initial start-up capital of each sub brand is 10 million yuan, which will be added continuously according to the development situation;
Personnel support: selection of excellent talents at various ports such as operation / planning / design / customer service;
Supply chain support: supply chain resources of three squirrels, including upstream and downstream suppliers and technical R & D support of Food Research Institute; At the same time, the food safety management system of the three squirrels will also be connected to new brands, provide strict testing processes and standards, and establish their own product quality standards.
3. All brand teams should do flat management with “host culture” as the core
In addition to the external factors of the three squirrels, the flexibility of deer Blue’s internal organization and management is also an important factor for it to quickly stand out from the children’s snack track.
From the initial 6-person team to more than 30 people now, the Xiaolu blue team has a clear division of functions, but its management is flexible and flat. There is only one starting point: efficient service “master”.
Among them, Li Ziming has established a special customer service group. All customer service can directly “Aite” him and get feedback and solutions in case of any unsolvable problems.
“Our customer service staff are very familiar with such a thing: any question about the owner can come to me directly, so many intermediate links are omitted. As a consumer, I will also encounter many after-sales problems. I just let users wait and say no. I don’t put users at the core. Why not? The rules are set by people. It depends on whether you are willing to deal with them wholeheartedly. “
When it comes to serving the owner, we have to go back to the unique cultural genes of the three squirrels. In 2012, when the three squirrels were founded, starting from the first “master” shouted by founder Zhang Liaoyuan, “let the world Master cool up” became the core mission in the corporate culture and penetrated into every corner of the three squirrels.
Fawn blue has basically inherited this gene completely and achieved the ultimate in “exceeding the owner’s expectation”. In this regard, we will focus on how deer blue can make the ultimate customer experience.

Dingda track,
Select a small incision to lock the delicate mother and quickly “up”
We know that the choice of category track is the basis to determine whether a brand can run out and how big it can finally do, so it has become the first level of each new brand.
If you choose the wrong track at the beginning, no matter how hard you try later, it may be in vain. Once there is no continuous financial support, you will be at the end of the road of “beating the hero with a penny”.
At the beginning of its establishment, Xiaolu Lanlan was positioned as a professional brand of Internet baby food. And businesses related to children are big businesses. Among them, the sub track of children’s zero complementary food has shown a high growth trend in recent years, so that in the three months after the Spring Festival this year, seven companies have obtained financing, ranging from tens of millions of yuan to 100 million yuan.
In China, the population of children aged 0-14 in 2018 was nearly 250 million. With the deepening of the second child policy, it is expected that the number of children in China will continue to increase in the future, the corresponding children’s snack market will have great prospects, and the children’s snack market will become a new force in the snack food market.
The huge child population has brewed a huge potential market demand, and the children’s snack market is rising rapidly. It is expected that the children’s snack market will grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to 15% from 2019 to 2023. The children’s snack market will become a new force in the snack food market.
According to the estimation of Huaying capital, the scale of children’s snack market is expected to reach US $21 billion in 2023, about 150 billion yuan. Coupled with the supplementary food market of 50 billion yuan, the scale of the whole infant and child zero supplementary food market can exceed 200 billion yuan.
However, for such a huge market, deer blue didn’t take the posture of holding high at the beginning, but chose to cut into the more subdivided track of baby zero complementary food.
As for the reasons, Li Ziming said that such positioning is conducive to building a professional brand mind“ We hope that our baby can start to contact our products from a younger age and have matching products in the later growth process.
In addition, if you choose to start from the baby zero complementary food track, you also have the following opportunities:
1. Among the mainstream consumer groups, the post-90s have joined the ranks of novice parents. After years of development, infant and child complementary food has gradually upgraded from junk food to healthy consumption, and its status has quietly improved in the concept of the new generation of parents.
According to the data of China children’s industry center, children’s expenditure accounts for 30% – 50% of household expenditure in 80% of households, and food is an important expenditure item. In addition, according to the data of insight into the marketing trend of online children’s snacks industry in 2020, the average expenditure of mothers on buying snacks for children is about 799.2 yuan per month.
Both subjective and objective factors determine that the new generation of parents are more willing to spend money on baby feeding.
2. The competition is fierce, but there is still a lack of mature segment brands. The children’s snack package is not strictly designed for children, but it is not a mature snack package in essence.
On the other hand, despite being entrenched by giants, there are problems of single product line and low cost performance. Many families in third and fourth tier cities may not be able to afford it.
This current situation of the track gives new domestic products a great opportunity, especially Xiaolu blue, which has strong advantages in the group’s potential energy and supply chain background, so it can naturally stand out.
After selecting the track, we should also lock in the core strategic crowd. After all, not all users are worth operating. The strategic target group with long-term brand preference is the object that the brand should spend most effort to operate.
According to the 9 groups of tmall, Xiaolu Lanlan has targeted the strategic target group as exquisite mothers. In Li Ziming’s opinion, these people mainly have the following five pain points:
1. Pay more attention to the aesthetic experience needs of the appearance value of the outer packaging: compared with the parents of the previous generation, the novice parents of the post-90s grow up with the Internet. For products, in addition to quality and function, they have higher needs for appearance value, IP, experience, etc.
2. New consumption scene pain point demand: the new generation of parents are more refined in raising children, and the use scene is more subdivided, resulting in more subdivided needs, such as the baby’s sudden emotional fluctuation, drooling leading to red chin, and the need for specific ingredients when making special baby supplementary food.
3. High cost performance demand: the consumption classification is still obvious. In addition to consumption upgrading, the demand for high cost performance still accounts for a large proportion, but the new generation of parents do not blindly pursue low prices, but pursue high cost performance products on the basis of better quality.
4. Emotional resonance needs: when buying products for babies, Bao’s parents tend to choose brands that can meet their own emotional resonance, so as to convey their emotions to babies through products.
5. Need for accompanying growth: the post-90s parents have a full sense of accompanying when raising their children, some of which is due to the relatively tight relationship between themselves and their parents. Therefore, they hope to get rid of such a two-generation relationship, establish a friend relationship and accompany their baby’s growth. Therefore, in terms of brand selection, they tend to choose brands that help them achieve such a state.
These track opportunities and the new needs of a new generation of consumers have laid the foundation for the birth of fawn blue.
The new brand must first lay a good foundation
Some people say that when a brand can be born, it must have done a good job in basic skills and grasped the tuyere potential energy of the times. Three squirrels are typical. Therefore, “born out of three squirrels and deer blue” has been firmly branded since its birth. As a new brand, deer blue pays special attention to basic skills.
Different people have different understandings of basic skills, but at least they have made comprehensive preparations in brand naming, positioning, core products and operation.  
1. A good brand name is equal to a first mover advantage.
Feng Weidong of Tiantu capital once said that the naming of new brands is often life and death. Indeed, a good name is equivalent to saving half of the advertising expenses. A competitive name is not only easy for consumers to remember, but also conducive to a more smooth process of product promotion and marketing, so as to have a first mover advantage.
A good brand name is at least easy to remember and spread, or has strong positive emotional value. This is the logic of the name of little deer blue. The “deer” is also based on the extension of the squirrel family. The reason for the “deer” is that the deer represents auspiciousness and fortune in traditional culture. “We think many Chinese parents have such spiritual sustenance and hope for their babies.”
Blue stands for purity and health, and in all names, reduplication is the best to remember“ The main reason is that the father had a second child. He found that overlapping words were often used in the process of communicating with the baby, such as “eating, sleeping, drinking grandma”, so there was Xiaolu Lanlan.
2. In addition to considering product characteristics and target market, positioning should also start from consumer emotion
Although positioning has not always been a big topic, it is the strategic origin of the long-term development of the brand. Only through the origin, establishing differentiated user perception and doing a good job in market analysis and layout can the brand break through the category in a short time. If the unique brand personality recognized by consumers can not be accurately sorted out, it will only “disappear among many brands”.
Therefore, the essence of positioning is to give brands and goods a mind, just like people, and inject it with its own style and brain.
Generally, in addition to positioning according to product characteristics, target market positioning and competitive considerations, positioning should also consider consumers’ emotion and psychology, so as to resonate with consumers more easily and build a stronger brand mind.
This is the case of Xiaolu Lanlan. Although Xiaolu Lanlan locates the baby and child supplementary food brand at the product and market level, at the communication level, Xiaolu Lanlan consciously positions itself as “a good helper for novice parents” and “a companion for baby growth”.
Since it is positioned as a helper and companion, on the basis of high-quality products, Xiaolu Lanlan pays particular attention to providing professional parenting guidance and advice to novice parents and soothing anxiety.
For example, Xiaolu Lanlan has also established fan groups, but these groups are not set up for sales, but a community that provides 1v1 professional services for novice parents. There are registered nutritionists and mother and baby teachers in the group who answer questions online and give solutions to common problems such as baby constipation, diarrhea, lack of appetite and eczema through professional case sharing.
In Li Ziming’s opinion, the main anxiety of novice parents lies in two aspects. One is that when they encounter baby problems, professionals who lack intermediate links solve daily primary problems. For the problems that really need to be solved in the hospital, they give the correct attitude, “can they call the doctor as soon as they encounter problems? To go to the hospital, you have to register and wait. This process is also very anxious for novice parents. How to face and do also need correct guidance. ”  
In addition, for the new generation of baby mothers and dads, many parenting experiences of the previous generation are no longer effective at present. Grandparents dare not “point fingers” at childcare at will. Most families need more scientific feeding concepts and baby problem solutions. Xiaolu Lanlan’s identity positioning of “good helper” and “companion” undoubtedly occupies the minds of consumers more quickly emotionally.
3. Only by developing products according to the unmet scenario needs can we have a higher repurchase rate
However, to build a real brand mind, we also need products that pay attention to segmentation needs and truly solve users’ real pain points and anxiety, and products are also an important part of the basic skills of the brand.
Of course, when it comes to product R & D, there must be requirements for quality, supply chain and other aspects. Although relying on three squirrels, deer blue has a considerable foundation and guarantee in R & D strength and supply chain, it is a new brand after all. It is not so easy to stand out from a large number of international groups and other strong competitors in the short term. That is to say, in addition to hard strength, it also needs some “ingenuity”.
In this regard, Xiaolu Lanlan has found its own R & D methodology. In summary, it is strict standards, micro innovation and new scenes.
Strict standard means to strictly control the supply chain and ensure quality. In Li Ziming’s opinion, this is the basis of quality assurance. He said that his three squirrels have a perfect R & D system and strict testing process, while Xiaolu blue is more stringent: all supply chain partners must pass the assessment of testing institutions, rectify any unqualified index, and then review the factory again to meet all standards before cooperation.
In addition, fawn blue blue also has its own “5+3” research and development system, which has strict restrictions on food ingredients and ingredients, such as additives, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors and pigments.
Minimally invasive new refers to the micro innovation of the existing explosive products in the market and become their own main products. In fact, deer Blue’s strategy is very suitable for start-up brands: first look at the product line of the whole track (baby food), determine the short-term opportunity point and subdivision entry point (baby zero complementary food), and then choose the big pop (cheese block) in this category for micro innovation.
The specific approach is to apply FD freeze-drying technology to the category of baby snacks in a cross field way. With cheese imported from New Zealand as raw material and the freeze-drying process of special fire in recent years, freeze-dried cheese blocks are made. The advantages are that on the one hand, calcium, protein and other nutrients are completely retained, and at the same time, the problem that ordinary cheese sticks need cold chain transportation and are inconvenient to carry is solved. More importantly, The shape of freeze-dried cheese block can exercise the baby’s grasping ability. It is very suitable for the baby to go out by car or play to supplement nutrition. It is worth mentioning that this cheese block also adds the industry benchmark probiotics DuPont probiotics, which can solve the baby’s intestinal bacteria and digestion problems, and is deeply loved by Baoma.
Grasping new scenes is to develop products according to the needs of new scenes to meet the unmet scene needs of the new generation of Baoma and baodad. For example, Li Ziming found that during the development of deciduous teeth, the baby will be irritable, crying and drooling due to red and swollen gums and acid swelling. Although the traditional molar stick can be reused, it needs to be disinfected and cleaned repeatedly. For this, Xiaolu Lanlan launched a rice cake seasoned with pear juice, non fried and low-temperature puffed, which has better palatability and the baby is more willing to eat, So as to better solve the molar problem.
The secret of success is to find the key to different stages of brand development
However, the strongest part of fawn Blue’s inheritance of the three squirrels lies in the genes of the brand, specifically to find the keys to different stages of development.
Here, we can also briefly summarize how the three squirrels become the head brand of nut snacks by grasping the key of each stage. The main points are as follows:
1. Stage 0 to 1: brand IP and product content. Among them, the IP created with squirrel animation prototype is still the core competitiveness of the three squirrels. The “mouse box” express package carefully designed by the three squirrels and printed with a big squirrel face has left a deep impression on consumers; In addition, the “host culture” pioneered by the three squirrels is also an important manifestation of brand IP. Both the communication skills of customer service staff and the SMS prompt after express delivery call consumers “masters”. This squirrel like interactive experience undoubtedly further deepens consumers’ memory and impression of the brand.
2. Stage 1 to 10: pay dividends for short video and live broadcast traffic. This tiktok is mainly reflected in the high tiktok of three squirrels on short video platforms such as jitter. It is reported that from July 2020 to February 2021, the number of users of squirrels on the shaking of the three squirrels exceeds 250 million, and the new data reached 150 million.
3. 10 to 100 and then to 1000: achieve global growth under the guidance of digitization. This mainly refers to the three squirrels changing the online marketing mode into online and offline Omni channel operation.
With three squirrels in front, fawn blue can fully “develop strengths and avoid weaknesses”. The first is to extend the brand with IP. In addition to creating the IP image of blue deer, deer blue also has a high degree of consistency and enhanced touch in terms of vision, packaging and content.
Throughout the baby food track, not to mention that a considerable number of brands do not have IP, and some brands have IP, which is not emphasized too much. There is no unity between brand image and packaging vision. Fawn blue pays particular attention to:
First of all, highlight IP strongly. When everyone comes into contact with deer blue for the first time, the first thing to remember is a blue deer, including all product packaging. This deer should also be enlarged and highlighted; Secondly, all external publicity pages and advertisements are highlighted by the visual image of Xiaolu blue and reach users repeatedly; Thirdly, all aspects related to user experience and customer service communication are communicated in the context of Xiaolu blue human design, and the overlapping tone is adopted to strengthen consistency.
Among them, Xiaolu Lanlan also upgraded the unpacker of three squirrels and launched an “easy to tear box”. Once it was torn gently, the box opened, avoiding the risk of scratching hands. Not only that, Xiaolu Lanlan also actively develops IP themed cartoons to further strengthen the transmission of IP image.  
For the short video live broadcast, deer blue will use the successful experience of the three squirrels to “pick and screen”, leave appropriate playing methods to highlight and optimize, and add ways and methods in line with the operation of the brand’s own population.
One of the highlights is that the person in charge of the brand will broadcast the next live broadcast in person.
It must be mentioned here that Li Ziming’s “careful thinking” has won the attention and interest of Baoma and Baoda with his young, lively and compassionate team. “Many hosts will watch our live broadcast and say that the person in charge of Xiaolu blue is so young and the founding team is so dynamic. We will even bring our baby live to communicate directly with consumers, which can arouse a sense of substitution and resonance. “
However, in addition to being young and having a common topic, it is also a major feature of Xiaolu blue live broadcast. As the person in charge of the brand, Li Ziming often went to work during the day and broadcast live at night in the early days of the brand establishment. The latest broadcast during the double 11 Festival came to 3 or 4 a.m“ Up to now, although we have a professional live broadcasting team, I will keep the habit of live broadcasting at least twice a month. “
At the same time, the team will carefully classify the data of high-level fans such as beloved fans and diamond fans, such as their names, how many babies they have at home, purchase habits, etc.
Li Ziming will also record the failure of the live studio to answer the questions of fans one by one and answer them in the form of official broadcasting assistance backstage, without “neglecting” each host.
Finally, in terms of channel strategy, Xiaolu Lanlan learned from the “lessons” of three squirrels and took the lead in the omni channel layout according to the positioning and objectives. Except tmall, it has an in-depth layout in Jingdong and offline physical stores.
Based on the above, it is not difficult to see that to hatch a successful second brand, a successful first brand must realize integrated operation from many aspects such as positioning, products, channels and organizational ability, which is also an important factor for deer blue to break through in the short term. The “father and son” of three squirrels and deer blue also provides a high-quality model for the Internet FMCG industry.
Source: cutting edge brand business school (ID: innoband)_ BC), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449). Related reading

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