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Vitality forest pushes a small number of corn whisker tea, and the new expression on the happy event packs potato chips… | it’s hot for a week

foodaily picks up the most important and valuable new product information and news information in the food industry on time every week, including all companies that may change the industry.
1. Yuanqi forest releases low sugar coconut milk and corn whisker tea. The addition of NFC coconut water is ≥ 40%, and 10g corn whisker per bottle is clear and dehumidified
2. Jane fell in love with the new pure naked fresh milk, which can enhance immunity, and also released a rice pudding yogurt
3. Cass launched new fresh milk, focusing on good nutrition
4. PepsiCo’s pure water on the new soda bubble water, cut into the price band of 2.5 yuan
5. Leshi launched the first funny picture potato chips, eating potato chips while “fighting expression bag”
6. Minayo’s new exploding vitamin multi-dimensional soft candy is rich in 12 nutrients
7. Lechun Shangxin guard growth probiotic powder, 5 kinds of infant probiotics to alleviate baby’s pickiness and anorexia
8. Small pot tea has launched two types of white tea: white peony tea and Shoumei tea, and the business and life series are updated simultaneously
9. Meiji of Japan will sell protein brand “Savas” yogurt beverage
10. The new female tea brand capsule tea language won tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, with the concept of “homology of makeup and food”
11. Instant beverage brand infinite spectrum won ten million pre-A round of financing, and entered the market with bubble fruit coffee
12. Joliyoyo, a functional snack brand, has received tens of millions of angel investment, focusing on “emotional health preservation”
13. The infant snack brand seed secret service team received millions of dollars of financing to accelerate the research and development of new products
14. Shicui, a boutique coffee brand, completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan and accelerated the expansion of offline stores
15. The lemon tea brand linlee received tens of millions of yuan of financing and the exclusive investment of Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment
16. Stop B enters the restaurant and invests in Shanghai wanghong hamburger store pink hamburger
17. Taishan beer, a local puree beer brand in China, has completed a new round of financing, with exclusive investment by Xinjin capital
18. Yufeng food, a supplier of milk tea raw materials, won tens of millions of yuan in round a financing, focusing on high-quality fairy grass processing
19. The community group buying food sharing Club transformed into a community snack convenience store “love snacks”, and obtained tens of millions of dollars of financing


On July 26, Yuanqi forest launched a new product, summer wind low sugar coconut milk. Different from traditional coconut milk products, the new product is fresh coconut from Sumatra island. Only the first squeeze is taken to ensure the concentration. Each bottle of coconut water ≥ 40%, coconut milk ≥ 8%, and the heat per 100ml is only 43 kcal, less than half an apple. At the same time, it is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E and natural lauric acid, which is the same as breast milk. It is real material and rich in nutrition.
Source: Yuanqi forest service number
The next day, Yuanqi forest fiber tea series launched a new sugar free corn whisker tea to cater to the summer season in July. The new product focuses on 0 caffeine. A bottle contains 10g corn whiskers. The juice is taken into tea after multiple processes such as heating and filtration. It has the effects of clearing the body and removing dampness. At the same time, xuanmi and barley are added to retain rice nutrition and chlorophyll minerals. The medicine and food are of the same origin, mellow and refreshing. Tmall flagship store sells for 500ml * 15 bottles / 99.9 yuan.
Source: Yuanqi forest

On July 23, Jane Eyre officially launched the new pure naked fresh milk, which lasted nearly a year, and officially entered the field of fresh milk. Select 100% high-quality raw milk that has passed 111 milk source tests, collect milk from the pasture, and go directly to the factory in one hour to ensure the purity of milk source. At the same time, it is rich in immunoglobulin, lactoferrin and other substances, which can enhance human immunity. At present, the new products only cover four delivery warehouses in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Changsha and Wuhan.
In addition, on July 20, Jane Eyre x Jingdong launched a new rice pudding. The new products are presented in the form of desserts. Milk source and northeast Xiangshui rice are preferred as raw materials. They are cooked slowly with ingenuity. The content of raw milk reaches 80% and the protein content is 5.4G per cup. There is no other addition except white granulated sugar. The preferential price of the product is 135g * 3 cups / 29.8 yuan at Jane Eyre Jingdong self operated flagship store.
Photo source: Jane Eyre simplove

Recently, CASS launched new fresh milk, focusing on primary nutrition. Each 100ml of new milk contains 3.8g high-quality milk protein, 27% higher than the national standard, and 120mg active milk calcium to help bone and tooth health. High cleanliness PET bottles are used in the packaging design, and the fully transparent bottle body helps consumers feel fresh milk more intuitively. At present, the new products are only sold offline in Guangdong Yongwang supermarket.
Source: CASS classkiss

Recently, chunshuile, a mineral water brand of PepsiCo, launched a soda bubble water. The new product is filtered with natural coconut shell activated carbon to ensure the quality of water source. It contains baking soda and does not pantothenic acid at the entrance. At present, it has two specifications of 450ml and 300ml. The new product has been launched in the Pearl River Delta in South China, and then landed in Hebei and other provinces. The offline product price is only 2.5 yuan / bottle, and the online price is about 28.8 yuan / 12 bottles.
Pure water music brand was born in the United States in 1994. It is popular in 35 countries and regions around the world such as Canada and Spain with high-quality pure water. In 2011, as a pure water brand under PepsiCo, chunshuile officially landed in the Chinese market for production and sales. In 2018, the brand was renewed, and now it has entered the hot soda bubble water track.

Source: Food Board


Foodaily found that recently, a new funny potato chip in Leshi combines the expression bag with potato chips, which is very interesting. The various printing expressions of the new product are divided into three different series: love film, friendship film and single film, which correspond to three flavors of potato chips: original flavor, lime flavor and cucumber flavor respectively, with two characteristics of delicious and fun. The new product has been launched in the official flagship store of tmall PepsiCo group. The price of 6 cans of any combination of three flavors is 89.9 yuan.
Source: Pepsi design


Recently, minayo launched a new passion fruit flavored pop vitamin multi-dimensional soft candy. The new product selects concentrated juice of Brazilian coniferous cherry, retains natural flavor and nutrients, and adds milk mineral salt imported from Denmark, which is rich in natural flavor β- Carotene, a variety of vitamins and minerals, the VC content of two soft candy is equivalent to 4.5 lemons, and the heat is only one mouthful of apple. The soft candy is wrapped with Australian collagen casing, which is very chewy. The new product has been sold in the flagship store of tmall, with a price of 4G * 30 tablets / box / 59 yuan.
Source: minayo flagship store

Foodaily found that recently, Lechun launched a new probiotic powder for protecting growth, which is suitable for children. The new product is specially added with 5 imported probiotics approved by the National Health Commission for infants aged 0 ~ 3 years. At the same time, relying on DuPont freeze-drying technology, it can improve the survival rate of probiotics and alleviate the symptoms of baby’s pickiness, anorexia and low resistance. The product now sells at tmall flagship store for 2G * 10 / box / 159 yuan.
Photo source: Lechun flagship store


On July 28, small pot tea launched two tight pressed white teas, white peony tea and Shoumei tea, and simultaneously launched the new business series · yinduopao and life series · duopao. The origin of the two types of tea comes from Fuding, Fujian Province. White peony tea has been stored for 6 years. The cake shape is round, the buds and leaves are fat, the tea soup is orange red and bright, the throat is mellow and smooth, and the aftertaste produces saliva; Shoumei tea has been stored in dry warehouse for 5 years. It turns out sweet and mellow jujube fragrance after aging, and the tea rhyme is obvious. The new products have been put on sale in the official flagship store of small pot tea. The single pot or two pots of white peony tea silver are 300 yuan, and the activity price of two pots of Shoumei tea is 299 yuan.
Source: small pot of tea


According to the Japanese economic news, Meiji will sell the yoghurt beverage “Savas milk protein fat 0 yogurt drink type” from the protein brand “Savas” from August 3. Each bottle contains 200g and 15g protein. The recommended retail price is 173 yen. It will be sold in large retailers, supermarkets and other convenience stores all over Japan.
  Source: Japan Food News

Foodaily learned that the new female tea brand capsule tea language has recently completed tens of millions of yuan of angel round financing, led by No. 2 capital and followed by triangle capital. According to the brand introduction, this round of financing will be mainly used for brand construction and channel expansion.
Capsule tea language was launched at the end of 2020. It is a female tea brand. With the concept of “homology of makeup and food”, it is mainly aimed at young female users aged 18-35. Next, capsule tea language will continue to develop more tea products that meet the needs of girls.
Source: capsule tea language


On July 30, the instant beverage brand “infinite spectrum” announced the completion of a ten million pre-A round of financing, led by Xianfeng evergreen, Zhenge fund and an emerging industry fund. This round of financing will be used for product R & D of infinite spectrum brand, production and preparation of initial new products, brand team construction, sales system and channel construction, and marketing launch.
Infinite spectrum brand is positioned as a “light function new experience beverage expert”, hoping to lead the new category of bubble fruit flavor coffee of ready to drink coffee in China through the launch of its first product, coffee with steam.
Photo source: infinite pop tmall official flagship store


Recently, joliyoyo, a functional snack brand, completed an angel round financing of tens of millions of yuan. The investors are Baojie consumer innovation fund and Baoding venture capital fund. It is reported that this round of financing will be mainly used for product R & D, category expansion and market promotion.
Joliyoyo was founded in Japan. In 2021, the brand was upgraded and officially entered the Chinese market. It focuses on functional leisure snacks and functional foods that can bring comfort to consumers. At present, the company is seeking pre-A round of financing to accelerate the incubation, mass production and marketing of new products.
Source: joliyoyo


Foodaily learned that the seed secret service team of infant auxiliary snack brand has recently completed an angel round of financing of millions of dollars. This round of financing is led by Lightspeed China and followed by dangerous peak evergreen. The financing funds will be mainly used for team building, new product research and development, etc.
The seed secret service team provides supplementary snacks for infants from six months to three years old. The core audience is the post-90s ~ post-95 parents who have higher standards for supplementary snacks for infants. At present, the seed secret service team has launched a total of 20 SKUs in three categories according to the needs of the scene, covering the kitchen use scene, dining table scene and snack scene.
Photo source: official flagship store of tmall, the seed secret service team


On July 27, secre, a convenient boutique coffee brand, announced that it had completed a new round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by BOJIANG capital, followed by Fanchuang capital, a fund of ant financial services, and Fanzhuo capital served as the exclusive financial adviser for this round of financing. The funds will be mainly used to accelerate the expansion of offline stores, brand marketing and continuous research and development of online and offline innovative products.
Secre Shicui coffee was established in May 2019, focusing on making convenient boutique coffee around consumers. Shicui began to lay out offline boutique coffee shops this year, and quickly opened 5 stores within two months. It is expected that the number of stores will reach 50 this year.
Source: Secre


Recently, Guangdong lemon tea brand linlee received tens of millions of yuan of financing and was exclusively invested by Panax notoginseng mutual entertainment. The relevant person in charge of linlee said that the financing funds will help linlee go more stably and further, and promote hand-made lemon tea from Guangdong throughout the country.
Linlee originated in Guangdong in 2018, formerly known as “prosperous neighborhood”. In July 2021, “linlee” was fully launched as the brand trademark due to the endless counterfeits and false franchises. Up to now, the scale of linlee stores has reached 500 + stores.
Source: linlee hand made lemon tea


Recently, Shanghai ZengShi catering Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Charlie’s Pink Hamburg, underwent an industrial and commercial change, adding Shanghai BiliBili Technology Co., Ltd. as a shareholder. According to the shareholder information, BiliBili holds about 15% and is the second largest shareholder. Li Ni, COO of station B, joined the board of directors of ZengShi catering.
Shanghai ZengShi restaurant was founded in 2011 and Charlie’s Pink hamburger is its brand. Charlie’s Pink hamburger currently has 10 stores in Shanghai. The biggest features of the store are pink decoration style and pink clerk uniforms. In addition to the regular American beef hamburger, the menu will also launch season limited hamburgers with local characteristics, such as goose liver hamburger, hairy crab hamburger, etc.
Source: public comments


Recently, Taishan beer, a local raw pulp beer brand in China, completed a new round of financing, which was exclusively supported by Xinjin capital, an investment platform of CITIC. After this round of financing, the company plans to further expand production capacity and establish new factories. At the same time, it will improve system capacity, lay the foundation for the company’s vision of “thousands of cities and thousands of stores” and become the leading brand of China’s raw pulp beer.
Taishan beer, formerly known as Tai’an brewery founded in 1979, completed the restructuring and joined Hong Kong Tiger color Group Co., Ltd. in 2000, and then officially changed its name to Shandong Taishan Beer Co., Ltd. The company is committed to producing differentiated short shelf-life, whole malt, raw pulp beer and refined beer without auxiliary materials and filtration.
Photo source: Taishan beer


Recently, Yufeng food, a supplier of milk tea raw materials, completed a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, with the exclusive investment of blue investment’s Fund. This round of funds will be mainly used for product R & D, production line expansion and brand marketing.
Yufeng food was founded in 1993, focusing on the cultivation, R & D and production of fairy grass. With the rapid growth of Xiancao market demand in recent years, Yufeng food plans to change to the high-end market next, establish a brand by launching high-quality products, and the goal is to achieve the positioning of “herbal plant expert with Xiancao as the core” and expand to the global herbal health food and beverage supply chain.
Source: Jingdong


Foodaily learned that the community group buying food sharing club has been transformed into a community snack convenience store. At present, it is in the financing stage, with a financing amount of US $20 million to US $30 million, with the participation of both new and old institutions.
Founded in June 2018, the food club is a community distribution service platform for fresh fruit, mainly for community residents. The financing of the food club this time will be mainly used for the community snack convenience store project it participates in – love snacks. According to the public franchise information, love snacks plans to open hundreds of stores by the end of this year and copy them from Hunan market to Hubei, Jiangxi and other provinces.
Source: Food Club
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