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Net red brand war Changsha

only live in Changsha, No.
When Shanghai is busy opening coffee shops, Hefei is busy building cars and Hangzhou is busy making MCN, Changsha, a city with a permanent population of more than 10 million, is busy creating the myth of online Red catering. Tea Yan Yuese, Mo Mo dim sum Bureau, Hutou Bureau, Standard Chartered cake shop, three and a half meals, Jue Wei… Brands are red and purple.
How “red” is the online red brand in Changsha?
Today, I’m afraid the protagonist of the story of a princess laughing in the world of mortals will become a tea face. The cross provincial purchasing agent of Changsha local milk tea brand tea Yan Yuese needs to increase the price by tens of yuan per cup. For more orders, the running fee even rises to 600 yuan. Deep burning saw on the idle fish that the service standard for purchasing tea Yan Yuese at a asking price of 600 yuan is “Changsha high-speed railway, specially sent by a specially assigned person, can be sent all over the country, and can be reached on the same day”.
You know, 600 yuan, you can take the high-speed railway from Changsha to Beijing.
It’s not just tea Yan Yue color that goes crazy. Although Momo dim sum Bureau has its own official e-commerce store, due to frequent stock outs, Taobao also has a large number of merchants to provide purchasing services. The premium of each commodity is about 10 yuan, and the merchants who purchase on behalf of others at the original price will charge a purchasing fee of 20 yuan. Coupled with the freight of SF air transportation, the purchasing on behalf of Momo dim sum Bureau will cost more than 40 yuan per commodity.
Red is also reflected in the queue. When Wen Heyou became famous, netizens who were attracted by his fame complained that there was a long line at the door of each store. Not only Wen Heyou, but also the online Red stores in Changsha, those with financing, those without financing, large and small, have to queue up.
Queuing may irritate customers, but businesses want it. There are more than 20 stores in Changsha, each of which has a hot business. The store regards queuing as a medal and plays slogan: Changsha Hunan cuisine queuing king. Moreover, queuing and scalpers are closely linked. There is no takeout for cooking smoke and stir fry. After queuing for too long, scalpers wait for the opportunity to buy on behalf of others to earn the price difference.
Investors flew to Changsha for research, and consumers lined up for a taste of freshly baked cassava. In the past ten years, it may be difficult to imagine that Changsha, an old cultural city, will tell the story of online popularity.
New brand “immortal fight”
Changsha, with a large number of online Red brands, has now become a battlefield of capital.
Enterprise survey data show that from January to July 2021, a total of 7 new consumer projects in Changsha received 12 times of financing. Moreover, the disclosed financing amount of new consumption projects in Changsha this year reached 23.651 billion yuan, accounting for 68% of the total financing amount of new consumption in the past five years, far exceeding that of last year.
Changsha has become a financing holy land for new consumer brands.
Taking the tea brand lemon season as an example, it was established only half a year, opened 150 stores, and received tens of millions of yuan of financing in July this year. Momo dim sum Bureau was established in June 2020 and obtained 4 financing in a year, of which the first financing occurred within 10 days after its establishment. The Standard Chartered cake business of Hutou bureau is also very fierce. It opened its first store in 2019. In July this year, it completed a round of financing of nearly US $50 million, and Sequoia Capital entered the Bureau twice.
Behind frequent financing, Changsha wanghong brand has bitten a wealth password: invest in young people.
Changsha native Xiaoyuan told shenran that the post-00s and post-90s are basically queuing at the gate of wanghong store. No matter how old people are, they won’t join in the excitement.
Young people are keen on the concept of domestic goods, especially the national tide. According to the 2021 Guochao proud search big data released by the people’s Network Research Institute in conjunction with Baidu, the post-90s are the most concerned about Guochao related content, accounting for 48.6%, and the post-00s are the most concerned about Guofeng related content. It is not difficult to explain why we should take the national tide and national style as a stepping stone to understand the brands of young people.
Mo Mo dim sum Bureau and Standard Chartered cake shop of Hutou bureau are the hot spots recently. Both have chosen Guochao style. Some netizens said that they were “confused” about the two online popular brands. Their poster styles were similar, and their main products were snacks.
The design of tea color is national style, the logo is an ancient lady with eyes like water, and the interior decoration of the store is also dominated by traditional Chinese elements.
A graphic designer summarized the characteristics of Guochao design to shenburn: Magpie signboard, Jiangxi Zhuo Kai, with vector illustration with Chinese elements, mixed in Chinese and English.
Another very local design is the market style, represented by Wen Heyou. Wen Heyou focuses on the concept of cultural space and establishes a retro street in the city to attract businesses from all walks of life.
Changsha’s brand is closely bound up with domestic goods in definition, and the marketing reflects the taste of domestic goods. In May, Hutou Bureau launched an activity. Customers can get a 50% discount on new products when they dry out an original domestic product in the store.
These “Changsha Department” online Red brands also help each other in various forms and become more popular together. The small linkage has three and a half meals to open a physical store with chayan Yuese and send the exchange certificate of Momo dessert Bureau for a cup of rice consumption. The large linkage has chayan Yuese, and the first investment was given to the local fruit tea brand guoya in Changsha.
Punch in is also the favorite marketing method of Changsha brand, which is also right for young people. Clock in requires two prerequisites: store offline and red online.
According to the statistics of shenran, most brands in Changsha started from offline physical stores. Even the e-commerce brand of three and a half tons also opened offline stores in the stable period.
It’s really not a legend that “you meet a tea Yan Yuese after two steps”. Tea Yan Yuese, lemon season, shengxiangting, snacks are very busy and other brands have hundreds of stores in Changsha. Guo Yaya, Mo Mo dim sum Bureau and other brands have also opened dozens of stores in Changsha.
Offline, you can create prosperity and attract young people through queuing, purchase restriction and store decoration. Online strategies are more subtle, but also simpler.
2018 is the first year of the tiktok boom, and also the first year of Changsha’s entry into the Internet. 2018 city tiktok report tiktok selected the city of “vibrant city” according to the video volume of the city’s image. Changsha entered the top ten, and received 1 billion points.
Over the past three years, the residual temperature of wanghong has not subsided, and the rise of new brands has further strengthened this name. Taking xiaohongshu, the main battlefield of grass planting, as an example, search for “tea Yan Yuese”, and there are 120000 + relevant notes. For Naixue’s tea all over the country, search for three titles called “Naixue’s tea”, “Naixue” and “Naixue の tea”. The number of notes under any entry does not exceed tea Yan Yuese. In the Changsha travel strategies of major platforms, the newly rising online Red stores and time-honored brands sitting firmly on the mountain are on the list.
Sticking to Changsha will also make the meaning of “punch in” stronger.
Tea Yan Yuese once said that she would not leave Changsha because she wanted to control the quality and taste. Bao Yuezhong, a new retail expert, affirmed the strategy of tea Yan Yuese not to blindly develop foreign markets. He told shenran that according to the general enterprise development rules, based on one market, we should first do it thoroughly, and then consider developing other markets. From the perspective of enterprise finance, the cost is relatively low, and we can concentrate on doing a good job in Changsha market, which is a relatively safe choice.
Why Changsha?
Previously, media reported that most investors first took a fancy to Changsha and then looked for business opportunities. So, where is the charm of Changsha?
There are many young people in Changsha who can consume, and compared with other cities, Changsha has a different gene of sleepless city. Many cities consume 12 hours, but Changsha consumes 24 hours.
Xiaoyuan sighs to shenburn that Changsha is really fun at night. Massage, night snack, bar, theater, drinking tea, playing cards, orange Chau tou and fireworks“ I have friends who basically stay in bars from work. “
According to the report on night economic influence of Chinese cities (2020) jointly prepared by outlook think tank and Tencent, Changsha ranks third in night economic influence, second only to Chongqing and Chengdu. Relevant data also show that in recent years, the number of night consumers in Changsha has increased by more than 49% annually, and the rich business forms have also ensured a continuous stream of consumers for the night economy in Changsha.
How sleepless Changsha people are is evident from the data changes before and after the epidemic. According to meituan’s data, in February 2020, that is, the period of the most serious epidemic in China, the total night economic consumption in Changsha decreased by 82% year-on-year and 84% month on month. By June, the year-on-year decline in total consumption had narrowed to 8.33% and increased by 2.59% month on month. It can be seen that the foundation of Changsha night economy is very solid, and Changsha people really can’t live without night life.
Source/   Visual China
Changsha’s online popular brands are mostly offline stores, and house prices are also an unavoidable topic. According to the “2021 new first tier cities living report” released by the shell Research Institute, Changsha is the new first tier city with the lowest living burden. Changsha’s per capita income level is also in the middle and upper reaches of the country, and the burden of renting and buying houses is relatively low compared with other cities in the country.
Store location is also a knowledge. Many online stores have gathered in May day square, a famous business district in Changsha, and many brands have started to get rich from here. Many years ago, when Hong Kong, Taiwan and overseas brands settled in Changsha, they first aimed at the treasure land of May day square.
The magic of May day square is cheap. It is the preferred consumption place for most working-class young people. The customer unit price of Mo dim sum Bureau, chayan Yuese and other brands is not high. A cup of milk tea of chayan Yuese is only about 15 yuan. Wuyi Square is naturally the most matching scene.
Changsha’s net red brands are mostly catering, which is also related to its food gene. Hunan cuisine and folk snacks, one of the eight major cuisines, ensure the telepathy between Changsha and delicious food from a historical point of view. Therefore, when the new format of food appears in Changsha, it will not be embarrassed or eclipsed. Taking Hunan cuisine as an example, the top three on the popular list of Hunan cuisine in Changsha, including cooking smoke, fried yellow beef, chef Fei and a lamp, are all online Red stores going out from Changsha.
Changsha’s epigenetic brand is good at marketing and has a close relationship with Changsha’s TV soul. People familiar with the matter disclosed that most of the large and small brands in Changsha in recent years are related to Hunan Radio and television. For example, Wang Dan, the founder of Mo dim sum Bureau, once worked for Hunan Radio and television.
As early as people did not know what “net red” was, Hunan people were already holding their own local red people. It is well known in Hunan Radio and television that “every day up” and “happy camp” are ace programs for many years. At that time, merchants who had been on the program had to put their clips outside the store like certificates of merit to play circularly.
Now, mango TV is as keen to support Changsha brand as its predecessors. Fried beef with cooking smoke will be listed in yearning for life and my boy in 2019, and cooperate with several trump variety shows in 2020.
How did the fire in Changsha spread all over the country?
These online popular brands in Changsha don’t want to live only in Changsha.
Hutou Bureau said that it would soon open a store in Shanghai. Many stores of Momo dim sum bureau are also planning to layout. Snacks are very busy and plan to enter Jiangxi. It can be seen that you can’t go out of Changsha.
Starting a signboard in Changsha and then taking a small step out of Hunan is the usual way of Changsha wanghong brand.
Deep burning found that the number of stores of Changsha wanghong brand shows the characteristics of “top heavy and light”: Changsha is the “top”, and the number of stores is amazing, tens or hundreds of them; There are “feet” in other places. They either open a few in each place, or they only explore the way in a few cities.
Moreover, going out of Changsha does not mean going out of Hunan. Many brands sink from Changsha to other cities in Hunan Province, thoroughly understand Hunan, and then expand outward. The first station out of the province is also mostly located in Wuhan, Hubei Province.
Positioning expert Gu Junhui once mentioned that the outward expansion of tea Yan Yuese is because the market in Changsha is close to saturation and the gross profit margin is lower than the industry average. It needs to go to the whole country to find new growth points.
Tea Yan Yue color is also very popular in Wuhan. When I went to school in Wuhan, I clocked in two teas located in Wuhan Tiandi and xiaopinmao. I avoided the meal. When I arrived at the store at about 3 p.m., I still lined up for 40 minutes and waited another 12 minutes to get the tea.
“There is no short queue time for tea Yan Yuese in Wuhan.” Niannian told shenran that the first tea Yan Yuese in Wuhan opened in Wuhan Tiandi, not in the center of Wuhan. When it first opened, it queued for 5 hours. There are also many yellow cattle in line. According to Niannian observation, the “hard work fee” of yellow cattle is an increase of 50 or 60 yuan per cup.
But it is not easy to move from Changsha to other places. Changsha is a safe haven, and other places may be dangerous beaches.
The salesmen of Changsha tea will patiently explain how to drink tea to customers. Niannian said that she had never encountered this service in a store in Wuhan. Tea Yan Yuese is proud of its service. When you arrive in Wuhan, you can directly discount it in half. For a time, it is no different from other milk tea shops.
“Changsha’s cultural history is very thick. These online popular brands are like tickets to an amusement park to attract you, but they are not the only ones in the park.” Xiaoyuan believes that wanghong brand can not fully represent Changsha, but plays a role of drainage.
This also implies a crisis. Can online popular brands all over the country still become tickets to Changsha? When the brand leaves Changsha, it also needs to leave Changsha with a sense of mystery as its birthplace.
Changsha brand loves to take the domestic route. After entering the broader market, it is also easy to disappear from the public.
Count the dessert and milk tea shops nationwide, a few big characters, a neon sign, retro decoration, and the national tide wind is extremely easy to copy in batches. There are also many collision products. For example, the brand of Momo dessert Bureau, hemp potato, is no longer a strange category. In addition to low sugar and low fat, it has not played a brand in taste. According to consumer feedback, other star dots in Mo Mo dim sum bureau also have a “deja vu taste”.
When local brands go out of Hunan, they may also encounter acclimatization. Wen Heyou drove to Guangzhou. They were also crowded and crowded, and the queue was endless. However, some locals complain that Guangzhou is a city full of gas. Without the space of Wen Heyou, it does not damage the gas of the market. On the contrary, the artificial market of Wen Heyou seems abrupt.
Dialect culture is also acclimatized. In February this year, tea Yan Yuese apologized for the advertising word “picking up baskets” that insulted women. Xiao Yuan confirmed that “picking up baskets” is indeed a rude word in Changsha slang. She also said that some local people in Changsha may not think so in the dialect context, but they will be examined in public. Going out of Changsha with Changsha dialect is not only a good thing, but also a dangerous move.
Winning in danger is also winning in stability. Changsha wanghong brand, which left home, wants to be more cautious and down-to-earth.
Author: Zou Shuai; Source: shenrancaijing (ID: shenrancaijing), reprint has been authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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