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How do Olympic champions “eat”? This wave of Olympic marketing of Golden Arowana makes people full of appetite

The secret behind
Olympic champion is “eat”? Look at the anti routine Olympic marketing of golden dragon fish.
On August 8, Beijing time, the 17 day 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games ended successfully, leaving behind scenes of classic moments. Yang Qian decided the victory with one shot, sun yingsha swept ITO Meicheng 4:0, and Su Bingtian broke the racial definition in 9.83 seconds… Tears and sweat intertwined, touching the hearts of Chinese people again and again. There is no doubt that the Olympic Games has become the top stream of social media. According to the big data of microblog, during the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the reading volume of relevant topics exceeded 425.2 billion, 3462 hot searches, and the cumulative interaction volume of netizens exceeded 1.5 billion times (15 times higher than the previous Rio).
The above figures are not difficult to find that the Olympic Games (sports big IP) is releasing its unique commercial value and becoming a battleground for strategists. However, different from the past, with the influx of more brands, the improvement of consumers’ aesthetic threshold and the diversified development of digital media such as short video, Olympic marketing is facing new changes and challenges:
  • Athlete’s personality and personal design release: under the background that the people are no longer only gold medal, the elements such as athlete’s personality, effort and team have increasingly become the focus of discussion among Internet users. Bid farewell to the past single endorsement routine, and how to excavate plump people and behind the scenes stories has become a new thinking point.
  • Olympic marketing upgrading to brand resonance strategy: under the background of consumption upgrading, values have increasingly become a reference for consumers’ brand choice. Under the background of the new consumption trend, how to reach resonance with the Olympic Games and consumers, and precipitate the Olympic Games into the long-term assets of the brand has become a new challenge.
  • Media integration capability of multi-point contact: digital media such as short video and live broadcast are developing rapidly, and the communication is becoming increasingly fragmented, which requires the brand to have new media and channel integration capability to realize the domino effect of communication.
Under a series of new challenges, how does the brand seize the opportunity to play in the Olympic Games? Recently, Mei Xiaohua found in the Olympic marketing case of the second set that the unique and ingenious edible oil brand Golden Arowana takes the current people’s patriotic enthusiasm as the emotional fulcrum, starts from the secret of “eating” behind the Olympic athletes, unlocks a new marketing posture, and “small and broad” has walked out of a differentiated Olympic marketing road.
Golden Arowana differentiated layout
Pry the resonance of the times and group resonance
1. Differentiated ideas: dig deep into national emotions and start from the “eating” of athletes
In recent years, with the rise of China’s national strength and the increasing improvement of national self-confidence, the content expression of national culture, national spirit and patriotism has increasingly become the norm of brand marketing.
In this context, it is an inevitable trend for Olympic marketing to become a hot topic. 2021, a special Olympic Games, although late, is not only the hard work of Olympic athletes dormant for five years, but also the Olympic wish of 1.4 billion people. It is the best export of national patriotism. For brands, how to accurately grasp the pulse of the times, find an appropriate communication angle and form an emotional connection with individual consumers is very important.
Based on this, combined with brand characteristics and product advantages, taking insight as an anchor and deeply excavating national emotions, golden dragon fish (official grain and oil sponsor of the Chinese Olympic Committee and sponsor of the Chinese Olympic Corps) gave a different breaking idea: starting from the “eating” of athletes, it created a recognizable and Brand association with memory – “Golden Arowana + nutrition + national team + Olympic Games”.
Since September 2019, the golden dragon fish · national team sports nutritionist program initiated by golden dragon fish and jointly participated by the State Administration of sports, the Institute of sports medicine and the China Nutrition Association has officially entered the Olympic National team to provide scientific and professional nutrition services for athletes, including sports mobilization, daily dietary nutrition management The formulation of nutrition plans for athletes in different training stages and during competition preparation, as well as the formation of solutions to nutrition problems around nutrition monitoring, nutrition evaluation and other aspects. It is reported that this is the first dietitian team in the history of the Chinese team in the 70 years since the founding of new China.
Nowadays, competitive sports is no longer a single individual strength competition, but involves many aspects, such as training monitoring, physical training, technical and tactical training, psychological regulation, injury prevention and treatment, sports rehabilitation, nutritional supplement, information analysis and so on. At the recently concluded Olympic Games, Su Bingtian, the “new flying man of Asia”, broke through the 10 second mark again in the track and field field. At the age of 32, even if he is not at the golden age, he can still maintain his peak, which is inseparable from the philosophy of “eating” (the behind the scenes power of scientific nutrition).
Marketing Master Philip Kotler once said that the current marketing era is an era of value oriented brand remodeling.
In the patriotism of the Olympic package, the golden dragon fish takes the responsibility and responsibility of a big brand, and figuratively turns it into a “golden dragon fish · national team sports nutritionist” team, which is undoubtedly an expression of the right time and a high degree of brand. Here, golden dragon fish is no longer a simple consumer product (rice flour oil product), but a booster for Olympic athletes to realize their dreams and help Olympic athletes break through the limit.
The brand and the Olympic Games complement each other. The brand helps the Olympic dream, and the Olympic spirit of Olympic athletes, in turn, enriches the brand culture and precipitates into brand assets. The perfect combination of Olympic + nutrition helps Golden Arowana form a differentiated brand image. Nutrition is also a field of technological innovation. Golden Arowana escorts Olympic athletes, which reflects the strength base of the brand and the reflection of the Olympic quality of products.
2. Content differentiation: enter the Olympic preparations and dig deep into the story of “eating” behind athletes
How do Olympic athletes “eat”“ Golden Arowana · national team sports nutritionist “how to increase the” nutritional foundation “for China’s Olympic corps to win gold? Breaking through the single transmission of watching information on the market, the golden dragon fish will focus on the behind the scenes story, go deep into the Olympic athletes’ preparation base, excavate dry goods and meet people’s curiosity.
On the eve of the Chinese team’s departure for Tokyo, the golden dragon fish and CCTV visited the athletes preparing for the war, Su Bingtian, Liu Xiang, former Olympic champion Zhang Jike and the behind the scenes nutritionist, revealing the nutrition code behind the Chinese team’s strong sports. It is reported that Golden Arowana is also the only brand that goes deep into the training base and reflects the real preparation state before the competition.
During the visit, Su Bingtian’s food intake for each meal was made public to everyone (the amount was not ordinary). Xu Baolu, Su Bingtian’s nutritionist, introduced that athletes’ carbon and water intake was very key. When the training intensity was high (muscle strengthening period), athletes would be advised to eat one to one and a half bowls of staple food.
In preparation for the camp visit, Qi Zeyu, Liu Xiang’s nutritionist, mentioned that swimmers’ daily energy consumption will be relatively large, which can reach 4700 kcal or more. At ordinary times, nutritionists will follow the training of athletes and formulate diet plans according to their physical conditions. At the same time, due to the change of needs such as training, competition, muscle gain and fat loss, the nutrition plan will be adjusted accordingly.
Compared with swimmers, the energy intake of table tennis players is small (between 2700 and 4200 kcal per day). Qi Zeyu said that at this time, table tennis players will be advised to appropriately intake some supplementary fish and shrimp to supplement some quality amino acids.
The three videos (Su Bingtian, Liu Xiang and Zhang Jike) tell the story from the perspective of athletes + nutritionists, and vividly and truly present the “nutrition code” in front of the public. For the audience, it is more like a big meal of “satisfying curiosity” and “refreshing”, and the “hard” lethality in the advertisement is directly eliminated, Brands are reaching consumers’ minds in a soft way.
At the scene, Zhang Jike also used the edible oil of golden dragon fish to make a unique food, the Olympic rings, to cheer for the Olympic athletes who are about to fight. In an interesting way, he directly presented the athletes’ nutritional password of “one vegetable and one meal” in front of the audience, and the communication efficiency was twice the result with half the effort.
Product efficiency integration:
Multi contact combination attack, energy storage marketing closed loop
In the era of social media, the success of a marketing campaign not only has unique insight and interesting creativity, but also has layers of close communication rhythm.
Tiktok combines the different platform characteristics of the digital social platform, focusing on micro-blog’s youth, focusing on interaction, transparency and transparency. Kwai Yu carries out creative output in different stages, and delivers the intuitive feeling of the brand to the Olympic content, and forms brand strong memory stimulation and cognition in a short time.
For example, in the Olympic warm-up stage, the golden dragon fish first fermented with KOLs such as Zhang Jike and Huang Jianxiang. After the content was released, users forwarded it one after another. Zhang Jike’s microblog interaction exceeded 40000 +, triggering the first wave of interaction and traffic, forming an opening sound wave. At the same time, it timely followed up the hot spots of the Olympic Games, and the golden dragon fish vigorously released posters in the social media to focus on the output of high-quality content, undertake the rising national mood, and promote the continuous upgrading of the activity heat.
On the other hand, it has formed a synergistic effect with the above contents. Golden dragon fish has joined with many authoritative media such as CCTV, Xinhuanet, people’s daily, Guangming Daily and China Daily to publish multiple reports from the perspective of “third party” as brand endorsement.
Carrying traffic and attention in time, golden dragon fish also grasped the window period of users’ consumption decision, linked JD, Amoy ports (stores) and live broadcast contacts, and directly completed a grass planting closed loop, meeting the timely needs of consumers for “the same money for the Olympic Games”. On the home page of the official flagship store, relevant materials are updated in time to maintain the stickiness with consumers and carry more new traffic and new customers.
From high-frequency content output to multimedia and multi-channel resource utilization, from KOL call and guidance to UGC content precipitation, Golden Arowana forms a 360 degree linkage effect with the help of different field characteristics to spread radiation to the public in a multi chain and rhythmic manner. Finally, the domino effect of social communication has been highlighted, making it possible to plant grass.
Under the background of increasingly converging communication and improving consumers’ aesthetic threshold, golden dragon fish jumped out of the traditional marketing mode, took the current national emotion as the emotional fulcrum, and provided us with reference ideas in shortening the link with consumers.
1. Brand height of differentiated playing methods. Olympic marketing convergence, want to stand out more and more difficult. This time, the golden dragon fish found a unique way, but starting from the “eating” of sports, formed a unique brand association of “golden dragon fish + nutrition + national team + Olympic Games”, and finally the Olympic spirit nurtured the brand and precipitated it into brand assets.
2. Product quality is the hard core strength. Marketing is more like a magnifying glass for a brand, and the most powerful core of a brand is product quality. In particular, the sports nutritionist project of Golden Arowana focuses on the excellent product quality, innovation ability and sense of responsibility of big brands of Golden Arowana. The breakthrough achievements represented by Su Bingtian not only have assiduous special professional training, but also have the support of nutrition behind them.
3. Omni channel communication link integrating quality and efficiency. Consumers are everywhere, and the traffic is increasingly diluted. One-way brand promotion is bound to be beaten passively. Omni channel layout and mutual heating are the general trend. In this Olympic marketing, the golden dragon fish strongly gathered multi platform resources, played with the linkage of official media and social media, gradually introduced the public domain traffic into the brand private domain traffic layer by layer, and further promoted the precipitation of brand value.
It is reported that after the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, golden dragon fish will also be the official grain and oil product sponsor of the Chinese sports delegation for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. Next, we will wait and see what interesting and interesting marketing activities Golden Arowana will bring to us.
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