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Why are many brands rejected by young people?

embrace innovative marketing and tap super pain points.
“The best investment is to invest in yourself”. Swiping the screen circle of friends overnight seems to impress all those who receive information and start thinking about their own enterprise, their own brand and even their personal brand. If we take the time back to a few years ago, the sentence “even pigs will fly at the air outlet” hit the desire of thousands of people for innovation. Countless brands have won and become wind followers. The wind chasing brands must be fast companies, but when the air outlet passes, few can settle down and become real wind controllers.
Many marketers will conclude that it is because the new generation of people are too fond of the new and tired of the old. Once well-known big brands are regarded as the traditional brands of their parents, while new and cutting-edge brands will disappear in their vision once the topic passes and the traffic does not match due to the lack of brand mental accumulation.
In the final analysis, when we look back and chew and ponder again the true meaning of “the best investment is to invest in ourselves”. Whether it is a new brand or an old brand, as a brand trader, do we know what kind of self investment upgrading can make the new generation of consumers “like the new and remember the old” right?
First,   Abandon the old thinking. What consumers dislike is not the old brand, but the old thinking that does not conform to the trend of the times. The brand that cannot keep pace with the times and is not open to consumers is the old brand.
Second,   Innovation must be the integrated innovation of products and advertising, and products are the best advertising carrier. Therefore, advertising innovation is only a small fur of “new”, but it can not support the real brand innovation. Therefore, we must deeply study the integrated innovation of products and advertising to complement each other.
Third,   Brand “visual sense” is not just a simple visual symbol, but a yearning for a new life brought by the brand or product. Human beings will not refuse better things from the bottom of their bones. The experience that brands want to bring to consumers is actually all good possibilities.
Fourth,   The super pain point is the super insight, and the insight is hidden in the ordinary daily life, which is the unmet needs and desires of consumers. We should clearly recognize the difference between “consumer fact” and “consumer insight”. Fact is only a representation, and insight has the power to pry desire.
What is rejected is not the “old” of time
But the “old” of thinking
“Give life to time, not time to life”. Every second of life should be full. This is the young people of generation Z. The growth background and the environment of the times have created this group of young people’s brand-new values and world outlook, making their behavior style, mode of thinking, aesthetic taste, shopping needs and consumption preferences significantly different from those of the previous generation.
On the other hand, with the development of science and technology, the material created by human beings is not only abundant, but even “surplus”. In a sense, the world is no longer lack of material products, but a sense of spiritual belonging. For consumers, there are too many choices to be dazzling and overwhelmed, especially in those product categories with low trial and error cost, such as food, beverage, beauty, daily chemical, etc. of course, they will continue to try new products. Behind trying new packaging, new taste, new function and new model, they are also constantly seeking emotional and psychological value recognition.
So a long time can also be lasting. What is rejected is not the “old” of time, but the “old” of thinking. The current rise of national fashion products does not just mean that the oldest can also be the most fashionable? The key is how to activate appropriately.
From the perspective of Midea’s Westward Journey electric rice cooker, what magnifies is the sense of value. It integrates the value from the product to realize the true “happy new and nostalgic old” new and old users. Midea’s electric rice cooker and Westward Journey jointly affect the infinite memories of the new and old generations. Each brand has different entry points.
This is like a fast iterative entertainment circle, with both the popular “old drama bone” and the “little fresh meat” updated every year. Andy Lau has been on the road for 40 years and is still the top class. His personal design is also upgrading. If the “small fresh meat” can not improve its strength, it will come and go quickly only by the flow from the face brush“ The reason why “old opera bones” are in an invincible position is not because they are “old”, but because they have always maintained “new” — they constantly shape different fresh roles by acting skills. Isn’t brand marketing so?
Future innovation
It is the integrated innovation of products and advertising
The traditional new brand development path is often product channel brand. First, it grows savagely through primary products, prices and channels to earn the first pot of gold, then slowly build the brand, and then use the brand to continuously drive sales. However, in the new era of consumption, it is not only total branding, but total marketing. Relying too much on price leverage to promote sales is likely to fall into the pit of “pseudo marketing”, the more you sell, the more you lose, and turn your brand into a miscellaneous brand.
No matter where your brand is today, it is inevitable to constantly seek innovation. Neither can we stay in the past brand aura, nor can we bother to think about brand value because the live broadcast brings goods and makes a full sale, otherwise it will eventually be despised by consumers. The future innovative marketing must be the integration of product concept innovation and advertising promotion.
Similarly, in the case of Midea’s journey to the west, when the product is integrated with IP, a product represents a character, and each character may be the hidden side of you and me. Let the product bring its own interesting soul at birth, lure consumers into their seats, and meet the beautiful imagination of new consumers on cooking – “even if I don’t cook often, I also want to choose a product that can represent me. When I use it, I can feel that my life is changing. This is the life I want. ” At the advertising level, we strengthen the sense of memory and kill, and perfectly mobilize the stimulation of the product through the IP film emotion that has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the public.
Brand “instant vision”
Not just simple visual symbols
In this era of dusty information, consumers’ eyes will only stay on the brand for one second. If they want to quickly catch the attention of consumers, it becomes very important to create the visual sense of the brand and become an important part of product innovation“ “Visual sense” comes from psychology and is not a new word. Now it is also borrowed from marketing. If it is simply understood as product visual design, it is obviously far from enough.
The so-called “instant vision” is an immersive impact and feeling. Scientific research shows that up to 70% of the information obtained by human beings comes from vision. Human is a visual animal, which takes vision as the leading factor, drives other senses and forms a comprehensive feeling. Therefore, the ultimate goal of “brand is visual sense” is to create a brand “field” through vision.
Taking perfume or fragrance products as an example, through the means of transmission such as flat and video, it is clear that “fragrance” can not be directly transmitted. Even if consumers tell the ingredients and recipes of consumers in detail, consumers will still not smell. How do you pass the “fragrance”?
As early as 900 years ago, a famous story in the history of art just answered this question. It is said that Huizong of the Song Dynasty opened a painting academy. The examination questions for candidates are often poetry, asking them to paint with poetry. Among them, there is a famous title called “horseshoe fragrance after stepping on flowers”. Some of the candidates focused on painting how the horse ran, others focused on painting how the horseman was in high spirits, and some racked their brains to draw a flower petal, and the horse stepped on the flower petal. The candidate who won the first place drew a picture of a man galloping on a horse, his hooves held high, and several butterflies dancing around his hooves. This cleverly presents the artistic conception of “fragrance” in the poem.
Therefore, it can be seen that this brand “field” created by image and sound must have an immersive feeling for consumers, and even further scene Association. This is a mood and an atmosphere. Different fragrances are different moods and different atmospheres. Therefore, all external visual symbols, all packaging and advertising design should serve this product attribute, otherwise it can not be called the “visual sense” of the brand.
In the Red Sea market of beauty makeup, the new brand naijizi nonnotes has designed the image of brand IP with the brand positioning of “original anthropomorphic makeup”. Interestingly, in order to distinguish from the traditional beauty makeup, naijizi “nono” is exactly the image embodiment of chubby / cute / sexy / confident, “notes” represents the notebook for collecting and creating beautiful things, Each product is the epitome of TA’s life and emotional sharing. The brand is committed to creating a treasure of innovative domestic products.
It is closer to the real scene of the user’s portrait. With high face value and interesting soul, each product carefully excavates the pain points of each girl’s desire to become beautiful, and creates a strong vitality product model. In just one year, it has rapidly realized the sales growth from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands in January, and then to tens of millions in annual revenue.
We found that in the blue ocean market with low attention, fragrance, some new brands pay more and more attention to the spiritual consumption of young people. For example, La Muse Cybele xibaiya is trying to build a brand, i.e. visual sense, from product packaging, product experience, visual image to store marketing. At the beginning, it not only stayed in the online mall, but also entered the cultural and creative product channels such as downing bookstore and hi department store, which really entered the lives of young people. Hibaya not only buys fragrance products, but also sells a brand attitude. No longer look at or define art in the traditional way, the inspiration of life is as ubiquitous as air, which is new inspiration and art. It is from this point that Siberia gradually constructs its own unique brand field.
Super pain point
Hidden in ordinary daily life
Super pain points do not necessarily refer to epoch-making trends, because opportunities for social change and industrial upgrading cannot occur every day. For most brands, the super pain point is to capture the unmet needs of consumers in their real life. Especially in China, a populous country, it creates a small change and provides a small surprise for consumers. As long as it catches its unmet potential demand, it catches the super pain point, and it may pry a market of tens of billions or even tens of billions.
Jianlibao company, which has been established for decades, is difficult to win the favor of a new generation of young people if it still follows the previous ideas and carries out publicity from the attributes of fruit juice sports drinks. Party A and Party B digital marketing is Jianlibao’s planning. It starts from the product concept to the integrated innovation of brand promotion, and launched Guochao new tank to reactivate Jianlibao’s brand assets accumulated over the years in a way full of the flavor of the times.
The brand-new culture pot deeply binds Chinese culture and fashion and empowers the brand with a young attitude. One of the most popular funds, Zhaocai panda, has inspired the public’s love for the soft and cute national treasure. Through the concept of limited blind box, the number of Zhaocai panda cans is uncertain in the random distribution of 24 cans per box, which has successfully aroused the audience’s joy of removing the blind box and drying the panda. The more unable to respond to a large number of needs, the more people pursue.
Jianlibao Guochao new cans ignited young people on social media and even sold out of stock online. Every young man holding a national tide pot is very proud because they participate in it. They buy not only a bottle of beverage, but also a spokesman for Chinese culture.
It’s human nature to like the new and hate the old, but don’t forget that it’s also human nature to long for eternity. In addition to falling in love at first sight, the relationship between brands and consumers should continue to operate. Only by growing together and facing the changing world together can we be happy and long-lasting.
It is our pursuit to embrace innovative marketing, tap super pain points, and explore the possibility of integration of product concept innovation and advertising promotion innovation.
Author: Party A and Party B; Source: digital marketing of brand a and B (ID: GH)_ 5246a01c76cc), reprint authorized. Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
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