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On advertising creativity, take Coca Cola!

was conquered by Coca Cola creativity again.

Is Coca Cola the best Cola in the world?
In order to promote the new formula of sugar free cola, Coca Cola shot a 15 second advertising short film, which let Wang Xingren and meow Xingren start a debate on “is sugar free Coca Cola the best Cola in the world?” the seemingly tit for tat issue was interpreted by the two protagonists as charming and very interesting.
The interesting thing about advertising is that it throws out the problems discussed by the public for a long time and causes the public to think. The debate between Wang Xingren and meow Xingren is very similar to the discussion on product taste in public life. Finally, the foothold of advertising is “taste first and then talk about it” , guide people not to draw a conclusion easily, but to draw a conclusion after drinking Coca Cola’s brand-new sugar free coke, laying the groundwork for the dynamic sales of products.
It can be said that this short 15 second advertisement explains the charm of brand marketing – making products sell better. It also makes people want to take the initiative to buy a new bottle of Coca Cola in order to answer the question “is Coca Cola the best Cola in the world?” at the beginning of the article.
For the brand, the idea of letting users see advertisements and buy has been realized, and its marketing purpose has helped the brand achieve wider dissemination. It seems that it is not so important whether Coca Cola is the best Cola in the hearts of users.
For a long time, Coca Cola’s marketing has been regarded as a textbook in the industry. Many of its advertisements have not been forgotten by consumers over time, and even become classics.
Coca Cola’s classic advertisements are numerous, which are representative. First, Coca Cola’s advertising creativity inspired by ribbon, and second, Coca Cola’s bottle advertising that has been output.
1. Creative advertising inspired by “red ribbon”
It can be said that over the years, Coca Cola’s red ribbon creativity has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It has become a brand symbol with great brand recognition and a source of inspiration for brand advertising creation. In advertising, the red ribbon can refer to road signs, gestures to convey a peaceful and happy atmosphere, or a link between the brand and users.
The signpost
In order to prove the brand’s awareness of environmental protection and show the corporate sense of social responsibility, Coca Cola promised to realize 100% recyclability of product packaging by 2025 and realize the circular economy of brand environmental protection, and launched outdoor recyclable billboards.
The super long billboard and flexible “fingers” point out the location of Coca Cola’s recyclable trash can to users, which not only attracts people’s attention, but also conveys the environmental protection concept of Coca Cola’s sustainable development.
Coca Cola outdoor recycling billboard
Deliver happiness
Sometimes, the wonder of advertising is that it can convey different information through similar actions. Coca Cola has two hands. The advertising that meets together has left a deep impression and has been widely spread, and the connotation of advertising makes people realize what is wonderful.
In the Chinese market, Coca Cola designs the iconic ribbon as two hands that are transmitting happiness, and the “itself” of happiness is a bottle of Coca Cola. At this time, Coca Cola is no longer just a bottle of coke, but the embodiment of happiness.
Similarly, with the red ribbon + hand as the inspiration for advertising creativity, Coca Cola’s advertising in Latin America has become a fist for people of different skin colors to greet and cheer each other.
The hidden meaning of two fists is that we are partners. I share your experience and express tacit understanding and trust. This group of advertisements designed by Swedish designers with Coca Cola are more integrated.
The same advertising creativity conveys Coca Cola’s different brand values, and this interesting form of expression has also left a deep impression on people.
Remove marketing ideas from logo
Also playing tricks on Coca Cola’s red ribbon, Coca Cola asked an interesting question: how many people can recognize Coca Cola by removing the Coca Cola logo?
Therefore, Coca Cola launched a group of “marketing ideas to remove the logo”. In the advertisement, the whole bottle body of Coca Cola adopts the brand iconic red, and the whole bottle body is only left with Coca Cola’s white ribbon and a group of copywriting.
The copy “labels are for cans, not for people” successfully attracted people’s attention and made people start to think about equal treatment and peaceful coexistence. This is also the appeal of Coca Cola’s communication: persuading consumers to “put aside stereotypes and prejudices”.
This group of advertisements put on traditional Islamic festivals have received extensive discussion and attention as soon as they were released. Their innovative ideas have helped the brand realize secondary communication, and become one of the most successful classic cases in Coca Cola’s marketing calendar.
It can be said that Coca Cola’s creativity on the red ribbon is numerous and can be called a unique brand creativity. “Red ribbon” has also formed the communication symbol of the brand in the precipitation of Coca Cola’s long-term culture, and its specific graphic radian ribbon has gradually formed the memory point of the brand with recognition.
2. Appreciation of Coca Cola bottle body design
If the red ribbon is a brand symbol formed by the long-term precipitation of brand culture, the bottle body creativity created by Coca Cola is to attract the attention of users through an impact visual experience, highlight the personality and cultural value of the brand, and realize communication by relieving users’ aesthetic fatigue caused by advertising with interesting marketing content.
Extremely simple can packaging
In the first half of this year, Coca Cola officials announced a group of brand-new cans. The packaging adopts a minimalist design method, which visually highlights the logo of Coca Cola and weakens a group of designs of streamers, making the whole design more concise and fresh.
In this design, what remains unchanged is “Coca Cola red”. Large areas of similar colors can easily give people a strong visual impact and make the product packaging more recognizable. At the same time, minimalist packaging reveals less information and is easier for users to remember.
Christmas flower bottle
If the minimalist design launched by Coca Cola in the first half of this year is to attract users’ attention, this group of “Christmas flower bottles” is to mobilize users’ hands-on ability and want to play with consumers.
In the Christmas advertisement of a certain year, Coca Cola launched the pull bottle, which can turn the bottle sticker into a flower, making it easy to drink and have fun and capture the hearts of users, which is impressive.

Coca Cola Bracelet bottle
With the same type of operation logic as Coca Cola flower bottles, Coca Cola Bracelet bottles appeared at a music festival in Romania. After drinking delicious, consumers can tear off part of the label paper to make a bracelet, which is also the “ticket” for the audience to enter the music festival.
Coca Cola honey bottle
Compared with the previous users’ emphasis on quality, today’s users prefer to pay attention to the interest of marketing. In order to show the characteristics of the brand’s ability to play, Coca Cola has launched 37 honey language bottles. Honey words such as planting grass, reasoning, lying down, clinking glasses and small emotions are hidden in the bottle. Besides attracting people to buy Coke, Coca Cola uses packaging to realize the interaction between the brand and users.
What is similar to the honey bottle is that Coca Cola has launched lyrics bottles, lines bottles, city bottles, etc. they communicate with users through text communication and impress users through unexpected and reasonable copywriting, so as to attract users with different personalities, regions and preferences to pay for the “creativity” of the brand.
Coca Cola Braille bottle
It can be said that Coca Cola’s bottle body design is very interesting, and interesting ideas are everywhere. Compared with these designs with great visual impact, Coca Cola’s Braille bottle is more humanized and warmer.
Coca Cola launched a special coke vending machine in Mexico to sell coke with braille on the bottle for special people. In Argentina, Coca Cola engraved the names of blind football players on the bottle and gave them to the players. This humanized marketing method is more practical and can better highlight the temperature of the brand.
MOSCHINO joint design
If the above packaging design is not attractive enough, the packaging that Coca Cola invited Milan fashion brand MOSCHINO to design for Coca Cola can be said to be bright enough and has reached the level of treasure.
In addition, the following bottle body designs launched by Coca Cola are also bright enough and recognizable.
Today, with the homogenization of product packaging, the brand wants to quickly occupy the user’s mind and realize the transaction. The use of identifiable packaging is an important medium to attract the user’s attention and realize the transformation, and Coca Cola’s introduction of many different packaging designs can be said to be one of the marketing shortcuts.
The packaging with great visual impact can not only realize the play between the brand and users and pull the distance between them, but also keep the brand active in the market and show the brand image with interest, temperature, material and stem in front of users. At the same time, high-value packaging can also gradually form a brand’s social currency and help brand communication, which can be said to kill many birds with one stone.



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