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PepsiCo launched the “pep +” plan, Mengniu nominated the candidate for director of miaokelando, Master Kang expanded the production of drinks, dove’s first ice cream production line in China, and the CEO of tims’s parent company talked about the Chinese market

Hot company information and announcement


Mengniu nominates 4 non independent directors candidates

Today, Miaoke Lando released a motion announcement on the election of non independent directors of the 11th board of directors, which shows that the controlling shareholder of the company, Inner Mongolia Mengniu, nominated four candidates for non independent directors, namely Lu Minfang, Zhang Ping, Kuai Yulong and Guo Yonglai; Chai Xiu, the second largest shareholder of the company, nominated two candidates for non independent directors, namely Chai Xiu and Ren song. (company announcement)

Dongpeng beverage Changsha base is ready to start

Yesterday, Changsha public resources trading e-service platform announced the bidding announcement for the earthwork leveling project of Dongpeng beverage project. The main construction content is the earthwork leveling project of Dongpeng beverage project, with a total investment of 10313298.09 yuan. In July this year, the company announced that it planned to invest in the construction of Dongpeng beverage central China regional headquarters and production base project in Kaifu District, Changsha, with a total investment of 600 million yuan. (Changsha public resources trading e-service platform)


Tang Bochao, deputy general manager of Wuliangye, resigned

Yesterday, the board of directors of Wuliangye received the resignation report of Tang Bochao, deputy general manager. Tang Bochao applied to resign as deputy general manager of the company for personal reasons. After resigning from the above position, he no longer holds any position in the company. (company announcement)


Snow King Investment Co., Ltd. was established in miyue ice city

Tianyancha app information shows that xuewang Investment Co., Ltd. was established on September 13, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan and a legal representative of Liu Yang. Its business scope includes venture capital (limited to investment in unlisted enterprises); Engage in investment activities with its own funds, etc. According to the shareholder information, the company is wholly owned by miyue Ice City Co., Ltd. and is registered in Hainan. (Interface)


Master Kang joined hands with Bingxin packaging and invested 1.2 billion yuan to expand Changsha production base

Recently, Changsha City, Hunan Province held a promotion conference on promoting the “three high and four new” strategy and investment environment in Shanghai, and 43 projects including Master Kang beverage phase III and Bingxin packaging Changsha production base were signed. It is reported that Master Kang plans to continue to invest in the construction of phase III beverage and Bingxin packaging project on the basis of the original project, with a total investment of 1.2 billion, a land area of 137 mu, a designed new annual output value of more than 1.5 billion and a new tax of 150 million. (medium paper mesh)

ADM, a US grain trader, opens a seasoning factory in Zhejiang

Today, ADM, an American grain trader, said it had opened a new seasoning production plant in China to meet the growing demand for beverages and healthy food. The factory is located in Pinghu, Zhejiang Province. Nutrition is one of ADM’s three major businesses. Leo Liu, President of ADM’s Asia Pacific nutrition department, told Reuters that the company’s goal is to increase the contribution of the Department to the overall net profit from about 15% to more than 25% in the next three to five years. (Reuters)

Lele Tea Beijing youtangguan store

Lele tea, which stated two months ago that it was developing a new store with full power, recently closed its two-story store in Beijing youtang square. For this store with only 26 months of life, Lele tea said that closing the store has nothing to do with the scale. It has completed its historical mission as an old store. At present, it has selected a replacement address for image update. (


Mars Wrigley signs strategic cooperation agreement with xianle health

Recently, Mars arrow signed a strategic cooperation agreement with xianle health, a nutrition and health food R & D and manufacturing enterprise. In the future, the two sides will cooperate in depth in multiple dimensions such as joint innovation, lean operation and mutually beneficial relationship. It is reported that the two sides cooperated in the exploration and research of nutritional soft candy in 2018, and jointly created rainbow Candy small color bullet soft candy, cotton bullet air soft candy and collagen peptide low sugar soft candy. (company news)


Mars will be the first dove ice cream production line in the founding of the people’s Republic of China

Recently, the “signing activities for the centralized commencement of major projects for the first anniversary of the implementation of the general planning approval of the State Council” of Zhongxin Guangzhou Knowledge City was held. It is reported that the Yonghe factory project of Mars arrow ice cream will build a 2-storey production plant, a 2-storey supporting ammonia refrigeration station and the first dove ice cream production line in China. (issued by Huangpu, Guangzhou)


Yihetang milk tea shop in Liuzhou was rectified due to health problems

Recently, the market supervision bureau of Liujiang district received a report from consumers that when buying milk tea at yihetang milk tea shop, business street, Liujiang District, it found that there were cockroaches and other small insects crawling in a group of cups placed on the counter. At present, the market supervision bureau of Liujiang district has issued a decision on administrative punishment to the store, requiring the store to rectify immediately and accept further investigation. After the hygiene conditions meet the requirements and other procedures are improved, it shall be reported to the local market supervision department for approval before opening. (Beijing business daily)


Ziyan Baiwei chicken apologized for finding mice in the food cabinet of a store

Recently, people in Shanghai photographed mice running around in the window of Ziyan Baiwei chicken Huguang Road store. At present, the local market supervision department has filed a case for investigation and ordered the merchants to suspend business immediately for rectification. In this regard, today Ziyan food’s official microblog issued an apology statement, and said it would strengthen inspection and punishment, and severely investigate and deal with violations. (sina finance, company news)


“Space brewing” completed the angel round financing of RMB 5 million

According to 36 krypton today, the fine brewing beer brand “space fine brewing” has obtained Angel round financing, with an amount of 5 million yuan. After the completion of this round of financing, space fine brewing will enter the market after the recent press conference and open the fine brewing tavern to join. Its founder said that the space fine brewing tavern will open to 100 by the end of this year, and will open two modes of direct marketing and franchise in the future. (36 krypton)


The wine brand “wimo Portuguese carving” won 10 million yuan of financing

Recently, the wine brand “wimo Portuguese carving”, which focuses on the catering scene, has won tens of millions of angel round financing, which is exclusively invested by Yuanjing new domestic angel fund, and the funds are used for channel expansion, market promotion and team building. (fbif food and beverage innovation)

A1 snack Research Institute plans to enter the capital market in 2026

Recently, Zhou Weiping, founder and CEO of A1 snack Research Institute, announced the company’s development goal for the next five years: to achieve a sales target of more than 10 billion in 2026, and plans to enter the capital market. In July this year, the brand completed a new round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan. The investor is China Resources National dispatching fund, with a post investment valuation of more than US $1 billion. (Interface)


Xiamen Swire Coca Cola 40000 bottles of drinks delivered to Putian epidemic prevention front line

From September 12, Xiamen Swire Coca Cola sent more than 14000 bottles of packaged drinking water to 18 nucleic acid detection points and a medical staff living hotel in Xianyou. At noon that day, it sent 1200 boxes of packaged drinking water and 200 boxes of coke to Xianyou. On September 13, Xiamen Swire Coca Cola delivered more than 1400 bottles of various drinks to the staff of Xiamen CDC supporting Putian. (Xiamen network)

CEO of Tim Hortons’s parent company said the Chinese market has great potential

Yesterday, Jose CIL, CEO of RBI, the parent company of Tim Hortons, said at a meeting that the biggest problem facing the coffee chain is still the poor performance of the core stores in the city center. CIL also said that from the perspective of consumers, the Chinese market has great potential. Previously, Tim Hortons China has officially announced to start listing in the United States. (yahoo)

Fonterra releases sustainable development Scorecard


According to Fonterra today, the company has released a sustainability scorecard. Data show that the company has reduced coal greenhouse gas emissions by 11% in one year by using renewable sawdust instead of coal in te awamutu base. (company news)

PepsiCo launches “pep +” program

As consumers, customers and climate change advocates increasingly call for reducing the use of plastics, PepsiCo today announced its commitment to reducing the use and waste of plastics in sustainable development. According to a new plan called “pep +” launched by PepsiCo, its goal is to halve the use of raw plastics in each product by 2030 and use 50% recycled materials in all plastic packaging. (company news)


Quick reading of food industry information


Circular of the State Administration of market supervision on the disqualification of special sampling inspection of moon cakes in 2021

Recently, the State Administration of market supervision organized special supervision and sampling inspection of moon cakes. In this special moon cake project, 250 batches of moon cake samples were randomly selected in the country by means of on-site sampling and network sampling. It was found that 5 batches of samples were unqualified, including microbial pollution of 1 batch of samples, excessive use of food additives in 3 batches of samples and unqualified quality indicators of 1 batch of samples. (official website of the State Administration of market supervision)

Russian research: nearly a quarter of the world’s exported whole milk powder is bought by China

A few days ago, according to the research of the Russian agricultural products export center, China will become the main importer of whole milk powder in 2020, and 23% of the world’s exported whole milk powder will be bought by China. The total export volume of whole milk powder in the world is 27459000 metric tons. It is reported that in 2021, China continued to expand its import of whole milk powder. From January to July, China’s total import of whole milk powder increased by 34%, from 455000 metric tons to 609000 metric tons. The country that mainly provides whole milk powder to China is New Zealand, which exported 561000 metric tons to China during this period. (Interface)

Meituan and hungry? It is forbidden to induce and force riders to register as individual businesses

Alibaba’s takeout platform is hungry, said today that it is prohibited to induce and force riders to register as individual industrial and commercial households in any form to avoid the responsibility of employment subjects; Meituan, the leader of Chinese takeout, reiterated a similar position on Tuesday evening. Hungry? It also said on the official microblog that it is paying a new type of occupational injury insurance for riders in the pilot area. (Reuters)

The national development and Reform Commission issued the action plan for plastic pollution control in the 14th five year plan

Today, the national development and Reform Commission issued the action plan for plastic pollution control in the 14th five year plan: by 2025, the operation of plastic pollution control mechanism will be more effective, the local, departmental and corporate responsibilities will be effectively implemented, the whole chain of plastic products production, circulation, consumption, recycling and end disposal will be more effective, and white pollution will be effectively curbed. The plan requires that the full life cycle resource and environmental impact of various alternative products such as bamboo and wood products, paper products and degradable plastic products be fully considered, and the quality and food safety standards of relevant products be improved. In terms of source reduction, by 2025, the irrational use of disposable plastic products in key areas such as commodity retail, e-commerce, takeout, express delivery and accommodation will be greatly reduced, e-commerce express will basically stop secondary packaging, and the application scale of recyclable express packaging will reach 10 million. (official website of national development and Reform Commission)

National Bureau of Statistics: production of consumer goods industry continues to recover

Today, the official website of the National Bureau of statistics released that the total retail sales of social consumer goods in August increased by 2.5% year-on-year. In that month, the production of consumer goods industry continued to recover. Among them, the wine, beverage, refined tea and agricultural and sideline food processing industry increased by 7.5% and 7.2% respectively, both of which were more than 1 percentage point higher than that of the previous month. From January to August, the national online retail sales reached 8122.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.7%. Among them, the online retail sales of physical goods reached 6634 billion yuan, an increase of 15.9%, accounting for 23.6% of the total retail sales of social consumer goods; Among the online retail sales of physical goods, food, clothing and consumer goods increased by 22.4%, 19.4% and 14.2% respectively. (National Bureau of Statistics)

The National Health Commission plans to include saturated fat and sugar in the mandatory label

At the regular press conference held by the National Health Commission, the relevant person in charge of the national food safety risk assessment center said that the general rules for nutrition labels of prepackaged food under revision intends to increase the mandatory labeling requirements for saturated fat and sugar. Consumers can understand the nutritional information such as oil, salt and sugar in food by looking at the labels. In addition, prompt information will be added for children and adolescents to carefully choose foods with high oil, salt and sugar to remind consumers to reasonably choose prepackaged foods. (36 krypton)


Regulators further standardize the “gambling agreement”

For the market rumors, the gem IPO projects under review have successively received the notice of “cleaning up” the gambling agreement, requiring that the arrangement for the issuer as the gambling obligor must be irrevocably terminated. The reporter confirmed the news from a person familiar with the situation, and the person disclosed that according to the arrangement of the Distribution Department, all sectors will implement this caliber. (21st Century Business Herald)

Luozi shopping center, Jingdong physical layout accelerated

“Entity” has become the keyword of JD’s layout in the past two years. Yesterday, Jingdong announced that its first mall was settled in Xi’an and will open on September 30. Jingdong Mall not only has digital, electrical and other products, but also includes a series of products and services such as children’s business, home decoration and musical instruments. Previously, JD had closed many entity formats under its command by acquiring store 1 and holding 100% of Huaguan commerce. (Beijing business daily)


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