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The baking market is full of ice and fire, and there is going to be a big reshuffle?!

baking market reshuffle will be an inevitable trend.
“Some people go to the examination room at night, others resign and return to their hometown”, which may be a true portrayal of the current baking market and the best interpretation of the current baking market.
Recently, Donghai Tang, a 26 year old baking brand in Guangzhou, announced that it would be officially closed from August 26. As soon as the announcement was made, many people in Guangzhou expressed regret. Small Donghai Tang, carrying many people’s stories and emotions, can be called the favorite food of childhood.
In fact, the closure of old baking brands is far more than Donghaitang. Following the “closing tide” last year Later, at the end of June this year, many stores of the well-known baking brand yizhiduo in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuxi and other places showed a suspension of business, and tmall’s official flagship store has also been closed; on July 7, Hangzhou buoyant forest issued a notice saying that due to the adjustment of business strategy, the factory and store will be closed from July 8 for three months
While the old bakery brands announced their “exit”, the new bakery brands often reported good news. New bakery brands such as Mo dim sum Bureau, Hutou Bureau and Standard Chartered bakery bank frequently obtained financing, # master Bao’s microblog topic with a valuation of 10 billion # was hot search and triggered hot discussion.
On the one hand, the old baking brands have fallen down, on the other hand, the financing of new baking brands continues, and the baking market is about to usher in a new round of reshuffle?
Wanghong baking brand competes for nuggets
For the shopping center, the baking category has always been a potential market that can not be underestimated, and the corresponding layout has already been made in the field.
Throughout the baking business of the representative shopping center in Shenzhen, it can be said that a hundred flowers bloom, covering a variety of categories such as Chinese pastries and Western baking. It integrates Japanese online red letao Otaru foreign fruit shop, American online Red Lady m, local online red abalone pastries, etc., so as to bring consumers a diversified baking experience.
When it comes to the new wanghong baking brand, luxihe is bound to be on the list. This traditional Chinese pastry brand, with its authentic ancient taste, is deeply loved by the majority of consumers. At the same time, it also opens the pace of accelerating the expansion of stores.
According to iridium cloud business observation, as of August 31, there were 210 offline physical stores in Luxi river. In Shenzhen alone, there were many shopping centers such as Vientiane exchange, zhuoyuhui, Yifang City, Haiya colorful city and Huayuan city. According to the relevant person in charge of Luxi River, Huayuan City store has the best image, Yifang City store has the highest Ping efficiency and Vientiane exchange store has the most popular business.
At 16:30 on a working day, when the reporter visited luxihe yifangcheng store, he saw a long line in front of the store, and customers were selecting their favorite products to buy in order. It is understood that luxihe mainly produces and operates Chinese style pastries and Western-style famous pastries, including pastries such as pastry, mixed sugar and pulp skin, among which peach pastry and fresh meat moon cakes are its representative products.
The reporter observed that the glass counter of the store was filled with neat durian crisp, flower cake, black sugar red jujube walnut cake, etc., and the table top was packed original walnut crisp, Taiwan cassava w box, etc., which can be purchased in bulk. From the public comment, the customer unit price of Luxi River yifangcheng store was about 35 yuan. The reporter expected 50 people to buy within half an hour of observation.
The girl in front told reporters that Luxi river was popular and had to queue for about 20 minutes each time. This time, she selected durian crisp, meat floss Xiaobei, original peach crisp and other varieties. Some only chose 1-2. They wanted to taste fresh, which is also very suitable for snacks and afternoon tea.
In addition to the Chinese pastries represented by Luxi River, Western pastries are also a major category in the baking market. Prince Kama, founded in 2004, is mainly engaged in three categories of bread, cake and drinks, and the original brand products “Danish milk Kals” and “Kals coconut milk bag” It is the most popular brand product among consumers. According to Lin Zongliang, founder of Prince Kama, Prince Kama’s consumer group is mostly young women; except for cakes, the customer unit price is between 35-40 yuan.
Recently, the reporter visited the first Chinese store of Prince Kama lab in Huangting square. Different from the traditional baking store, the store takes “infinity unlimited food research room” as the new concept and uses the form of “laboratory” to create products. In particular, the 270 ° large bright, clean and open production room makes people feel “what you see is what you get” It also has a semi rotary area and a Litun area for many people to sit around and one person to enjoy delicious food. Lin Zongliang said that the layout of the store aims to highlight the open baking experience, so that customers can enjoy a fuller immersive experience while consuming at ease.
Some netizens commented on the store. It has a large and bright space and a complete range of products. There are more Danish pastries and oil-free and sugar free European bread. They strongly recommend lava cheese, seaweed crisp and all kinds of pastry. After eating several, none of them is thunder stepping, especially dessert. They love it
In addition, the reporter also came to I holy Delice in Huangting square, which ranked first in the popular list of bread and dessert in Futian District. It mainly focuses on bread and cake, and also provides emerald jasmine, raspberry Napoleon and other drinks. The overall decoration style adopts a large area of “Retro Green” At the same time, the reporter found that many couples and friends sat on the seats outside the store to chat and get together.
Why did the new baking come to the shopping center? For shopping centers, baking format is one of its important components. With generation Z young consumers becoming the main force, the target customers of new baking are in line with the shopping center. The addition of wanghong new baking brand not only enriches the business format in the venue, but also plays an important role in attracting customers and money in the mall.
Transformation and upgrading of baking market
According to the Research Report on market prospects and investment opportunities of China’s baking industry recently released by China Commercial Industry Research Institute, the retail sales of baking food in China reached 231713 billion yuan in 2019, with a year-on-year increase of 10.93%. It is expected that the retail sales of baking food in China will reach 288.588 billion yuan in 2021.
Obviously, the scale of the 100 billion level baking market is still growing. Under the strong market demand, the competition of the baking track is becoming more and more intense. Therefore, baking brands dig deeply from multiple dimensions and seek ways to break the situation.
✦   Product side: from the perspective of the role of baked goods, on the one hand, it can be consumed not only as staple food, but also as leisure food and festival food, from which more and more complete categories are derived and applied to diversified consumption scenarios; In addition, baking brands are developing as snacks. New baking brands such as luxihe and Momo dim sum Bureau simplify product categories with relatively few SKUs, and Zetian Benjia and yuefengtang focus on a single category, which is easy to form a standardized supply chain and control costs.
✦   Consumer side: as young consumers become the mainstream of consumption, their consumption concepts and eating habits have quietly changed, and the main meal of baked food is becoming more and more obvious. According to market research and analysis, in order to save precious time in the morning, many young people must save time and convenience for breakfast. Whole wheat bread with low fat, low calorie and low sugar has become a high-quality choice. Therefore, many baking brands combine popular elements to innovate new products and strive to meet the dinner needs of consumers. For example, Hutou Bureau · Standard Chartered cake will wrap hemp and potato into tiger skin cake, which is exactly the case with “hemp and potato tiger roll” made with meat floss and other fillings. At the same time, baking as leisure food and festival food is in line with the needs of young people for social networking, decompression and gift giving.
✦   Brand side: the huge development potential of the baking market has prompted more and more brands to enter this market, and the track segmentation is becoming more and more obvious. The entry of capital creates more commercial space for baking products and brand upgrading. Among them, many new brands choose “national fashion” as the starting point to comply with the preferences of young consumers. For example, Momo dim sum bureau combines the store image with Guochao, and uses the logo of lion head, neon lights with red and blue and characteristic copywriting signs to highlight Guochao style.
✦   Communication end: with the rise of e-commerce, many baking brands integrate online and offline channels to further improve brand communication. In the era of fans, some brands also opened the marketing layout of content platforms such as Xiaohong book, micro-blog, jitter, and other brands, and formed tiktok cooperation with other brands to form 1+1>2 cooperation effect. It is understood that Zetian’s family has arranged many types of talents such as food, shop exploration and photography on microblog and Xiaohong book, and put many grass planting contents with exquisite pictures and vivid words to attract many young consumers to buy cards on the front; Mo Mo dim sum Bureau and Ma Fusheng, a time-honored brand in Hunan, launched joint dim sum, which brought the childhood memories of old Changsha people and aroused widespread concern.
✦   Scene side: the reporter found that the current baking brand, just like the tea brand a few years ago, moves from street stores to shopping centers in site selection, and pays attention to the upgrading of its own brand image. For example, Prince Kama is mostly located in shopping centers. Even standard Zhenxuan stores also choose to be located in the core business district, accurately reach the target population, create a good brand image with unique and creative space design, and bring an immersive consumption experience to the target customers, so as to ensure the stability of passenger flow.
According to the analysis of insiders, in the new consumption era, the competition in the baking market is becoming more and more fierce, and the superposition of epidemic factors has accelerated the replacement rhythm of old and new brands. If the old brand can not insight into the new consumer demand and introduce new ideas and ways of play, it will soon be abandoned by consumers. The new online Red baking brand is better than the traditional brand in product innovation, scene design, online and offline integration, so it has successfully attracted the attention of consumers and won a place in the market competition.
How does baking brand change from net red to long red?
At present, the new baking brand is gaining momentum and is deeply loved by capital and consumers. However, it is worth mentioning that old baking brands such as Donghai hall, yizhiduo and buoyant forest also stood on the air outlet before, but now they have fallen one after another.
As one of the first generation bakery online stores in Shenzhen, master Bao pastry is difficult to reproduce the queuing phenomenon in many stores; Brands that take the online Red route through scene and face value economy, such as the largest beeplus super baking workshop in China, have been suspended; To some extent, the “Onsi cake fantasy space” that spent a lot of money to create the online popularity scene is still burning money. When the money can not support the store operation, will it face closing the store… This can’t help asking people: how should the baking brand keep its popularity?
From the perspective of the challenges faced by the development of the baking market, it is mainly that the entry threshold is not high and the moat is not deep; There are limitations in product innovation, showing the phenomenon of simplification and homogenization, so it is difficult to cultivate consumer loyalty.
At the same time, milk tea + baking and coffee + baking are becoming the standard configurations of more and more tea and coffee brands, which are competing for the baking market. For example, tea loving baked products such as Zhizhi smoked beef sandwich and mangmangmang manna box cake are very popular; Naixue’s tea launched strawberry magic wand, a big durian, meat floss taro treasure house, etc. are all at the forefront of netizens’ recommendation list.
Food safety and brand integrity are common. Recently, the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission said that the sales of whole wheat bread was the first. The idyllic low-fat whole wheat bread brought by Weiya was sent to a professional organization for testing. It was found that the carbohydrate was about 36% more than the nominal and the energy contained was 40% more than the publicity. This low standard behavior reflects the dishonesty of the brand and irresponsibility to consumers, which seriously affects the brand reputation.
Therefore, solving the challenges and pain points of the baking market is the future opportunity of the baking market. Some insiders said that the baking market must always do a good job in “production” and “service”. It is necessary to achieve “I have no people, I have new people, and I have special people”. On the basis of ensuring food safety, first-class taste is the premise for baking products to leave a good consumption experience for customers with good and thoughtful services.
In essence, any brand or product has a life cycle, and baking brands should also follow this law.
In his opinion, the market competition is inevitable. If you want to go from online popularity to Changhong, the baking brand should also have the spirit of long-term ism. From top-level design to management framework, from product R & D to marketing promotion, there should be an overall and systematic playing method and playing method. Of course, baking brands should pay attention to Cultivating Emotional links with consumers while keeping their products fresh and delicious, and should also focus on leading a healthy and fashionable lifestyle from the brand side.
Obviously, the temporary “delicious, good-looking and fun” may quickly make the baking brand a popular online brand and attract young people’s purchase enthusiasm. However, if you want them to be “taste buds loyal”, baking brands need to continue to dig deep from multiple dimensions such as products, services and marketing, or they can continue to attract their attention.
Lin Zongliang suggested that in terms of products, we should launch sincere and cost-effective products, and making good products with good raw materials and ingenuity is the basis for development; In terms of service, consumers should feel “sincere, warm and considerate” service, so as to get the trust of consumers; In terms of brand communication, the communication language should be close to the target customer group, talk with young people, especially the core management should become similar consumers.
In a word, under the new consumption wave, the reshuffle of baking market will be an inevitable trend. The baking market with diversified consumption scenes and high degree of retailing has great development potential, and the injection of capital will accelerate the development of the industry. In the future, baking brands should have an insight into the needs of young people, dig deep in production, service, marketing and other links, and form a brand unique business closed loop, which may be the key to the breakthrough of baking brands, and a number of top brands in the baking market may emerge.



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