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The global beverage innovation award was announced last night! 21 award-winning products show the innovative style of beverage



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At 22 p.m. on September 15, the winners of the 19th World beverage innovation awards were fresh. 155 entries from 20 countries were carefully considered and judged by the jury, and finally 21 single best winners were selected.


The food awards hosted by Foodbev media, an authoritative British media, have always attracted much attention. As the mainstay of the food industry, beverage has undoubtedly attracted the attention of many people about its innovation and development trend. The list of this world beverage innovation award just opens a window for insight into the future development of the beverage industry and points out the direction for brands groping forward in the beverage industry.


Despite the epidemic, some new products in the beverage industry have shown ambitious momentum since 2020. Beverage enterprises have not let the epidemic weaken their innovation motivation. Both well-known brands and start-ups are brave, bold and far sighted to continue to bring innovative concepts and create exciting ideas for the beverage industry at this challenging moment New products!


Looking at the innovative concepts presented by the award-winning products, it has become the most prominent theme to establish a healthier and sustainable link with consumers and the global environment. In response to the health demands of consumers, more and more products begin to abandon artificial additives and aim at a broader nature. Plant-based natural ingredients such as herbs, flowers, fruits and other elements are more widely used in beverages In addition, in the face of the harm of alcohol addiction, based on low or non-alcoholic drinks, brands try their best to maintain and restore the flavor of wine and drink, taking into account the taste experience and health status of the public.


From this award-winning product, we can see that the pattern of beverage brand is not limited to meeting the needs of the public, but deeply aware of its own corporate responsibility. Therefore, beer brand Ż UBR cooperates with WWF to participate in the action of animal nature protection; Ardagh group, Brownes dairy, pals, etc. especially favor renewable materials in product packaging; ful foods adds microalgae elements that are extremely good for global climate improvement to show the enterprise’s responsibility and mission for global sustainable development


Next, let’s feel how these creative and innovative ideas in the beverage industry shine in the products!


best alcoholic beverage

Pals Vodka – Central Otago Peach & Passionfruit and Soda

A blend of vodka, peaches, passion fruit and soda. The pals series is a simple and delicious blend of local fresh ingredients, with all natural flavor extracts, no additives, colors or preservatives, and gluten. It is vegetarian friendly. It tastes clean and refreshing. It is a great choice for any social occasion.


Source: wutherich wines


Highly recommended

Trivium Packaging – Lola

Lola wine series that will be sustainable throughout. Lightweight, sustainable, simple and beautiful, it is the label of the fashionable aluminum wine bottle of this series. Trivium has designed an amazing new package Lola box wine set for Pelee Island winery. For Pelee Island winery, it is very important to brew wine in an ecological way, which is also a step towards sustainable development of the brand The colorful flower patterns of various colors are clearly engraved on the wine bottle, and the bright color matching is enough to brighten people’s eyes. The metal bottle with screw cap is very suitable for holding all kinds of drinks and has sustainability. Pelee Island winery uses these lovely bottles to bottle their Lola wines, such as their Pinot Gris and sparkling roses 。


Image source: webpackaging


Shortlisted products

Tiger Gin

ALDI – exclusive Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rose


best beverage concept

DOKI DOKI – Functional Beverages

A functional fruit juice with beauty effect. The product takes prebiotics as the key ingredient and adds anti-aging collagen to reduce skin photosensitivity and hyperpigmentation. The product is made in the form of fruit juice mud, adding strawberry, guava, sugarcane juice, mango, coniferous cherry and stevia leaf extracts.

Source: nutraingredients Asia


Shortlisted products

REBBL Stacked Coffee

ISH – A mindful drinking company

Bemuse – Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead

OTO CBD – Pump Action Booster


best beverage ingredient

FUL Foods – Carbon Negative FUL ® Superfood

A sparkling beverage with natural microalgae. The product is mainly composed of tiny blue-green algae called spirulina. It can extremely effectively convert carbon dioxide into oxygen we absorb and contribute to global climate improvement. At the same time, the drink tastes refreshing and can help quickly restore vitality and enhance immunity. The product combines strong nutritional advantages and convincing environmental benefits, and also paves the way for the subsequent food application of microalgae.

Photo source: lunch!

Shortlisted products

ikaffe partner co ltd – chillme

Soylent – Soy Protein Isolate


best milk drink

Maple Hill – Zero Sugar Organic Milk

A zero sugar organic ultrafiltration milk. Through ultrafiltration process, carbohydrates and lactose are separated from milk to retain fresh taste and macromolecular nutrients. Zero sugar organic whole milk contains 8 grams of protein and 110 calories, while the low-fat version contains 8 grams of protein and 80 calories.

Source: deil market news


Shortlisted products

Inner Mongolia Yili Group Co., Ltd –   Youngfun Milk Bubble

Inner Mongolia Yili Group Co., Ltd – Yiran Milk Mineral Salt Milk Tea

Hunt and Brew – Extra Creamy and Hunt and Brew Skinny


best functional drink

The GUTsy Captain – Kombucha Zero

A delicious Kombucha tea. Zero sugar, zero calorie, full of vitality. This new Zero sugar version launched by the gutsy captain is made by traditional manual technology, using only 100% pure natural and organic ingredients. The fermentation time is longer and the flavor is more mellow.

Source: gutsycaptain


Shortlisted products

Clutch Cognition ApS – Clutch Cognition

Qula Co Inc – Qula Kombucha Tabs

OTO CBD – pump-action CBD Booster


best pickled and vegetable beverage

DRY – Botanical Bitters & Soda

A bitter non-alcoholic cocktail. It is characterized by deconstructing the traditional bitterness. It has sweet and spicy, herbal spices and oranges. Each bottle has 10 calories and contains no sugar. It can be drunk directly, chilled or added to a non-alcoholic cocktail.  



Shortlisted products

ikaffe partner co ltd – chillme

MAISON VILLEVERT – June Royal Pear & Cardamom

Tezahn – Organic Herbal Cold Infusions


best juice / juice drink  

MB 3 Ocean – O.Jamu

A ginger syrup. As a traditional medicinal plant, ginger contains vitamins and a variety of minerals. It can be added with tea, fruit juice, smoothie, alcoholic beverage or simply mixed with water.

Source: Facebook


Highly recommended fruit juice / fruit juice drinks  

ALDI – Exclusive VitaLife Cold Pressed Juice

An all natural fruit and vegetable juice, made from a mixture of kale, spinach, apple, lemon and mint. It contains no concentrate, no artificial preservatives, colors or spices, and no sugar. Transparent packaging highlights the true color of food materials, the number on the packaging clearly indicates the quantity of raw materials, and the concept of cleaning label has a panoramic view.



Shortlisted products

ALDI – exclusive Nature’s Nectar Watermelon Lemonade

ALDI – exclusive Simply Nature Organic Juice Blends


best low / non-alcoholic beverage

Bemuse – Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead

A low alcohol sparkling honey wine, each can contains only 40 calories and 0.5% alcohol, with a total of 4 flavors: ginger and cardamom flavor, refined beer flavor, raspberry flavor, tarragon, basil and hops flavor, meeting the needs of consumers from sweetness, fruit flavor to herbal flavor, spicy flavor and so on.


Shortlisted products

The Duchess Drinks Studio  – Duchess Alcohol-Free Wine Spritzer

Gibson’s Goodology – CBD infused tea: Green Tea and Passion Fruit, Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb, and Shiso Tea and Blueberry

OTO CBD – Cocktail Bitters

DRY – Botanical Bubbly Reserve


best plant-based beverage

Patch Organics – Pumpkin Seed Milk

A pumpkin seed milk, pure plant-based, can be used as a dairy substitute. It has a long shelf life and is suitable for storage at room temperature. There are five flavors with different sweetness and cream: original, chocolate, coffee, pumpkin and turmeric. Pumpkin seed milk performs better in taste, health benefits and environmental friendliness.

Image source: bigideaventures


Highly recommended plant-based drinks

NotCo – NotMilk

This is a substitute milk with AI formula. The main ingredients include pea protein, coconut oil and chicory root fiber, as well as mixed fruit and vegetable concentrated juice. Each contains 4G protein and 3G fiber. It can be used as a substitute for milk. The product uses notco’s proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate proprietary formulas to highly mimic the taste of animal milk. There are two flavors: 2% fat vegetable milk and whole fat vegetable milk. Carton packaging, normal temperature storage.

Source: godairyfree

Shortlisted products

Koia – Koia Smoothie

Soylent – Complete Protein


best quality / adult drink

ALAVIE SAS – Alavie Fruity notes – the French non-alcoholic distilled aperitif

A sparkling French aperitif with delicate taste, using 100% natural high-quality ingredients and unique technology, Zero sugar and zero calories. It starts with a mixture of raspberries and blueberries, and ends with alavie’s signature acacia honey distillate. This aperitif combines fresh citrus fruits with natural thyme extract, ending with attractive jasmine extract and a hint of ginger warmth.

Source: Facebook


Shortlisted products

Gibson’s Goodology – CBD infused tea: Green Tea and Passion Fruit, Jasmine Tea and Rhubarb, and Shiso Tea and Blueberry

Saintly Beverage Co Pty Ltd – Saintly Hard Seltzer

BOMANI Vanilla

The Duchess Drinks Studio – Duchess Alcohol-Free Wine Spritzer


best ready to drink drink drink

Clutch Cognition ApS – Clutch Cognition

A decaffeinated plant-based energy drink. Although the functional beverage market is increasingly tailored to these populations, performance nutrition seems to be developed specifically as sports nutrition. This brain healthy energy drink is designed for working professionals, video game players, students and shift workers.

Clutch cognition contains green tea extract and guar derived fiber components produced by Taiyo, a Japanese biotechnology company, palagin produced by beneo, and sage extract produced by Sibelius natural products, a sports and health care company. In addition, a green oat extract called neuravena is added to the product, Clinically proven to help improve the execution speed of cognitive tasks and support attention, alertness and memory.

This energy drink does not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives, and contains high content of plant-derived amino acid L-theanine. At present, the company is applying for a patent for the formula.


Source: Facebook


Highly recommended ready to drink drinks

Hunt and Brew – Peru Single Origin Cold Brew Mocha

A high quality single origin cold extract coffee. The series combines high quality cold cream coffee with fresh Australian full fat milk without sugar, flavors or other additives. There are three types of single origin coffee beans available: Colombia – region: laounion, Narino – a harmonious medium-sized wine with soft aromas of orange and red fruits and a hint of sweet caramel; Honduras area: San Juan Intibuca – a homely and complex beer with a flavour of flowers and nuts, and a hint of malt and toffee on the way. The aftertaste is the aftertaste of dark chocolate. Brazil – region: cerrado – fresh and clean beer. A little nutty, with bright citrus and silky caramel.

Image source: Twitter


Shortlisted products

Vessl Inc. – Tea of a Kind

Saintly Beverage Co Pty Ltd – Saintly Hard Seltzer


best bubble drink

Bemuse – Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead

This is a low alcohol sparkling Mead. Each can contains only 40 calories and 0.5% alcohol. There are four flavors in total: ginger and cardamom flavor, refined beer flavor, raspberry flavor, tarragon, basil and hops flavor. It meets the needs of consumers from sweet and fruit flavor to herbal flavor and spicy flavor.



Highly recommended bubble drinks


A plant-based functional soda. This drink contains botanical ingredients that help strengthen immunity and promote digestive health. Each bottle contains only 50 calories and 5 grams of sugar. It has been certified as organic, vegan and non GM. it can be used as a healthy substitute for traditional soda to reduce the sense of guilt when drinking. The whole series includes four flavors: root beer, orange, blackberry and ginger lime.



Shortlisted products

ikaffe partner co ltd – Chillme



best can / aluminum bottle

Canpack BAVARIA 8.6

A special design that integrates tattoo art into the packaging bottle. The brand specially invited four famous Italian tattoo artists to design the can body and create a unique limited edition of 8.6 bottles of beer. The tank body not only reflects the ancient etching technology, but also has the color of Japanese culture. Each one is very personalized. The complex texture lines and unique design style make this beer can stand out from many metal can packaging.

Source: 8.6beer


Shortlisted products

Canpack – ZUBR (Kompania Piwowarska) Demonstrates How Packaging Can Serve Corporate Social Responsibility



best corporate social responsibility / sustainable development initiatives   

Canpack – ZUBR (Kompania Piwowarska) Demonstrates How Packaging Can Serve Corporate Social Responsibility

Ż UBR brand donated 1 million zloty to WWF Poland foundation to support the conservation program of wolf, lynx and dwarf owl. In the face of increasingly prominent ecological threats, Ż UBR will give way to three species of packaging: Wolf, lynx and dwarf owl, and arrange their appearance in the company’s planned advertising as part of its CSR activities. The purpose of this activity is to let the public know how many unusual animals live in our forests and how much protection they need. This is the first time that the brand has cooperated with WWF and participated in such a large-scale nature conservation activity.


Image source: life4style


Shortlisted products

Harley Refrigeration – Parker Ammonia Submicronic Filter System


best environmental protection package

Brownes Dairy – Australia’s First Fully Renewable Carton!

The utility model relates to a sugarcane based renewable milk carton. The carton is made of renewable wood fiber and sugarcane. The new packaging can fully ensure product quality, freshness and food safety. Brownes dairy is the first company in Australia to use Tetra Pak renewable milk cartons.

Source: Brownes dairy


Shortlisted products

PepsiCo Design & Innovation – SodaStream Professional

Aptar Food+Beverage – Rocket



best manufacturing / processing innovation

HYDRACT – Water Hydraulic Process Valve

An innovative hydraulic technology that uses high-precision actuators to ensure that the valve is hydraulically locked. The fully digital and programmable process valve can customize the speed and seat position, increase the functions in the process, and obtain the maximum operation flexibility and scalability in the production line, so as to realize the differential, timely and on-demand production of later products and realize accurate on-line mixing.


Image source:


Highly recommended manufacturing / processing innovation

Harley Refrigeration – Parker Ammonia Submicronic Filter System

Source: Foodbev media


Shortlisted products




best marketing campaign

Canpack – Ż ubr, Kompania Piwowarska Demonstrates How Packaging Can Serve Corporate Social Responsibility

Kompania piwowarska, a top beer company, replaced its iconic logo—— Ż The image of UBR to improve consumers’ awareness of environmental protection and endangered species.


The company will Ż The original image of European bison on UBR beer is replaced by five other animals: bear, wolf, lynx, eagle and dwarf owl. Using canpack’s sustainable and environmentally friendly quadromix printing technology, five designs are produced at the same time to show the company’s commitment to the environment and attention to endangered animals.



Highly recommended marketing activities

Brownes Dairy – Milko

Brownes re provides “milko” door-to-door delivery service for families who need to be isolated due to the epidemic. They order milk and other dairy products online on the designated website. The next day, the delivery driver will wear masks and gloves to deliver the products ordered by consumers. There are more than 8 kinds of products that can be delivered to the door, including milk, Iced Milk, yogurt and fruit juice.

Source: Facebook


Shortlisted products

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd – Youngfun Milk Bubble

PepsiCo Design & Innovation – Pepsi KSA Music Campaign

CANPACK – personalised cans for TYSKIE beer (Kompania Piwowarska)


best new brand / enterprise


Pals specializes in low sugar wine. Its products are made of spirits from high-quality production areas and real fruit extracts. Pure natural, low sugar, gluten free, suitable for vegetarians; No artificial colors, sweeteners, preservatives. Colorful recyclable packaging allows consumers to contribute to environmental protection while celebrating a good time.



Shortlisted new brands / enterprises

ikaffe partner co ltd – Chillme


The Naked Collective


best packaging design / labeling  

Kel & Partners – Aqua ViTea

The very attractive package designed by Kel & partners for Aqua vitea is colorful, interesting and eye-catching. Aqua vitea is the largest CommScope tea brand on the east coast of the United States.

Source: Foodbev media

Shortlisted products

Bemuse – Sparkling Low Alcohol Mead

Inner Mongolia Yili Group Co., Ltd – Cute Star Rub Your Tummy dietary fiber yogurt drink


PepsiCo Design & Innovation – Pepsi Culture Can LTO – Mexico

Crown Packaging / Coca-Cola CCHBC – AHA

CANPACK – ZUBR (Kompania Piwowarska) Demonstrates How Packaging Can Serve Corporate Social Responsibility


best glass bottle

Ardagh Group Absolut Movement

A limited edition vodka bottle “absolut movement” aims to inspire people to connect to celebrate inclusiveness. The frosted blue glass bottle adopts the upward spiral design of 16 vortices, symbolizing the endless cycle of change. The rotating spiral shows a positive upward movement trend, representing collective progress. The bottle has 16 vortices with the best depth and clarity to produce the most eye-catching effect. At the same time, they are evenly positioned around the absolut logo and embossed in glass. The bottle is also labeled with powerful words such as “stand out”, “unite”, “move forward” and “change your point of view” to encourage different voices to unite. Like all of Ardagh’s glass packaging, this packaging maximizes the use of recycled ingredients in bottles for sustainable development.

Source: Absolut Vodka


best technological innovation

NotCo – NotMilk

Notco used AI to create an artificial intelligence algorithm Giuseppe. Giuseppe can learn and study unlimited combinations of plants every day, and can copy animal products and enrich them. Among Giuseppe’s skills, it is responsible for making recipes, conducting food sensory research, and learning from internal feedback analysis with the support of notco chefs. Some of Giuseppe’s basic tasks are to study and analyze animal food at the structural level (molecular, physical and chemical) to find plant components and their combinations that use plants to replicate the same product structure. In this way, the recipes created by Giuseppe are combined with the ingenuity of notco chefs and scientists to become notproducts with the same functions and characteristics as the referred animal products.

Image source:


Shortlisted products

Botrista Technology – Botrista DrinkBot

HYDRACT – water hydraulic process valve

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