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Aoyou held a “tough battle seminar”, with 5000 chabaidao stores, tmall supermarket apologized, Diageo built Shanghai R & D center, Amazon responded to the “title” event, and wechat was the first step in “opening up”

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Aoyou holds “hard battle seminar”

Today, Aoyou held the 2021-2022 hard battle seminar and 2021 semi annual management meeting in the newly settled Aoyou global headquarters building. The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is still spreading worldwide, and the number of new population is declining continuously. Facing the challenging external environment, Ausnutria always adheres to the “uncertainty of strategic certainty over the market”. It has joined hands with all business units to strive for unity and innovation. In the first half of 2021, the company achieved sales revenue of 4 billion 275 million yuan and net profit of 575 million yuan, and continued to move forward. The vision of “becoming the world’s most trusted formula and nutritional health company” is moving forward steadily. (released by the company)

Chabaidao has more than 5000 offline stores

Today, the tea shop has broken through 5000 stores under the official account of WeChat public. The purchase of some drinks can enjoy second half price concessions today.

Guangzhou Restaurant plans to invest 50 million yuan to establish Guangzhou Time-honored Brand Revitalization fund

Today, Guangzhou Restaurant announced that it would invest in Guangzhou time-honored revitalization fund partnership (limited partnership) (tentative name, subject to the actual industrial and commercial registration name), with an investment amount of 50 million yuan, accounting for 12.3762% of the partnership. (company announcement)

Tomson Beijian’s four shareholders’ reduction plan completed

Thomson Beijian announced that recently, the company received the notification letter on share reduction issued by Mr. Liang Shuishui, Mr. Tang Hui, Mr. Chen Hong, Mr. Cai Liangping and Ms. sun Jinyu respectively . as of the date of this announcement, the share reduction plan of Mr. Liang Shuishui, Mr. Tang Hui, Mr. Chen Hong and Ms. sun Jinyu has been implemented, and the four persons have reduced 4.9502 million shares in total; Mr. Cai Liangping has abandoned the implementation of this share reduction plan. (company announcement)

Maotai confirmed that the double section guaranteed to put in more than 7500 tons of Maotai liquor

A few days ago, it was reported in the market that the total amount of Maotai Liquor on the market will be guaranteed to be more than 7500 tons during the mid autumn national day double festival in 2021. With the addition of Maotai 1935 and Xiangyi Wuzhou Maotai liquor, the total amount of Maotai liquor will be more than 8000 tons. The relevant person in charge of the company responded that the above news is true and said that this is Maotai’s strategy to ensure availability and stable price during the double festival. (International Financial News)

Diageo establishes Shanghai R & D Center

Diageo, the spirits group, yesterday announced the establishment of a R & D center in Shanghai, which is expected to be fully operational in the middle of next year. The R & D center will strengthen Diageo’s ability to quickly innovate and develop high-end products that cater to the tastes of Chinese consumers. Sam Fischer, President of Diageo’s Asia Pacific and duty-free business channels It is also expected that China’s liquor market will maintain growth in the next five years. (released by the company)

Golden Arowana says it looks good on the future of starch joint venture in China


Recently, the French sugar giant tereos Announced that in order to reduce debt and refocus on major activities, the company is exiting the Chinese starch Market. On September 15, the company announced to sell its shares in two relevant Chinese joint ventures to the Chinese partner YIHAI KERRY dragon fish. In response, the dragon fish replied that the investor said that the joint venture with tereos does not account for a high proportion of the overall revenue and is optimistic about the joint venture For the future development of the company, after the completion of all procedures for the equity transfer, the joint venture will become its wholly-owned subsidiary. (LaFrance Agricole, tonghuashun)

Gujing tribute liquor acquires 60% of the shares of Maotai Town treasure liquor industry

Today, the industrial and commercial information of Guizhou Renhuai Maotai Town treasure wine industry Co., Ltd. changed. Gujing gongjiu Co., Ltd., a new shareholder, held 60% of the shares, became the controlling shareholder, and Tao Rong, the director and general manager, held 40% of the shares. At the same time, the registered capital of the company increased from 500000 yuan to 1.25 million yuan. (micro wine)  

Xiaozui, a low alcohol brand, completed Angel round financing of more than 30 million yuan

Recently, the low bubble liquor brand Baijiu has completed the angel round financing recently, the amount of financing is more than 30 million yuan, and the amount of financing will be mainly used for team building and channel laying.  

Dada express releases dada smart distribution SaaS system

Today, dada express released the real-time distribution SaaS system “dada Zhipei”. Dada Zhipei SaaS system provides integrated real-time distribution system solutions for distribution service providers and brand merchants with self distribution capacity. At the end product level, dada Zhipei provides dispatching operation console, dispatching app, Knight app and other services, with functions covering order delivery management and distribution personnel management. (company news)

Tmall supermarket apologized for the rat incident of mineral water express

Yesterday, tmall supermarket responded to the rat incident of mineral water, saying that it had set up a special team to contact consumers, rushed to consumers’ homes to apologize face to face, and had obtained consumers’ understanding. It had brought the problem goods back for further investigation, and started a comprehensive investigation of the storage and transportation links with a third-party national professional prevention and control organization to locate the causes. At the same time, tmall supermarket Relevant commodities in the storage area have been removed from the shelves, and comprehensive investigation and rectification of the warehouse distribution system have been carried out. (boiling point video)

Rosen was accused of trying to pick up a convenience store owned by Tianhong

Recently, Tianhong Co., Ltd. announced that it plans to transfer 100% equity of its wholly-owned subsidiary Tianhong Weiwo convenience store (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. as of June 30, 2021, it has 205 convenience stores distributed in South China. Rosen (China) Investment Co., Ltd. intends to participate in the transfer of the subject equity. (new retail finance)

Haidilao Guangdong online Seabuckthorn pot

Recently, Haidilao launched a new Seabuckthorn pot bottom in 211 Haidilao stores in Guangdong Province. For every 1200g Seabuckthorn hotpot consumed by customers, Haidilao will donate a Seabuckthorn tree to China Poverty Alleviation foundation to help combat desertification in Northwest China. (company news)  

COFCO Coca Cola rushed to Sichuan with emergency allocation of drinking water

Yesterday, a 6.0-magnitude earthquake occurred in Luxian County, Sichuan Province. COFCO Coca Cola beverage (Sichuan) immediately launched the emergency rescue mechanism and urgently allocated 48000 bottles of “Chunyue” drinking water to rush to the disaster area of Luxian county. The first batch of 10560 bottles of drinking water were successfully delivered to the epicenter of Luxian County yesterday afternoon. (company news)

Otaly launches oatmeal ice cream

Oatly Oh Maili today announced the launch of oat ice cream. It has three flavors: original flavor, Matcha and passion fruit. It focuses on Oat plant base and 0 trans fat. (company news)

Danone invested 16.5 million euros to build a new juice production line


In order to meet the strong demand of consumers for plant-based products in the country, Danone injected 16.5 million euros into the alpro plant-based juice factory in Isenheim, Upper Rhine, France, to add a new production line, bringing the total number of production lines to 6. The new production line will be put into operation in July 2022. (LSA)

Baole Ricard starts the first batch of stock repurchase

Baole Ricard previously announced that it would resume the stock repurchase plan of 500 million euros in 2019 in fiscal year 2021. The company has signed an agreement with an investment service provider to implement the first batch of stock repurchase from September 16 to November 16, and promised to repurchase at a price of up to 250 million euros. (BUSINESSWIRE)  

McDonald’s will try to supply artificial meat hamburgers in the Netherlands

Recently, McDonald’s began a trial supply of artificial meat hamburger mcplant in the Netherlands. (Sina Finance)  

Starbucks pilot pure milk oil

Recently, Starbucks is piloting pure fresh cream in two stores in Seattle. The cream is made of lentils, a unique non dairy ingredient. (vegnews)  

Ferrero pushes new nuts and cereal bars

Recently, Ferrero launched nutella & go multigrain, a new product of nutella & go portable snack series. The new product features nutella & go multigrain bars with nuts on one side and oats and blueberries on the other. (Foodbev)  

Hershey launches new holiday candy series

Recently, Hershey announced the launch of a new holiday candy series, which is based on classic dishes. The new holiday series includes 13 products, including Reese peanut crisp cup, Kit Kat Gingerbread flavor Mini biscuit, Hershey candy cake dry flavor stick and York Mint pie snowflake. (Foodbev)

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Amazon refers to the “healthy and rapid growth” of Chinese seller business

Today, Dai Feifei, global vice president of Amazon, said that the “title” incident was not aimed at China, and businesses in other countries were involved, but the “title” incident did not affect the overall business growth of Chinese sellers on the Amazon platform. She said: “In the past few months, the proportion of Chinese sellers’ business in the overall sales of Amazon has not changed, and still maintains a healthy and rapid growth,” it is reported  , In the past five months, Amazon has closed the sales rights of about 600 Chinese brands, including about 3000 seller accounts of these brands. (CCTV Finance)

China formally applied to join cptpp

Yesterday, Wang Wentao, Minister of Commerce of China, submitted a written letter to O’Connor, Minister of trade and export growth of New Zealand, the depositary of the comprehensive and progressive trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (cptpp). The two ministers also held a teleconference to communicate the follow-up work related to China’s formal application for accession. (Ministry of Commerce)

Tencent promotes the first step of wechat “opening”

Today, official WeChat official account of Tencent released WeChat’s content management specification for external links. Users can access external links in one to one chat scenarios after upgrading the latest version of WeChat. Group links will continue to develop functions for users who are involved in the user to choose their own personas. The chain management measures will be implemented in stages and stages. The first phase will be implemented in September 17th. WeChat issued a notice in its official account, saying that the complaint was established outside the chain. At the entrance, users can report violations of laws and regulations outside the chain. The platform will deal with them in accordance with the corresponding rules, and set up a credit rating for the management effectiveness of the platform. (issued by the company)

QQ tiktok can directly open Taobao and shake links.

Tiktok can be directly opened by QQ, and no longer need to open APP replication through password. (news APP)

SEHK consulting introduces special purpose acquisition companies

Today, Hong Kong

Pay attention to “snack generation (wechat: foodinc)” and watch the wonderful news.

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