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At the end of the article, we’ll take out flower glue stuffing, vegetable meat, black truffle… This year’s moon cakes have played a new trick

Mid Autumn Festival is coming. Are you ready for your favorite moon cakes~

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The Mid Autumn Festival has not yet arrived, and the moon cakes are fragrant.

The annual Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and it’s time for brands to compete for creativity: Doraemon co branded models, moon cakes larger than face, moon cakes with smaller coins, flower glue ice skin tonic models, novel flavors of plant meat… From century old brands to emerging brands, a variety of moon cakes are dazzling.

Today, foodaily also gathered 9 brands such as wufangzhai, baicaowei, guanzhan and daily black Qiao to send benefits to you! Please join foodaily welfare group at the end of the article to smoke moon cakes!

PS: the welfare group will sample new products at home and abroad every day (you should know how many strange new products foodaily can search), so that you can eat all over the world without leaving home!

Now, let’s introduce today’s moon cakes to you~

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Guanzhan flower glue ice skin moon cake

The Chinese New nourishing brand guanzhan has launched flower glue ice skin moon cakes, each box contains 3 vitality coconut awn flavor and 3 pure milk papaya flavor. The moon cakes are rich in fillings. The deep-sea red fish glue fillings accounting for 60% are added. The technology of quick freezing and impact is adopted to remove the fishy smell, which is not fishy and greasy. The taste is elastic and moist. The collagen protein is rich. The cake skin is a soft waxy ice skin made by hand and only 4mm thin.  

The product is delivered in the whole cold chain. Thaw before eating: thaw for 20 minutes, the ice skin is slightly soft and waxy, and the filling will have the taste of smoothie; thaw for 60 minutes, the ice skin will soften, and the filling will have the taste of mousse.

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Guan Cha Xin Shi Li x Duo La a Meng   Sixteen souffles and nine commemorative coins

Guan Cha Xin Shi Li joined hands with Doraemon to bring good taste and interesting dream linkage, and launched this Mid Autumn Festival Limited gift box. The gift box adopts the special-shaped design of Doraemon avatar, and the exquisite iron gift box makes the curved surface and edge smooth. A round 3D open mold three-dimensional can spin the bell, full of vitality, with built-in lucky notes from Doraemon animation, which gives you full encouragement.

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From the traditional Cantonese five kernel moon cake, the crisp 16 kernel moon cake, which has been upgraded in taste, is more in line with the public’s taste, making the five kernel moon cake no longer single. It has strong frankincense, large nuts, three flavors (pure cheese flavor, elegant Earl Black tea, high-grade Matcha tea), oil control and sugar reduction, showing a taste of more quality.

Oatly inside affectionate Mid Autumn Festival combination

The new consumption chocolate brand daily Heiqiao cooperated with oatly milk brand oatly to launch the “daily Heiqiao oatly inside affectionate Mid Autumn Festival combination” moon cake.

The diameter of a single moon cake is only 4cm. You can eat a moon cake in one bite, which is delicious and light Dan. Each moon cake combines the unique flavor of daily Heiqiao’s classic Heiqiao and oat milk. With Liuxin chocolate paste as the inner core, oatmeal filling in the middle layer and soft Taoshan skin as the outer skin, it balances nutrition and delicacy. The gift box is also equipped with a bottle of oatly classic oat milk, a box of classic daily Heiqiao and limited environmental protection bag.

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Sparkling power X akoko co branded moon cake gift box

The joint name moon cake of plant-based Brand Sparkling power and baking brand akoko, the wonderful collision between the king of plant meat and the baking Kingdom ~

The laser packaging is not only fashionable and cool, but also a puzzle surprise is hidden on the box cover. There are four innovative flavors: black truffle plant meat floss and sweet potato moon cake, crab flavor plant meat floss and sweet potato moon cake, meat grape and Kiya seed kiwi fruit, which are very net red. At the same time, it takes into account the different preferences of salty party and sweet party to meet the taste buds. The addition of plant meat floss, trehalose and Kiya seed In, it gives moon cakes more health bonus.

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Fresh plant meat moon cake
The gift box of plant meat moon cake launched by plant meat brand zhixiansheng this year adopts the design of magic cube double open gift box, and integrates the Mid Autumn Festival elements such as “crane, Koi and auspicious cloud”, showing the romantic and beautiful side of Chinese culture and people’s longing for a better life.

Fresh plant meat is added to the filling of the moon cake. The plant protein extracted from soybean, wheat and pea is used as the raw material, and plant flavor substances are added to make its taste and flavor close to the real meat. It is nutritious and healthy with four different fillings.

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Baicao flavor x national treasure co named Shengshi Leli moon cake gift box

Following the launch of the national annual ceremony of baicaowei joint national treasure at the 2019 and 2020 annual cargo festivals, the two sides joined hands again this year’s Mid Autumn Festival to “color painting relief scattered Music Pictures” with the treasure of Hebei Museum For inspiration, we have launched the Shengshi Leli moon cake gift box. The surface of the gift box is covered with bronzing technology, which is full of texture. The package absorbs the essence of national treasures and integrates the relief paper-cut technology. The moon in the gift box can also rotate and hide secret words.

This moon cake gift box selects high-quality ingredients such as black truffle, xuanmi and Matcha. There are 10 different flavor combinations, such as black truffle soft heart, Japanese Matcha flowing heart, osmanthus brewed flavor flowing heart, etc.

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Flavor back Minnan moon cake

Minnan big moon cake inherits and improves the reunion Gift Cake from Minnan. It is a moon cake with a diameter of 15cm and a weight of 1kg, which is bigger than the face. There are three flavors to choose from: trendy coconut milk yellow, classic taro salted egg yellow and net red popular peach fried cheese.

The moon cake is fully wrapped with 8 layers of stuffing. In one bite, the milk flavor of the cake skin, the softness of taro paste, the crispness of meat floss, the granular feeling of salted egg yolk, and the smooth and waxy layer of cassava with q-bomb are very rich in taste. At the same time, maltose syrup is used to replace part of sucrose in the formula, and the overall sweetness is 20% lower than last year, which is more healthy.

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Wufangzhai wufanglong waxy moon cake gift box

Wufangzhai doesn’t just sell zongzi. This year’s moon cake preparation, they also made great efforts and launched many series and gift box styles. This wufanghaoyue gift box adopts the creative three-layer rotating magic box shape, unique design and more innovative gift giving. It contains Liuxin waxy moon cake and zongzi crisp, which bring double surprises. Eight flavors, twelve waxy moon cakes, one box of classic and trendy.

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Chen Li Ji Yue Yun Chen Xiang moon cake gift box

The Mid Autumn Festival flavor of Guangfu people is lotus paste and salted egg yolk.

Chen Liji’s tangerine peel egg yolk pure white lotus paste moon cake and tangerine peel milk yellow flowing heart lotus paste moon cake are conservative and innovative. They not only continue the classic delicacy, but also have a new interpretation: the selected white lotus seeds are boiled to the soft and delicate lotus paste filling, and the five-year Xinhui dahongpi ultra-fine powder is integrated into the filling. The tangerine peel fruit fragrance exudes, the lotus paste is soft and fragrant, the egg yolk is firm, salty and fresh, and the taste is progressive layer by layer, It is the classic delicacy of cantonese moon cakes.

Slide around , and to see more. I ate nine brands and 38 different flavors of moon cakes. The whole mouth is full of sweet taste. The Mid Autumn Festival holiday is coming. Are you ready for your favorite moon cakes? If not, come to foodaily Mid Autumn Festival welfare group to get them! We will send all moon cakes mentioned in this article in the group ~ ▼
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