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How to get out of the lap quickly? We have found the essential reason for dominating the “10 trillion consumer market”!

The essence of the popular category of
is to capture the “human needs”, and the categories out of the circle may only win her “heart”.

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Over the past five years, the food industry has really entered an era of contention among hundreds of schools of thought, from breaking the monopoly of carbonated drinks in the vitality forest, to overtaking the coffee market when new tea drinks take off, and then to the theory of ramen, which leads the rise of high-end instant noodles. Different categories have exploded one after another, leaving consumers amazed and food giants stunned.
On the causes of category outbreak, we have seen many views systematically interpreted from the perspectives of category segmentation, consumption upgrading and industrial innovation. Today, foodaily explores the essence of category outbreak from the characteristics of people and women’s consumption view.
Why is it necessary to analyze from the perspective of women? Because industry, consumption and channels are changing rapidly all the time, and only human nature remains unchanged. In the film Tiffany’s breakfast, Hepburn dressed up carefully every day and came to Tiffany’s window. A cup of coffee and a piece of bread are like a feast for her, full of expectations and enthusiasm for life.
Source: people matters
This pursuit of ritual and emotional expression are still present in women’s food consumption today. The only difference is the difference between consumption scenes and products.
First of all, we focus on women, the core consumer group in the consumer era. They contribute more than 10 trillion yuan to the consumer market every year. They are the driving force of the consumer economy, the leader of consumer decision-making and the leader of social aesthetics.
In the new food era, entrepreneurs of cutting-edge brands are experts in reading people. They capture the bridge between human nature and demand and highlight their products in new consumption scenes, so as to create new categories and establish their own brands and product stickiness.
This article will analyze the characteristics of women’s consumption and see through the essence of popular categories:
1) From the perspective of women, what is behind the crazy phenomenon in the food market?
2) What kind of consumption concept does “she” have?
3) How is “her” consumption “weakness exploited by various brands or categories?
We will start with the popular categories and channels in recent years, find out the huge female consumer groups behind them, analyze their consumer psychology, and disassemble the essence of the popular categories.
Trillion leisure snack market,
Why do women win the world?
The huge snack market supports many listed or upcoming companies, including Weilong spicy strips, Jue Wei food and Qiaqia food focusing on single products, as well as three squirrels produced and sold by themselves with various brands, liangpin shop, Laifen and so on.
Snacks have become an indispensable part of our daily life. From pagoda sugar, peanuts, canned fruit and white rabbit milk candy emerging from the streets and alleys in the 1970s to leisure snacks with multiple attributes such as social networking, entertainment and leisure, the total output value of China’s snack industry has reached 3 trillion.
Source: smell library
From the data, female consumers account for nearly 70%, of which white-collar workers account for 35.4%, and more than 60% of snacks are consumed in the first and second tier cities. From the perspective of food alone, it seems difficult for us to understand why leisure snacks can win the favor of female groups? If we analyze from the perspective of female consumption characteristics, can we get a clear answer?
1)   Why can’t female consumers stop eating snacks
American scholar James lofeld found through neurological research that when facing food cues, women only inhibit food intake in cognition compared with men, and do not show significant inhibition in the limbic system areas related to emotional control, internal perception and conditioned reflex.
In popular language, it is more difficult for women to resist the temptation and control their mouth in front of food than men. Women want immediate satisfaction in food than men, that is, they have shorter and faster ways to obtain value.
Source: Singapore
At the same time, compared with men, women in fast-paced and stressful living conditions need to resolve the pressure through real-time fragmented pleasure, which can explain why white-collar workers and women in first and second tier cities are the main force in the leisure snack consumption market.
2)   Full use of instant gratification in the snack industry
Starting from the characteristics of women’s immediate satisfaction, can’t we understand the innovation of live e-commerce in food retail?
Every night, millions of girls squat in the hot live room, and the anchors are constantly refreshing the highest record of commodity sales per unit time in the history of retail.   This is essentially the “lazy” behavior of seeking value through consumption.
Women want to get product information and pleasure quickly. The presenters’ propaganda is too tempting. Whenever he describes a commodity, it’s easy for you to tell me how this food tastes and what changes it brings to my body, so as to stimulate my desire to buy.
This instant desire allows them to complete the payment at the moment of clicking payment without even waiting for the express delivery. Their psychological path to satisfaction and happiness is getting shorter and shorter. They can be satisfied as long as they grab the whole wheat bread in the live studio. Food brands have seized this opportunity and gained a lot of sales revenue.
Photo source: e-commerce headlines, Chunguang food
Why does new tea set a high price?
Since 2016, the current tea has taken off by targeting the consumption upgrading of young people, from a market size of more than 100 billion to nearly 500 billion today. We saw Naixue’s tea become the first share of new tea drinks and Xi tea’s listing plan in Hong Kong, with a target valuation of HK $150 billion.
You will say that this is an old story: new tea meets a series of new consumer needs such as consumers’ taste of fresh food, acceptance of high-priced products and personalized choices, and grasps categories and consumption dividends through subdivided tracks. Wait a minute, let’s look at the following data.
According to the data report of coffee 2020 beverage industry, in 2019, the consumption of new tea above 30 yuan accounted for 45%, and the number of people in the range of 15-20 yuan accounted for nearly 40%. The two data were less than 15% and 30% respectively in 2016. Among the new tea consumers, women account for 77%.
Have we ever thought about how much a cup of milk tea will cost before 2016? Coco, a little bit of these well-known chain brands’ tea drinks are about 10 yuan per cup. Now? Most brands that advertise new tea drinks are more than 15 yuan a cup, and more than 30 yuan a cup can be found everywhere. Therefore, the market scale of 100 billion-500 billion may not be the penetration of the market, but the madness of price rise.
However, the homogenization of the food industry is so serious that raising prices is not a simple thing. Why should we drink new tea?
1) What kind of products are female consumers willing to pay high prices
Female consumers firmly believe that good products are only in good packaging, and the appearance of packaging represents the essence of products. At the same time, the food with high appearance value packaging will make women have the idea of improving their own taste when choosing. They often buy it because it visually conforms to their own temperament and shows their own aesthetic point of view.
When women choose food on major platforms, brand, category, performance, price and safety are all displayed in front of them, they believe in their instincts and the beauty values drawn in the male dominated society. They haven’t even tried to challenge whether the rule of “beauty is justice” is the only law of social operation, so they are eager to find a shortcut.
2) New tea drink uses its beauty to enhance its value
The appearance value and high yield of the new tea drink not only improve the taste of the product, but also reflect the personality and aesthetics of female consumers. They attach importance to the outer packaging and details of tea, will pay attention to whether it can reflect the current trend and fashion, and will ask whether it can reflect its own aesthetic value. A cup of 30 yuan milk tea, with quality, beauty and personality, is much cheaper than other consumer goods with the same attributes, such as clothes, bags and beauty makeup.
The new demand of female consumers for “beauty goods” has led a new wave of commodity hot sales trend, which also allows various brand enterprises to take advantage of the trend in product design and building. Brands take consumer demand as the starting point and make their own unique moves to offer a variety of high-value and high premium products in different categories of tracks. In this era of “beauty is justice”, the upgrading of product appearance is the main theme of the future consumer market
Why do Ramen say they grow against the trend?
It has been difficult for instant noodles since 2011. By 2016, the average annual sales of instant noodles fell by 5.7%. For example, the sales of Master Kang’s instant noodles decreased by 10.34% year-on-year. Many people predict that instant noodles have lost to the times and to the digital delivery platform. Just as we regret Nokia, we did not lose in the product, but lost to the era of smart phones.
However, the reality has taught us a good lesson. In February 2018, ramen was put on the market. On the same day of double 11, the sales exceeded 10 million, reached 250 million in 2019 and 600 million in 2020. At the same time, a number of cutting-edge brands such as Jin Miantang, picture and Ba man appeared in the retail noodle market. Many people summarize this phenomenon as that instant noodles grasp the consumption upgrading and define the consumption scene, so as to achieve a breakthrough in subdivided categories.  
Source: Ramen theory
Consumption upgrading, consumption scenarios and subdivided categories seem to be the omnipotent answer for us to interpret the success secret of each new consumer brand. Is this omnipotent answer a panacea for the food industry? Can it bring the dead back to life? Foodaily believes that in the final analysis, consumer demand and consumption scenes, “category breakthrough” is inseparable from the capture of human nature. Your product is not lost to the times, but missed humanity.
According to the data summary of qiangua, there are 50000 + Notes in xiaohongshu, of which 90.98% of the major brands reach through planting grass, and nearly 70% of the fast-food noodles are consumed by women. Why do women flock to this high-end instant noodles?
Picture source: beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
1) What do women want at dinner?
In the consumption scene, women are eager to be respected and recognized. They hope that the products can soothe the feelings that women want to express in their hearts. They are eager to make a living into a exquisite life, which means that life is not only survival, but also needs some sense of ceremony to awaken their inner interest and enthusiasm.
From the sense of ritual, what women pursue is self change, the joy of life, a sense of satisfaction and happiness. We should never underestimate this little sense of ritual. The research of Harvard Business School found that when people experience grief and anxiety, they can reduce their grief and negative emotions through various ritual actions, such as tearing up intimate photos after lovelorn loss, and silent mourning at funerals after relatives’ death. At the same time, by exercising the ritual behavior in daily life, people can be full of joy in life.
2) Instant noodles are so ceremonial
This high-end instant noodles is just the right grasp of the needs of women’s sense of ritual. When women come home from their daily work, are they willing to end their day by eating instant noodles or simply working outside? Are women willing to sacrifice health, elegance and quality in front of fast food?  
In the era of updating and product upgrading of instant noodles, women’s consumption growth is much higher than that of men, and they are willing to pay more for products with high customer unit price, such as Ramen and pictures. Under the consumption scenario of convenient and fast food, these products try their best to create a sense of ceremony in the process of eating, emphasizing delicacy and quality. At the same time, a few minutes of noodle cooking also gives female consumers a sense of accomplishment in cooking. Psychologically, these products give women full respect for dining, so that they do not sacrifice their dining experience in the context of fast food.
Image source: tmall flagship store
What does a little red book soft text sell millions?
In the era of new food and new consumption, there is a battleground for strategists. If any cutting-edge brand does not hit millions on this platform, it is impossible to stir up water spray in the whole consumer market. This community can be called the public comment of girls. The red book for girls to buy things is the famous little red book. Xiaohongshu has become the most important community platform for women since its establishment. Amway, an Internet Unicorn company with Chinese women cutting their hands, has a valuation of more than 10 billion.
Xiaohongshu now has more than 8 billion notes exposed every day. During the epidemic period, the content of food once exceeded beauty makeup and became the first category of xiaohongshu. The data show that more than 1.3 billion people have searched food related content in 2020.
How expensive are advertisements on the little red book platform? According to the new report, the monthly flow of the platform is close to 300 million; The quotation for a single soft article of “waist talent” (the number of fans is 5w-50w) ranges from 1W to 10W, and an average of 5 soft article advertisements can be received a month; The average unit price of live bloggers with goods and customers is 340 yuan, which is five times that of short video platforms such as buffeting. Insiders said that the single cooperation quotation of some head net red exceeded one million.
Behind this crazy and expensive data, there are a large number of female consumers on the platform, and more than 70% of the users are post-90s. Why is the female community a must for major food brands? Women are so easy to be Amway?
Photo source: xiaohongshu user, Jiang Heye Ken
1) Hidden dangers of aimless shopping
Men’s shopping thinking is very purposeful. They will save money to buy electronic products, squat on websites to grab fashion shoes in advance, and pay attention to the evaluation of sneakers on major websites. But in China, women’s purpose and strategy in shopping seem to be completely erased. Shopping without a clear purpose is easy to be taken advantage of by all kinds of information in the public environment.  
The buyer’s evaluation content, the high praise rate of products, and the recommendations of Koc, KOL, relatives and friends will affect their consumption decisions. Girls simply think that the more people recognize products, the higher their reputation is. Relatives and friends will make correct shopping decisions with the help of using feelings and transmitting information. Finally, a sense of identity based on trend culture has been formed in Xiaohong book, which has attracted the attention of more and more female users, and even formed a cultural circle effect.
2) Brand’s “flattery” to Little Red Book Women
Many brands through the layout of fragmented information throughout the network, so that female consumers virtually recognize the products, generate enough freshness and trust, and urge a strong desire to buy. When female consumers see more than 70000 + Swisse products punch in the little red book, can they resist the charm of this product?
Insiders revealed that many users use xiaohongshu as a food search engine. As soon as Xi tea launched a new product, the background search volume of little red book increased significantly. “Some users search the shop notes and find more delicious and good-looking food punch in points. Many people also search for single Raiders and hidden menus here. At the same time, more people look for recipes in xiaohongshu and reproduce delicious food at home.”
Source: landolakes
Across the ocean in the United States, almost the entire catering industry is also pleasing instagram. Every catering enterprise will invest a lot of money to invite ins wanghong to punch in their food. Sonic, the fourth largest fast food chain in the United States, will customize a milkshake for instagram during the Coachella Music Festival, so that Koc and KOL can promote it on the platform; Chili’s, a chain restaurant, spends an extra $750000 a year to brush egg water on its hamburger, which will only make the hamburger glitter in the picture and make it more beautiful and edible in the online red print.
Foodaily’s interpretation of the crazy phenomenon in the food industry is another way. We compare the innovative categories in the food industry in recent years and find that the main audience of these categories is women to interpret the crazy phenomenon in the food industry.
It is necessary to understand women’s psychology and consumption needs. Chinese women manage 70% of family wealth and dominate 68% of family consumption decisions. Their consumption concept leads the social value recognition, and their value orientation changes the social aesthetics.
If you want to do a good job in women’s business, don’t try to imagine them as a rational adult, but as a little girl who can’t speak. When they don’t say it, you make things to meet their careful thinking, and they will push your product / brand to the center of the market.
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