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Hi tea is the first handmade shop in the world. More than 50 products are all new!

Xi tea, which has opened more than 800 stores in nearly 70 cities around the world, has a special “new face”.

On September 19, the famous new tea chain brand announced that the world’s first handmade shop of Xi tea was officially opened in Nantou ancient city, Shenzhen. Before opening to the outside world, the snack generation has taken the lead in helping you explore the store on site. As the store name shows, the biggest feature of this happy tea store is “hand-made”, that is, the production process of products includes a lot of manual processes.

What is impressive is that there are more than 50 products in this handmade store, all of which are new products launched by Xi tea for the first time, and are only presented and sold in this store. For the time being, there is “no semicolon”. It is reported that although all the products of the handmade shop are “inspired by the popular products of happy tea”, they are presented in a new product form.

Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store

Xiaoshidai saw at the scene that the new store is divided into three floors. From the first floor to the third floor, the production and display of hand fried ice, hand-made tea and hand brewed tea series products are planned respectively. According to the snack generation, Xicha’s internal stores are divided into “super inspiration store”, “inspiration characteristic store”, “inspiration store” and other types, and the handmade store that landed this time belongs to the “super inspiration store” of the highest level in the Xicha store system.

Let’s watch it together.

First handmade shop

In order to better show the “hand-made” technology, this new hi tea store has set different product themes for each floor space.

Specifically, the first floor mainly presents a series of hand fried ice products, as well as the manual processing and production process of raw materials such as black sugar, sweet potato, cheese and fresh fruit. Behind a layer of transparent baffle, customers can personally see the clerk making smoothies by hand in the traditional way of frying ice.

It is reported that different raw materials such as fresh fruit and Matcha powder “with classic elements of tea” are also added to the fried ice slurry. At the same time, this series of products are inspired by multi-level dessert modeling, and small materials and decorations will be added to decorate the Smoothie to “sweeten” the traditional ice frying process.

Xicha Shenzhen Nantou Gucheng store hand fried ice products

Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou Gucheng store staff stir fry ice on site

The second floor of the store provides a series of hand-made tea products, which are inspired by popular tea drinks, and upgraded in raw materials, flavor and packaging materials.

“First of all, Xi tea selects fruit and tea varieties and develops special hand-made small materials; secondly, it carries out manual processing according to the characteristics of raw materials, peel, cut, tamp or shake the fruit pulp by hand, and then combine, compound and adjust the cup with the tea bottom; finally, it is packaged and visually presented with specially made packaging materials,” Xi tea said.

Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store handmade tea products

Space on the second floor of Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store

The snack generation learned that the third floor is the hand brewing tea area, which provides two categories of products: hand-made pure tea and hand-made creative tea. Hand made pure tea products include more than ten types of tea from six tea families, which use traditional brewing methods to restore their original flavor. The hand-made creative tea products are more targeted at the tea consumption needs of young people. They are creatively mixed according to the flavor characteristics of different tea, and creatively combined with different drinks and fruits.

Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store handmade pure tea products

Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store hand-made creative tea products

Obviously, if measured from the perspective of cost, efficiency and replicability, it is not cost-effective for tea chains to pursue “hand-made”. However, Xi tea has different considerations: in the view of this tea shop, the “temperature” behind the craftsmanship and the “quality” linked to it are conducive to its “lifting the brand potential”.

“Since the opening of the innovative tea industry, hand-made tea has always been a necessary process for the operation of Xi tea stores. Whether it is the freshly extracted original leaf tea bottom, hand-made cheese, or the manual peeling and seed removal of grapes and other fruits, Xi tea adheres to and pursues the taste. The opening of this hand-made shop is a comprehensive guarantee for Xi tea’s manual production of high-quality tea products in the stores all the time Presentation is also the concentrated embodiment of the brand spirit of pursuing inspiration and perfection behind handicrafts, “Xi Cha explained.

The company stressed that, in fact, it has always adhered to the “hand-made” method of making tea, from fruit cleaning, manual peeling and coring of daily drinks, and then to hammering, which runs through many links of beverage production.

“For example, each grape of succulent grape can be prepared into basic raw materials after being manually cleaned, disinfected, cut into pieces, peeled, seeded and mashed by the beverage blender; the cheese of cheese tea is prepared by hand; the black sugar Bobo is boiled and fried by hand for more than an hour to bring more rich flavor; the series of Lime Tea launched this year applies a custom tamping stick to make each grape Perfume lemon is made by hand beating 35 or more. “Hi tea” said.

First super inspiration store

It is worth noting that according to Xi tea, the Nantou ancient city store that landed this time is also its first super inspiration store.

Previously, Xi tea has launched stores of different styles, such as black gold store, pink store, DP store, antique theme store, pet friendly theme store and environmental protection theme store. Xi tea said that in addition to being full of ingenuity in “hand-made” products, the new store opened this time “pursues the innovative integration of tradition and Modernity” in space design, which has also become the latest exploration of Xi tea’s pursuit of inspiration and design.

Xicha Shenzhen Nantou Gucheng store

Xiaoshidai saw at the scene that the site of this new store is located in the local cultural district with deep history in Shenzhen. Statistics show that Nantou ancient city, with a history of more than 1700 years, is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, which is the beginning of the existence of cities in Nanshan area. Nantou ancient city has also witnessed the historical changes of Shenzhen from a small fishing village to a metropolis.

In March 2019, Nantou ancient city activation and renewal project “butterfly transformation and rebirth plan” was officially launched. The newly opened handmade shop of Xicha Nantou ancient city is located at the intersection of Zhongshan east-west street and North-South street in the center of the ancient city, facing the Yalin street of Xin’an County. However, the space design of Xi tea handmade shop does not rigidly pursue “ancient style”.

Facade of Xi Cha Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store

In terms of appearance, the overall architectural design of the store abstracts simple lines from geometric figures, which is quite in line with modern aesthetics. At the same time, the facade is made of water grain bubble glass brick and old retro exterior wall texture paint. The flower troughs on the second and third floors are made of rusty iron, which also presents a sense of history. In addition, Xi tea has many details of “careful thinking”. For example, the flower trough in the corridor on the second floor uses hand chiseled silver materials to create Xi tea logo, which also conforms to the “hand-made” characteristics of the store.

In terms of internal space design, Xi tea also takes great pains to present the “brand tone” it attaches importance to.

For example, xiaoshidai learned that Xicha transformed the front door wall on the first floor into a glass sliding door to create a transparent store space; Change the closed window into an open door, so that customers can see the handmade process of products. In addition, in terms of color and material matching, Lingnan Retro Red and modern minimalist white are used in the store as a whole, and the old retro texture paint echoes with modern metal materials to reflect the combination of history and modernity.

Space on the first floor of Xi tea Shenzhen Nantou ancient city store

However, interestingly, although so much effort has been spent to create the store space and experience, in addition to designing the top balcony as a roof garden, which is equipped with sofa clock in seats and some flexible casual seats, this “super inspiration store” does not intend to set food seats from the first floor to the third floor of the store.

In other words, customers can only take out food and drinks when they arrive at the store, rather than sit down and slowly feel the experience in the store.

Xicha Shenzhen Nantou Gucheng store roof garden

It is reported that this is mainly due to the site selection of the store, because people come to Nantou ancient city to play “generally used to drink while shopping”, order a drink and take it with them. Xi tea believes that hall food is not the main consumption scene.

The snack generation learned that there is no specific plan for tea liking in terms of whether it will open more handmade stores in the future. “Since its establishment, Xi tea has continuously created new tea drinking space full of inspiration and accumulated brand potential energy. We will bring more surprises to customers and the tea industry in the inheritance and innovation of tea culture,” Xi tea said.

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