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Break through technical barriers and help plant-based food innovation with enzyme preparations | fbic go! Innovation live broadcast


Today’s tea
From 15:00 to 15:45 on September 24 (today), Mr. Zhao Shaohui of Tianye enzyme preparation will introduce the application of enzyme preparation in the above products to help your product innovation. Remember to come on time~
Scan the code into the group and listen to the live broadcast
Opening time: 15:00-15:45, September 24 (Friday)
Activity fee: Free
Sharing guests:

  Manager of Tianye enzyme preparation application technology department

Tianye enzyme preparation (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Shanghai branch is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan Tianye enzyme products Co., Ltd., which is a world-famous manufacturer of special enzyme preparations. In the food industry, the company’s products include plant protein, whey protein, collagen, tea beverage, coffee and other deep-processing enzymes, which can effectively improve the solubility, emulsification and taste of the products. The company has an application development laboratory in China, which can provide users with technical guidance and support. High quality from Japan is our reputation guarantee, and exploring the infinite possibility of enzyme is our pursuit.
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