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More than 50 new products appear! In depth visit to the first “handmade shop” of Xi tea

why does the new tea drink tell the story of “hand-made” over and over again?
These days, the circle of friends are brushing the new “handmade shop” of Xi tea.
This new store opened in Nantou ancient city, Shenzhen, launched more than 50 new products at one go.
Stir fried ice, boiled milk tea in a pot and hand-made small ingredients, each of which is “exclusive to our store”.
Why does Xi tea want to open a “handmade shop”? Why does Xin tea like to tell the story of “handmade”?
More than 50 new products!
Xi tea opened its first “handmade shop”
During the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, many beverage partners from Guangzhou and Shenzhen went to the ancient city of Nantou, Shenzhen to punch in.
——On September 19, the world’s first “handmade shop” of Xi tea opened here. More than 50 new products were launched at one time. Many production operations appeared in Xi tea for the first time.
Let’s look at the store appearance first:
This “handmade shop” is an independent building with three floors in total. There is also a rooftop on the upper floor where you can take photos and punch in. It is surrounded by historical and cultural blocks. Looking from a distance, it has gray walls and follows the fusion style of “classical + modern”.
Let’s look at the store experience under the concept of “handmade”:
Different from the conventional Happy tea store, this store has three product lines: hand fried ice, hand-made tea and hand made tea. The price of each product is mostly 26 ~ 50 yuan. The most expensive “Big Cat Mountain King Durian” has a unit price of 138 yuan. After the customer orders, the clerk makes it on site. The semi open space design can show the whole “hand-made” process as much as possible.
The hand fried ice series on the first floor has 7 products. Many classic products like tea are presented in the traditional way of hand fried ice, which is fried and made now. The production process takes about 15 minutes;
There are more than 20 kinds of hand-made tea series on the second floor, which innovate on popular tea products, optimize fruits, upgrade tea bottom, and have a variety of processes such as hand tamping, slow pressing, slow grinding, hand beating and so on;
The hand brewed tea series on the third floor also has more than 20 products. You can drink special tea (tea is mixed with milk, fruit, fruit juice, etc.), as well as pure tea series, including hand brewed tea, hand brewed tea, cold extracted tea, etc., as well as the flash “five mouth” series (the cooperative beverage of designer Su Wukou).
The brand-new product surprised many customers and fans who checked in at the shop. A little red book blogger said, “I fell in love with Xi tea again”.
From the perspective of industry people, what are the specific innovations of this “handmade shop”? Let’s take a look at my in-depth visit——
Depth shop:
How does Xi tea innovate under the concept of “handmade”
one   Classic products are recreated, and meat grapes are “fried” to eat
Looking at the menu, you will find that many products continue the inspiration of the classic style of Xi tea and appear in new ways. For example, the classic “multi meat grape”, where you can eat “hand fried multi meat grape ice”.
Based on the classic elements of hand peeled grapes, upgrade and add the complete pulp and cheese of Jufeng grape in the current season, stir fry it together with the fried ice slurry to form a fine smoothie, then divide it into small pieces, shovel it, put it into the fried ice cup, and add small ingredients to show a sense of hierarchy similar to dessert.
In addition, “hand fried coconut King ice”, “hand fried Zhizhi berry ice”, “hand fried longan coconut ice” and “slow pressed whole fresh oil Citrus” also continue the previous classic elements and present a new flavor in combination with the hand-made form.
With known classic models and innovative processing methods, this store not only brings fresh experience to customers, but also highlights the theme of “handmade” with the help of the attraction of popular models.
two   Hand tamping, slow grinding and pot boiling can fill the “hand-made” atmosphere
The menu of the handmade shop (shown in the figure below, subject to the actual situation of the store), and each product name has a sense of atmosphere.
For example, “double pounding fresh qingti Jufeng” uses qingti and Jufeng fruits, “pounding” and “fresh”, which reflect the treatment process and emphasize the freshness of fruits.
Similarly, there are “slow grinding Shanzhu Xianlu”, “slow pressing oil Citrus balsam pear” and “hand drawing cassava”, which have a great sense of picture. You can imagine the production process by looking at the name.
In addition, there is “real whole raw coconut”, which is really made of one coconut; “fresh boiled fragrant coconut water” is also made by opening coconut on site; “pot boiled milk tea” allows customers to see the process of cooking in pot on site.
The hand-made atmosphere and the freshness of raw materials are reflected in each product, which comprehensively improves the sense of value of each drink.
three   Design an exclusive logo with “visible technology” everywhere
More than products, the theme of “hand-made” is everywhere in this store.
When you enter the store, you can see an exclusive logo on the door: one hand, reflecting the action of “rolling”.
There are also handmade Pu fan, tea soup dyed Bento bag and other accessories in the store. All the details show the handmade humanistic temperament.
After ordering the order, customers can directly see the process of stir frying, cutting and feeding with both hands.
The back kitchen on the second and third floors is designed as a semi open space. Customers can also see the manual processing and production of raw materials such as black sugar, tapioca, cheese and fresh fruit.
four   Fruit upgrade, new hand-made ingredients appear
In the products of the handmade shop, I found that Xi tea has made an all-round upgrade to the fruit:
  • The fresh fruit and pulp in a cup of products are richer than conventional tea products;
  • Preferred fruit varieties, such as maoshanwang, mangosteen, Thai grapefruit and guava, are unique to handicraft stores at present;
  • The tea bottom is updated. The tea bottom of the handmade shop mainly uses fragrant oolong and jade bud;
  • New hand-made ingredients appear, such as coconut green jelly made of fresh coconut water, grapefruit jelly made of fresh red grapefruit, hand-made white jade balls, etc.
In the presentation of fruit, hand fried raw coconut ice is put in coconut shell; Hand made tea products are equipped with a string of fresh fruits, which not only meet the multiple flavor experience of “eating and drinking”, but also convey the freshness of fruits.
5. Detail experience: fried ice, customized ice cup, convenient for eating fruit
Many tea drinking peers and little red book bloggers have exposed two detailed experiences after visiting the store:
Hand fried ice, using a special custom-made ice cup, the lower half is ice, don’t worry about eating half of the fried ice;
The hand-made tea cup is also very special. The cup cover can be opened and closed freely, which is convenient for customers to eat fruit directly and increase the fun of tasting.
A special ice cup with ice in the bottom half
The product competition of new tea has risen to cups, straws, cup covers and stickers. Small changes in detail experience can be perceived by customers.
six   Let young people drink traditional tea and like tea by “modern means”
The hand tea area on the third floor is dominated by China’s six tea series (oolong tea, black tea, green tea, yellow tea, black tea and white tea).
It is reported that the R & D team spent several months in the production area, screened 30 ~ 40 types of tea, and finally selected 13 representative types of tea, such as tobacco seed, Anji white tea, Mengding yellow bud, Yingde black tea No. 9, etc. the brewing also followed the traditional brewing methods of the six tea systems.
After reading it, my biggest feeling is that Xi tea is trying to let young people “easily experience traditional tea”.
On the one hand, the products show that hi tea uses modern instruments to make the traditional tea more “young”;
On the other hand, special products are launched to match tea with fruits, wine and other raw materials, so that young consumer groups can better accept the flavor of tea.
For example, “girl’s travels”, is a grapefruit champagne tea, presented in a goblet
Why does Xi tea open a “handmade” shop?
For a long time, the brand label of Xi tea has the shadow of “hand-made”:
For example, hand peeled grapes, hand peeled oil oranges, hand peeled red bayberry, and all kinds of hand beaten cheese and freshly boiled tea soup. This year’s Hot Pop lemon tea requires the clerk to beat each lemon more than 35 times by hand with a custom tamping stick.
The flavor of “handmade” is reflected in the product, which is the full taste of the whole grape flesh, and the fragrance that perfume lemon releases fully brings fresh pleasure to people.
While adhering to natural raw materials and manual production, Xi tea has been making cutting-edge exploration and attempts in the industry on how to ensure standardization and production efficiency through store SOP and operation management.
In the past two years, the concept of hand-made tea has been repeatedly mentioned in the tea industry. Many lemon tea shops have displayed the sign of “hand playing lemon tea”, and many milk tea shops also show the process of hand making pearls in their stores.
In the field of new tea, the fresh raw materials and careful treatment represented by “hand-made” are bringing added value to a cup of tea.
Behind the fine treatment of raw materials is a brand’s adherence to the quality of product R & D, material selection, production process and production.
“Handmade tea is a creative integration of traditional craftsmanship. Xi tea hopes to show the concept of handmade tea drinking to the outside world through the ‘window’ of handmade shop, and also concretely show Xi tea’s ultimate pursuit of products.” Xi tea said.
Why does the new tea drink tell the “hand-made” story again and again?
As the cultural background, Chinese people believe in the sense of security brought by nature and handmade.
The sense of security requires the whole industry to tell the story of natural health and careful production over and over again.
As a representative brand of new tea, Xi tea’s new “handmade shop” is an exploration.
Author: Xiao Fan; Source: Kamen club, reprint authorized.
Reprint authorization and media business cooperation: Amy (wechat: 13701559246);
join the community: Cherry (micro signal: 15240428449). Related reading

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