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Provide new ideas for the digital transformation of the catering industry, and make a breakthrough in the “four dimensions” of KFC super app!

In the post epidemic period, with the change of people’s dining consumption habits, exploring online services and digital transformation has become a common challenge for the catering industry.

According to the questmobile2021 digital insight report on catering, KFC was far ahead of its peers in the multi-channel layout brand panoramic traffic survey of the catering chain industry in June 2021. It is understood that since 2016, the “super app” created by the integration of KFC brand app, Home Express app and mobile self-service ordering app is an important part of KFC’s digital innovation exploration. At present, after years of iteration and polishing, KFC super app has become one of the leading apps in the catering industry, both in terms of volume and experience.

Recently, the snack generation noticed that KFC super app was launched with a new revision. The upgraded KFC super app is not only a “one-stop” ordering platform, but also a “treasure app” integrating catering, member service, communication and interest, realizing innovative breakthroughs in four aspects of “use, gathering, play and exploration”. It is worth noting that the new home page created by KFC super app with information flow integrates more interesting interactive content, showing the temperature and emotion of the brand.

If the most profound feeling left to consumers by hall food comes from details such as dining environment and clerk service, what are the core values of the “online dining” experience? The newly revised KFC super app may provide the industry with new “problem-solving” ideas! Let’s have a look.

Use: upgrade ordering experience


According to the frost Sullivan report, KFC, which independently developed and launched app as early as 2015, is also the first fast food brand in China to launch its own app.

With regard to this revision and upgrade, xiaoshidai learned that the super app “paying attention to the core needs of users and improving the sense of ordering experience” is one of the key points of this product experience upgrade. Take “ordering” as an example: in order to make the ordering process more smooth and efficient, the upgrade has added “one-stop discount assistant” and other functions.


The snack generation noticed that the “one-stop discount assistant” is equivalent to a “master key” for direct order discount, which is located in a prominent position on the left of the “shopping cart” on the super app page. After the user completes the selection of all meals, open the “one-stop discount assistant” to see all coupons, prepaid benefits or full reduction activities that can be used in the current order without jumping back and forth. This not only saves the time for users to search for coupons and make decisions, but also is not easy to miss any available discount opportunities.

“One stop offer assistant”

In fact, focusing on the core needs of users has always been the operation purpose of KFC super app and its R & D driving force. Compared with other fast-food brand apps, KFC super app has a distinctive design concept at the beginning of its birth. Its ordering function is not limited to the general menu, but customized intimate ordering services for different people.


KFC’s outstanding new product R & D ability is often praised by the outside world. KFC brand will release many new products throughout the year, covering staple foods, beverages, snacks and other different categories. Among the many users of the brand, there are a group of enthusiastic “new product tasters”, who are willing to try various creative products of the brand, and will warmly and sincerely evaluate the products on their own social platform.

For such a group of users, KFC launched the “new little red box” section in 2020 to provide members with one-stop new product subscription function and new product pre-sale function, so that members can lock in their expected new products in advance and taste them at the first time after listing.

“New little red box”


At the same time, in order to solve a series of problems such as users rushing to work and school in the morning and novice mothers preparing breakfast for their children, KFC super app also provides the function of making an appointment for breakfast the next day. The reserved breakfast can be directly received at the restaurant at the appointed time the next day. In order to ensure that every consumer can get delicious food on time, KFC has sorted the reservation orders and instant orders through big data integration, so as to reasonably dispatch the restaurant production capacity to the greatest extent.  

Reservation function of “breakfast housekeeper”

KFC has been actively expanding new business scenarios. Among them, in 2019, it innovatively provided the service mode of “enterprise special delivery”, which is regarded by the outside world as an ambitious move to “carve up” the growing market share of “group meal”. At the beginning of 2020, during the epidemic prevention and control period, in order to meet the dining needs of employees of enterprises, organs and institutions and ensure the dining safety to the greatest extent, KFC upgraded the “enterprise special delivery” service to two service modes: “enterprise large order” and “employee customization”.

Focus on member services


According to the release history of the application market, during 2017-2019, KFC super app has added functions such as member service and member mall in the version period of 2.0 ~ 3.0, and established different use minds outside ordering. Such iterative ideas were also leading at that time.


In this latest upgrade, focusing on member services is also another focus of KFC super app in addition to paying attention to the core needs of users and improving the ordering experience.


Xiaoshidai learned that app is a heavy digital product, and it is difficult to persuade users to download and retain it actively if it is only for the instrumental attribute. In order to attract users, KFC app has designed and developed many unique member value-added services.

Open the home page of the latest version of super app, and you can see the “card bag” in the middle of the home page at a glance. This column integrates four items: member code, coupon, member rights and interests and gift card. It is reported that this initiative integrates the asset link, and members can query all their assets in KFC super app with one click. This optimization is also to make each KFC member have a more personal and unique sense when using the app.

KFC wow members can also accumulate member points by ordering meals, which is a preferential benefit set by super app for KFC wow members. Through the “V gold”, members can exchange various rich products in the “V gold welfare society”, which can not only exchange food, but also rich life goods, video card vouchers, etc.

According to the observation of snack generation, KFC super app has comprehensively highlighted the “perception” of V gold in the new version recently released in the application market. For example, when v gold arrives, there will be key reminders such as the tumbling of V gold on the home page.

Play: give temperature and emotion


On the premise of meeting the needs of the above two users, KFC also uses contemporary technology to help users have more fun.

For KFC, it undoubtedly hopes that the habits cultivated by users on the Internet can be successfully applied in KFC super app. With the increasing functions, the app has long been not only a ordering tool, but also a shopping and playing tool, in which users can feel something different from elsewhere.


New KFC app home page created by information flow


Xiaoshidai noticed that the new KFC super app home page created by information flow will automatically update and display the latest brand information and activities every time it is opened, including the latest posters of brand spokesmen and reports on warm-hearted public welfare activities, which not only conforms to the interactive forms used by current users (such as Taobao, public comments, little red book, etc.), It also allows users to feel the temperature and emotion of the brand.


In addition, the app also has innovative features, such as the k-music song ordering function called “restaurant song ordering platform”. Users can connect to any offline restaurant and choose their favorite background music. The monthly playback volume of this function has reached millions; In the “parent-child paradise” section, there are a large number of high-quality genuine audio books for users to choose to listen to bedtime stories with their children.

K-music song ordering function of “restaurant song ordering platform”

These blessings not only help KFC super app go beyond its function as a ordering tool, so as to cover all aspects of users’ enjoyment of life and greatly improve users’ stickiness, but also the strategic deployment of KFC Nuggets’ private domain traffic, providing it with more possibilities to transform performance in the long run.   


Exploration: committed to digital innovation

For more than 30 years since entering China, KFC brand has always given people an impression of vitality, which is mainly due to the fact that enterprises have timely understood and insight into consumer and market needs through innovation and exploration in the field of digital life for a long time.


According to xiaoshidai, KFC started its digital operation layout very early. In 2007, KFC launched the KFC Home Express, and took the lead in the exploration of mobile self-service ordering since 2013. In 2015, it was connected to mobile payment, and integrated super app in 2016. In 2019, it won three golden lion awards at the global Cannes Advertising Festival with the wechat social applet “KFC pocket fried chicken shop”.

Tiktok has diligently explored the tiktok selling mode this year, and sold thousands of products in one field. At the same time, KFC is still receiving the order for takeaway through the KFC’s home delivery process. In the way of exploring digital life, Kentucky has been tireless, which is just catering to the habits of young consumers.


Snack generation observed that “member operation and community operation” has always been the focus of KFC’s digital operation. In 2016, KFC officially implemented the KFC membership plan. Through continuous drainage on its own platform, KFC has accumulated more than 50 million users in just one year and 275 million members by the end of 2020. The V gold mall, membership card package and a series of member exclusive activities launched during the period also better bind the relationship between the brand and members.

With the expansion of its own private domain traffic pool, the brand is also exploring more ways to interact with members. In July 2018, KFC launched the subscription based paid exclusive membership program, which not only effectively improved the order efficiency of members, but also enhanced the loyalty of consumers. At the same time, as a fast food giant with many members, KFC is also committed to building a brand community matrix to better serve its members through this new form of interaction.

The exploration and Cultivation in the digital field also brought KFC’s performance growth. Relevant data show that KFC’s parent company Yum China’s online sales also recorded good results. According to the results of Yum China in the second quarter of 2021, at the end of the period, KFC and Pizza Hut’s digital membership plans had a total of more than 330 million members.  

In the second quarter of 2021, member sales accounted for about 61% of system sales. In the quarter, the group’s digital orders (including takeout orders, mobile phone orders and buffet orders) accounted for about 85% of the revenue of KFC and Pizza Hut restaurants.


In December 2020, Qu Cuirong, CEO of Yum China, pointed out when sharing in the master class of Guanghua Kellogg international EMBA project of Peking University that with digital infrastructure and membership system, yum China has effectively curbed the impact of the epidemic through digital orders and contactless distribution. Taking KFC as an example, she said that with the help of digital member management, obtaining increment, building private domain traffic and achieving barriers of high transformation, high stickiness and high repurchase are the key to boosting brand revenue.


It is not difficult to find that Yum China, as one of the leading chain catering enterprises, has not only consolidated its competitive advantage and brought broader growth space and power through the continuous exploration of digital innovation of KFC and other brands, but also provided new inspiration and new ideas for the catering industry to explore the digital transformation in the post epidemic period, It has played an exemplary and leading role in promoting the upgrading and development of the industry.

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